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A teenager ran as quickly as he could and ignored the attentions from the pedestrians. The pedestrians were all looking at him as his jet black hair was dancing at the air. Sweats were flowing down as he ran towards his destination. He finally stopped in front of a double storey terrace house and caught his breath. He walked towards the door and pressed the doorbell.

"Coming!" It was all he could heard coming inside from the house. The door was being open and the owner of the house was standing in front of him.

"Oh, it's you. Zephyr! Come on in, I was going to call Michael."

"Thanks, Professor Dan." The teenager that being called as Zephyr by the Professor Dan was sitting on the couch, wiping away the sweat with his sleeves.

"Michael, Zephyr is here!" Professor Dan shouted before went down to the basement.

"Yes, dad!" The owner of the name slowly walked down the stairs and toward the living room.

"Hi, so what bring you here?" Michael smiled as he sat opposite of his childhood friend.

"I just getting bored and come to ask you whether you want to hang out with me or not."

"Oh, okay. Let's go inform my dad about this." Michael stood up with Zephyr walked behind him. Both of them walked towards Michael's dad laboratory which was located at the basement of the house.

'Hey, dad. I am going out with Zephyr." Michael stopped and looked in amusement at the unknown device that his dad was repairing.

"What's going on? Woah, Professor Dan; what the heck is that? It's awesome!" Zephyr literally jumped from the stairs and walked around the device.

"This is a kind of device that I invent to transport a person to an entirely new dimension."

"Cool, can I try?" Zephyr was begun to push a button but being stopped by Professor Dan. Michael quickly walked toward the device.

"Later I will be going to a meeting among the scientist in this country so I'm warning you guys, don't push any button or even touch this device. This device is in trial period and it is unstable. If you two do anything to this device, there might be something horrible happen to you two." Professor Dan wiped his hands and walked upstairs to get ready to go out. Michael and Zephyr nodded their head as they watched Professor Dan disappeared from their sight. They listened carefully as the door being closed which meant Professor Dan had went out to his meeting and by making sure of it with Michael went up and checked on it.

"So, your dad went out?" Zephyr asked and Michael nodded his head.

"So let's try this device!"

"W-wait! What are you doing? Dad told us not to touch this thing."

"But wouldn't you be curious about this device?" Zephyr looked at Michael.

" Dad told us not to use it."

"This is fun and curious. Let's just try it! You don't be a party pooper."

"But." Michael still tried to reason with Zephyr.

"Just come on!" Zephyr pulled Michael along.

"I d-don't really know about this."

"Michael, just do it."

"W-well, I guess its okay."

"So, lets us see. There are two helmet-like thingy so I guess we have to wear them. So here you go." Zephyr handed the thing to Michael.

"So after that there are two beds so it mean we need to lay down here. You use that bed and I at this one." Michael followed Zephyr's order as he knew there's no way to stop Zephyr now.

"So now I need to press this button." Zephyr pressed the button and quickly rushed to the bed. Suddenly, both of them felt an electric shock ran through their body and slowly they felt pain from their body.

"Z-zephyr, w-why i-is this h-happening?"

"I d-don't k-know."

"Argh!" Michael shouted in pain, followed by Zephyr but soon both of their vision turned from colorful to black. It's almost like a few years had passed when Michael woke up.

"Mmhmm, w-where am I ? O-oh, my head." Michael rubbed his temple as he saw Zephyr was lying beside him.

" Hey, wake up! Zephyr, wake up." Michael shook Zephyr as hard as he could

"Huh? W-what?" Zephyr slowly opened his eyes. He supported himself to sit up with his left hand and rub his eyes with his right.

"W-where are we?" Zephyr asked as he looked around his surroundings.

"How would I know? You are the one that get us into this mess!"

"I do not!"

"You do!"

"I do not!"

"You do!" The argument between Zephyr and Michael had attracted some of the monsters around them.

"You are making annoying noise!" Zephyr shouted back at Michael.

"No, I do not make any annoying noise!"

"Yes you do! There's the hissing sound now!" Michael was getting to scold back but as soon as he saw what was behind Zephyr, he just couldn't even say one word.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Z-ze-zephyr, b-behind y-y-you."

"What's behind me?" Zephyr turned back and his was shocked when he found a big spider with a big group of goblins had surrounded him and Michael.

"What should we do?"

"How the heck would I know?" Zephyr shot Michael an annoyed glare. . When the big spider gave a signal to the goblins by making that hissing noise again, the group of goblins readied themselves and rushed at the two foreigners, holding their weapons high above their heads. Michael and Zephyr shut their eyes tightly and hoped for the best.

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