"You had done a great work but it's time for you to give up and leave it to the professionals." The owner of the read cloak said. Zephyr only managed to lift his head up and looked at the owner.

"Argenta, it's been awhile." The Black Knight walked toward Argenta, smile appeared on his face as he opened his arms to welcome owner of the red cloak, Argenta.

"Don't come near me, Velskud." Argenta growled as she stared at the Black Knight.

"So, Black Knight's name is Velskud." Zephyr thought. Black Knight, also known as Velskud walked and sneered.

"Argenta, that's not a nice way to treat an old friend." Velskud stopped and stared at Argenta. Zephyr looked around and saw Clarice and Michael still lying there unconsciously. He soon lied back on the ground as he can felt the pain from his chest was unbearable.

"You are not my friend. I prefer you are my enemy." A smirk appeared on Argenta's face.

"I guess this won't be a warm welcome scene of two long lost friends?" Velskud raised one of his eyebrows.

"I guess not." Argenta suddenly charged toward Velskud and kicked him with a few swift kicks. She knew Velskud was startled by this sudden attack although he didn't show it on his face. Velskud managed to dodge Argenta's attack and soon repaid Argenta by landing a few strong and heavy punched on Argenta. Argenta wasn't fast enough to dodge Velskud's attack and soon she felt a strong pain from her stomach. She soon realized that Velskud had managed to land a heavy punch on her stomach and that punch of his had pushed her a few feet away from Velskud. Argenta trying to balance herself by forcing herself to stand straight but unfortunately for her, the punch that landed on her stomach was too strong for her to bear with it. Velskud appeared in front of Argenta.

"It's such a shame and sad for a sudden depart since we only met for a few minutes." Velskud said as his hand was aiming at Argenta's face and soon a dark force were formed around Velskud's arm and soon formed a ball of dark energy on his hand.

"I must move. I can't die here." Argenta thought as she was trying to move and staring at Velskud's hand at the same time.

"It seems that it's a goodbye now." Velskud smiled as the dark energy had finally formed a spherical shape on his palm.

"Argh!" A sudden shout had startled Velskud and he suddenly can felt his body was being pushed by a strong force. Velskud quickly balanced himself and stared at the figure that pushed him just now. Argenta was staring at the young guy in front of him. No matter how she didn't want to admit it, this guy with black hair in front of her had save her.

Zephyr was now clutching at his chest and trying to stand up by using his sword to support himself.

"I won't let you hurt her." Zephyr said as he finally able to stand up.

"That's why I hate brats." Velskud said as he saw Zephyr. Suddenly he was shock as he saw there was a young version of him, staring at him. He quickly shook his head and looked back, what he saw was the young man with black short hair.

"Impossible. How can you, resemble …..?" The last few words were too soft for anyone to hear. Zephyr took his sword and began to charge toward Velskud. Velskud swung his hand again, and the tragedy happened once again. Zephyr was being thrown far away and landed on the ground. Zephyr groaned in pain as he tried to bear with the pain.

"Is it okay for you to care about him?" Argenta suddenly appeared behind Velskud and began to kick Velskud. Velskud quickly jumped away and soon engaged in a fight with Argenta. Both of them were trying to kick each other's weak point. Soon both of them landed and looked at each other and remained the same distance between them.

"You didn't change at all, Argenta." Velskud's voice suddenly appeared behind Argenta.

"When did you..?" Before Argenta could finish her sentence, Velskud already kicked her back and sent her directly to the wall. Her back hit the wall and soon fell on to the ground.

"You really never change at all. This is the one last time for you to say anything." Velskud walked slowly toward Argenta, and wiped off the blood stained at the corner of his mouth.

"Is there anything you want to say?" Velskud asked as the dark force began to form spherical shape once again.

"You never change, you arrogant man." Argenta lowered her head.

"Are you sure that is a proper thing to say before you die? Well, I can't really say it's proper or not." Velskud shrugged his shoulders. Before he could kill Argenta, he felt a slight pain from his back. He quickly turned back and punched whoever was behind him. He saw the black hair guys again, landing few feet away from him.

"How could you stand up, after the first attack?" Velskud stared at Zephyr in amusement.

"Heh, I said it before, right? I will never let you hurt her." Zephyr stood up but soon kneeled down and began to cough out some blood.

"Impossible. You are amazing." Velskud landed a strong hit on Argenta first and soon walked toward Zephyr. Zephyr was supporting himself with his hands and legs, coughing out blood. He never knew Velskud, aka The Black Knight was such a strong enemy.

"Tell me, young one. What's your name?" Velskud grabbed Zephyr's face and forced Zephyr looked at him.

"I..am..Zephyr." Zephyr said as Velskud let go of his face.

"It's glad to know your name." Velskud said but soon he saw the young him once again. He shook his head slightly. He can felt a strong intention of attack and soon he blocked Zephyr's sword once again. Zephyr was staring at Velskud with a pair of black eyes that full of passion and determination of protect his friends, which remind Velskud of his young self. He smiled and soon sent Zephyr to his friends' side. Zephyr landed on the solid grounds, only god knows how many times he had landed on the ground this hard.

"Move, body! Move!" Zephyr shouted in his mind but his body didn't want to follow his mind's order. He can hear the footsteps and he knew Velskud was walking toward him. Velskud stopped and squatted down.

"I will let you live for now. Hope we can meet next time." Velskud whispered into Zephyr's ear and walked away from Sleepers Temple. He stopped and looked back at the machine for awhile.

"Just a little more. I just need a little more time." Velskud mumbled and soon turned away and disappeared into a thick fog that appeared from nowhere.

"It hurt." Zephyr could only say this as he felt his vision turned from colour to black and white.

"Nngh." A sudden light had shine right through his eyes as he wanted to open his eyes. He tried to use his hands to protect his eyes from the sudden sunlight but he realized that a sharp pain came from his hands.

"He is awake!" He can hear a gentle and cheerful voice coming from his side. He can hear a sign of relieve and exhausted in the cheerful voice.

"Are you sure, Clarice?" A gentle and calm voice but have a hint of excitement in it can be heard by him. He tried to move his finger, that's the least he could do.

'Yes, master. I'm sure." The cheerful voice answered. He slowly opened his eyes as trying to get used to the sudden light. He saw an elf, staring at him.

"Clarice?" He said as he tried to sit up.

"Stop, Zephyr. Don't push yourself." Clarice quickly helped Zephyr to sit up.

"Thank goodness. I am going to call Germaine and Michael." Adelynn smiled and quickly walked out from the room.

"Urgh. What happen?" Zephyr asked as he can easily knew that Clarice hadn't been sleep well for many days since she had bloodshot eyes. Zephyr slightly raised his hand and endured the pain and gentle touched Clarice's face. Clarice was staring at Zephyr, couldn't move an inch.

"Germaine, Michael. Zephyr is here." Zephyr quickly put his hand down as he heard Adelynn's voice but his sudden movement had caused a great pain for him.

"You finally awake." Michael sighed as Germaine sat down beside the bed and looked at Zephyr.

"It seems that you are fine now. Let me check you up." Germaine smiled as Clarice and Adelynn walked out from the room. As Germaine slowly revealed Zephyr's wound, Zephyr felt a slight pain when Germaine touched his wounds.

"It's not as bad as five days ago. Please rest and eat the medicine I had prepared for you then you will be well in no time. Now, please excuse me." Germaine stood up and walked out from the room.

"What?! Five days?!" Zephyr was shocked, knowing he had slept for five days.

"Yup. Clarice and Adelynn take turn to take care of you. A lot of our friends had come too." Michael said as he slowly bandaged Zephyr's wound.

"What happen?"

"Well, you see Zep. This happened." Michael said as he began to think back what happened five days ago.


"Urgh. What happen?" Michael opened his eyes and sat up slowly as he can felt pain coming from his back but he was able to endure the pain. He looked around him and found Clarice was lying beside him.

"Clarice, wake up!" Michael tried to wake Clarice up and looked around him. He could only saw a red cloak woman with silver hair leaning against the wall and looked at them.

"Ngnh." Clarice slowly opened her eyes and stared at Michael.

"Clarice wake up, Black Knight had disappeared." Michael said as he couldn't find any sign of Black Knight. Clarice sat up quickly and looked around her.

"No. It can't be. This means we fail our mission." Clarice stood up but soon kneeled down due to the pain coming from her leg.

"Yes, but we are being stared by a woman." Michael whispered and examined Clarice ankle.

"I saw her just now."

"Try to avoid eye contact with her. You had twisted your ankle. Maybe because of that fall that knocks both of us out." Michael sighed. Suddenly, both of them heard footsteps were getting louder.

"She is walking toward us." Clarice said as Michael pretended he didn't hear Clarice. Soon the footsteps stopped. Michael glanced and saw a pair of dark red boots. He knew the woman was standing beside them.

"You guys better go check on your other friend." The woman said and left Michael and Clarice.

"Oh, where's Zephyr?" Clarice suddenly remembered and looked around her. She couldn't find Zephyr.

"I will go around and see." Michael stood up and walked around. Soon, he saw Zephyr lying on the ground.

"Zep! Zep!" Michael ran toward Zephyr and his face expression turned from happy to shock and to scare as he saw Zephyr was lying at there lifelessly. Michael shook Zephyr as hard as he could.

"Zep. Come on! It's not funny! Stop it and wake up!" Michael shouted at Zephyr but Zephyr was remaining the same pose, lying on the ground.

"What's wrong, Michael?" Clarice asked as she heard Michael's voice.

'No! NO!" Michael kneeled down as he trying to heal Zephyr but none of his magic work.

"NO! COME ON!" Michael was shouting as he tried again to heal Zephyr. Zephyr still lied at there, didn't even had the sign of recovering. Michael slumped down on the ground.

"No." Tears escaped from Michael's eyes. The sky began to rain heavily as if it was mourning for Zephyr.

"Michael, what's wrong?" Clarice walked toward Michael by dragging one of her legs. She saw Zephyr lying there lifelessly and Michael was sitting on the ground, staring at Zephyr. She was panicked but soon calmed herself down and her right hand reached to the bag behind her. She took the thing out when she touched it and realized it was a signal flare.

"You only can use this during emergency. Light this babe up and we will go save you. This babe is useful even in rainy days. Just pull this thing."Clarice remembered what Hubert told her before she left to find Zephyr and Michael, because of meeting up with Hubert, she was late for the first time. She quickly found the string.

"Where is that string? Michael, can you help me?" Clarice turned at Michael and saw no response from Michael. Michael was sitting at there, staring on the ground.

"I think I better find the string myself." Clarice sighed and started to examine the signal flare. She finally found the string and pulled it. Clarice can felt a force pushing her backward but still hold onto the signal flare tightly A ball of light coming out from the signal flare flied up to the sky and exploded, producing a lot of different colour of smoke and loud sounds.

"Now we only can pray." Clarice looked at Michael, who hit the ground with his fist. The rescue team and Adelynn were fast enough to reach Sleepers Temple and save three of them. Clarice was gently patted Michael's back to comfort Michael as Adelynn quickly helped Clarice to walk. Adelynn only managed to gasp when she saw Zephyr's condition. Michael only able to walk with others, eyes gazing at Zephyr, and didn't even speak a word on the way back to village.

When they reached village, Germaine quickly attend to Zephyr's wound. Germaine's face expression was unreadable when he saw Zephyr's wound. He asked everyone to be out from the room but insisted Michael to be with him.

After a lot of hard work, Germaine sighed in relieve. Zephyr was saved for now. Germaine looked at Michael.

"Don't blame yourself. You haven't master this type of heal." Germaine smiled and walked out from the room. Michael could only stared at Zephyr, who was lying on the bed. For that moment, he began to miss the lively and troublesome Zephyr.

After that, Clarice and Adelynn were taking turn to take care of Zephyr. Clarice insisted of taking care of Zephyr although she hadn't recovered from her wound. Both elves didn't dare to close their eyes, scared that Zephyr might wake up.


"So that's what happen." Michael sighed and looked at Zephyr. He was glad that his friend was alright and still breathing.

"Oh ya, who's the woman?" Michael asked.

"Her name is Argenta. And I realized that Black Knight's name is Velskud." Zephyr said with excitement.

"Stop kidding. Black Knight is legendary criminal." Michael said.

"But that's what I heard from their conversation." Zephyr argued with Michael.

"It's impossible. Velskud was one of the Six Heroes that protect people from the attack of the monster 50 years ago. If he is still alive, he might have been an old man. Black Knight is about 30 years old, so its impossible that Black Knight is Velskud." Michael explained.

"How about Argenta?" Zephyr tried to make Michael believed him.

"It's impossible. Oh ya, here it is." Michael found a note and gave to Zephyr.

"Argenta, died while protecting villagers against the leader of dark elves." Zephyr read out and dropped the note.

"But its impossible. I saw and heard them myself."

"Zep, that might be your hallucination."

"But!" Zephyr was still trying to tell Michael that he was not hallucinating.

"No but! Now rest, Zep. Master said you need a lot of rest." Michael sighed as he helped Zephyr lied down on the bed. He turned around to look at Zephyr before walking out from the room.

"No, it can't be." Zephyr mumbled. He soon drifted to his dreamland and began to sleep soundly. A red cloak woman was opening the window. She was trying to be as quiet as she could so that she wouldn't want to wake the black hair guy that was sleeping soundly.

"Huh?" Zephyr suddenly heard some noise and woke up. He tried to sit up and looked at the source of the noise. He still managed to sit up by himself as he can felt the pain wasn't as serious as before. He turned at the direction of the noise and saw a red cloak woman was standing at the window and looking at him.

"Argenta." Zephyr mumbled. Argenta was shocked that Zephyr woke up and looked at her and at that moment, she lost her balance. She trying to grabbed the edge of the window but failed. She saw the place she going to land on, a young man was looking at her, trying to save her despite of the pain of his body.

Zephyr was trying to move his body to save the angel that he saw. When he was trying to get out from the bed, the angel had landed on his bed and both of them are in awkward position. Argenta's face and Zephyr's face were only a few centimeters apart. Yellow eyes stared at black eyes. Zephyr quickly shifted his gaze as he can felt his cheeks were burning. Argenta looked at Zephyr with a puzzled look on her face.

"Zephyr, are you awake? I had brought some food for you to eat." Clarice opened the door and saw Argenta was facing Zephyr who was lying on the bed, it as if Argenta pushed Zephyr down.

"Sorry to interrupt." Clarice blushed.

"Clarice." Zephyr trying to explain.

"You guys can continue what you doing." Clarice quickly closed the door and breathed heavily.

"Listen to me." Zephyr sighed.

"Who is that woman? She is pretty." Clarice calmed down and her brain interpreted what just happened. She was flustered and her face was as red as a tomato.

'What is Zephyr thinking? I need to tell master." Clarice quickly went to find Adelynn. When Clarice finding Adelynn, Argenta and Zephyr was still looking at each other.

"Excuse me." Zephyr said politely. Argenta realized she was in a awkward position. She quickly shifted aside and sat beside Zephyr.

"You are Argenta, right?" Zephyr asked.

"Of course, you idiot. You had heard Velskud say it." Argenta rolled her eyes at Zephyr.

"I was just confirming. Are you dead?" Zephyr asked again.

"Are you an idiot? Of course I'm not dead!" Argenta looked at Zephyr as if Zephyr was the dumbest person she ever met.

"But the book said…" Zephyr lowered his head.

"The book said I died, while fighting Elena. I was just hiding myself for awhile. Are all human being stupid?" Argenta rolled her eyes again.

"That Black Knight is Velskud, right?"


"Is he the one…?"

"Yes, he is one of the six heroes that save human being 50 years go." Argenta began to feel impatient of Zephyr's question.

"But he should be old." Zephyr looked at Argenta confusedly.

"The six heroes are not ordinary human. Velskud has his own way to remain how he looks."

"I feel that Velskud isn't a bad person." Zephyr mumbled in a soft voice but being heard by Argenta.

"I warned you, no matter what, don't go fight Velskud or don't involve yourself in this mess. You are still not strong enough to defeat Velskud." Argenta said with a strict tone.

"But I…."

"Don't involve yourself. This is for your own sake. Velskud isn't the type of person that is easy to defeat. He is…. Special." Argenta paused for a moment. Zephyr only nodded his head.

On the other hand, Clarice finally found Adelynn, who was watering the flowers.

"Master!" Clarice shouted.

"What's wrong?" Adelynn asked as she sang to the flowers. Clarice was flustered as she trying to compose what she wanted to say. But when she finally calmed down, she felt something not right.

"Wait, isn't this kind of embarrassing to tell master. I better don't tell master." Clarice shook her head.

"Is there anything I can help you?" Adelynn asked once again. Clarice quickly shook her head and ran away.

For Zephyr, he wasn't having any nice and enjoyed moment like he planned to. Argenta was now looking at his wound and nodded her head.

"What's wrong?" Zephyr asked.

"You are weird."

"Huh?" Zephyr was confused and looked at Argenta.

"No human can survive after all those attacks from Velskud. You…survived." Argenta looked at Zephyr's naked upper body and his wounds.

"Because I am strong." Zephyr smiled.

"No, you are not. Its just that…."


"Nothing much!" Argenta waved her hand. Zephyr shrugged his shoulders.

"Come one, let me help you bandaged your wounds." Argenta stood up and walked toward Zephyr, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Thanks." Zephyr blushed again. Suddenly, someone knock on the door.

"Zep, I now going into your room." Michael opened the door and saw Argenta was touching at Zephyr's upper body which was naked.

"Zephyr! What had you done?" Michael shouted and walked toward Zephyr.

"Wait, l-listen to me!" Zephyr trying to explain.

"Listen to you? For what? For showing off how you bring a pretty woman back home?" Michael was angry.

"Mich, listen to me." Zephyr was trying to explain once again. Clarice heard the noise coming out from Zephyr's room. She quickly walked toward Zephyr's room and found out the door was open.

"Shut up!" Argenta said it in a strict tone which successfully stopped the commotion between Zephyr and Michael.

"You, sit down." Argenta pointed Michael. Michael quickly sat down on the chair.

"You, I saw you. Come in and sit." Argenta called out for Clarice right before Clarice can ran away. Clarice lowered her head and quickly walked into the room and sat beside Michael.

"You, explain to them." Argenta pointed at Zephyr. Zephyr nodded his head and turned his head toward his two friends mechanically.

"Well, you see. This is Argenta." Zephyr introduced. There's an awkward silence between all of them.

"WHAT?! ARGENTA!" Michael and Clarice said at the same time, looking unbelievably.

"You gotta be kidding me." Michael still didn't want to believe Zephyr.

"I'm Argenta." Argenta only glanced at Michael.

"But I thought…" Clarice said.

"I am dead?" Argenta continued Clarice's question with Clarice nodded her head.

"Oh please, I was just hiding myself. " Argenta rolled her eyes again. Zephyr lost count on how many times had Argenta rolled her eyes.

"It's still hard to believe." Michael slumped down and stared at Zephyr.

"I was telling you the truth all these time!" Zephyr said and gave Michael 'I told you so' look.

"You three, don't tell other people about my existence." Argenta warned.

"Why?" Zephyr asked.

"It's none of your business. I got to go now. See you guys next time." Argenta jumped toward the window and soon disappeared from the trio's sight.

"Argenta." Michael and Zephyr said in unison.

"Is so awesome." Michael said.

"Is so pretty." Zephyr said. Michael rolled his eyes at Zephyr.

"Is that the only thing you could think of?" Michael asked.

"Well, I guess."

"You little," Clarice quickly stop Michael before Michael wanted to hit Zephyr.

" Stop it, and let Zephyr rest." Clarice said.

'Yes, Clarice is right. Let me rest." Zephyr said with a smile on his face.

"You little…You going to pay for this one day." Michael walked out from the room.

"Please take your rest. I will bring your dinner to you later. Bye" Clarice smiled gently as she closed the door.

"Oh joy, they forgot to help me lied back down. I guess I need to do it myself." Zephyr tried to endure with the pain and shifted his body to a more comfortable expression for him to lie on the bed. He stared at the ceiling.

"Argenta, Velskud. I got a feeling that there is a huge and gull of challenging adventure waiting for me." Zephyr smiled and closed his eyes. He soon fell asleep .