"Ah it's so nice to be home." Izaya said aloud as he spun around in his revolving chair, it had gotten dark quickly but he didn't care. He had finished all his work and still had lots of energy, the pain in his stomach that had been killing him for weeks was now gone. He rubbed his now full with fatty tuna stomach, and jumped up from his chair.

"What to do what to do." Izaya said, he skipped over to his couch and fell right back on it. He really was glad to be home and not be in the depressing white room for days on end. Tomorrow he would have lots of customers coming in that have been awaiting the best information he could give them; although it would be a few months before all the monitors would be taken off his beloved electronics. After a few more minutes of rolling around on his very expensive couch Izaya got up to check what was in his refrigerator, he wrinkled his nose at the smell of rotting food. He really didn't want to spend his first day back doing house work but he didn't want his clients to come into a room smelling like weeks old food.

Izaya quickly dragged his garbage can towards his refrigerator and started throwing out literally everything in there. Including half drunken bottles of water that had been untouched since the day Izaya had attacked Kasuka. It didn't take long to clean out the refrigerator since he was just throwing out everything in there, including everything in the freezer which was really just a tub of vanilla ice cream and some breakfast sandwiches that had become covered with frostbite. The raven tied up the black ends and slung the now full garbage over his shoulder, he was glad he got his pocketknives back just in case he ran into trouble while going into the alley behind his apartment building.

"Are you kidding me?" Izaya said to no one in particular as he first stepped outside, rain had started pouring down from a cloud covered sky. He lugged the very heavy garbage back to the dumpster behind the tall building before rushing back to the warmth inside.

"Huh? I really need to work out more; I really must have gotten weak these past couple weeks." Izaya thought as he rubbed his stick like arms. Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to go meet some of his clients tomorrow, considering he might not be able to defend himself if any of them got violent. The informant was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw a pair of wet footprints leading towards his apartment door, he had left his apartment unlocked because he would only be gone for a few minutes. Izaya quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out his ten inch switchblade before approaching the now smashed door; obviously the intruder didn't even bother to see if the door was unlocked or not.

"Where the fuck are you flea? Stop hiding dammit!" A familiar voice sounded throughout the apartment, Izaya flashed a smile as he walked casually into the apartment. The blonde was nowhere in site when Izaya first walked into the apartment, so he guessed he would probably be in one of the bedrooms.

"Shizu-chan, please don't destroy my bed, I actually want to sleep in my own bed tonight." Izaya said loudly as he went to go sit on his couch, he really wasn't scared of the blonde, actually he was pretty happy to see him so pissed off after so long.

"IIZZAAAAYYYYAAA!" Shizuo came rushing out of Izaya's bedroom and towards the raven who was casually sitting on the couch without a care in the world.

"What brings you to my home Shizu-chan? Come to welcome me to freedom?" Before Izaya could say anything else he was hoisted up by the collar of his shirt until he was eye level with the monster.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Shizuo growled angrily

"Excuse me? I haven't done anything bad if that's what you're referring to." Izaya said, he swallowed thickly as the blonde stared at him like some kind of predator.

"You can't just leave all of a sudden without telling me, you should have had Shinra call me the second he said you were going to be released." Shizuo barked angrily, he still couldn't look Izaya straight in the eyes even though that scared innocent look was locked deep away.

"What do you mean? Why the hell do I have to tell you where I am?" Izaya yelled back

"Because you're a suicidal maniac who shouldn't be without supervision, Shinra's an idiot so he wouldn't have thought you might just kill yourself the second you're alone. Do you know how wor…" Shizuo quickly stopped himself before he admitted the one thing he never wanted the flea to know, unfortunately Izaya had already heard him and a grin had started forming across his face.

"I didn't know you were worried about me~" Izaya lied; he flinched when his neck was squeezed tightly.

"Shut the fuck up flea." Shizuo was so angry he was shaking, he wasn't just angry at the flea he was angry at himself for saying the most disgusting thing the man he hated most in the world.

"I'm worried about you…" the blonde was suddenly pulled out of his mental cursing when a pair of thin arms wrapped loosely around his neck.

"It's not good to lie to yourself Shizu-chan." Izaya said, smiling slyly at the larger male. Staring into those eyes Shizuo couldn't see the look he was so used to, that scared innocent look had somehow disappeared in a matter of a few days. Shizuo wanted to start cursing out the informant but for some reason he just couldn't find his voice…

"Thank you for…taking care of me Shizu-chan, and you don't have to worry I'm done with all that stupid suicidal shit." Izaya said, still smiling that slightly evil grin at the blonde. After another long pause Izaya decided this would be the perfect time to do something he had wanted to do for a very long time; he leaned forward and nuzzled his velvet like lips against the blondes. The kiss lasted seconds but to Izaya it felt like a lifetime.

"Bastard…" Shizuo finally growled as he threw the informant back onto the floor, Izaya slowly got back to his feet and stared at the blushing bodyguard. He smiled again and wrapped his arms back around the taller males neck.

"So what now Shizu-chan? You going to try and kill me now? After all that time trying to keep me alive?" Izaya asked, his face inches away from the blondes face. That grin, those eyes…this was definitely Izaya. Shziuo moved away from the brunet and grabbed the first thing he saw which happened to be the refrigerator.


"Ah the good old days~" Izaya thought as he jumped out of the way of the refrigerator.

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