Okay, so hi!

Look, i know I haven't updated in a fucking year or more than it, so you can beat and hate the shit out of me and I would understand it.

I have way to many reasons so I won't start ranting about it.

Now, I know that this story has probably lost all it's hits and I'm okay with that.


For all those amazing people who have stuck to it I'd like to call out to ya'll.

Because I'm putting this fanfic up for adoption. Which means I'll be giving this to someone else so they could continue to write the story since most of you think the way I left it still has way too much questions left to answer.

All you have to do is PM me and give me a short continuation of the last chapter. And then tell me what are your plans for the story. And we have things to discuss.

I think I'll give it about 3-7 days for someone to PM me. If no one PM's me after 7 days I probably might delete the story.

I'll sort out the plans with whoever (or if there will be) the new writer is.

Again, I'm so so so sorry for all those people who have waited and if you did give up on it I understand.

So here goes. Starting now until the next seven days, I hope someone will contact me.

I love you all. xx