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Things couldn't have gone better for Edward and I since the incident with James. The Volturi got wind of Tanya trying to separate us and disposed of her; apparently that's frowned upon in the vampire world, that was a law I wasn't aware of but it worked out in our favour. Although I did feel sorry for her sisters, they had already lost a mother and now they had lost their sister too.

Alice had been unbearable the last few months. She was adamant that our wedding be planned down to the last detail. Edward and I weren't bothered about all the fluff too much; we just wanted a small affair with our family. But of course Alice wanted to go all out; we managed to reach a compromise and decided to have the wedding in the Cullen's backyard but let Alice plan all the dresses and the decorations. To be honest the main reason I let her was because it made her happy; she was easier to deal with that way and poor Jasper was the one who would have had to deal with her otherwise.

We also had a new addition to the family. Emmett was out hunting after school one day when he came across a man being attacked by a bear, he tried to help but it was too late for him, but he did say: 'take care of my daughter' apparently before he finally died. That was when he heard a baby cry. It was a little girl with curly blonde hair bright blue eyes, no more than a few months old. Of course he scooped her up and brought her home. Rose set eyes on her and it was love at first sight. We didn't know her name so they decided to name her Emily Sophia Hale/ Cullen. (Of course her real last name was Cullen since Emmett and Rose are married but it would change according to our cover story.) If you didn't know she wasn't theirs you wouldn't suspect a thing. She looks so much like Rose it's uncanny; you just know that she'll get her attitude when she's older. And she's got her daddy wrapped around her little finger already; Emmett dotes on her and it's nice to see a different side to him.

As of right now though? I was being tortured. AKA letting Alice and Rose make me over for my wedding. I was getting married today. I felt none of the nerves that most bride's experience; it was Edward after all, we loved each other and nothing else mattered. When I was finally deemed 'perfect' they helped me step into my gown; this time Edward insisted I get the wedding gown I didn't have the first time around. It was strapless with a sweetheart neckline, tightening under the bust with a royal blue band, before it flared out to make a slight chapel train at the back. It was fastened with buttons all the way up the back which was a bit of a pain but the dress really was beautiful. Rose had pulled my hair back into a bun with a few strands lose to frame my face whilst Alice had put mascara eyeliner and lip gloss on my face. I was amazed; I looked incredible! I turned around to face them, already in their royal blue bridesmaid's dresses. It was time.

Alice and Rose walked out of the back door one at a time, Alice telling me to wait 5 seconds and then follow. I turned to Carlisle, whom I had asked to walk me down the aisle as he had become like a father to me, and he asked:

'Are you ready?' I merely nodded at him and we walked out of the door to meet my future.

Some part of my brain was aware of the blue and silver decorations all around the garden, taking in the beautiful archway Alice had insisted we have, but the larger part was focused on Edward. He looked so handsome in his black suit; he had on a white shirt and a royal blue tie. I couldn't take my eyes off him; he seemed to have the same problem. Carlisle's hand on my arm was the only thing keeping me from sprinting down the aisle. We finally reached him and Carlisle placed my hand in Edward's before taking his place beside Esme who looked like she would already be crying if such a thing were possible.

In true Edward fashion, he couldn't resist telling me how beautiful he thought I looked before Emmett had a chance to speak. Emmett was going to be our minister and Jasper was his best man; making Alice my maid of honour.

'Dearly beloved we are gathered here today…' I barely heard the rest, I was too focused on Edward; I was drowning in his love filled gaze and couldn't take my eyes off him. I was aware of saying 'I do' and then Emmett yelling:

'You may now kiss your bride Eddie!' In true Emmett fashion. (To be honest I was surprised he had been serious this long.) And then Edward's lips were on mine, and nothing else mattered.

Our love was something that couldn't be broken or bent or twisted over time; if anything it only got stronger. I fell more in love with him every day and that was how it should be. Neither of us knew what the future would hold, but we both knew we could face it together; because our love will never die.

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