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"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Demon Talking"

"Demon Thinking"

*Scene Change*


Kushina Uzumaki is crying as she hugs her two precious newborn children. "Naruto. Mito. Mommy loves you both so much."

She feels weak, due to the fact that the Kyubi was recently ripped out of her body by that masked man, whoever he is. But, thanks to her Uzumaki vitality, she knows she'll survive. It'll take some time for her body to adapt to the lack of the Kyubi, but she'll be fine. All that matters to her, right now, is that the masked man and the Kyubi are stopped from destroying Konoha.

Suddenly, there is a yellow flash. Kushina's eyes widen. "Minato? What are you doing back here? Did you already stop the threat?"

Minato Namikaze sighs. "I was able to stop the masked man, but the Kyubi is still on the rampage. I have to take Naruto."

"Why would you need to take Naruto? What-?" Realization appears on her face. "You intend to make him the next Kyubi Jinchuriki."


"No!" Kushina hugs both children closer to herself. "Why would you condemn Naruto to the life of a Jinchuriki? There are horrors that come with that life that Naruto would have to face. I won't let you!"

Minato looks sadly at her. "I'm sorry, Kushina. I have no choice. I can't reseal the beast inside you, as your body is too weak to handle that. All we would succeed in that course, is allowing the Kyubi to reincarnate elsewhere. There are more problems that a woman would have to deal with as a host, compared to a man, which is the reason I choose Naruto to be the host instead of Mito."

Kushina cries harder, as she knows that this is the only option.

"Besides, you'll still be here to give Naruto the love he'll need to face the pain of being a Jinchuriki. You're more suited for that than I am, being the wonderful woman you are, and you'll be able to bond with him in a way I never could, due to you being the former host. I'm sorry, Kushina. I love you, and I love both Naruto and Mito. Goodbye."

Minato takes Naruto from Kushina and teleports away. Kushina cries harder as she cradles Mito.

Time passes. Soon enough, Kushina feels the power of the Kyubi vanish. She manages to get to her feet. "I need to get Naruto, before someone can hurt him." She starts to leave the hideout, still holding Mito, only to be surprised when an ANBU shows up. "Is something wrong?"

"Lady Kushina. I bring terrible news from the Third Hokage."

Kushina starts to feel dread. "What news?"

"I'm afraid, that something went wrong during the sealing. The infant's body couldn't handle the Kyubi's presence. His body was obliterated, taking the Kyubi with him. Your son is dead."

Kushina's eyes widen in horror, as she raises one hand to her mouth. More tears come pouring out of her eyes. "No. That can't be true."

"I'm sorry, Lady Kushina. It's the truth. He would have come personally to tell you the news, but he has to get the village back in order, due to the demise of the Fourth."

Kushina is barely able to keep her tears back. "Thank you for informing me. You can tell the Third Hokage that I'm leaving this village."

The ANBU is surprised. "Are you sure about that, Lady Kushina?"

"Yes. I can't stand being in this village, any longer. The village in which both my husband and son died. I'm leaving, and I'm taking my daughter with me."

The ANBU nods. "I understand, Lady Kushina. Where will you go?"

"I don't know yet. Please, leave me in peace. Go report to the Third Hokage."

The ANBU nods as he turns and leaves. However, instead of going to the Hokage tower, he only heads a short distance away, before removing the Konoha ANBU uniform, and switching it with a Root ANBU uniform. He then heads to a cave and enters it. He follows the passageway until he is under Konoha. He enters the secret Root base, and kneels before his leader. "Lord Danzo."

Danzo looks at his operative. "Report."

"I have told Kushina Uzumaki the lie about her son being dead. She is preparing to leave Konoha with her daughter as we speak."

"Excellent. With her out of the way, it'll be easier for me to make the Jinchuriki my weapon. Did she say where she was going?"

"No, sir. She hadn't decided where she was heading."

Danzo nods. "Very well. We'll let her be, as I doubt she'll ever want to be involved with Konoha or any news dealing with Konoha ever again. It's a shame that such a powerful kunoichi is leaving, but the prospect of gaining the Jinchuriki as my weapon outweighs that. You're dismissed."

The Root officer bows and leaves. Danzo walks over to the secret elevator that leads up into his home's basement.

*Scene Change*

Hiruzen sighs as he enters the meeting room, where the council, the clan heads, and the civilians in charge of civilian matters have gathered, wanting to know what happened. Hiruzen notes that one person is missing. "Where is Danzo?"

"Sorry, I'm late. I was held up."

They all turn to see Danzo enter the room.

Hiruzen sighs. "Now then, I'm sure you all want to know about what happened involving the Kyubi. Our Fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to seal the beast away into this child." He holds up the infant. "His name is Naruto Uzumaki and he is a hero for being the prison of the Kyubi." Hiruzen pauses, letting the info sink in. He smiles, thinking that the villagers will see Naruto as a hero, as Minato wished, but the smile fades when everyone in the room starts crying out.

"We must finish what the Fourth Hokage started!"

"Kill the demon!"

"Destroy him!"

Hiruzen is pissed. "Enough! How can you all say that? The seal was created by the Uzumaki clan, who are well-known for their sealing abilities and is powered by the Shinigami! You should all be ashamed!"

They don't listen, now deluding themselves into believing that Minato would want them to kill Naruto.

"Now then, I'm passing a law. If anyone who knows this secret speaks of it to anyone, or tries to harm Naruto in any way, the result will be interrogation, followed by execution. Do I make myself clear?"

Everyone in the room nods, though they're already thinking of ways to sneak around the law.

Hiruzen stands up. "I'm going to take the boy to his mother, as I'm sure she's worried sick about her son."

Danzo stops him. "That won't be possible."

Hiruzen is shocked. "What do you mean?"

"The boy's mother has left Konoha, taking her daughter with her. She couldn't stand being the mother of a demon and fled."

Hiruzen falls back into his seat, shocked. "That can't be true. She would never do something like that."

"She already has."

Hiruzen gets up again. "I'm going to go see for myself."

*Scene Change*

Hiruzen arrives at the Namikaze hideout. "Kushina? Anyone home?" He's shocked to find that the hideout has been emptied and there is no sign of either Kushina or Mito. "She actually left. Why, Kushina? Why would you view your son as a demon? You were the previous host, so why?"

*Scene Change*

Kushina is standing outside Konoha, holding her daughter. She looks back up at the gates. "Goodbye, Konoha. I can't even look at you without thinking of both Minato and Naruto. Rest in peace, you two. I'm sorry Naruto, that you never even got a chance to live. I'll take some comfort in knowing that you're with Kami now, and that you'll be waiting for the day that Mito and I can join you. I love you, my precious son."

Kushina sheds some tears one final time, before turning away from Konoha, never to step within its walls again. Or so she thought.

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