I'm not crazy. I'm not. I know I'm not. They don't. But, I do. Darn you, Apollo! Couldn't you just turn me into a deer or something, like Athena did when someone annoyed her? My parents would tell me that it isn't a good idea to curse the Gods. 'The Gods are powerful; we must show them our respect by giving them our love and leave them goods at their temples to appease them.' Well, you know what? I spit on the floors of their temples; especially, Apollo. I mean, what else could they do to me at this point?

I mean, Apollo has already made it so everyone thinks I'm completely out of my mind; which caused me to lose my family, my friends, my home and really everything but the clothes on my back. I live on a farm now, a FARM. Me, Cassandra Princess of Troy, daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba! I am a princess, I lived in a palace. I had servants. I had more than one pair of shoes! I also had like 78 siblings, including a twin, but when they got married they moved away or when they went to war, or just decided to explore. We didn't talk much as it was; one of the consequences of a father who had multiple wives and concubines, large not particularly close family. However, Polyxena and I were close, though.

Anyway, the point was that I really don't have anything left for them to take. The worst they could do is have me killed, and I have done nothing wrong. I have caused no one pain; I have harmed no man, nor woman, nor child. I have not hurt animals, but tried to prevent the pain of others. So, in death I will go the Elysian Fields, and surely that is better than living under the label of being insane.

But, I can't die; not just yet. My sister needs me. If it were any other sister but Polyxena, I wouldn't bother. However, since it is her, the one sister that didn't turn from me when I was called crazy, I have to go back home.

"You shouldn't go back. What good will it do? You will just be ignored, no one will listen." An all too familiar voice says nearby.

"Apollo." I say with disdain as I turn to the figure standing not five feet from where I was sitting on the grass. Ever since I was sent away, I've been seeing him. Though, I must admit, I'm never sure if I am really seeing him, or if, at least in some respects, I'm imagining things. It gets lonely when you are banished away from home. I'm used to being surrounded by people, now I have no one. So, I couldn't be blamed for creating company, if he isn't real. Though, why I would create him as the vision I see, I do not know.

The corners of his mouth turn up into a smile, "yes?" He says it with a smirk.

"What do you want, Apollo?" I ask as I stand up from the grass, and brush of the little bits stuck to my dress.

"What I've wanted since our first encounter," he pauses as he steps closer and a places a hand on my shoulder, "you."