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I am not Suzanne Collins; I would have killed off Gale in the first chapter if I was though.

I wake up only to run from the bed and head straight for the bathroom. I lock the door behind me, this is the third time this week I have thrown up in the morning and I really don't want Peeta to come in again. When I'm finally done, I fall back onto the floor. I hear Peeta tapping on the door and asking to come in, but I just can't think straight right now.

After some time of me sitting on the floor, too exhausted to move, and Peeta banging loudly on the door, I get up to rinse out my mouth. I go slowly, brushing my teeth twice. I'm really dreading having to go out and see Peeta. Yesterday, when I threw up for the second time this week, he told me that if I did it again, we were going to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor, it reminds me of being in district 13, all the doctors, the completely white rooms, just so creepy.

Finally, when I cannot stall any longer, and Peeta starts threatening to go get Haymitch, I open the door.

"Jeez Katniss" Peeta is sitting on the floor by the bathroom door, looking totally defeated "I thought I was going to have to break down that door" I just smirk at him and hold my hand out to help him up.

When he is standing two inches from my face, I press my lips lightly to his "Good morning Mr. Mellark"

He grins widely "Good morning to you too Mrs. Mellark" he press his lips to mine again and wraps his arms around my waist. He still loves calling me Ms. Mellark, even though we have been married for almost a year now.

It wasn't a big thing, we just went down to the Justice Building and signed the papers, pronouncing us as legally married. For some reason, the fact that the star-crossed lovers getting married was enough to make a whole country swoon. For weeks, Peeta and I were the focus of all news reports. I still don't get it, Plutarch said that Panem just needed to know that if we, who have been through so much, could move on, then so could the rest of them.

Peeta smiles and takes me hand, leading me downstairs "After breakfast you are going straight to the doctor's office" when I groan he rolls his eyes and adds "I can go with you if you want"

Although the idea of Peeta coming with me sounds much more appealing than me going alone, there is one matter in the way. "Don't you have to work?" Peeta reopened the bakery a few months after we moved back to district 12, after a few years it is now up and running, business better than it was even before.

"No, I'm sure Delly will be able to manage for today." Delly started working in the bakery soon after it was opened; she always takes over when Peeta can't make it. I just nod as he sets a cup of hot chocolate in front of me, along with two rolls. One look at the rolls and my appetite is completely gone, I have to get up and run to the kitchen sink. I vomit into the sink while Peeta holds my hair back from my face, its quick since there isn't really anything in my stomach to come out. "Katniss I think we should go now to the doctor, there must really be something wrong." I can see the worry on Peeta's face so I decide to agree with him.

"Alright" I sigh, because I know he is right, it's not normal to just vomit all over the place, even I know that.

We go upstairs to get dressed, I wear my usual jeans and shirt with my hunting boots, while Peeta wears his khaki pants and white button down shirt. I smile at him as he fiddles with one of the buttons on his shirt, having trouble trying to get it in the proper hole. I go over to help him and he kisses me on my forehead. I look up at him and smile, I love how natural we can be, we don't even need words for each other to know what the other is thinking. Sometimes though, it is helpful to hear it out loud "I love you" I whisper.

He kisses my on my lips, gingerly "I love you too" he says, before wrapping his arm around my torso to lead me out of the room.

We make our way through town with only a few glances our way. We are completely lionized here in district 12, it's like we are movie stars. I hear people saying all the time "Look it's the mockingjay!" or "Wow, the girl on fire!" When Peeta and I are together though, people normally refer to us as the star-crossed lovers or something really heroic. Peeta usually smiles and waves at them, I just look down at my feet.

When we get into the hospital, the receptionist looks as if she might have a heart attack. "Oh my! Peeta Mellark! Katniss Everdeen!"

"Um it's Katniss Mellark" Peeta says through clenched teeth. Sometimes it can be flattering when people recognize us or are excited to see us, but Peeta hates when people call me Katniss Everdeen.

"Oh yes I-I'm so sorry" it's obvious that this women is from district 4. She has their trademark green eyes, it reminds me of Finnick. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

I look up at her and smile a little, she looks so worried, like she has upset the president or something. "We would like to see a doctor" I say.

"Katniss is sick" Peeta adds, taking hold of my hand.

"Of-of course, right this way" the woman leads us down a hallway and into a white room with a bed in the middle. I sit down on the edge of it and sigh; I hate these stupid hospital rooms. "The doctor will be right with you" with that, the scared little lady runs from the room.

I look at Peeta as a smile creeps onto his lips "Some people are just so weird" he says, as he sits in the little chair next to the bed. I smile and nod in agreement just as the doctor comes in.

"Well hello Mr. and Mrs. Mellark" he greets us, shaking Peeta's hand "It's nice to meet you. What seems to be the problem?"

Peeta explains to the doctor about my throwing up and how I have been so tired all the time. I see the doctor start to smile as Peeta finishes the end of the story.

"Well, Mrs. Mellark sounds to me like you have a baby on the way." He smirks as I gape at him. "Here take this" he hands me a little cup "Pee in it, I know it's weird but it can determine whether or not you are pregnant." Peeta and I just stare at him and I guess he takes this as his cue to leave. "Um, the bathroom is down the hall, just give the cup to the receptionist when you are done and I will have your results in about ten minutes." Then he just walks out.

I'm speechless. Pregnant? No, I cannot be pregnant. Peeta and I have only been married a year, we only just started talking about a family. I do not want to have a little baby. I can't handle a baby. What about the games? What about the revolution? What about Prim? Even if Snow isn't president, to many things have happened for me to truly believe that this baby can really be safe.

I look at Peeta and see that he is smiling from ear to ear. "Katniss! A baby! We're going to have a baby!" he throws his arms around me and dusts my face with kisses, the eyelids, my cheeks, and then finally landing on my lips. "I know you didn't exactly want a baby so soon but think about it. I think we are ready. This is so exciting!"

"Wait! I don't even know if I'm pregnant yet. Maybe this whole thing can just be a big mistake. I still have to pee in this stupid cup." Peeta looks a little hurt by my words. He doesn't want to think of this as a mistake, he is really happy about me being pregnant. "I'm just nervous Peeta" I explain "You know I never wanted a baby" he just nods and looks at the floor while I go to the bathroom.

After I have left the cup with the receptionist I walk back to the room where Peeta is waiting for me. He looks kind of sad, but at the same time, he looks excited. I go over to sit on his lap and his arms encircle me. I lean in to him and sigh. "Peeta," I whisper, he looks up at me "I-I'm actually excited. About the baby. I want a baby" After the words leave my mouth, I know that they are true. He looks so happy and he kisses me passionately on the lips.

"I'm excited too" he whispers back.

Just then, the doctor walks back in, and I jump up from Peeta's lap. "Alright Katniss would you like the results?" I just nod, too nervous to say anything "Alright, you are pregnant. I was correct" he smiles as he sees Peeta jump up from the chair to hug me, tears filling his eyes. "I'll leave you two alone."

Peeta and I stand there for a long time in each other's arms. I see a tear roll down his cheek and I wipe it away with my thumb "Why are you crying?" I ask "I should be the one crying"

He chuckles a little bit before saying "You don't know how long I have waited for this moment" he kisses me softly on the lips and adds "I can't believe you are going to have my child"

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