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It was midnight, and on this day the Child of the Sun and his friend Kurow defeated the evil Akuro. However, this is not the end of the story, no, now is where the real story begins...

At the ruins of the Moon Cave, all though none could see it through the thick mist, the remains of what was the bell tower and the source of Orochi's life force lay crumbled and stained with blood. All that you could see was the stone base reduced to a rock pile, the bell lying in the middle with the broken roof over top. The small island that remained had sunken at least 5 feet do to the impact and destruction of the battle, which caused rock from the once-standing cave to settle around it. In short, it looked like a crater. There was no life at all.

However, a purple mist began to form faintly in the middle. As it became more visible, it looked like a mouth with a deep, red eye inside, faintly glowing. "Child of the Sun, Great Amaterasu, your efforts may have destroyed me and The Emperor of Eternal Darkness, Yami, but just as Yami did I shall send forth another Demon to destroy you!" he began charging power, and two hands appeared. "Using my remaining power I shall resurrect the new Dark Lord, one that Yami himself would have approved of!" Clapping his hand together, he summoned forth the demon. "NOW, COME FORTH DEMON LORD!"

The ground shook, and a bright light formed revealing a brilliant, nine-tailed fox. But in an instant, the kitsune was reduced to an old, beat up fox. She looked up at Akuro, "Who are you?"

"I am Akuro. Dark Lord, forgive me for not restoring you to full power, but I haven't the strength to do so. However, I sense you have enough power to carry on for now. I trust you will succeed in resurrecting Yami's wish. But, I am near my end. Farewell, Dark Lord..." his voice faded as he passed, not to the Celestial Plain, but to the place where Demons reside...

The fox yawned, "Yami, I shall succeed in my mission this time, do not worry. However, I must wait until my power is restored to its fullest. Until then, all we can do is wait..."

The Celestial Plain was quiet. Amaterasu walked quietly over to Kabegami, who seemed a bit worried. "Kabe, what is it?" the girl's ears pricked.

As you know, all the brush Gods take the form of an animal. But on the Celestial Plain they can become humans, while still keeping a trait from their animal form. For Kabegami, it's her Ears and tail, as well as Ammy.

"It's your friend, Waka. He seems...sad." she said, motioning behind her with her tail. "I'll go speak to him. Thank you, Kabe." Kabegami dipped her head, and then ran off. Amaterasu strolled over to Waka.

He was sitting with his legs crossed, his flute in his hand, staring at the nearby waterfall. "Why so sad?" He jumped at the sound of Ammy's voice. "Ma Cherie, you frightened me." he said. Ammy sat down next to him.

"I...I was wrong."

"About what?"

"Kurow...he...he went too soon. He wasn't just a doll he was more than that..."


Then the Prophet's eyes lit up, and after a short pause, he turned to Amaterasu. "I have a prophecy for you. From echoing winds will rise a hero, guided by the Moon's light. I foresee an Okami and Kurow fighting a fox demon. Ammy do you..?" "Waka, I know what you're going to say and yes, I will bring Kurow back. He needs a second chance. And for a while now I've sensed a lingering darkness in Nippon. I'll consult the other Gods on their input, but in order to bring back Kurow I need strength, so I must rest." Ammy went to get up, and Waka followed. "Thank you, Ma Cherie." he replied. And the two of them walked through the moonlit plain.


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