Author's Note

I wrote this when I was playing the game. It's based on the game, except the character isn't trying to steal souls and stuff. XD So begin!

Guest's Diary: Welcome To Gregory Hotel

Hi, my name is Rose. I'm a 13 years old girl who came to Gregory Hotel today. I have fiery red hair, and freckles, and I wear a red shirt and jeans. I found myself walking through a deep forest, in a thick fog. How did I get here? I should have been home by now. Suddenly, I saw a bright light before me. It was the hotel. Where was this creepy place?

I was taking the late bus to my house, as I do everyday. I was really tired. I was listening to Pieces Of Me by Ashlee Simpson in my iPod and I closed my eyes, and fell asleep. It was dark outside. I woke with a start when I'm Just A Kid by Simple Plan was on, and started playing. I took my earphones out, startled. 'Last stop, kid.' the driver said to me. 'B-but that's not possible!' I said. 'The bus doesn't stop until Maple Lane, my house!'

'Sorry, kid.' He said, Half-awake, I stumbled off into the darkness. Where was this? I saw nothing but a thick fog, so thick I couldn't see anything in front of me. I turned around to the bright, comforting light of the bus, but before I could even say anything he sped off sharply. Well. I walked forward and found this Hotel. I went to use the phone to call my mom at the store to pick me up. It wouldn't let me call it, but I did order a fabulous Musculizer Pillow :D

After all of this I was really tired, so I went to my bed and looked at the picture of the cat, and I put away my Herbs and stuff in my drawer, got my blood-stained PJs out of my wardrobe. And so I fell into a deep sleep, and began to dream...

Rose xxx