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Chapter 1: A Fated Meeting Covered In Blood

Kagome had been wandering in a bloody daze, looking for a doctor. She was in an unknown town and she was tired. She couldn't think properly. She felt herself slipping into unconsciousness. She was leaning against a random wall trying her best to call forth her powers. In her weakened stated, she couldn't form a single coherent thought, so she knew she didn't have a chance at calling her reiryoku. Just as she was passing into the realm of darkness, she heard voices call her.

"Hey. Hey, can you hear me? Hey, what happened?"

"Youkai," was the only word they heard from her before she finally gave into blissful unconsciousness.


Ichigo and Renji had been doing their rounds, and had felt a hollow not to far from where they were; along with an unknown reiatsu. By the time they had arrived, the hollow had been destroyed and the person with the unusual reiryoku had left.

They had scoured the area looking for the mystery person and found nothing but a rather large trail of blood. Fearing for the person that had lost so much blood the followed the trail a good distance only to find the body of a young woman drenched in a dark, crimson substance.

Ichigo had tried to get her attention, "Hey. Hey, can you hear me? Hey, what happened?"

Both Shinigami almost recoiled at the look she gave them before saying, "Youkai."

Deciding to get answers later rather than try to wake up the battered girl; Renji picked her up and ran, knowing Ichigo would follow. Using the tops of buildings instead of streets to reach their destination faster, Renji used his Shunpo to decrease, even more, the travel time.

"Renji, wait, where are we going?"

"Where do you think? I'm taking her to Urahara. Do you think ningen doctors are going to be able to treat her?" The rest of the short journey was made in silence.

Arriving at the small shop owned by one, Urahara Kisuke, he kicked the door to the side and barged in, "Oi, Urahara! I've got a patient for you!"

Not surprised in the slightest by the former Shinigami Taichou, he answered to yet to best asked questions, "I don't know who she is, but she was fighting a hollow and this was the final result." He gestured to the sleeping Miko on his back.

Urahara snapped his fan shut and called for Tessai to set a room for her before leading the others as he followed the silent giant.


Urahara watched carefully beside Renji and Ichigo as Tessai busied himself with healing the unknown girl. "So," he opened his fan and covered the lower half of his face as he lowered his head till only one eye showed, "Care to explain why there is an unidentified female, unconscious, bloody, and beaten, in my shop at such an odd hour?"

Renji and Ichigo exchanged looks before Renji spoke up, "We felt someone fighting with a hollow. By the time we got there, the hollow was destroyed and there was a trail of blood leading to her.

Kagome had been having a nightmare, completely unaware of what was happening in the real world. She was reliving the day Inuyasha had killed her mate.


Kagome and Sesshoumaru were enjoying one of the few days they had to themselves. With their four four year-old pups being watched by an over protective Shippou and a vigilant Rin, they had gone out to a small clearing not too far from the castle. The two adopted children had split the quadruplets down the middle, each one taking two. For Inu, having more than one child at a time was incredibly rare. having four had been almost unheard of. Kagome had blessed her Lord well with so many healthy pups

The final battle had ended a ten years back and the Shikon no Tama had made itself whole and returned to its dormant state back in her side. She smiled as she set up their picnic while Sesshoumaru went to hunt for their lunch. She laughed at the thought of how he preferred to hunt for her food rather than have the staff make it for her. She smiled once more when she remembered how he had gotten her to be his mate.


It was a week after the final battle and everyone had just gotten used to the idea that Naraku wouldn't be around anymore. She was standing alone on a hill overlooking the small village that would grow and become the metropolis that would become her home. She turned when she felt the youki of the Daiyoukai that she had secretly come to love. He had given her no warning when he had whisked her away to a cave and sealed them in with his own barrier.

She had been furious and curious and didn't quite know how to react; especially when Sesshoumaru started nuzzling her neck and licking her ear. He spoke to her in a voice dripping with love, adoration, and lust when he told her, not asked, that she would be his mate and he would not take no for an answer. She had readily given herself, thus becoming Mate to the Lord of the West.


Everything during their picnic had gone smoothly till they were ambushed by a group of soldiers sent from the South. Both fought vigilantly, but were far too outnumbered. Kagome quickly realized that these youkai had been trained specifically to take her mate down. Somehow, through the whole ordeal, Inuyasha had appeared and attacked Sesshoumaru, dealing him the final blow. Kagome, driven by grief, had unleashed her full strength on all the youkai, purifying them instantly and reverting Inuyasha to his human form.

She looked at the hanyou that had become her brother with the most heart broken expression and he froze in his approach. "Why Inuyasha? Why would you kill my mate?"

He sneered, "That bastard took you from me! He deserved what he got for forcing himself of you!"

Kagome walked to the body of her heart, soul, and mate, "What in your right mind possessed you to think he forced himself in me? I love him! He was the only man I ever loved! You took away my love, Inuyasha!" She glared with hatred that she had only ever felt for Naraku.

"Kagome," Inuyasha tried to speak.

"Stay away from me Inuyasha. I'm going to return my mate to the Western castle and I'm going to return to kill you. Make sure you are gone. If I find you here when I return. I will not hesitate. Don't ever think you are welcome in my presence again. For if I do see you, I will kill you." She formed her orb from her youki like Sesshoumaru had taught her and took off.

Arriving at the palace she let out the howl of pain and sorrow that she had been keeping in. All the West knew their Lord fallen. The army and servants surrounded her unsure of what to do. Her six children ran to her with curiosity until they saw their fallen father. The small family of seven cried out in pain and sadness as they curled around the body of the man that brought them together.

Kagome had been numb for months, not completely aware of the passing of time till one day, one of the generals she had become close friends with burst into her room, "Damn it, Kagome." He slapped her, "Wake up! You aren't the only one felling the pain! He had been with us a hell of a lot longer than with you! You think you're the only one hurting?" He did his best to hold back his tears.

Kagome looked at the general from her position on the floor and for the first time in months, her fire had shown, "Hit me again, Minoru, and I will purify you to hell and back."

"If that's what it takes to get you out of your stupor than gladly!" He sighed, "Kagome, the West needs its Lady. The pups need their mother. You're wasting away and they are frightened. The servants and the guard are worried about you too. The South is preparing for war with the West; are you going to let his legacy fall, simply because you would rather morn than live as the woman he fell in love with?"

Kagome launched herself at her general friend and cried while the general held his friend. He waited till she finally cried herself out hours later and looked at the woman who had become his Lady.

"You're right Minoru. He would scold me for sulking them take me to the dojo for being weak. Let me get ready. In two hours' time, gather the War Council and we will discuss the South."

The general smiled at the petite woman who had the wrath of hell when what was hers was threatened. The South was going to fall soon if she was going to lead the party; and after what the Southern Lord had done, she was definitely going to lead their party. He closed the door behind him and pondered the enigma that was his Lady. It was unheard of for a ningen to become youkai after mating; but she had become an Inu Daiyoukai after mating with his Lord. Sesshoumaru had been more than happy to be able to stay with her longer than the time her ningen life would have allowed.

Six months later, the South fell to the Lady of the West and the Southern Lord had been executed in front of both the Northern and Eastern Lords. Kagome had earned her place as Lady of the West and South and neither Lord could refute otherwise. She had kept the title of the Lady of the West and had put the South under Western control. She had silenced the outrage of the North and East saying that when her strongest pups were old enough, they would rule each as their own domain. This had pacified the other Lords, seeing the woman, no, not just a woman, but a Daiyoukai who had saved many lives even when her own was in turmoil and pain. She had looked past the death of her mate and had saved his domain and made him proud.

Renji had stayed by her side for the entirety of her sleep. Tessai had healed her wounds two days ago and she had yet to awaken. Occasionally, she would cry in her sleep and he couldn't help but wonder what had caused her so much pain. On the occasions that she would cry, her reiryoku would flare out of control with such strength, Urahara had been forced to put seals and multiple barriers around her. He noticed, during a particularly strong flare, that there was a more powerful energy mixed with her reiryoku. He didn't have a name for it, but when he asked Urahara, the strange blonde man had been just as curious and out of the loop as him.

Kagome woke ten days after she had been found. Looking around, she was immediately on guard, but knew she was in the present. Scenting the air, she found the scents of ningen and something that wasn't. Putting a lid on her reiryoku, she allowed her youki to take over. She turned when she heard the door open and came face to face with a strange man.

"Oh, you're awake. We were beginning to worry that you would never wake up." The man was covering his face and had the same scent that said he wasn't.

She stood straight, "Where am I?" Her voice carried a tone of command and was one that was used to people obeying.

Urahara looked at her carefully, "Oh? You're in my shop. A couple of boys found you a week and a half ago. I must say, you were quite worse for wear. Can I get your name?"

Kagome narrowed her eyes at the man but sighed, knowing that he didn't follow the same rules she did, at least not the rules she followed now, "Taishou, Kagome. And what is yours?"

Urahara snapped his fan shut and smiled, "My name is Urahara, Kisuke. Do you think you are up for a little conversation and some food? It has been a quite a while since you've eaten."

She relax and let her former, ningen, fa├žade fall into place, "Food sounds wonderful. Please, lead the way." She waved with her left hand that held the ring her mate had given her to honor her ningen heritage.

Urahara raised an eye brow, but lead the way to a small dining room where the others had gathered for lunch. Opening the door, he looked at the people who were sitting around conversing, "Ah, everyone, it seems that our guest has finally awaken."

He moved aside to reveal a petite woman that had raven black hair with silver highlights that lay in waves cascading down her shoulders. She had two braided locks of hair framing a face that held the deepest blue eyes anyone had even seen. An indigo crescent moon adorned her forehead, along with twin stripes of violet the went across her cheeks. Lastly a maroon eye shadow completed the look of the woman that had been sleeping for days. She didn't look disoriented, if anything, she looked quite regal despite the clothing she wore. She held her head high, not in arrogance, but in confidence. Though her face was young, her eyes held a knowledge of secrets that would haunt their wildest dreams. She was wearing the yukata that Tessai had one of the girls dress her in.

Renji fought with everything he had not to blush at the sight she presented. To him, she looked like ethereal. His heart raced at her beauty. He didn't expect her to look this beautiful when she had finally awoken. He thought she had look wonderful in her sleep, but if this was how she looked awake, he wasn't about to argue. The tattoos on her face seemed to make even more ethereal. They weren't rough like his own, but gentle and pronounced and brought out her features even more. It was like they were made for her.

Ichigo's eyes widened slightly at the girl, no woman, that he and Renji had found over a week ago. He hadn't seen her since they brought her but she was definitely a sight to see.

Uryu pushed his glasses up and looked away with a rather interesting shade of red coloring his cheeks.

Chad simply stared at her. He really didn't know what to think, other than he couldn't believe she was ningen. He was thankful for his dark skin in that moment or he was sure that the blush he was sporting would be just as obvious as Uryu's.

Orihime and Rukia on the other hand weren't as affected as the boys. While they did blush a little, they weren't basically drooling all over themselves. Rukia had recognized Kagome for what she was, a noble and ruler. This had struck her as odd since there was no nobility in Japan other than the emperor, and he was just a figure head.

Urahara chuckled at their reactions, "May I present to you Taishou, Kagome. Taishou-san, allow me to introduce your saviors, Abarai, Renji," he gestured to the red haired man that if she hadn't known better would have thought was youkai, "and Kurosaki, Ichigo" he waved to the boy with orange hair. They both nodded and gave small hellos and she gave nods to each before Urahara continued, "The one with glasses is Ishida, Uryu." He pushed up his glasses and gave a small nod. "The tall one with dark skin is Yasutora, Sado, but everyone calls him Chad." The two exchanged nods, "The young lady with orange hair is Inoue, Orihime, and the one sitting next to her is Kuchiki, Rukia." The girls stood and bowed as she gave them nods as well.

"Have a seat, Taishou-san. Lunch was just about to be served."

Kagome look the open seat between Renji and Uryu. Glacing at both men from the corners of her eyes, she fought an eye roll.

Rukia was the one to break the tense atmosphere, "Taishou-sama, can you tell us what exactly happened. They weren't too clear and didn't have any of the details."

Kagome raised an eye brow but other wise kept her face blank, "I was out doing some business for my mother when I was taken completely by surprise. I didn't even see anyone coming before it was too late. He attacked me and I fought back."

Everyone looked at the woman they had just met and Rukia continued, "Can you tell us what attacker looked like?" When her brow shot up again in question, Rukia clarified, "Were you attacked by something black with a white mask or someone with a broken mask somewhere on their head?"

Kagome narrowed her eyes and got ready to call the poison her mate had gifted her with at the time of their mating. It had been a surprise to both of them when she had started dripping it everywhere. "What do you know of them?" Her voice was cold and demanded an answer.

Everyone was suddenly on the defensive, yet trying to look completely at ease. Kagome subtly scented the air and found, distrust, suspicion, and something else she couldn't identify but knew it wasn't an emotion.

Orihime, uncomfortable with such a tense atmosphere, answered, "The black ones with white masks are called hollow. They attack people with high levels of reiryoku and devour them."

Everyone watched Kagome carefully for her reaction. Her face still blank, she spoke, "And the one with broken a broken mask?"

This time Uryu answered, "They are called Arrancar. They are what hollow who devour other hollow and evolve become. They are smarter, stronger, and faster than the average hollow." He looked pointedly at her, "You still haven't answered the question, what did your attacker look like?"

Kagome narrowed her eyes at the ningen who had spoken so disrespectfully, "And if I have no inclination to answer your question, what are you going to do?"

Uryu narrowed his eyes. Everyone, but Kagome, was startled when Urahara walked in with Tessai laughing at what Kagome had said. "That is a good point, Uryu, what are you going to do if she doesn't answer? There is no doubt in my mind that she can kill you without even moving, but I am rather curious as well, Taishou-san, what did your attacker look like?"

Kagome peered at the men who had saved her life. Law dictated that she answer their questions and owed them a life debt. They didn't need to know, and she would save them the next time they were attacked thus returning the favor. Damn it, Sesshoumaru, I miss you so much. It's been one hundred and seventy- two years on our side of the well and the pain is still raw. She sighed and answered, "It had a whole mask. I don't have anything else to go on. I just did what I could and fought till it was gone. It attacked me by surprise which allowed a rather unfortunate blow to land and that's how I received most of my wounds. I can assure you that it won't becoming back for a second round."

Everyone exchanged uncertain glances before looking back at Kagome as she stood, "If you'll excuse me, I must be returning home. I don't need to hear dramatics about my disappearance and I am sure that my mother is wondering where I am." Just before she walked out of the dining room, she turned to Urahara, "I am sorry that I can't stay for lunch, but I really must be going."

Urahara opened his fan, "At least let Renji walk you home?" Kagome tried not to react to the insult that he hadn't realize he implied. "He can take you home and answer any questions you might have." He tried to pacify the angered Daiyoukai when he saw her shoulders tense ever so slightly at his first statement.

Kagome gave a long cold look at him then glanced at the Shinigami before nodding.

Renji stood up and made his way to her side glad for the chance to privately talk to the woman he perceived as a goddess.

Their walk started off extremely tense and awkward. Renji would glance at Kagome every so often and notice her lost in her thoughts. Kagome on the other hand wasn't as oblivious as he thought, "Is there something you would like to say?"

He tensed, "I'm not sure what to say. You're a little hard to approach." He heard her scoff, "It's true, I bet the others are breathing a little easier now that they don't have to worry about offending you."

Kagome sighed, I don't know how Sesshou did it all the time. Being stoic is so hard! It's one thing to do it in front of the other Lords and the army, it's a whole other to do it to everyone else. She relaxed and let herself be drawn back to the free spirit she truly was. "Sorry, I know I was a little tense. It's just, I've been living a very difficult life that no one could ever understand." She looked at the red head and smiled, "How about we start over? I'm Taishou, Kagome. Pleased to meet you."

Renji did a double take and nodded dumbly at the sudden change of attitude from the woman he was walking with, "Abarai, Renji. Pleased to meet you." He looked at her face and blurted out his question, "Where did you get those tattoos?"

Kagome's expression darkened considerably before she replied, "They aren't tattoos. It's kind of hard to explain. Don't take it the wrong way, but it's not something I'm comfortable talking about."

Renji looked at her carefully and saw the heart break and pain etched into her features, "It's okay. So where are we going?"

Kagome laughed, "We are going to the Higurashi Shrine. It's in Tokyo. I don't know where I am though."

Renji was dumbfounded, "What do you mean you don't know where you are?"

She glared, "Well I didn't realize how far I'd run! You don't have to go with me the rest of the way. Just point me in the direction of Tokyo and I can find my way from there."

Renji shook his head and sighed, "No, I'm walking you home. I have a few questions and I know you do too."

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