Hi everyone! I've recently become obsessed with "The Mortal Instruments" series, thanks entirely to Magnus and Alec. I've enjoyed a lot of Malec fanfic recently, and now that I'm finished reading "City of Fallen Angels" (and starting to read "Clockwork Angel"), I thought I'd try my hand at telling my own version of our favorite couple's story. (This first chapter takes place during "City of Bones," by the way). And though this fic is rated M, I'm sorry to say that I don't plan to get to lemons for several chapters yet—chapter 21, to be exact, is where I'm planning to have the first lemon, so if you're looking for a lemon right now, sorry, check back later. (I'll try to make it worth the wait :)). Please note that what happens here might not be 100% accurate; I'm sort of a fiend about accuracy with my other stories, but for this one, I thought I'd just have fun and write about how I imagine Magnus and Alec got together…

Disclaimer: Cassandra Clare, not I, is the author of "The Mortal Instruments." (Also, if you want to read her version of Alec and Magnus' first kiss, go to her website and find the story entitled "Kissed"—it's really awesome. :))

Chapter One: Alec

Isabelle disappeared into her room as soon as they got back to the Institute, complaining that she had a headache, which Alec chose not to comment on. He had bigger things to worry about now. Jace was still out with Clary, doing who knew what thanks to Clary's stupid mundane friend the rat, and while he and Isabelle had been riding back on the subway, Alec had discovered something. In his pocket was a slip of paper, and there was a phone number written on it in brilliant blue ink.

At first, Alec told himself that this must be Isabelle's idea of a joke. She must have slipped the number into his pocket somehow when he wasn't looking. One glance at Isabelle made this scenario seem unlikely though; she was so tipsy that she could barely keep her eyes open, though she'd stayed awake long enough to ask him yet again if he thought Magnus was cute. (Alec had vigorously denied the idea out loud, but in his head, he kept thinking, yes, yes, yes, he is cute, too cute to be interested in me). Isabelle had actually nodded off by the time they got to their stop. Before he woke her up, Alec had returned the number to his jacket pocket, and ever since, he'd been thinking furiously about where it could have come from.

Jace certainly had the dexterity necessary to pull off a trick like this, but it wasn't really in keeping with his sense of humor. Alec refused to believe that Clary could have done it—she could barely take two steps without tripping over her own feet, and besides, she'd never gotten close enough to him to slip anything into his pocket. Which left…Magnus.

Alec swallowed hard as he shut his bedroom door behind him. He didn't bother to turn on the light; thanks to his night vision, the piece of paper in his hand practically seemed to glow in the dark. Absently, he tossed his phone onto the desk, where it landed with a clatter. Magnus Bane had asked him to call him…and now a mysterious phone number had appeared in his pocket. Alec had wanted very much to believe that this was either the product of a joke or an amazing coincidence, but a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach told him that it wasn't. Alec felt distinctly edgy as he went to his desk to pick up his phone, but when he was halfway across the room, he stopped, startled.

Why am I going to get my phone? He wondered. I'm notam I actually going to call him?

Alec shook his head and sat down on his bed. Maybe it was a spell—yes, that had to be it. Bane must have cast a spell on him to…what? Make him feel flattered that the warlock had shown an interest in him? Magnus seemed odd, even for a Downworlder, but he didn't seem completely crazy. So…

Maybe it is a joke, Alec told himself. I have no idea when he would have had the time, or where he was hiding a pen, but maybe Jace did this, and if I call this number, I'll probably just get a pizza place or something

Alec sighed and went to his desk, but he stared at the number in his hand for several seconds before he opened his phone and dialed. This doesn't look anything like Jace's handwriting, Alec thought with a frown, and then he shivered involuntarily as he listened to the phone ringing. Several seconds passed, and Alec, feeling slightly frantic, was just about to hang up, when the ringing abruptly stopped.

"Hello?" a voice purred, and Alec jumped a foot in the air.

"Oh," he said nervously, scrambling to think of something to say. "…hi."

"You're the one with blue eyes," Magnus said, sounding pleased. "I was hoping you'd call."

"Yeah, about that," Alec said, trying to sound indignant instead of just nervous. "How did you…I mean, I found your number in my pocket, but when did you…"

Magnus chuckled darkly, and Alec quickly crossed the room and sat down on the bed—why was his heart pounding like he'd just run across town?

"I did it just before you left," Magnus said. "As soon as I told you to call me, I realized that that might be a bit tricky, since I'm not exactly in the mundane phone book. So, I snapped my fingers, and now here we are."

"Oh," Alec said slowly. He laid down on his bed—maybe if he did that, he could pretend that this conversation wasn't really happening, that it was just a dream or something. "So it was…magic?"

"Mm-hmm," Magnus agreed. "My talents have many practical applications."

"Yeah, but…you really wanted me to call you so much that you…magically slipped your phone number into my pocket?" Alec couldn't help but sound skeptical. "Why would you bother?"

"Because I wanted to talk to you," Magnus said, his smooth voice sounding amused. "And we really need to do something about that self-deprecating attitude of yours. I'm surprised more gentlemen don't give you their numbers."

Alec felt himself blush. "I…" Alec exhaled nervously. "Is it...obvious?"

"What?" Magnus said. "That you're gorgeous and intriguing, or that you aren't interested in the company of women?"

Alec sighed. "The second one. Could you tell?"

"Yes, but I wouldn't say it's obvious," Magnus said, his voice oddly sympathetic now. "I'm old, and I have a lot of practice taking the measure of people. When I saw you tonight, I saw an impressive young Shadowhunter with something to hide…a secret that you don't even want your friend to know."

Alec sat up, struggling to breathe. "You mean Jace?"

"Yes, that one," Magnus said easily—either he didn't notice Alec's horror, or he was trying to ease it by changing the subject. "He and Clary came back here a little while ago, looking for the rat."

Alec groaned. "Perfect. The rat disappeared, and now Jace is going to spend all night hunting for it because that stupid mundane had to drag her stupid friend to your party."

Magnus chuckled. "Did you have a good time tonight?"

Alec thought for a moment about what to say before he decided to tell the truth. "Not really. Sorry. I'm just not much for parties, I guess."

"That's all right," Magnus said cheerfully. "I can't say as I enjoyed myself much either tonight. For one thing, I didn't get a chance to talk to you alone."

Alec flushed again, but somehow, he found the nerve to say what he was thinking. "Well, you do now. What specifically did you want to talk about?"

"I was wondering if you might like to come over sometime," Magnus said. "Say…tomorrow night?"

Alec stared at the bare wall in front of him. "I…really?"

"Yes, really," Magnus said with a sigh. "Honestly, Alec, hasn't anyone ever asked you out on a date before?

Alec was startled—several seconds passed before he managed to stammer out something coherent. "N-no," he said finally. "And, how did you know to call me Alec?"

"That's what Jace called you at the party," Magnus said, "when you were kind enough to tell me that you were the ones who'd poured holy water into the vampires' bikes." Magnus was silent for a moment. "Hmm. So you've never been on a date before? Well, in that case, why don't you just come over to my place tomorrow night sometime, and we can 'hang out,' as I believe the current parlance of young people goes."

Alec hesitated. "Um…I'm not sure if I'll be…free…"

"Well, if you are, come over," Magnus said simply, "and if you're not, I'll try not to die of heartbreak. As it is, I'm afraid I'll barely be able to survive a whole day without you and your lovely blue eyes, but if I have to, I'm sure I can wait until your current predicament with mundanes is over before you and I have our first date."

Alec smiled in spite of himself. "Are you actually this melodramatic, or are you just teasing me?"

"A little from column A, and a little from column B," Magnus said, his voice practically a purr again. "Now hopefully, I've sufficiently charmed you and I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah," Alec muttered, wondering under what pretext he could sneak out the following night. "Hopefully."

Magnus chuckled. "Good night, Alec." Then he hung up.

Alec closed his phone and stared up at the ceiling, trying to decide what he was going to do tomorrow. He felt—happy—anxious—excited—terrified? He wasn't sure. Alec had spent years trying not to notice how other guys looked—specifically, whether they were attractive or not—but when he remembered the way Magnus had looked that night at the party, he couldn't help but smile a little. He was handsome, but more than that, he'd sounded genuinely excited at the thought of their date. It seemed impossible that anyone like Magnus could really be interested in him, but if he was…well, maybe the thought of that possibility would give Alec the nerve he needed to go out the following night.

I have a date with Magnus Bane tomorrow, Alec thought, testing out the idea in his head, and instantly, he was grinning in the darkness.