Right. I need help.

I have searched all over this site and I still can't find the story I'm looking for.

To start off with, it's a Hermione/Minerva story.

It's after the war and Hermione becomes McG's apprentice to achieve her Masters in Transfiguration. She also takes over a few of the Transfiguration classes for the ass-hole of a teacher who doesn't do his own work and dumps it all on Hermione.

Hermione has nightmares about what she went through, and the only way she can get a full night's sleep is if McG is in the bed with her. So after a while, they end up in a relationship, but it goes slowly because McG grew up in a time where it was considered 'wrong' to be in a same sex relationship.

A while later, the ass-hole of a teacher try's to blackmail McG with her relationship with Hermione, but of course McG gives as good as she gets, so what-his-name try's to force himself on to Hermione, but Ginny see's and they take it up with the board of governors to remove the jerk from the school.

So that's a very quick rundown of what happens and if you know the story I would be so grateful if you could tell me what it's called and who wrote it.

Thank you.