Lost Saga: School Days

Chapter 1: Iron Knight's Normal Life

Hey guys!, I will start a new story about School Days! It's almost about Iron knight but it's ok! I'm lame at making fanfiction, but i hope you enjoy it!

It was a bright sunny day in Lost Saga, A girl with a long shiny black hair and blue eyes named Iron Knight was sleeping. Iron Knight squeezed her Teddy bear and can't wait to wake up for her first day of school. The alarm soon rang, Iron Knight fell down from her bed by accident, She was really excited. She opened the window to feel the fresh sunny air and stretch herself.

She soon take a bubble bath, She used her shampoo that smells like blueberry and clean herself with a bar of soap that smells like lavender. After that, she dries her self up and Tie it up into a Side Ponytail.

"Perfect!" Iron Knight was happy.

She soon run downstairs to get ready for breakfast. Her big brother, Lancer made Pancakes with maple syrup and Hot Chocolate, Iron Knight was excited what she got for breakfast. They soon eat the meal until watching cartoons and anime.

"Thanks for the meal!" Iron Knight waved and get ready for school.

"No problem! And have a nice day at School!" Lancer waved back.

Iron Knight walked to school. It's was a really sunny day, The cherry petals fall down from the cherry blossom trees because it was spring. Iron Knight walked happily and waved to her neighbors, one of her neighbors gave her a grape juice and she drink it. She finally found the school and she walk in the school. As soon she went to the school, One of the Principals gave her a letter.

"Iron Knight, I have a letter to you" The principal gave the letter to her.

"What is it about" Iron knight opened the letter.

"Hmm... it said i will... MOVE TO THE ORDER AND LEGION ACADEMY?" Iron Knight was shocked.

"Iron Knight, you better go to your new school. You don't wanna be late and I'll take you there" Said the principal.

"So, there's no use of waking to early" Iron Knight was disappointed.

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