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Orihara Izaya would never, could not, imagine himself living a domestic life. The idea was absurd, why he, the Great Orihara Izaya, a god, would ever degrade himself to live domestically like those humans he loves so much. Domesticity, he deemed, was only for those pitiful humans to find comfort in their sorry lives through its simplicity and norm. Something which was much too mundane and uninteresting for the lights of him.

And to be completely honest, he did not know how to live a domestic life, but of course he would never admit such a thing. However, he soon learned all there was to know about a domestic life through someone even more surprising … Heiwajima Shizuo.

He awakened one early morning; the firmament by the buildings at the west was painted light gray while the east was becoming stained with the colors of the rising sun, a lovely hue of yellow, pink and orange. As he tried to stretch his body, he noted that his movements were restricted, only to notice that he was held in a tight embrace by strong arms. The brunette felt the warmth, breath tickling his neck, the steady heartbeats upon his back and blushed at their naked forms, remembering the night of pleasure they had shared.

STEP 1 : Waking up to a glorious morning in the arms of your lover

Soon enough, the blond stirred awake, loosening his hold on the smaller man. Izaya took the opportunity to turn to his other side to greet his lover with a chaste kiss. When he pulled away, Shizuo gave a sleepy smile and asked, "What would you like for breakfast?"

Within half an hour, the brunette found himself leaning on the counter of his kitchen watching his lover that wore the pink Hello Kitty apron he had brought for him as a joke, bustling about with mild amusement while the mouth-watering aroma of fried eggs filled his nostrils. He was shocked when he had first discovered that Shizuo was a pretty good cook. He had always imagined the blond brute to crush the cooking utensils and chop everything in half, including the table top with his inhuman strength but he was proved wrong.

"What are you smiling at?" the question brought Izaya out of his reverie as his steaming hot breakfast was placed in front of him. Two fried eyes placed side by side with a strip of bacon under creating a smiley face. Without wasting another second, he dug in with fever, catching Shizuo's smirk from the corner of his eye.

STEP 2 : Having breakfast together cooked by said lover

It was only during the afternoon when Shizuo received a call from Tom did he go to work. Izaya who was sitting comfortably on his lap, cuddled up against his chest at that time had given a small pout. Tom Tanaka, he now hated that human for stealing his precious Shizuo from him. But he smirked as he thought of ways to deal with the man, of course, without his lover's knowledge.

"Sorry I have to go to work," the blond apologized; ruffling the others soft dark locks.

Izaya was his own boss; hence he could work whenever he pleased.

He reluctantly got up off his lover's lap, following him to the front door. Shizuo slipped his shoes on and was about to leave when he stopped, remembering something, turned to give the unhappy brunette a hug, a good bye kiss and said "I'll give you a call when I'm done with work," before disappearing through the door.

STEP 3 : Giving a good bye kiss to lover as he departs for work

Shortly after the bodyguard left, the informant was in his office, computer screen alive with flashing notices of new emails which he paid no heed to. His focus was directed to the article of clothing on his lap, one of the many of Shizuo's bartender shirts. The brunette was busy attempting to sew the buttons back onto the shirt – buttons which had torn while in the heat of love making – clumsily.

It took 20 minutes to put the thread through the diminutive hole of the tiny needle. It took 15 minutes to tie the knot at the end of the thread. He pricked himself multiple times. The thread got tangled. After 2 painstaking hours, he threw the bloodied shirt to the floor, tangled thread and all and stomped incessantly on them while laughing like the maniac that he was. "I'm bored now," he stated after a minute.

STEP 4 : Mending your lover's clothing … or at least attempting to

With an exaggerated sigh, the informant resumed his work of meddling in the lives of the humans he loves so much with his ever present smirk.

"HAHAHA! I love humans!"

Namie had been in the office the entire time, though she was busy in her own corner arranging the abundant files containing equally numerous information, she had witness the scene play out, noting the fact that the informant completely dismissed her presence. The woman could only watch her demented boss with nonchalance. Even she knew how to sew.

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