Just as Daniel finished chopping the firewood, Mingo appeared. "Mingo!" Daniel said with a smile, clapping his friend on the back. "I might have known you show up now, I just finished up the chores!"

Mingo laughed. "I came just in time then. You are looking better. How's the leg?"

"Well, it ain't what it used to be, but I imagine it'll be healed up soon." Daniel turned and lifted the last few pieces of wood into a neat stack.

"Rebecca patched up your jacket, then." Mingo said noticing it for the first time.

Daniel smiled. "She worked on it night and day 'til it was just so." He said proudly. "Jemima helped too. Looks good as new. They replaced a whole section of it. I wanted them to leave the bullet holes in, but Rebecca was against it."

"I imagine she wold be." Mingo said.

"I was mad as a hornet when I realized it was gone. I had half a mind to double back and get it, but it seemed unwise as I was being shot at, at the time."

"Well, I'm glad she was able to save it. You look more like yourself with that on. You are a lucky man."

"That I am. She's an uncommon woman, I'll tell you that. I expect she'll be more than happy to feed you up, now that she's feeling better. You look downright skinny. Don't they feed you at Chota?" Daniel asked. "Mingo, it's high time we find you a wife."

"You are starting to sound like Rebecca." Mingo sighed.

"Well, she's right from time to time just don't tell her I said so." He winked at his blood-brother. "C'mon the family will be so happy to see you." They turned and walked towards the door of the cabin. As he stepped up onto to the first step of the porch, Daniel stopped him and said, "Thank you for all you did Mingo, coming after me, and looking after Becky. You were already family to us, but well . . ." Daniel stopped at a loss for words.

Mingo nodded saying nothing and stepped in the door to sounds of his family calling out, "Mingo! We missed you!"