Usagi.. who are you?

So yeah, this is my first fanfic, so please don't be too harsh on me ok?

So, I do not own Sailor Moon, or any of the characters here, I'm just a huge fan.

It was the moment in the day, when one could truly appreciate the serene beauty of life. If you were looking into the window of a certain house, at a certain moment, you would see the beginning of a very important day. A petite body slept peacefully; long, golden hair strewn across the pillow, and a lovely smile on her face. Beside her, nestled into the crook of her elbow, slept a dainty black cat with a shining symbol on her forehead, almost like a crescent moon...


I woke up and stretched luxuriously, running my tongue over my silky midnight fur. Then looked over at the clock and groaned. I never did understand why the princess was reborn as such a lazy girl, where did her elegance and grace go? Taking a deep breath, I pounced on the unsuspecting girl while screeching, "USAGI WAKE UP!" Just as I had expected, she gave was no reaction. I sighed and shook my head, I did care for my princess but really, today's senshi meeting was much too important to miss! Looking pleadingly at Usagi, I extracted my claws, glinting sharply in the morning light and swiped at Usagi's leg.

"AHHHHH!" Usagi shot up with a start, her sky blue eyes quickly filling with tears, "Luna, why'd you do that! It HURTS!"

What a crybaby! Rolling my ruby orbs, I not-so-patiently reminded her, "Usagi-chan, you're going to be late AGAIN!"

"Ohmygod, Lunawhydidn'tyouwakemeup!" She cried in a single breath, then quickly changed into her school uniform and ran out of the door in a matter of seconds.

I blinked once, then twice, I should be used to Usagi's speed, but it never did fail to surprise me!" Cocking my head, I waited for the daily-"Bye mom, I'm going to school!"- and wasn't disappointed.

"Bye mom, I'm off to school!" I could almost imagine Ikuko staring dumbfoundedly at her daughter. Chuckling to myself, I strained to hear the conversation just as Ikuko was answering. "But Usagi, its Saturday you don- "WHAT!" Usagi interrupted with an indignant screech, and I fought to quiet my giggles, "why that good for nothing cat!" The increasing volume of her words indicated she was coming near and forced my face to look calm and patient while I primly sat on the edge of Usagi's bed.

"Luna! Why did you wake me up if you knew it was Saturday!" The blonde's eyes were wide and angry, shooting indignant bullets at anyone who dared object her. I calmly licked my paw, and began grooming myself while mussing, If looks could kill… After my charge had successfully calmed down, I told her pointedly,

"Usagi-chan, tell me you remembered today's senshi meeting?"