I Will Carry Your Burden

Chapter 1: A Friend

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Jeremy's POV

The trees slowly moved past as the train headed for its destination. Voices carried on about how much they wished they could be at home, where they were going, and even some unnecessary chatter went on. Children ran up and down the aisle screaming and shouting in enjoyment, laughing away as they played tag with kids they had never met before. Mothers curiously continued to stare after their young ones to ensure that they were still there and fine. Every ten minutes a trolley would go up and down the carts asking people if they wanted anything, drinks, food, newspapers. When the lady arrived at my seat I politely held up my hand and shook my head to indicate that I needed nothing. She gave me a brief smile before she pushed her trolley into the next car full of people. It sucked making this journey alone, but it wasn't like there was someone that could have rescued me closer to home. I was leaving good old Washington and making my way to the middle of nowhere. Some little town called Mystic Falls to live with my half-sister and aunt. Boy this should be fun. Can't wait to have them all up in my business and on my case all the time. I was sure that nothing good could come out of this move, but it had to be better than what I was leaving behind. At least that is what I kept telling myself.

Elena's POV

Jenna and I had decided that this was a chance to create a memory and give Jeremy a warm welcome. Friends from school littered the house, chatting and laughing the time away. Music played in the background and a few people danced with each other. Cups littered the table and the island in the kitchen. I hope no one spiked the punch. I sighed at this thought and decided that it was pointless to worry about such things. Jeremy would be here anytime now and everything needed to be perfect. Where is Stefan? I hadn't seen my boyfriend all day and while I knew that he was perfectly capable of taking care of his self, I couldn't help but think that something wasn't right. That was when I spotted Damon walking through the door. He stood there peering at the active teens until his eyes landed on me and he gave me a smile that clearly said that he was up to something. This was not the time for Damon's sick little games, not today, not here. I started to make my way to him, determined to deter him from whatever mischief he had in mind. No way is he ruining the first event for Jeremy here in his new home. I won't allow it! My little brother had been through enough the last thing he needed was a traumatic memory to add to the collection.

After dodging moving people and perhaps a few drunk people I was finally standing in front of Damon. He wore a black V-neck t-shirt that clung to his body emphasizing the muscles that he had been immortalized with. His black jeans hugged his hips and slightly covered the black boots that he was wearing. It was his usual black, I'm not in a good mood so everyone should suffer, outfit. Turning on the charm I politely smiled before I started to speak.

"Hello Damon."

"What is it Gilbert?" He did that eye thing that he always did and for a moment I thought that this might have been a bad idea.

"Whatever you're up to don't even think about it. Today is very important for me and my-"

"Your brother." He cut me off and then smiled at my look of disbelief. "My sweet baby brother told me that your brother was moving here. I just wanted to stop by and say hi and see if he tastes like a true Gilbert. He gave that sadistic smile that went along with all his empty threats.

"Damon don't you even think about it. If you so much as come within five feet of him. I will stake you myself!" As the last words rushed from my mouth Damon was towering over me, much closer than what I was comfortable with.

"Damon that's enough. Now we wouldn't want to cause a scene here." Stefan now stood behind me and I felt my shoulders relax. I hadn't heard him arrive, but I was still grateful for his intervention. "Maybe you should leave now brother." Damon eyed Stefan before he glared at me. Then the next minute he was gone. I turned around to face Stefan and he gave me the reassuring smile that I was hoping for. He wrapped his arms around me and enveloped me in the coolness that was him. I had grown use to unusual cold temperature of his body.

"Thank you. I just want everything to be perfect. Jeremy has been through so much already. I mean with the abuse and all….I-I just want him to feel at home."

"And he will. I promise that Damon will behave." And with that Stefan dragged me to the floor to dance.

Tyler's POV

"Thank you. I just want everything to be perfect. Jeremy has been through so much already. I mean with the abuse and all….I-I just want him to feel at home." I heard Elena say. Abuse? So that is why he is relocating. To get away. I wish it was that simple for me. My focus zoomed in on Elena and Stefan as they moved together to the beat. I remembered Elena's little brother. He had been here several times since Elena had always lived in this house, but the most recent memories that I had of him were of me beating him senseless. I had always been a prick to him and now there was a tinge of regret mixed in with my calmness. He had already been dealing with abuse and there I was adding to the collection of horrible times. Jeremy's face seemed to will itself into my mind and I allowed it. His brown hair was cut short displaying the structure of his face off perfectly. He had brown eyes that seemed so lost and yet not ready to be found. I tried to imagine his smile and realized that I had never seen one on his face. What person never smiles? I know abuse is bad but there has to be something good about his life, right?

My thoughts were thrown off as the front door opened and Jenna walked in with a horrified looking Jeremy. Clearly this party was not his idea. Elena spotted him and rapidly untangled herself from Stefan to greet her brother. There hug was brief and while I could have used my werewolf senses to hear what they were saying I figured this was a private moment between the two of them. Stefan joined Elena shortly after and the introductions started. They moved around the room, Jeremy shaking the hands of everyone there and even hugging a now blushing Bonnie. Finally they had come full circle to me and I could see the look of sadness on his face. Is he sad because of me or is he sad about being here? Whatever it's not my problem.

"You remember Tyler, right?" Elena gestured towards me and I extended my hand. He grabbed it and held it no longer than he had to.

"Yea I remember him. How have you been?" He asked, but he didn't really seem interested.

"I've been great and you?" These pleasantries normally would have driven me crazy, but I felt like I owed this kid something. Like part of his problem was my fault. Get it together Lockwood. He's not your problem. But it certainly does feel like he is. As I snapped out of my thoughts I watched Jeremy walk up the stairs quietly and then I realized that he was sneaking away. Someone should be nice to him. Someone has to make him feel like he belongs. So I looked around to make sure that no one noticed me slipping away and made my way after him. I watched him turn into the last bedroom on the hall and I followed without hesitation. I had planned to knock but he looked out of it, like he wasn't completely here. So I simply walked into the room and leaned against the door frame.

"I didn't get an answer from you downstairs." I waited patiently. If he wanted to talk he would eventually. At least I had made an effort. But is the effort good enough. Damn sometimes I wished that I didn't think so much.

"Oh yea right. Since you are going out of your way to pretend, I'm feeling lost and alone. But I'll survive. So-" He looked up at me for the first time since I had stepped into the room. "Here to punch me again?"

I shook my head and frown at the thought. "No I just figured that since you were sneaking away that you could use a friend. So…" I moved to sit on the bed next to him. "Could you use a friend?" I held out my cell phone, waiting to see if he would accept my offer or tell me to screw myself. He took the phone and plugged in his number and then handed me his cell for me to do the same. After that I could see that I had out stayed my welcome. I got up and moved towards the door. "I'll talk to you later then."

"Yea." He said as I left the room.

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