Season's greetings, everyone! The last time I made a Monster Rancher Christmas fic, I had Tiger say that it's a wonderful life at one point! Since thus far my last MR Christmas fic has only gotten good reception, and since I really like "It's A Wonderful Life", I decided on this. Tiger of the Wind is the favorite Monster Rancher Anime character of damn near everyone who knows about it, myself included! He's saved his group many times and done a whole lot to help in the fight against Moo! Plus, he's the most good looking of the rebels and the most interesting. So, because he's so popular and great, I decided to make a fanfic which is a spin-off of "It's A Wonderful Life" that shows just what it'd be like if Tiger were not around in Monster Rancher. This is an ode to Tiger and an early Christmas gift to anyone who likes him!


This is, as mentioned above, a major league Tiger tribute.

This story takes place on Christmas Eve, a year after the events of the last episode of Season 3. In other words, it's post-Season 3.

I own none of the characters. They all belong to the Monster Rancher Anime!


Chapter 1-I Wish I Was Never Born!

The goodies were in very good spirits. Why was this, you ask? Well, for starters, Big Blue had come back to life and Granity had been turned back into Pixie, plus been in the process reunited with him for good. Gray Wolf, Nina and Hopper had joined the rebel goodies and Gray Wolf was only too happy to be reunited with Tiger and vice versa, plus the rebels grew to like Nina and Hopper even more than they already had.

Furthermore, Datonare and Daton, two of Tiger's old friends, as well as Tama, the orchard girl who Hare was with for a time and the two aforementioned wolves joined after him, had also joined the rebels, and they were one, big, happy sort of family, with Tiger and Gray Wolf happy to have Datonare and Daton back, and Tama happy to be reunited with Hare and vice versa.

Additionally, Holly's father, having been fully freed from Moo and returned to normal, with Moo utterly gone for good along with the other baddies(with a few exceptions), and anyone who was once a non-Moo baddy being a good monster once more(again, with a few exceptions), as of now had joined the village Holly was now living in and he and Holly were so happy to be reunited that it wasn't even funny.

And, as if that were not enough, Gray Wolf, Pixie and Big Blue had been given a pardon for back when they were brainwashed as baddies by any and all humans in this world. Plus, Tiger had also been given a pardon by the humans of this world for his past thievery, as had Gray Wolf, Datonare and Daton, as well. And things went favorably for the goodies, as there were only a few baddy monsters left now. And they weren't more than mid-tier baddies, either.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention. There was also the fact that at this time, what was on its way but Christmas? In fact, the time this story opens is indeed on Christmas Eve! By this time, all of the goodies had gotten their shopping and Christmas work done and the tree was up, presents under it, star on top, decorations and everything! And they all had just returned from a visit to a village where they had sung quite a few carols for quite a few people. It was much appreciated and lauded, and they thought their trip back to the cave they picked for spending their Christmas, even if they would go back to the village that was their main home the day after Christmas, was going to be a nice, pleasant, simple and enjoyable one. However, that way of things would be changed. Drastically. And for the far worse.

Because a swarm of the very few baddies who remained even after Moo was gone and General Durahan redeemed attacked now, and although they were relatively easy to defeat, a few of them made a very, very cunning and nasty move together. Here, I'll be exact. Though all the goodies managed to defeat and take out a handful of baddies each, and Tiger in particular was able to get a good clutch of them destroyed, plus assist in helping all the other goodies in some cases with their defeating baddies, the baddies decided on a change in strategy.

For this change, here's what move they made. They gathered around Holly, Gray Wolf, Genki, Datonare, Daton and Pixie and confused them with various moves and attacks done very at random and out of the blue, then attempted to kill them, as they were baffled like the lot of them now were. Since Tiger was the only one of the group who saw it in time to do anything about it, he quickly unleashed lightning at the baddies in question to save the lives of the six members of the group he most cared about.

Unfortunately, this was part of their plan, as they then jumped out of the way so it was made that Tiger's lightning hit Genki, Holly, Daton, Datonare, Gray Wolf and Pixie, instead, much to Tiger's alarm and horror! Worse yet, despite how these last baddies were then destroyed when the other goodies quickly used their attacks to kill them, Tiger would rush over to his six comrades only to see that they had been severely injured by his lightning attacks!

He did all he could to help them, all while horribly tense and with the assistance of everyone else who didn't get injured, and in the end, the lot of the goodies got back to the cave and managed to give them the treatment they needed and put them in special, soft beds made from cloth. Still, despite this and how the six he'd inadvertently injured told him they didn't hate him for it and it wasn't his fault that this happened and an accident, Tiger was blaming himself for what happened quite a lot and, in fact, had run into another part of the cave, utterly ashamed to show himself.

Though Holly's father, despite being shocked about what happened to both his daughter and the other five, did not fault Tiger, but the baddies, for this, as he helped and treated both her, Genki and the four injured monsters along with everyone else in the cave, and though Genki, Holly, Gray Wolf, Datonare, Daton and Pixie were safe and starting to show signs of recovery, plus conscious still, they felt concern for Tiger, much like all the others did. "Tiger is full of a lot of self doubt and self loathing right now…" Nina said. "I'm real worried about him." "So are the rest of us, I think…" Genki told them. "Hey, no kidding on that…" Tama sighed sad and heavily. "I just hope his thoughts and upset feelings don't become suicidal." Holly's father pointed out. "Things like that are rare, but they are not unheard of. I wish that I could say differently…"

"But doesn't he understand it's not his fault we got nailed like that? The baddies tricked him and us into having that happen, and now they're destroyed!" Pixie said. "I'm well aware, but I think he's too wracked with guilt to realize that." Gray Wolf said. "And guilt he shouldn't be wracked with, either. Nina, isn't there anything anyone can say to him or do to help him?" "I was about to ask you exactly that!" Holly put in. "I wish I had a suggestion…" Nina said.

"Chi, Mocchi wish he did, too, Chi…" Mocchi stated. "We all wish we had a suggestion, frankly." Datonare spoke. "But even the smartest of us, like me and Hare, can't think of crap." Daton sighed. "Yeah, and for me to admit that, you know it's gotta be true!" put in Hare. "But it won't last forever like this." Hopper said. "Yeah, Hopper's right!" Nina said. "He'll get better and cheer up when he realizes this isn't his fault and that he's not to blame." "But still, I'm not certain how long that will take, if it happens at all." Hare said. Suezo asked: "Hare, are you implying that Tiger will only get worse?"

"Golem hope this is not the case at all." Golem said. "As do all of us." Big Blue said as he brought some hot tea to Pixie for her to drink, and then Holly's father added on: "This is Christmas Eve after Moo has finally been vanquished for good. The last thing any of us want is another crisis of any kind, personal or worldwide." as he gave some hot tea to his daughter, who was quite thirsty just now, so she drank it rather fast. "Well said, father. I couldn't agree more." Holly concurred after finishing her tea. The other four injured goodies got some hot tea brought to them by Tama, who had made it all in minutes. "Why did this have to happen?" asked Suezo. "And on Christmas Eve, no less?" added Big Blue. "Chi…" sighed Mocchi sadly.

"Sadly, I'm afraid that it may be exactly the case with Tiger that we all truly hope it isn't." Hare said. "I mean, think about it. Knowing Tiger, and this IS Tiger, mind you, he's probably going through a lot of remorse right now even though this is clearly isn't his fault. You six are the ones he most cares about and is the closest to. Sure, you, Pixie, took the longest, but you've developed a brother/sister relationship with him of sorts, and you, Gray Wolf, Datonare, Daton, Genki and Holly? Don't even get me started on how much you mean to him! So, as much as I hope it's not the case, I have little doubt he doesn't even want to see his own reflection due to how much shame he's feeling at the moment! And I know these things…I am the brains of this group, after all. And I know Tiger all too well…in much the same way he knows me all too well!"

"Okay, Hare, you've said enough!" Pixie told him. "Chi!" Mocchi added. Hare nodded with a smile, but it was clear all this was an attempt by him to cover up how worried he was for Tiger. Datonare, Daton and Tama could tell this more than anyone, though everyone could tell very easily indeed.


The poor wolf was very clearly going through a horrible breakdown and of a magnitude he had never in either of his lives experienced. Hell, he'd never had a single breakdown in either of his lives up until now, but this one was enough to serve as six breakdowns as far as he was concerned. And it sure as fuck FELT like six breakdowns, and all crammed into one simultaneously, at that.

Little did he or anyone know that word of this had been spread to a whole lot of people. One of which was that boy who was at the Mandy Cup Challenge a year and a half ago. Yeah, the rotten little cowardly brat who had Knight Niton and Fake Penguin as his monsters. Now, after the time that had passed since Tiger paid Knight Niton back in kind with his rematch and won the championship and Mandy Cup, plus prize money, for his team, and shoved everything the boy had said back in his little face, in the Sudden Death final match, the boy had learned a lot about Tiger. See, he found out after recovering from whining about his loss like the wimp he was at heart that Tiger had only lost because of his stubbornness and lack of his trademark powers. If he'd been at full power, he would have easily won with lightning and ice the first time and Knight Niton wouldn't have stood a chance. Further, the boy learned of all Tiger had done in his first and second lives, and how very important, strong and impressive he proved to be, including with defense prior to losing his powers for a time, and like he was now.

Not only this, but the boy learned Tiger could easily have defeated Fake Penguin as well, in addition to how his courage was the reason for Moo's defeat, along with that of his friends. In spite of how much this impressed and amazed him, it also enraged him. Especially with how well Tiger could last in a fight even when lightning, ice and wind attack deprived, thanks in part to his speed. So the boy, being as spoiled, arrogant and cowardly as he was, could not cope with how so very clearly superior to him and his monsters, and to most individuals in general, Tiger was, nor how he had never lost a fair fight in ANY tournament when at full power, since Hare had of course tricked him and quit before sucker punching him that one time, and how Tiger was still all too capable of learning, which helped him take the Mandy Cup Championship even while he had no powers for a time, and got his lightning attack back in the process.

This being said, the boy wanted to find some way to pay Tiger back, but having, however reluctantly, acknowledged how tough, powerful, strong, skilled, talented and cool he was, he was only too aware that trying to have one or both of his monsters take Tiger down in a fight was out of the question, and would be even if there was another tournament. He was even more aware, in light of how frightened he was of Tiger, especially if the wolf was angry, that there would be no way in hell he would stand a chance against such a dynamo. The fact Tiger was shitloads more handsome than he was only ground his gears worse. In any case, his finding out of Tiger's plight and anguish delighted him greatly, because he thought up the perfect fiendish scheme to beat him the only way he possibly could…not physically, but mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

After thinking long and hard about it, and deciding the subtle, guise of sympathy approach was the only way, he explained his plan to his two monsters and told them to stay put, as he would be doing all of it himself, plus Tiger's current emotional state would ensure he did not need any protection whatsoever. Once they understood this, he gave them a special crystal with which to watch what he was going to do from where they were, and the boy used a different crystal, which was also special(i.e., magical, just like the other one was)to teleport himself to the very cave Tiger was currently in. He initially hesitated about what he was about to do, as he was easily able to tell how very agonized and unhappy Tiger was, and with his learning of what the blue and white wolf truly was and was truly capable of came, as much as he hated to admit it, a loathing respect for him he had not possessed before. But after a few seconds, he concluded he'd come this far, and he was going to finish this and gain retribution on Tiger, his vindictive feelings all too easily overlapping his conscience.

As for Tiger, he was in worse pain than ever, and it only worsened with each and every passing moment. Make that each and every passing second. He felt a tear being squeezed out of both of his eyes, and he then howled out again, louder than ever. No words, but there was no mistaking the pain and sadness in his howl. The boy almost felt sorry for him, but ignored such a near semi-pang of compassion and walked on over, ironically under the fake guise of comforting Tiger. He said in a calm, gentle, soothing tone of voice: "Hello, Tiger. Recognize my voice, by any chance?"

Tiger heard this, and turned to see who it was. He did not take long to realize who had just approached him. "You…" he told the boy. "I recognize you. You're the one who had Fake Penguin and Knight Niton for his monsters in that Mandy Cup Challenge." "Indeed I am." the boy said. "Didn't think we'd ever meet again, but I came here via this magic crystal I've got after hearing word of your, ah, accident during that fight with those rotten baddies." "What?" Tiger exclaimed. "Everyone's heard of it. The word's been spread about that and every other part of that fight by people who saw it and thought all of everyone ought to know." the boy explained. "People are hoping you aren't feeling at fault, and I bet your teammates are too. Sad thing is, I can tell you are."

"Of course I'm at fault. It was my lightning that injured Pixie, Gray Wolf, Datonare, Daton, Holly and Genki so badly." Tiger growled. "It's a miracle they're still alive, let alone conscious!" "Which is why I've come here." the boy said. Tiger was confused and surprised to hear this, and opened his eyes widely, prompting the boy to say: "I'll explain to you what I mean by that, though since you're already uncomfortable enough, I'd suggest you lay on your stomach while I tell you what you need to know." Tiger normally would have protested, but he was so, so broken right now he didn't even have it in him to argue, so he lay down without a word. Then the boy sat down against his side and gently stroked his mane while talking. "Okay, so since you had beaten Knight Niton in the end of that tournament, plus would have the first time were you at full power, he decided such a talented, powerful, brave, fierce, attractive monster as you deserved at least some comfort in such a painful position as your current one, and Fake Penguin agreed. Me, I thought about it, and decided they were right. So I chose to do it. Anyhow, now that I'm here, there's some things I've got to make clear to you, especially after learning about you as much as I did post-Mandy Cup Challenge." Tiger was surprised to hear this, but just listened as the boy went on. "You see, Tiger," the boy said, "here is the truth."

He rubbed Tiger's side and spoke: "You've had two lives, and managed a whole lot in both. There is no denying that. Your power is impressive, and so is your bravery. Hell, you even instill fear in your enemies and are none too unattractive. But the sad fact is…it's all a lie. A lie by fate." "What?" Tiger asked. "I don't follow you." "There are few who could." the boy said in a voice that sounded compassionate. Tiger was usually impossible to manipulate, but his current state of feeling make it all too easy to do. "But I'll clarify. You were born into some pretty nasty conditions, as was your little brother, Gray Wolf. You were both treated unfairly as little puppies for the time you lived with humans, separated from your mother and left in that crate down the river to fend for yourselves. All that. Sure enough, it made you think you had to find ways to live on your own, and caused you to loathe and distrust humans. True happiness, or anything but pain and misery, for that matter, you never knew. And it made you tough, nasty and ferocious."

Tiger hated to admit it, but this was all reality, and even the times being much better up till this point could not alter this. The boy talked on when he realized Tiger wasn't about to say anything in response. "Did your attacks, skills and bravery do you well? Hell yes. But despite all you did for the greater good and to help your friends, plus the hand, err, paw you played in the downfall of Moo later on, things still were not right with you. You reunited with your brother, who you'd had to kill to save before, only for him to have to fight you in a tournament, and then you parted, even if on good terms, before that you reunited with Datonare and Daton, who later on parted from you and vice versa, again, even if on good terms, and, to top it all off, after you had all of those guys and their friends join you and your group for good and there would be no more separations, it still resulted in your injuring them badly with a lightning blast meant for a few baddies attacking you, and on Christmas Eve, no less. Doesn't this all connect in some way? Don't you think this all, perchance, SUGGESTS something?"

Initially, Tiger was very confused and baffled, and the boy allowed him some silence so he would have time to think about what this meant. He also rubbed and stroked him further, to make sure his cover of this subtle but nasty deed was not blown. But Tiger, even in his currently broken down, messed up, saddened, self-loathing state, soon realized what was being implied, and said: "You don't mean…" as he looked up to the boy with his eyes wide open.

"I'm afraid so." the boy said, then giving Tiger a seemingly comforting hug. He added gently and softly: "I wish it were otherwise, and I feel very, very sad for you, since there are some things that really shouldn't happen to anyone or anything, no matter what, and especially since it's so unfair for you and very unjust of fate, but it does not change the reality. Nothing changes the reality. You were born with the devil in you, Tiger. You may have tried to deny it once you learned to trust humans more thanks to Genki and Holly. You may have tried to make the best of it when the situation called for it, and sure enough, more often than not, this did indeed work well to your advantage and that of your team. But, the tragic fact is, maybe it would have been much better and less painful for you and your friends alike, and maybe even this world, for that matter, if you'd never existed. I wish I did not have to say this to you, and it agonizes me to do so, but I can't ignore the truth of that any more than you can ignore the truth that you hurt your friends, brother and packmates when you meant to help them. I wish there was a way that I could make things better for you, but there isn't. Nor, for that matter, is there any way that anyone can, yourself or otherwise. I know how much this must hurt, but I had no choice but to tell you. I didn't like doing so, but it was the only possible, viable option when you're in a position like this."

He shed false tears to make his words believable, and hugged, rubbed, held, cuddled and kissed Tiger a lot, though gently and slowly, so as to maintain his subtlety. Tiger would, if in his normal state of mind, i.e., his right mind, have never bought any of this and been able to easily see through the subtlety of anything, plus would not be manipulated mentally or emotionally one bit at all. There would be no chance in hell. He would be unaffected and incorruptible in full. If he were his normal self, the boy would never have made it past the beginning, and no one would have, for that matter. But thanks to how fragile and upset he was right now, he came to think of the boy's subtle but untrue words as being true.

"GET AWAY. GET OUT OF HERE. NOW." he snarled, and the boy walked away, hanging his head, saying: "I wish there was something I could do to help you or make you feel better. Unhappily, there's no such thing." Though he said it in a morose tone of voice and did not turn around or put his head up, his face was wearing a very, very cruel smile, and he thought to himself: "Mission accomplished. Time to go back home."

He then used his crystal to teleport himself back home and once he was with Knight Niton and Fake Penguin again, he told them: "It's done." and they nodded with glee, especially Knight Niton, in light of how he knew Tiger had beaten him and would have easily the first time they fought if he had been at full power and his true self in every way.

Yeah, the boy had pretended to be trying to comfort and help Tiger, but in reality, he only wanted to break him down and derail his life worse than ever, and he loved the feeling of this retribution upon the horned wolf. He lay back in a chair with one of his two monsters at each of his sides. "We may not have the Mandy Cup or anything that goes with it," he smiled, "but at least we still have our self esteem. Unlike a certain someone we know."

All three laughed nastily, gloating and celebrating what the vile boy had just been able to pull off. "I think this calls for a nice celebration." the boy mentioned. "Fake Penguin, get me my tea and a cup. As well as some sweet food of various descriptions. And be sure to get enough for all of us." Fake Penguin nodded and went to get it, while Knight Niton jumped into the boy's lap and nuzzled into him. "Ah, victory, sweet victory." the boy sighed. "Tiger may have proven to be our superior, and that he was a lot greater than we gave him credit for, but we managed to beat his spirit, so it all tips the scales in our favor when it gets right on down to it." Both let out a wicked snicker. Fake Penguin came along and brought the tea and sweets, and all happily and oh so shamelessly helped themselves to sizable amounts of each, especially Fake Penguin. The boy then said: "Best case scenario, he gets driven to be suicidal and throws himself onto one of the stalactites in this cave, dying via impalement. And even if he doesn't, he'll still have been broken easily beyond repair, and be living, in many ways, a fate worse than death. Our revenge on him is finally here, and forever complete."

Back where Tiger was, he stood up, and, after snarling, growling and grinding his sharp, beautiful teeth in the worse than ever pain he was feeling, he let out a howl of anguish yet again. Only this time he was howling words once more, and a much more severe sentence than his last one, which was quite a statement, considering his previous words. "ALL I DO IS HURT AND ENDANGER EVERYONE AROUND ME! I DO HAVE THE FUCKING DEVIL IN ME! AND HOW COULD I POSSIBLY NOT? HOW COULD I BE ANYTHING BUT A STAIN ON THIS WORLD? WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE? STEAL, INTIMIDATE AND HARM ANYONE WHO'D GET WITHIN THREE DAMN MILES OF ME, THAT'S WHAT! I RUIN EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE, EVEN ON CHRISTMAS EVE! I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW MUCH BETTER THIS WORLD WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I'D NEVER AT ALL FUCKING EXISTED! I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN!" And, indeed, things were about to take a turn for the worst, as he was full ready to fling his body onto a stalactite in this cave, in the process impaling himself. This would end his life and he once more would become a lost disk, dying for the second and permanent time. He got himself into an ideal position to do so, having lost all hope and faith he ever had, and having become downright despondent as much as deeply despaired.

Before he could make his fateful move, however, he was stopped and saved by a single sentence. "You wish you were never born?" he heard a familiar voice say. "Now, now, for serious, Tiger. Surely you can't mean that." he heard another familiar voice say. "All this world would not be the same if you'd never existed. And taking your own life will solve nothing, and, if anything, only make things worse. Both for this world, and your wounded brother and group of friends, the equally injured ones or otherwise." a third familiar voice said. "Huh?" asked Tiger. The three voices belonged to, it turned out, Captain Dino, who was now, after being brought back as a purified mystery disk and unlocked, a good monster and just Dino, the baby Tiger had saved alongside Jagd Hound that one time and was now a teenager, who had done the unlocking in question, and Jagd Hound himself. Tiger recognized them at once and he said: "Captain Dino? Jagd Hound? And you're that baby I helped save…" "Yes, even if two of them are quite a bit different now." Jagd Hound told Tiger.

Dino then said: "You probably want to know how I came back to life after you killed me when I was a baddy, and how I met these two, no less. So I'll explain." Tiger nodded and Dino told him: "After I was resurrected as a purified disk, I was found and unlocked, by the boy here, who made me his own monster along with Jagd Hound. At the time, he'd just turned thirteen." "Further, Dino here remembered everything he needed to remember of the past, but decided to start over now that he was good again." Jagd Hound stated. "And in the end, he managed to not only right his wrongs, but also get a pardon from all who he caused trouble for as a baddy under Moo's evil brainwashing." Then the boy said: "It was in the later days, right up to now, that we all found out that Dino owed you a thanks for saving him just like Jagd Hound and myself did, and, with a magic gem we found that Dino now has, we saw what your plight was."

"So, as our thanks to you, we are going to help you with that plight." Dino told to Tiger. "Though I am glad to see how well things turned out, and also happy to see you yet again, Jagd Hound, and you," He put his head towards the boy to show who he meant, "plus I appreciate how eager you are to thank me by helping me, I don't know how any of you can possibly help me! I just injured the six members of my group who are most important to me without realizing it until it was too late, and on Christmas Eve, no less! I should have never lived. I have the devil in me, dammit! I ruined everything for them and my group! And let's not even go into all the crap I pulled prior to meeting Genki…this world would have been better off if I never lived. Let's face it, it's the truth. So I wish I'd never lived. I don't see how any of you can stand the sight of me now, especially since you three reunite with me at a time when I'm such a sorry excuse for and mockery of a monster, even as it's good you, Jagd Hound, and the boy have lived like you have, and you, Dino, are no longer the evil baddy who Moo had kill my pack…which I'm still angry about, but even so…"

"You speak far too low of yourself, Tiger. This is nothing like you at all." Jagd Hound said. "Allow us to remind you of your importance to this world." the boy added. "So, you wish you were never born and had never existed?" asked Dino. Tiger nodded. "Let this gem do the trick." Dino said as he used the magic gem to transport all four of them to an alternate world, which, in the sense of the part of the cave they were in, looked exactly like the very one they'd been in just seconds ago. "What is this?" asked Tiger. His confusion washed the desire to murder himself from his mind and soul, though he didn't feel it happen due to how baffled he was about all of this. "We're exactly where we were!" He didn't see it, however, but his scar had vanished just now. So had the tears in his eyes. This world, after all, was one in which Tiger of the Wind had never been born. He didn't exist in this world. He never had and he never would. It was the same Monster Rancher world, but one thing was different about it, and that was he was not part of it. No one even knew of him. And no one ever would. "Actually, we've been taken to a different version of our world." Dino said to him.

"A different version, indeed." Jagd Hound stated. "Because while we seem to be in the same place, you don't exist." The boy then added on: "Because you were never born. You got your wish by the magic gem. You never lived, Tiger of the Wind." "You never lived." Dino spoke. "It's true. You never lived. We lie not." Jagd Hound stated. "I NEVER LIVED!" Tiger exclaimed. "YES! Now I know I'll see the world be spared all the damage I did to it, and Gray Wolf, Datonare, Daton, Holly, Genki and Pixie won't be injured like they were, because I was never born! Everything that's my fault is undone! I WAS NEVER BORN! THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE OR DESCRIBED IN ANY WORDS AT ALL!"

"I don't think he'll be anywhere near as excited about this once he sees just how much for the worse a world without him is…" thought Dino, Jagd Hound and the boy to themselves while they looked at the elated Tiger. The boy then said, though in a whisper, to the other two: "By the way, this same gem has also showed us that a different boy, one who owned the monsters Knight Niton and Fake Penguin, had helped make sure Tiger went from being upset to being in this state in a subtle but very, very effective way after taking advantage of his vulnerability. This was payback for how Tiger had been able to defeat Knight Niton and win the Mandy Cup Challenge in the sudden death match, and would have easily in the first round had the playing field been level, so to speak, and there would not have needed to be a rematch." "So he, knowing Tiger for who he truly was, which of course tore at him and ground his gears, decided to overpower him in the only way which was even remotely possible." Jagd Hound spoke, also in a whisper.

"Exactly." the boy said, still whispering. "So we're going to have to use this gem to make sure Tiger sees and realizes reality, and that rotten little brat of a coward's true intentions, once this whole thing of showing him around this world is over and we return to our true, main reality world." "I can tell this is the case, especially since the gem I hold has shown me itself, much like you two have told me, and I'll be the one to see to that." Dino said, in a whisper of his own, and he got the gem working so that, while Tiger felt, saw and heard nothing at all, the magic of it went into his mind so he'd know immediately after this was over and he was his true self again what the boy had done in truth, and his real reason for doing so, as well. After that, the three looked to the happy beyond belief Tiger, and Jagd Hound said, whispering once more: "As soon as he is through celebrating the fact he's in a reality in which he never existed, we'll be showing him around after we lead him out of this cave, though the gem will be needed to be kept at the ready." "Right." Dino and the boy whispered while they nodded in response.


So, was this quite a chapter or what? I'm betting you're real eager to see where this goes, after a cliffhanger like this! Just one thing to point out…the next one's gonna be quite a bit longer, so it can be shown in full what I mean this fic to signify! And yes, the boy who is with Jagd Hound and Dino is indeed the now grown up baby from "Tiger Meets His Match", and the Jagd Hound you see is the Jagd Hound from that same episode, plus Dino is who was previously Captain Dino in the episode "Tiger Of The Wind", the debut of the character this fanfic is about! You thought that when you read it, and you were very right, indeed! Ratings and reviews please, everyone!