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Heiwajima Shizuo, the monster of Ikebukuro with his inhuman strength and infamous reputation had never imagined living a domestic life. In fact, the thought never even crossed his mind given his reputation and all. Though he did know the basics of domesticity, it was simple and normal; to live everyday like the day before, to share everyday with friends and family, to do everything that's run off the mill and to be absolutely, positively normal. Something which he was not. It was a faraway reverie he would not be acquainted with.

But destiny likes playing games, just like a certain informant, though he doubt the informant had anything to do with it … or did he? Well, it didn't matter anymore. All that's certain was the fact that he now lived a life that literally screamed domestic and with a certain someone equally, or even more unexpected … Orihara Izaya.

He stirred awake, eyes still closed, he inhaled the familiar scent, felt the warmth of the naked, lithe body he held in his arms close to his chest and smiled, remembering how they connected once again the previous night. As he detached himself to stretch, the brunette turned to face him and planted a good morning kiss on his lips. Shizuo smiled once their lips parted.

STEP 1 : Waking up to a glorious morning to be greeted with a morning kiss by your lover

Later Shizuo was bustling about in the kitchen, making breakfast, wearing the pink Hello Kitty apron Izaya had bought for him as a joke when the informant found out he could cook. Well of course he could cook, after all he did live alone up until now and cooking was a money saving tactic.

When the eggs and bacon were thoroughly cooked, he arranged them on the plate to make a smiley face. Turning on his heels he found a smiling informant staring off in to space. "What are you smiling at?" he asked as he placed the man's breakfast in front of him and watched him dig in with a smirk before he started eating himself.

STEP 2 : Cooking breakfast for your lover

After breakfast, the two found themselves lounging on the couch in the living room staring absentmindedly at the TV screen as it flickered with images. Shizuo had his arms around the informant who was sitting contentedly on his lap. He had found out some time ago that the brunette enjoyed cuddling more than sex. Very unlike for the man but he couldn't care less, it was comfortable.

STEP 3 : Cuddling you lover on the couch

When he got a call from Tom, his boss, asking him to go to work he was slightly dejected. "Sorry I have to go to work," he apologized, ruffling the pouting brunette's hair.

The brunette got off from his lap reluctantly. The blond was already in his bartender clothes and only had to get his sunglasses from the table as he went to the front door, Izaya following closely behind. As he was about to leave, he abruptly remembered something. He turned to face the unhappy brunette and gave him a hug and kiss. "I'll give you a call when I'm done with work," he said as he left.

STEP 4 : Giving you're a lover a goodbye kiss before departing for work

Shizuo somehow managed to get through the rest of the day without allowing his anger get the better of him. Since he and Izaya became lovers, he had been able to control his anger more. Though his protozoan brain was unable to figure out why and how but he guessed it had something to do with Izaya, but in a good way.

His employer, Tom, did not know of Shizuo's relationship with the informant as of yet but he was just glad the bodyguard was no longer attempting to kill his clients because of his temper anymore.

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