Gregory Horror Show Guest Diary: The Hotel and Neko Zombie

Dear Diary,

This morning when I woke up, I heard a huge shriek from next door. I looked over at a picture of a beautiful cat that was hanging on my wall above my bed. I heard scary noises. I peeked my head around. It was some odd metal place, that looked like a cage. I looked through the keyhole. 'KYAAAAA!' I fell over. It was a cat with sewed-up mouth, ears, eyes, everything. It looked straight at me. I ran away. XD

I got in the shower (yes let's say there is a shower LOL). I realised, I didn't know my ways around. I should go and explore. My guest room had the cold, dull bed, a picture of a pretty cat, a desk, a wardrobe and a drawer. I hadn't really paid attention to them because I was too exhausted from the events of yesterday. The wooden desk had a dimly-lit candle and a tiny, old-fashioned clock. I looked at the time, it was twelve minutes past midnight. The windows were boarded up, and as hard as I tried, they wouldn't open. I went over to the wardrobe. Ah, yes. I could keep my clothes here. And the drawers, I can put in items.

I went outside to the long, dark hallway where I couldn't see the end of. Most of the rooms were locked up, so it was pretty boring. Weren't there any other guests? The halls and rooms, I realised, were empty. Deserted. I found a library, along with a book called 'Gregory Exposed' (haha). That was where I found this plain, empty-paged book and decided I'd keep a diary of this weird, creepy hotel. So here it is, and this is what I'm writing in ^^. I also found another room which was misty and clouded and full of candles, which was weird because it was inside the hotel. 'RIBBIT!' a voice came and I jumped. I looked up to see an old frog staring at me with wise eyes. I slammed the door shut. I went to the lobby, which had the exit doors leading outside and couches around a table. Gregory was behind the manager's desk wearing old glasses and looking at files. He seemed a pretty nice guy, so I talked to him. I asked him about the really scary cat living next door. He said how the cat had been a pet of a family that had stayed here at this hotel, and the cat was very dangerous. ''Then, one stormy night, long ago... Someone sewed everything shut. The eyes, the mouth, the ears. And since then, he has attacked anyone who draws near!''

My eyes widened. I was shocked. He looked at his watch. Half past midnight. 'I've got to go and do the rounds' he said, and walked off. While he had told me the story I had noticed something shiny and glittering behind the desk. I waited until he was gone, and then I grabbed it. It was a key. I also peeked at Gregory's files.

I wondered what this unlocked? I tried a lot of doors until I got to that freaky cat's room. To my shock it swung wide open, and I was left with the terrifying thing staring straight at me. I was frozen in fear. 'My name is Neko Zombie.' it said. I was too shocked to respond. 'Do you think I'm scary?' it asked. It was a boy. I shook my head slowly. 'I don't need your sympathy.' he said, cocky. He had 'Jack Ketch' on his shirt, a 1980s executioner. This was probably because he had to carry out cold acts and endure the suffering of what he had done, or felt pain or something. I dunno. I looked down at his feet. He had a chain attatched to a metal ball on one of them, and they looked very raw and sore from the heavy metal chained to him. I sat down with the poor little kitty, and felt in my pocket. I got out a chocolate bar and gave it to him. He mewed. 'Chocolate is my favorite.' he said. 'I thought you attacked anyone who came near you' I said, and he said 'Oh, Gregory. He's a liar.' He went to sleep and I went to sleep too.. I'd met another guest in the Hotel and explored the rooms, this was a good day. Now I'll go to sleep, because I really am quite tired.

Rose xoxox