The Light

The night was dark, and there was no moon. But that didn't deter an inquisitive inu pup from his curiosity. Crouched on all fours, the golden eyed demon, sniffed at the bark of a tree. The smell was faint, but he could still catch up to his prey.

Eyes narrowed, with the thrill of the chase, he stood up, and dusted himself off, as he walked towards the same direction, the buck had taken. Tonight, he would bring home a prize and mother would bestow upon him, one of her rare, but fleeting smiles.

Sniffing the air, he stilled, as something other than the animal caught his attention. The smell was of waterfalls and spring.

He frowned. There were no waterfalls anywhere near here, and it was definitely not spring.

His curious and eager mind, decided to investigate. Maybe, it was a new flower. He liked flowers.

Sniffing, he made his way, past the bushes, and suddenly stopped in his tracks. This scent was kind of familiar. It belonged to a human.

Now uncertain, he glanced back over his shoulder.

Father had made it clear to him, to avoid humans. They were bad.

But he wanted to see the owner of this delicious scent.

Mind made up, he crept forward, and parted the bushes, to peer into the clearing.

His eyes widened.

A little bundle sat in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by a golden glow. Since he could sense no one for miles, he walked towards the bundle, his silver hair, flowing behind him.

Peering into the bundle, he saw a pair of blue eyes. The bluest eyes he had ever seen. They looked up at him a curiously. He stared back. Sitting on the ground, cross legged, he stared at the tiny face, framed by raven colored hair.

The eyes blinked.

He blinked back.

The child put a fist in her mouth. He just stared at it.

His voice low, he asked, "Are you a human?"


He cocked his head at the odd reply. To his confusion, the child cocked its head too, mirroring the young inu's actions.

His eyes narrowed in contemplation. He raised a hand. The child did the same.

Now, really confused, he stuck his face into that of the child's.

It grabbed his nose with it's gums.

The inu prince jumped back a foot. He touched one hand on his wet nose, and glared at the child, "You will tell this Seshoumaru, why you attempted to eat him!"

The infant looked at him curiously, then burbled, "Anh."

Seshoumaru, returned to it's side, and sat down once again.

"Who are you?"


His nose crinkled in disastisfaction.

The baby's hands reached out, as if trying to grab his nose. Following instinct, Seshoumaru picked it up, by its sides, and lifted it up in the air.

"You're not bad."


For the first time in a decade, a small smile appeared on Seshoumaru's lips.

The child mimicked him, showing off toothless gums. A bit of drool, fell from it's mouth.

Seshouamru stared at it curiously, "Are you hungry?"


He settled the baby in his lap.

Seshoumaru, stared down at it, "I have food. I shall share it with you."

The child gargled, and started chewing on its fist again.

Taking out a piece of dried meat that his father had given him, he broke it in half, and offered it to the baby.

The infant grabbed it, and began to suck on it.

Seshoumaru frowned, "That is not how you eat it."

He tried to take it back, but the child refused to give up its new toy.

It started crying.

Seshoumaru stared at it, "What is it that you are doing?"

The wailing increased.

Seshoumaru scowled, and patted the child's stomach, "Stop that infernal noise. It hurts my ears."

The crying subsided.

The two stared at each other.

A wolf howled nearby, and Seshoumaru looked up at the sky. It was getting late. He had to return home. He looked down at the child. It's eyes were drooping.

Coming to decision, he looked down at the child.

"I shall keep you. You will be part of my pack."

His announcement was greeted by a wide yawn.

Recalling from his memory, as he had seen one of his father's advisors do to a demoness,he bit the child's neck tenderly, till a drop of blood appeared. Licking it away, he bit his finger, and put it in the sleepy child's mouth. The baby sucked at the blood drowsily. Slowly it's eyes closed, and it fell into a slumber.

Seshoumaru picked it up, as gently as he could and made his way back home, not knowing the enormity of his actions.

He didn't notice, his blue aura mixing with that of the infant's golden aura, entwining the two children forever.

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