Without Kevin


Ben x Gwen


Author's Note


Its what it sounds like. What if Kevin remained a villain, but followed the Ben 10 K timeline to an extent thanks to a meddling outside force. Of course this force screwed itself over while doing so.


Story Start


It was a rather normal day for Ben Tennyson. He won a soccer game, finished another day of school and he was going to drop in and visit his grandpa Max, but of course things weren't going to be normal forever for the former Omnitrix bearer. What would have been year four, month six of being a normal human being began with him being attacked by some weird alien creature with what looked like an exposed brain, yellow jumpsuit, and a single menacing eye. The Rustbucket was trashed and the only thing he had to go with was the strange message his grand father Max had left for him mentioning the Omnitrix. With so much happening in one day there was only one person Ben knew he could turn to for advice.

When he arrived she was in the middle of a spar of sorts. Ben knew that Gwen studied and partook in at least two different styles of martial arts. She was an over achiever of sorts, something he used to incessantly teased her about when they were children, but now he only playfully poked at every once in awhile. As the two of them grew and matured their relationship began to define and changed. They were no longer bickering ten year olds, but maturing teenagers that came to understand and respect each other's differences.

Ben enthusiastically clapped long after the other people did and it drew in her attention. Gwen had changed from when they were children. Her hair had grown out so she now sported a pony tail and her emerald colored eyes were kinder, whether that softness was always there or because they were no longer followed with the descending glare of a slightly chubby ten year old face he didn't know.

Gwen's eyes lit up upon seeing him. ''So how's my favorite cousin?'' he asked with a friendly smile. Gwen's head cocked down slightly and her smile widened as she went over and threw her arms around his shoulders.

''Ben...'' she said and pulled back. ''Well this is a nice surprise. What brings you here?'' she asked as she pointed her finger into his chest. The tip of her finger nestling against the white ten on his jacket.

Though those warm and fuzzy feelings had to wait. ''I got a problem.'' his eyes departed from her face. ''I need advice.''

''Okay, as soon as I change,'' she said as she began walking toward the lockers. ''I won't take long.''

So Ben waited, taking a seat on one of the mats as he waited until Gwen returned. He wasn't sure when exactly but he soon dozed off, still exhausting from dodging that weird alien creature that attacked him in the rustbucket. The sound of heeled shoes against the floor soon woke him up, resulting in him using his sleeve to wipe away the trail of drool seeping down his mouth.

''Well...that's attractive,'' she sarcastically remarked as Ben climbed up to his feet.

''Not the most comfortable place to sleep.'' he said upon seeing Gwen's change of outfit. Her tastes had changed quite a bit from her youth. She was wearing a white shirt under a dark blue sweater, black stockings under a black mini skirt, and black high heels. ''Like I was saying I need your help.'' he remarked as he played back the message that he received from Max for her to see.

''Don't worry about the Omnitrix either I have it. It's completely safe they'll never get their hands on it. Say hello to your cousin Gwen for me. Love you, Max out!''
and with that the mini holographic Max faded out.

''That's odd? You have the Omnitrix so why would Grandpa say that? You think it might have been a coded message of some sort?'' Gwen reasoned.

''It's the only thing that makes sense.'' Ben said as he looked down at the device in his hand. ''I think...I think he might want me to put it on again.''

Gwen placed a comforting hand on Ben's shoulder. ''He always said it was your choice. You don't have to do it if you don't want to.''

Ben's hold on the Omnitrix tightened, a look of sadness flushed across his face. 'It's Hero Time!' Memories of five years ago flushing through his mind. He began thinking about all the fun he had and all the good he was able to do. His head dropped as he thought about that morning's attack.

'Your choice Tennyson! The Omnitrix or your cousin's life!' and thoughts of everything that could have went wrong and all the hardship that followed also plagued his mind. He also thought back to that moment in life where he had to choose between his family and the Omnitrix. Between being a traveling hero...and Gwen. ''There was a time I loved the Omnitrix. It made me feel special.''

''You know what. It wasn't the watch that made you special,'' she consoled him as she placed a hand on Ben's cheek and turned him to face her. ''It was you.'' a smile formed on his face from her comforting words. ''And you earned the chance to have a normal life. If you put that thing back on and that's pretty much it for normal.''

''But if Grandpa needs my help...'' he trailed off.

''He said he didn't...anyway, remember how much trouble we had getting it off the last time?'' she said as Ben nodded.

''I just don't know Gwen. If it means making a difference and saving grandpa Max can I simply choose not to?'' he was torn between two choices and he didn't know what to do.

''Ben...'' Gwen said, her eyes softening as it tore her apart to see Ben this way. Though before she could say anything else the door to the gym opened, lighting it up and the two teens upon realizing their close proximity moved apart.

''The Omnitrix is no longer your concern!'
' spoke a trench coat wearing figure from the doorway. All they could make out was a deep male voice, his face shrouded by his hat. ''Give it up!'' he demanded, extending his hand.

''No way on Earth!'' Ben cried out defiantly. Ben and Gwen made a mad dash out of the Gymnasium and into the hallways. Arriving at a door Ben tried to budge it open, but they were locked in.

The figure once more demanded the Omnitrix but Ben continued to remain defiant. Ben knew how dangerous the Omnitrix would be in the hands of anyone seeking its power.

''Or this!'' the figure said, pulling off his face to reveal that of an alien creature underneath. It was a squid like creature with yellow eyes and brown skin wearing a space suit, similar to that of the plumber suit that his Grandpa wore. Suffice to say Ben was getting Summer Vacation De Ja Vu all over again.

Chapter End

This is Bwen. If you ask for Gwevin then you must be brain dead because the pairing choice and title should have been a dead give away. I said this because people ask for Gwevin in Ben's Ladies despite my history of being a Bwen writer. I do not Bash, but I do point out behaviors and call characters on bullshit they do in canon and I don't gloss over the crap they do. If you don't like lemons then why are you reading my story. Anyway, my prologues are usually always sort so you shouldn't be surprised. Next chapter will be longer, but until then enjoy.