Chapter 5: Not Now

Uryu froze in his spot. The last thing he had expected to see was Renji hugging the girl he had been after for more than two years. He watched as they slowly broke apart, like they had nothing to be ashamed of. Little did he know that they didn't, but he was about to find out they didn't have anything to hide.

"Go ahead, Orihime. I have a couple of questions to ask Uryu." At her look, he laughed, "Unless you know about Daiyoukai, I think he might be able to help me more."

He shook his head as she looked at Uryu and blushed. Nodding, she walked off to do something other than get in their way.


"What do you want, Renji?" His voice was tight. He was angry. He finally got a chance with the girl of his dreams and this was what he finds. He couldn't believe it. He knew there had to be an explanation.

"What's your…oh, you're mad about Orihime." Renji smirked. Okay, so he wanted to tease the short Quincy.

Uryu pushed up his glasses in that stuck up way, "Why would I be mad." It was a statement not a question.

Renji chuckled, "Don't be. She told me you are finally going out."

His eyes widened, "What?"

He shook his head again, "Do you know how long I've been trying to get her to notice you?"

Uryu's glasses fell, "Wait, what?"

"It's not good for her to keep liking Ichigo. And no one telling her would only have hurt her later on."

"What are you talking about?" His voice was clam, but Renji wasn't stupid.

They all sucked at keeping their relationship a secret. Renji had known Rukia longer than any of them had been alive. He knew her quirks better than anyone. He hadn't loved her for years and not noticed what made her, well, her.

He narrowed his eyes, "I'm not stupid. And for you all to think I am is just plain insulting. I had thought you were my friends, but I guess I was wrong. It seems the only person I could trust is Orihime. She also knows. I don't care if you keep trying to hide it from her. Tell her whatever you want, but tell her you know sooner rather than later. The longer you keep it from her, the less she's going to trust you."

Uryu looked contemplative then he nodded. "What did you really need to talk about?"

Renji grinned, "That Western Lord you were talking about; did he ever marry?"

Uryu tried not to snort, "Youkai don't marry; they mate."

He was confused, "Mate?"

"Yeah, it's similar to marriage, that's all I really know. As for him getting a mate, not that I know of. He was extremely closed off and cold to everyone. I highly doubt he would want to mate anyone. He was extremely protective of his father's legacy. Why are you asking?"

"'Cause I think she is his mate."

"What would give you that idea?" Uryu wanted to laugh. He couldn't help it. The idea, itself, was preposterous.

Renji smirked, "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you. Now, I'm going back to her shrine. I thought Ichigo would be here to come back with me. She isn't going to be leaving anytime soon and I still have questions." His smirk fell and he became serious.

"Renji what happened?"

His expression became grim, "Her mother was attacked. What she did…what Kagome did to that man was disturbing. I've seen a lot of bad stuff in my life, but that was something else."

Uryu had caught the way he said her name. Yeah, he heard what he said, but he paid more attention to that minute detail. "I guess you're finally getting over Rukia."

"What? Where did that come from?" Renji had been pulled from his thoughts by the most random sentence.

Uryu pushed his glasses and smirked, "I'm not stupid. You like her, a lot."

"Come again?" His brain had stopped.

"I said, you idiot, 'you like her a lot.' Really and you're a fuku-taichou."

"I finally get Orihime to notice you after months of work and you insult me? It's sad. Really, really sad."

"Coming from the guy who has the hots for a mated woman." Uryu sneered.

"Hey, I don't have the hots for anyone."

Kagome returned to her mother's house. She still had to deal with the body.

"911, how can I help you?"

Kagome quivered her voice and made herself sound hysterical. "Help, please…" She sobbed, "My mother…oh Kami…my mother…she was…she was…oh Kami…the blood…" She allowed her voice to trail off.

"Miss, what's wrong? You're going to have to speak clearly. What happened to your mother? Can you tell me where you are?" The concerned voice of the operator was trying to sooth a distraught woman.

To bad I'm not really distraught. Kagome thought to herself. She gasped and made it seem like she was trying to calm herself. "I took…I took her to the hospital…there was so much blood…" She gasped for effect, "There was a man…I pushed him off her…my friend…" She made a horrified scream, "Oh Kami! What happened to him!" She gave another horrified scream, "I can't stop…oh Kami, the blood won't stop! You have to send someone! The Higurashi Shrine! You have to…oh Kami…there's so much blood." She dropped the phone, effectively ending the call.


She covered herself in his blood and waited for the police and paramedics to arrive. At the sound of the sirens, she knelt beside the man that dared attack what was hers. She made sure her act was perfect. Using her reiryoku, she warmed the body and forced the heart to pump the blood just enough to not be suspicious. When she heard their shouts, she went to work trying, hysterically and uselessly, to bring him back to life.

"Look around and shout if you find anything. Move out!" Called the man in charge. She heard their footsteps spreading out in all different directions. Three sets were heading in her direction, so she prepared her act.

She thought of the day she lost her mate and let her tears fall. Even after 172 years, the pain was still raw. Kagome sobbed and maid frantic movements. "Please don't die. Please don't die. Please don't die." She chanted. Oh how ironic. Here I am the one who killed him and yet, here I sit, telling his corpse not to die. Seriously, this is just too funny and wrong.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and ignored it in favor of keeping up her ruse. The hand turned into arms yanking her away. She screamed, "You have to save him!" Kagome swing her arms and kicked, gently of course, wherever she could.

"Miss, you need to calm down. Tell us what happened. Miss, you're going to have to calm down." The officer was pushed aside by a medic.

She wasn't prepared for the light to flash in her eyes and she growled deep in her throat as her hands flew to cover her face.

The medic, thinking it was a trauma, spoke, "Miss you need to calm down. Listen to my voice and take deep breaths."

Kagome gulping the air. Making her look slightly calmer, but not much. She nodded.

"I'm going to check you for wounds."

Kagome tried her hardest not to roll her eyes. She let her hands be taken and inspected.

The medic didn't expect to see clawed hands. He said nothing, thinking it was a teenage fad. He continued his inspection, but when he got to her face, he sucked in his breath. She was gorgeous. He had to force himself to continue his check up.

The officer got the okay from the medic and knelt before the distraught girl. "Miss, I'm going to need you to tell me what happened. From the beginning."

Kagome faked a shaky breath. "I was coming to visit my mom." Her tears renewed, "I was bringing a friend of mine to introduce them." She babbled for effect. I should get an award for this. "I thought they would look so cute together." She looked at the officer and gave a watery smile, "I wanted her to meet someone new. She was so sad after my dad…well, after my dad. I told him so much about her. He ended up falling in love with her and he never even met her. Don't you think that's romantic?"

She shook her head, "They were supposed to meet today, you know. He was going to take my old room." She shook her head again, "We walked up the stairs and found that man attacking my mom. I pushed him into a tree. Mamoru grabbed her and we ran to the hospital. I didn't look back. We had to get her there as fast as we could." Kagome looked at the officer with wet eyes. "Imagine that could have been us. If we had stayed, instead of running to the hospital, we could have ended up just like him." Her eyes looked horrified, "Who could have done something like that?"

"Miss, you need to calm down."

Kagome gave an internal snort, I am calm. "I have to get back to the hospital. My mom…I need to…I need to get back to her." She grabbed the officer, "Please, I need my mom…I need to know she's okay."

He nodded and motioned for two of his men, "They are going to take you. Tell them which one she's at. They have to stay with you. I don't want to leave you alone, okay?"

She nodded shakily.


She took off when they entered the lobby and her two guards struggled to catch up. She made into the room in time to warn Mamoru to follow her lead. She threw herself on her unconscious mother's bed and let herself sob.

Mamoru understood immediately and went to comfort his Lady. He had to admit, she was an amazing actress. He and Minoru always got a kick out of her making a fool of the Eastern Lord.

He wasn't surprised to see two men in uniform barge walk into the room of his intended. Sure, he shouldn't have thought that, but it was how he felt. He knew she was his and he would be hers.

"Can we help you with something?" He asked the two ningen.

"We'll be outside if you need anything."

He nodded and continued to "lend his support" to his Lady. When he heard the door closed, he pulled Kagome to the side. "My Lady, forgive me, but I told the doctor your mother was my intended."

He was surprised at her bright smile, "That's great. I mean, I hope she accepts. She deserves a good man to protect her and you deserve a wonderful woman like my mother. For what it's worth, you are the only one I would want her to be with." She gave a sly grin, "Don't expect me to call you dad at home"

He grinned in much the same way, "I wouldn't dream of it, my Lady. For now, I get to call you Kagome."

She smacked him on the arm causing him to laugh, "The doctor said she would be fine given time, but she bled quite a bit and had a couple of fractured bones. The fractures weren't bad; he said they were hair-line. He also said he wasn't sure when she was going to wake up. He had to give her a blood…trans-fyu-shun?" The way he pronounced it made her giggle. "Where did you go?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "I had to clean up our mess. And I did an amazing job, if I do say so myself. My acting was perfect."

He chuckled, "You have no idea how much Minoru and I are amused with that particular talent of yours."

She grinned, then walked to her mother and began healing her. Was it a bad idea at the time? Maybe. Did that mean she should risk her mother? Hell, no. She had to cover up what happened to that snake. If doing this meant she could, then that's what she would do. She wouldn't heal her to perfect health until she took her home. She healed her enough to be discharged and it was straight to the Sengoku Jidai with the three of them.

Kagome felt like she forgot something important. A pair of sharp, red eyes popped into her head, causing her to frown. To whom did those eyes belong to? That was a question that was going to haunt her till she saw them again.

"Of course you don't. The girl you found is not on your thoughts. You don't want to go back and look for her. And you sure as hell aren't thinking about her." Uryu smirked.

"Well, since you seemed to understand, I have to get going. I need to find out what's going on with her and you have a date to get ready for."

"Who has a date?"

Both men were startled at the sudden appearance of Ichigo. He had been a thorn in both of their sides and they couldn't help the dislike both felt for the substitute Shinigami.

"Nothing. See you Renji." Uryu walked off with one last teasing remark, "Keep not thinking about it."

"What's up with him?" Ichigo looked at his now distant friend.

Renji shrugged, "You'd have to ask him." He started to walk off; irritated that he had to think about him stealing Rukia, not that he actually stole her. Rukia was never his.

"Renji…" Ichigo paused, "Is there something wrong?"

For a split second, he almost fell for the concern. Not wanting to deal with it now, he pushed those thoughts aside, "How do you know Kagome?" He asked offhandedly.

"Kagome? That's right! I came looking for you. What happened after you fell?"

Renji almost smiled; this was a topic they could talk about safely. "You wouldn't believe it. I didn't land at the bottom of the well." He gave Ichigo some kind of look, "It was a portal. Can you believe it? Not only that, she's a noble; and it's not a lower class. She's the Lady of the West."

Ichigo had to do a double take, "That's funny, Renji, but seriously."

"Shit, I need to get back to the shrine."

Right after Renji ran, Ichigo took off after him, "Renji, what's going on?"

"No time. Hurry up."


At the shrine, they were surprised to see it taped off. "Renji, you're not in your gigai. Go check it out."

He had completely forgotten about that. Nodding, he leapt to the top of the stairs and went to look around. The sight he saw was both expected and unexpected.

Police were walking around, doing their business, while a medical examiner was checking out the body. He remembered exactly how that man got those marks.

Renji couldn't find himself to be as disturbed as he first thought. He had remembered the look she had given the man that had attacked her mother. She had pure hatred in her eyes. It was her family and she was only protecting what was hers. He had to remember that she wasn't ningen. Once that thought settled, he was okay with the whole thing. He didn't know how or why, he just knew he was.

Listening to the police, he was definitely surprised at what he heard. Satisfied with what he learned, Renji returned to Ichigo and pulled him to the side. "She cleans up her messes pretty thoroughly. After they left, it seems Kagome came back and called the police. She made a really good cover up story about what happened. Now they're on the look for some crazed killer."

"What happened?"

"Some guy was attacking her mother when we arrived. Somehow, I think she knew exactly what was happening. Kagome tore that guy apart. Whatever she did, it was good."

"Sir, you can't go in there! Sir! Sir!" Cried an officer.

"That's my house! What happened?" The guy ducked under the tape and ran past the cop and up the stairs.

Renji and Ichigo shared a look and found a different way to the top of the shrine. There they saw the guy being held back by six cops. He was twisting and turning trying to get loose.

The young man froze when he caught sight of the covered body. "Oh Kami. Who is that?" He asked one of the officers holding them.

"Sir, you need to leave."

"Is that my mother? My jii-chan? Who is that?" His voice was wavering.

"No, it was a younger male."

"What did he look like? Maybe-oh no. Takaki-san? Was it Takaki-san?"

"Do you know that man?" The officer looked at his partner and back at the young man in front of him.

"Yeah. He and my mom have been seeing each other for a few months now. Mom! Where's my mom? Is she okay?" He started panicking again.

"Young man, can I get your name?"

"Higurashi, Souta." He clutched his head.

"Do you have any other family members that we should know about? Others we should contact?" He thought quickly of the young woman they had seen earlier.

"My grandfather." His voice was cracking. He couldn't think. He needed them to stop asking questions and tell them what the hell was happening.

"Sir, there was a young woman here earlier. She said she took your mother to the hospital." He put a hand on his shoulder.

"Did she have tattoos on her face?" At his nod, Souta sighed in relief. "That's good. She's with Kagome. With Kagome, she's safe." He paused at that train of thought, "What do you mean she took her to the hospital?" His head snapped up. "Why would she be in the hospital?"

The officer shared another look with his partner and walked off, leaving the other to deal with Souta. "Your mother...she was attacked. At least that's what the girl said."

Souta's eyes grew exponentially. "What?"

The officer sighed, "Who is Kagome?"

It was that simple question that made it easier for him to cope. "My sister. She doesn't live with us, but she comes to visit every so often."

The officer sighed; he had never dealt with something like this. "I'll be right back. I'm going to get a couple of officer's to escort you-"

He was interrupted by a ring, "Hello?" Souta held his breath.

"Souta? Thank the Kami that you answered. Mama's in the hospital. You know the one where your friend was after the fire."

"Kagome! Oh, Kagome, it's horrible. Someone attacked Takaki-san and-"

"Souta," her voice was cold. She never spoke like that to him.

"Kagome…" He hesitated, "What's wrong?"

"Get here now. I'll tell you everything when you arrive. Have them drop you off. She's in room 3477. Tell them there are already officers stationed here." He recognized that tone. She was using her "Western Lady" tone.

Arriving at the hospital, he gave the officers his thanks and went to his mother's room, not expecting to see what was there.

He spotted the two cops standing outside her room and nodded as he went in, knowing they had been informed of his arrival.

Inside, he gasped at the condition his mother was in. Souta saw his sister sitting in one of the chairs against the wall next to a rather good looking male. Walking to his mother, he grabbed her hand and tried calling her softly, "Mama? Are you awake?"

He heard a chair move slightly and looked to see his sister walking towards him. Exchanging quick hellos and a hug, he asked, "How did this happen?"

Never in his life had he been afraid of his sister. He knew her better than most would know their siblings. They shared everything with each other and had a bond so strong that nothing would surprise him when it came to her. Not now, though. That look in her eye, the darkening of the air around them; in that one moment, he finally understood what she had been telling him for years. He truly feared what his sister had become. The moment was over as quickly as it appeared. Although he knew it wasn't directed at him, he would always remember the look in her eyes and he felt it had only brought him and his sister closer. Yes, he had feared her, but he also understood her need to protect her family.

"A man named Takaki, Hayato attacked Mama. I don't know what would have happened if we didn't arrive in time. Who is he?"

Souta didn't know what to say. He had liked Hayato. What she said just didn't make sense. "Why? What would make him do it?"

"Souta…" She hesitated, "That isn't something you need to know." Her eyes flew to do the door. Kagome knew they were listening. "People do things like that for their own reasons. I'm just glad he isn't around to do it again."

Mamoru saw that Souta was not going to drop the subject and shook his head and placed a hand on the pup's shoulder. "Not now. Now is the time to worry only for your mother."

"And who are you?" Souta took a step back and looked at his sister.

"That's Mamoru. He was going to be staying here for a while, but seeing as it's a moot point, we're taking Mama home with us as soon as she gets out."

"No! She's not going anywhere! She needs to stay home and get better, not-"

Kagome got that voice again, "Do you really think she'll get better in the very place she was attacked? Tell me, Souta, what makes you an expert on what will make her healthy?" She stood full height, "Have you dealt with many victims?" She went back to being the sister he knew, he recognized. "Souta, Mama can't stay in that house until she gets back on her feet. How is she supposed to heal from the psychological wounds if she is reminded of that every time she is in the house? She was attacked in her home, Souta. It's going to take her longer to get better."

She walked to her mother and caressed her cheek. "She's coming with us. That's all there is too it."

She looked at the door and saw a doctor come in with the two officers. "Doctor, how is my mother?"

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