Tap, tap, tap

"Is everything alright Shizuo? You seem a upset about something?" Celty typed on her PDA before showing the blonde; he had called her not to long ago and had asked her to meet with him in the park to talk.

"I've been having a lot on my mind lately; it's just been really pissing me off." Shizuo said as he starred up at the gray sky.

Tap, tap, tap

"Oh? Well maybe I can help, what's been on your mind?"

"The flea, yea I know he's always on my mind since I want to kill him so badly...I just been thinking of him a little deeper though. He makes me sick to my stomach every time I see that little bastard. It's driving me crazy that no matter how many times I try to kill him he always gets away; I don't think I'll ever be able to get him to stop controlling my mind until he's dead. "Celty was quiet for a while before typing a reply on her PDA.

Tap, tap, tap

"How long have you've been thinking like this?"

"Since the day we met...it really didn't bother me that much back then. All I knew is that I hated him and wanted him dead, because the second I saw that damn grin I knew he was evil and maybe even inhuman...but now I just can't even hear his name without making myself sick."

Tap, tap, tap

"Did something bad happen between you two...well worse than the other stuff you guys do to each other?"

Celty asked curiously.

"Well...not really...it happened a week ago. It was late and I was walking home from work when I saw this man and woman fighting about something on the street. Usually that kind of stuff doesn't really interest me, but I know I'd seen that couple lots of times. They lived in the apartment next to mine so i knew them pretty damn well. They had a three year old son together and had been married for a very long time, I always saw them either kissing or holding hands and sometimes I would even see them playing in the park with their son. Usually that love shit pisses me off but this couple was different for some reason...I guess I thought of what they had together as something I would want...but I knew I couldn't have it, I mean who would love a monster like me right?Anyway that one night I saw them fighting really caught my attention since I knew they had never fought before; the husband kept saying something about how he thought the woman had cheated on him...the fight got so out of hand that he ended up slapping her across the face. she called the cops after that and the man had gotten arrested, I was still standing there after the woman had gone home and then I saw him...the flea had came out from the shadows and was laughing like some kind of mad man. He was saying stuff like 'wow that was entertaining, I really should do this more often'. I knew the flea had rated out that woman...that's when I started having all the thoughts and nightmares about him. I don't really know why what he did to that family affected me so much...it's just really been pissing me off since then…"

Tap, tap, tap

"Shinra had told me that he thinks Izaya has some sort of obsessive mental problem. That could be why he takes suck a joy in seeing other people suffer."

"You know what's really eating me up inside Celty? The fact that that bastard can strut around town with that cocky little grin on; thinking he's the king of the world…feeling like he can control anyone he wants and do whatever he wants without any consequences. I really wish that I can make him feel as low as he should for everything he's done; he says he loves humans and yet he gets high on torturing them. That sick bastard really needs a 'wake up call'."

Tap, tap, tap

"I have the solution to your problem, go to Izaya's office and tell him off. Maybe all you really need to do is just get every hatred thought you have towards him and just let it all out. That would make me feel better if I hated him as much as you did." Shizuo just grinned and continued to stare up at the sky.

"Killing him sounds a lot more fun though..."

Tap, tap, tap

"If you kill him you'll go to jail, and I don't want to see you get taken down like that. Trust me, telling him off will make you feel great."

Shizuo thought for a moment before nodding to her suggestion.

"Thanks for the talk...oh and stay as far away from the flea as possible. Tell Shinra to do the same, if he does anything to you two I'll make sure he dies the slowest and painful death a person can due from."

Later in Shinjuku...

"Ah what's this, the monster of Ikebukuro has decided to pay me a visit." Izaya said as he heard his door being broken door. A wide grin spread across his face as he watched the blonde enter his apartment and start to walk towards him.

"Hello Shizu-chan, come to kill me at my own apartment?" Izaya asked as his eyes locked with mocha ones.

"Actually no...I came to tell you how much of a bastard you are."

"Oh really? How unlike you, this should be very interesting." Izaya laughed as he leaned back in his desk chair and put his feet up on the desk

"You know the thing I hate most about you flea? How you can just throw people's lives around like they're garbage. All I've seen you do since the day we've met is see you try your hardest to ruin other people's lives...actually I think that's all you've done and wanted to do since the day you were born. I don't think you have some sort of physiological problem like that damn Shinra says you probably do; I think you're just some low life bastard who can't get a fucking life so he has to go around trying to ruin other people's lives. It makes me sick to the very fiber of my being to see you laugh like a mad man as you watch people's lives be torn apart. I bet you're asking yourself right now why the hell do I care what you do to people? To tell you the truth almost everyone I know pisses me off in some way; but I can forget all of that when I see you getting your sick kicks out of watching your little game pieces fall into the real questions I want the answer to is why the he'll are you on this earth? Why do you live on other people's misery? Why don't you do the world a big fat favor and just drop dead? You know it really doesn't surprise me that you don't understand how much you're hated by not just me but pretty much everyone in the entire world. People who don't even know you look at you when you're walking down the street and instantly hate you, that cocky little grin you've always got on just writes "I'm the biggest jackass" on your forehead. Now let's see if this will get it through that thick head of yours..." Shizuo approached the desk and slammed both hands on it; his eyes locked with crimson ones as he tried to stare as deep into the brunet's soul as possible.

"You are a horrible, evil, pathetic excuse for a man. No one in this entire world will everlike you. Like you said yourself, your past will always follow you forever and ever and ever. You are guaranteed to be hated and despised the rest of your sick lonely life. When you die your dead body most likely be dumped in a river since your family is to ashamed to even sharing a last name with you. Everyone would be better off if you were never born you sorry excuse for a human being." Shizuo said in the most serious tone he had ever talked to a person before. The smile on Izaya's face hadn't faded; he continued to give the blonde his best poker face before answering to his speech.

"Is that supposed to hurt me Shizu-chan? You make it seem like I'm the only one who's hated by everyone in this town. People are deathly afraid of you and can't even look you in the eyes; your considered a monster by everyone in Tokyo and you're a disgrace to your family. Even your own brother changed his name so people wouldn't know he was related to a devil like you. I'm surprised that all that adrenalin coursing through your veins hasn't killed you yet; I was thinking that one of these days the large vein that pulses in your head would just pop. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet but when it does you can bet that me and everyone in Tokyo will have a field day and take turns dancing on your protozoan grave. So go ahead and say what you want about me, I really don't care. I love all my humans and love seeing them in interesting predicaments. It's just a fun little game I like to call life; it's a bitch, but if it was a slut it'd be easy. Well anyway Shizu-chan, I may be hated but your feared. At least people can actually look at me, they're too afraid to even breathe the same air as you. So really, who's the real sorry excuse for a human?" Izaya said, not taking his eyes off of the man in front of him.

"Don't try to make it sound like we're the same flea. There is a huge difference between my statement and yours. I'm feared because of my strength, I don't take joy in hurting other people or ruining their lives. You on the other hand are hated because of your bastard attitude and actions, and that insane high you get from watching other people suffer. There's also another difference between the two of us, I actually have people who would care if something ever happened to me."

"Oh really? Now who would that be?"

"Celty, Shinra, and Kasuka of course; I can name other's if you like but I think that'll just be more people you'll try to convince to hate my guts. Those people don't fear me they respect me, I talk to them like friends and family do. You're sisters I know for a fact hate your guts and I bet if I offered them five minutes to talk to Kasuka they'd kill you for me in a heartbeat. You see flea, no one really cares about or what happens to you; and no matter how much you love humans, not a single one will ever love you back. I bet you think that Shinra or maybe even Celty might like you but in reality they really just try to put up with you. You're a burden on both of them and if something ever happened to you I bet they'd just shrug it off and go about their lives. Like I said before flea, no one will ever love you because of what you are..."

"Oh yea? What exactly would I be Shizu-chan?" Izaya said, adrenaline rushing through his veins at the pure excitement of the heated conversation.

"A monster...or better yet...a devil." Shizuo turned his back on the informant and left his apartment; he was on his breaking point as he left the building and started walking home in the now pouring rain. For some reason he was actually...happy; he had just told off the man he had hated the most...it was sort of bittersweet victory considering the things thrown back in his face that he knew was true...he also had no idea how he was able to hold out on throwing anything at the flea…but he had, which showed that he did have some self control.

"I'll have to remember to text Celty and thank her." Shizuo thought.

Izaya had stood up from his desk chair and was now starring out his large window; watching the ice cold rain fall from dark clouds.

"The thing that I hate the most about you Shizu-chan...Is how you can see right through me..."
Izaya thought to himself, a wide smile spread across his face and warm tears running down his pale cheeks.

Author's Note: I'm really not sure why I wrote this? Well I've noticed that most fan fictions I write and other people write have Izaya being so innocent when he really isn't. He's such a horrible person in the anime and manga that I really have some hatred for him so it felt good having Shizuo tell him off. But then again I do love Izaya a lot to so I guess I have a love hate relationship towards him life Shizu-chan does! Hahahahah! Anyway I really liked writing this and I worked hard on it so I hoped you liked it and I'll start thinking up the next chapter ASAP. Thank you for reading and get ready for the next chapter!