Without Kevin


Ben x Gwen


Author's Note


Its what it sounds like. What if Kevin remained a villain, but followed the Ben 10 K timeline to an extent thanks to a meddling outside force. Of course this force screwed itself over while doing so.


Story Start


"Still think I should drive," the Magister called from the back of Kevin's car. The four were on their way to the location of the Forever Knights.

Ben and Magister sat in the back, while Gwen and Kevin sat in the front with the latter driving.

"Nobody drives the car but me." he grumbled, his eye twitching more from irritation than the fact the driver door car was missing.

"You were telling us about the aliens..." Gwen led them back to what they were discussing before, sensing a fight could break out at any moment.

"I don't know anything about the ones we fought today; never met that kind before." The Magister answered as Ben flipped through the Omnitrix.

"I don't see them in here, not that I know how to work this thing anymore…" Ben begrudgingly admitted. He had gotten so used to being just plain old Ben again that the summer memories of his youth were now nothing more than a fleeting dream. The Omnitrix had changed and none of his old aliens were there anymore.

"Maybe after you get your license, Pee-Wee…," Kevin taunted Ben, in hopes of getting under his skin by verbally provoking his olc rival

"Who one our fight again," Ben angrily countered, "Oh, I remember, me!" he snapped, taking a calming breath as he tried not to let his emotions get the best of him.

Magister interrupted the upcoming battle. "There's has been a lot of alien activity on Earth lately; don't know why. Your grandfather thought that maybe the weapons deal would lead us to whatever's causing the new interest. Now, he's missing." The Magister finished as Ben tensed.

"Knowing Grandpa Max, he's probably at a restaurant enjoying a roast of cockroach salad…It's a wonder all that weird food didn't kill him—" Gwen trailed off as Ben got emotional.

(1) "He's not dead! Stop making jokes about him!" Ben snapped causing Gwen to recoil only for him to pause. Upon seeing the startled and guilty look on Gwen's face Ben realized he went a bit too far.

"I'm sorry, Gwen." he apologized.

"I know you're worried about Grandpa." she accepted his apology.

"I just wish he were here…He would know what to do; he always knows what to do." Ben couldn't help but feel lost. He was mostly impulsive as a kid and his brilliant moments were out of a surge of urgency, sort of like now.

"But he is not.'' Labrid interjected. ''You're the one with the Omnitrix; you're going to have to figure out how to get things done on your own." The Magister knew it was a cold and hard truth for a teenager to understand, especially an Earthling but this was a serious situation. The Magister was not an experienced soldier and emotions were always a dangerous thing to bring into a combat zone.

Ben lifted his head with a look of determination. The Magister was right. He had to depend on himself; it was bound to happen.

With new fortitude and a piece of mind, he was thinking that now, he would do exactly what Magister said: Get things done on his own.

The car began to pull up to a large complex shaped like an old century style castle that one would draw inspiration from old fictional stories of the middle ages. The color was of a drab grey and it lacked the atmosphere of what one expected of modern day knights.

"This is it." Kevin drove further into the lot and parked the car.

"Subtle: Nobody would think to look for knights in here…" Ben sarcastically remarked.

"How do we get in?" The Magister asked as Ben smiled and turned to Gwen.

"Gwen?" the group soon found themselves standing in front of the moat. Gwen grabbed the top of it with her magic and forced it down with all her might. The group continued their way into the darkness recesses of the castle. Hallways lined with old armors as a testament to the old cartoon reruns that Ben watched religiously when he was a child that used such a setting. As they continued down the empty knight armors were indistinguishable from each other, the same with the chests.

Thinking ahead, Gwen lifted her hand and her power wrapped around it, gleaming like a flashlight.

While walking, everyone looked around in curiosity at the "decoration". The walls were aligned with many empty knight and chests.

"There's no one here. You sure this is the right place?" Gwen asked as she vigilantly glanced around.

"There's a hidden door; keep looking."Kevin shifted his attention around for a bit before settling on his left: There was treasure.

He walked over with a grin and picked a necklace up in his hand while admiring it. Finding it pleasurable, he pocketed it and went on for a goblet.

Ben glanced over to what Kevin was doing with an obstinate frown.

"Maybe you should've brought a shopping cart…" he remarked, as he expected one a thief always a thief. No one just completely changes at a drop of a hat.

Kevin rolled his eyes and decided to ignore him. He picked up a coin from inside the goblet and examined it.

"I don't like the looks of this…," looking at the different statues they finally came across that were depicted fighting. He slowly crept back as he kept a careful eye on them. He didn't know why, but something about them seemed...different. Since he wasn't pay attention he ended up backing into another one. "Ah!"

The suit came pummeling down, almost cutting him. But he dodged just in turned their attention to Ben at the ruckus.

"Leave it to Tennyson to act like an idiot!''

The dragon rose from behind him. "Sorry, I guess I'm just a little—"He saw how his allies' heads moved in sync and followed something behind him.

He turned around. "—paranoid!"The dragon now fully stood.

It's vicious, yellow eyes peered hungrily at the intruders. The creature let out a roar as it snapped its jaws at the group as they retreated. They dodged its jaws and escaped through a small entry and the dragon only got more cement.

Once getting farther from the door, they ran up against a crowd of Knights.

"Nobody move; hands on your head!" One of the knights ordered as he raised his pistol.

The other knights followed the "leader" and pulled out their guns, proceeding to pointing them at the do-gooders.

Kevin ran to the nearest wall and absorbed the rock."Make me!" Kevin Pugnaciously replied. He crouched low in front of his group and embedded his fingers into the cement. Using all of his strength, he heaved the ground off of its surface and slammed it back down to the earth.

A wave was created and it knocked the knights off balance resulting in them falling onto the ground with various cries of pains and clangs from their armors.

Acting as quick as possible, they got back up and charge toward the offenders. They stood rooted to their spots before firing at will.

Gwen immediately took action and created a barrier to block the attack before pushing Magister's gun in front to create her own ammunition.

Ben turned around. ''Woops…," he remarked upon seeing the dragon.

It had run through the entryway at an accelerating speed, breaking the walls around it.

Ben ran forward and slapped the watch on is wrist.

A green light formed and a small speaker-looking being jumped out. Quickly, five more emerged from the original. ''Whoaa...'' They all said at once. ''Jeez Echo much? Actually Echo Echo isn't a bad name.'' the newly named aliens mused as they jumped into the air and pounced on the dragon's face. They said things like 'got you' and brought it down. Soon smoke filled the room for some moments before clearing and revealing, a knight had just become aware of Kevin's hold on him.

"Oh, you're not gonna—" The Knight began only for Kevin to cut him off.

"Uh, yeah, I am." Kevin smugly countered as he roughly smashed the heads of the two knights he was holding and they cried out in agony. Kevin let them fall to the ground. He ran to a small group of them and they tackled him, but he was able to forcefully push them away.

An unnoticed knight pointed his gun at Kevin.

Out of a sense of duty the Magister cried out to warn Kevin. The Magister side jumped and shot his own gun at the shooter, damaging his gun and resulting in knocking him back as soon as Kevin turned around.

"Don't do it; it's busted!" The Magister warned the foolish knight.

The knight picked it up anyway and aimed it at the two.

When this happened, it was too late: The knight had tried to shoot, but the ray was gathering around the weapon and an explosion was triggering.

"Hit the deck!" The Magister ordered as he pulled Kevin to the ground and kept him from harm. Just seconds after the blast cleared."That's why level 5 technology is illegal on Earth; humans aren't ready for it."

"I owe you one." Kevin Begrudgingly admitted. While he was a criminal and looked out for himself he did have a sense of honor.

"Yeah, you do. Now help the others."

A piercing screech soon filled the room causing a painful vibration that nearly tear at their ear drums. Kevin and Gwen closed their ears as while falling to the ground in a ball.

The Echo-Echos were busy attacking the dragon with super sonic screeches at the dragon. It responded and roared out sending the small white creatures flying back at the force. The roars also began to cause the foundation to shake, dust falling down from the old castle.

Though the Echo-Echos struck back, the dragon's tail had been dismantled from the sound waves. The rest of the beast was soon completely taken apart until they blew to small pieces.

Smoke swathed the area for a moments, until it cleared and the others uncovered their ears.

All of the extra Echo-Echos merged with the original who pumped his hand in the air, celebrating his victory.

Kevin looked at Echo-Echo. "You could warn somebody when you're gonna do that…" it wasn't as angry or as hostile as Ben remembered. It was more or less Kevin being annoyed. Apparently Kevin was focusing his revenge on the Forever Knights before antagonizing him some more.

Gwen looked up from her spot on the floor to her cousin. "Seriously…I've got earplugs in my purse."

Echo-Echo frowned. "Sorry...about...that!"'

While this was going on Magister gathering all the guns into a pile to confiscate. ''Tennyson do you mind using the Sonorosian's ultrasonic frequency scream to disrupt these weapons?''


Echo-Echo inhaled before, yet, another powerful reverberate took hold of the illegal guns and blasted them to bits. In a flash of green the Omnitrix timed out and Been returned to normal. During the confusion Kevin began chasing after a fleeing Forever Knight he caught out of the corner of his eye carrying a mysterious box.

''Crap...'' Ben grumbled, as the trio exited the building. ''I can't believe Kevin got away.''

''That doesn't matter now...'' Labrid informed them. ''Whoever these mysterious aliens are they must be contained. I will be returning to base to give a report and call for back-up.''

''B-But what about us? What are we supposed to do?'' Ben asked.

"Its just the tip of the iceberg, kid. Your grandpa was on the trail of something big: an alien conspiracy with Earth in the middle. He was working undercover. Cracking this case is the only way we'll be able to find Max and save your planet."

Ben though wasn't so confident. "I don't know if I can do this.''

"You are Ben Tennyson are you not? From what I hear giving up isn't in your vocabulary.'' with Labrid's statements, Ben came to realize that no matter what he wouldn't be able to stand by and do nothing as innocent lives were in danger.

Things were quiet for the rest of the night. It was going on close to midnight by the time the two of them had got home. Gwen had came to a stop at her door and looked back to Ben. ''So...when do we meet?''

''Three days from now at 5 P.M. I need a few days to learn about my new aliens and for us to make a plan. Get some sleep...we have a lot of work ahead of us.'' he finished as Gwen nodded. ''Goodnight Gwen.''

''You two Ben...'' Gwen finished as she went inside. It was Summer Vacation all over again, but this time the stakes were higher.

Chapter End

1. This is the first of Alien Force's idiotic moments. Why would Kevin just come to a sudden break his valuable car only for Kevin to snap at Ben for yelling/talking to Gwen like that? It's idiotic and poor relationship writing. Red-String of Fate anyone? Leading me to believe that the writers did not know about subtly.

2. I hate that its never shown the character's training to get stronger or covered weakness, but we're told this character has a power or another one develops a power out of there ass for the idiot plot or moment of that episode to prevent a plot hole, but an ass-pull is created instead.

All and all I hope you all are enjoying the story. More Bwen! More cleverly written or original Bwen I should say.