Ch.3 The Dark Wedding Succeeds

Stone Cold Steve Austin chuckled to himself as he made his way to his dressing room. He couldn't believe what he was just witness to. Vince Mcmahon needed his help. Vince Mcmahon. The very same Vince Mcmahon who'd made his life hell since before he'd won his first WWF Championship. He'd struggled not to laugh as he stood in the ring. Vince had fallen to his knees, begging him to rescue his precious daughter, Stephanie, who had been kidnapped by The Undertaker the previous night at Backlash.

He'd finally told Vince he didn't give a damn what happened. It wasn't his problem. But as he made his way backstage he was beginning to reconsider. Stephanie was an innocent bystander in all this. He personally couldn't blame anyone who'd been screwed around with by Vince for wanting payback. The list was long, and for the better part of the last two years, Austin's name was at the very top. But even after everything Vince had done to him, he never went after the other members of the Mcmahon family. His son Shane was the only exception, but that was because he made the mistake of aiding his father.

He decided he'd wait till whatever The Undertaker had planned for her was in motion, then he'd go out and raise hell. He figured Vince deserved to sweat it out. Steve had no idea anything could be wrong as he opened the door to his locker room. Oblivious that anything could be wrong, Steve got a beer from his cooler. As soon as he popped the top, the lights in the locker room unexpectedly went out. "What the He-" Austin was cut off by a number of blows from all directions. Being unable to see, he couldn't defend himself from his attackers. As he collapsed to the floor, the lights came back on, revealing the entire Ministry standing over him. Undertaker's orders had been carried out with a vengeance. Steve lost consciousness as they left him, locking the door as they left.

The Ministry's theme sounded throughout the darkened arena. "Well ladies and gentlemen, I don't know where they are, it's so dark here you can't see anything," Jim Ross said from commentary. "You can barely make out your hand in front of your face. The Undertaker abducted Stephanie Mcmahon at Backlash just as we went off the air," he continued, trying to make sense of the situation. "Stephanie Mcmahon until moments ago, hasn't been seen since." The darkness was so unsettling it was hard to remain focused.

"The Undertaker offered to return Stephanie in exchange for ownership of this company," JR explained, a little uneasy about the possibility of The Undertaker being his boss. His broadcast colleague, Jim Cornette nodded his agreement. "And Vince Mcmahon went to deliver the documentation to a place that The Undertaker had prescribed, but The Undertaker was not there," he said. As Jim Ross was about to reply, he was cut off by what he was seeing on his monitor. The Ministry of Darkness had finally emerged from the back, with Stephanie Mcmahon tied to The Undertaker's symbol.

Faarooq and Bradshaw carried the back end of the symbol, while Mideon and Viscera held the front. Flanking the procession was Paul Bearer, and The Undertaker himself. As they carried her to the ring, Stephanie struggled in her bonds, to no avail. She was screaming "NO!" the entire time. "Is Stephanie Mcmahon going to be sacrificed here tonight?" JR asked. He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer. "Vince Mcmahon went on a fool's errand, while The Undertaker was apparently here the entire time," Cornette replied. "And now, the Ministry have brought Stephanie Mcmahon to the ring strapped to that symbol."

As the symbol was placed on the ring apron, Stephanie could be heard pleading with her captors. "Please! Please let me go," she begged, to deaf ears. "You'll get what you want," she cried as they slid her into the ring. As the Acolytes picked her up, supporting the symbol on the ring ropes, she once again shouted, "NO!" at the top of her lungs. It was a heartwrenching scene. "This is absolutely diabolical, the personification of evil," JR said from the announce table. "And there's nobody who's ever been a bigger fan of The Undertaker than good old JR, but those days are over. This is not right," he finished as Stephanie was placed against the ring ropes.

"This young woman had nothing to do with whatever sins Vince Mcmahon may or may not have committed against The Undertaker," JR said as the symbol was moved into position. "JR, you know the old saying, the sins of the father," Jim Cornette replied as The Undertaker began climbing the ring steps. "But in this case, has even Vince Mcmahon ever committed a sin that would justify this happening to an innocent young girl? And there's nobody who can do anything about it," he said. Stephanie continued struggling as The Undertaker took his time entering the ring.

"Someone has got to come out here," JR replied. "Who's got the courage?" His colleague nodded in agreement. "You would think that no matter what you think of this young lady's father, that someone with some courage would come out here and stop this," Cornette replied. JR shook his head as The Undertaker finally entered the ring. "This is so sad, and so unnecessary," he said. "This is The Undertaker's plan. He is the maestro of this evil orchestra." The Ministry surrounded the symbol as The Undertaker got a microphone.

The music finally ceased as he began to speak. "Before the ceremony begins, I must address the Mcmahon family," he said in a gravelly voice. Stephanie's face wore a look of fear as she bobbed up and down, her position unsteady. "I am not to blame for what is about to happen here. Vince, this rests upon your shoulders, because you did not live up to your end of the agreement." JR shook his head in protest. "Vince tried to live up to his end of the agreement, Undertaker wasn't there," Cornette said. "And Steve Austin, well, I guess he just showed his true colors as well," Undertaker said. "Paul, let the ceremony begin."

Stephanie screamed as Paul Bearer opened a black book. The only thing that could be seen clearly was The Undertaker's symbol on the cover, the very same symbol that Stephanie was bound to. "Dearly unbeloved, we gather here this evening to join Stephanie Marie Mcmahon, in the unholy wedlock with the Lord of Darkness," the fat man said almost mockingly. "Wedlock?" JR asked. "It's a marriage ceremony," Cornette replied.

"Tonight," Bearer continued, "Stephanie Marie Mcmahon will step from the light on this evil, cesspool, mortal world, into the sanctuary of eternal darkness." Undertaker put his hand on Stephanie's head, briefly stopping her movement. "Keeping this in mind, will you, Stephanie Mcmahon, accept the purity of evil, and take the Lord of Darkness as your master, and your spouse?" Paul Bearer asked. "NO!" Stephanie screamed, though it was clear her objection would be ignored.

Before the ceremony could continue, the lights suddenly turned on. Ken Shamrock rushed the ring with a baseball bat in hand, attempting to stop the ceremony. The Undertaker's cronies were prepared, however, and as he slid into the ring, Faarooq and Bradshaw pinned him down. This left him open for a devastating splash from Viscera. The entire ring shook in impact. Stephanie tried to look away as Shamrock rolled out of the ring. The Acolytes continued to beat on him on the ring floor. The titantron suddenly showed Shane Mcmahon and the Corporation in their locker room. Big Bossman and Triple H clearly wanted to rush the ring, but Shane held them at bay. "Look, if it gets bad, we make our move but not until then," he said, much to their dismay.

"Lord of Darkness, is it your wish to accept Stephanie Mcmahon, her body, her mind, her soul, and even her breath unto yourself, and allow her to bear your offspring?" Paul asked, continuing as if nothing happened. "I do," Undertaker replied, but before Paul Bearer could go any further, they were once again interrupted, this time by The Big Show. Unlike his predecessor, he actually made some progress, tossing Faarooq, Bradshaw and Mideon like rag dolls before trading blows with Viscera.

In doing so, however, he failed to notice that The Undertaker had retrieved the bat that Ken Shamrock had brought to the ring. Show had succeeded in knocking Viscera out of the ring, but as he turned, The Undertaker struck him in the head with the bat with as much force as he could muster. The force of the blow sent Big Show reeling out of the ring. "It's time," Shane said. Triple H was poised to lead the charge, but as he tried to turn the handle, the door refused to budge. It turned out there were several heavy metal boxes blocking the door from the outside.

Stephanie felt her heart sink. "By the power vested in me by the Lord of Darkness, I now pronounce you as the Unholy Union of Darkness," Paul Bearer said happily. "You may now kiss your bride," he finished. Stephanie tried her hardest to resist, but Undertaker had no problem pinning her head and delivering a long, drawn out kiss. "My god, what have we just witnessed?" JR asked. Vince Mcmahon finally appeared on stage, but it was too late. He shook uncontrollably as he locked eyes with The Deadman. It was clear he had scrambled to get back from wherever Undertaker had sent him. "I think we're in for some dark days," JR said as the broadcast went off the air.