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Chapter 5 – That Which Never Changes

And when the ground begins to shake

And when my courage starts to fade

I let my fears go

You shake me

You break me

You make me whole again

Your nature


All fails, but you remain

Skillet lyrics

The power of tenseiga matched with Sesshoumaru's own will and a light blue barrier flared up around him and Kouga.

Inuyasha was alarmed. "Sesshoumaru, what the fuck are you doing? You promised you wouldn't kill him."

Sesshoumaru didn't move, didn't glance at Inuyasha. He held tenseiga steady through Kouga's heart. Inuyasha could dimly see a faint channel of youki passing from Sesshoumaru into tenseiga.

"I did not kill him," Sesshoumaru answered. "Tenseiga is the sword that cannot kill."

Inuyasha let out breath he didn't know he'd been holding. "The sword that gives life…"

Then his eyes narrowed. "What does it do to a person who's alive? And why are you holding it like that?"

The slightest of smiles appeared on Sesshoumaru's lips. "It may be father's power in tenseiga but it is my sword. The sword that bridges the gap between the worlds…I am taking Kouga to the other side. Kouga is going to spend some time in his hell."

The first thing that Kouga's brain registered was blood. Lots of it.

Blinking his eyes to clear his groggy vision, Kouga turned his face away at the strong stench of old blood.

His pack mates' blood.

Mixed with the foul stench was something else; the scent of dead cherry blossoms. It closed in on Kouga, pressing in on him from all sides till he stumbled from the pressure.

Slowly, his eyes adjusted themselves to the strange, opaque darkness that was like a dark curtain before his eyes. As a demon, Kouga was not used to being unable to see, even in pitch dark. But the darkness in this place was different, like there was no light in the world that could break through it. This darkness was leeching away his memory of light. There was no light. There had never been any light.

There was blood under his feet. He seemed to be standing on it. There didn't seem to be any solid ground under his feet; just the blood. Kouga looked around slowly, squinting at the foggy outlines he could make out in the dark. He began to walk towards them. The blood under his feet made a quiet, squelching sound.

A cautious hand reached out to touch the object in front of it.



Kouga made out the outline of a severed wolf's head under his fingers; his long-time friend, one of the few who had supported him in his rise to power. He had never forgiven the bitch Kagura for slicing him to ribbons like so much meet.

An upside down sightless eye, open and frozen in death, glinted up dully at him.

Kouga backed away swiftly, eyes unable to look away from the horror.

But the head followed him, allowing no more distance between him and it than there had been a moment ago. Or rather, Kouga's feet seemed incapable of moving him away. There was no ground under his feet to walk on.

The foggy outlines slowly came into focus. Sliced up bodies of wolves, piled carelessly one on top of the other. Fur torn and matted with blood.

Kouga's heart stuttered, brain trying to make sense of the images his eyes were sending him. This was the same…the same as the night Kagura had killed his wolves. But that was all over long ago.

But it didn't feel over. It felt like now, like Kagura had just killed them now. Like this was the time the killing had happened. Kagura had killed them just now and time had stopped.

The upside-down eye blinked.

The face turned slowly, turning the right way up.

"Kouga…" Kouga flinched. The voice didn't sound like a zombie's or a ghost's. It sounded exactly as his friend had sounded – calm and strong. His friend who had died, who had been killed, who had just died, who had died…

"Kouga, we're being killed. What do we do?"

The words had haunted him in his dreams. But in his dreams, they were spoken by the living man, not a disembodied head. The head that remained after the battle was over.

"We're being killed."

Just a head. His friend who had died obeying his orders.

"What do we do?"

"Shut up!" Kouga screamed but no sound came out. It was like trying to talk under water. The air was heavier. He couldn't breathe.

But the head became quiet and still again.

Kouga felt a stab through his heart as though he had killed his friend anew.

Killed his friend. He had killed his friend.

"No!" he said loudly. He could hear his voice clear and strong this time but now there was no one to hear. He had told his friend's head to shut up and now it couldn't hear him. The man had always listened to him, even when he didn't deserve to be listened to.

No, no that wasn't true. He'd been a good leader. He'd made a better leader than the fool who sat drooling in his chair, keeping the glorious wolf tribe hidden away in the mountains. He'd made a good leader. It wasn't his fault Kagura had come and destroyed everything that meant anything to him.

He was a good leader!

His friend had always told him so.

His friend was now dead.

The scent of cherry blossoms was stronger now, mixing with another sweet scent, the scent of purple flowers.

Ayame's scent.

He looked around wildly, hoping against hope she would come, appear before him even if only for a moment.

But no, he'd sent her away. Ayame would never come back again. Ayame had loved him and he had told her to go away and she'd obeyed.

Kouga felt his head begin to throb. Why did people always obey him? He was the leader, right? It was his job to give orders. It wasn't his fault that people listened to him. If only they had enough sense not to listen to him…

There was a man standing before him.

The previous leader of the wolf demon tribe, old but still dignified.

Kouga walked slowly towards him and stabbed him through the chest.

No, no that wasn't right. This had happened long ago, many years ago. This had already happened. It wasn't happening now. It had finished happening.

In his arms, the leader slumped forward with a quiet groan, as dignified in death as he had been in life. Kouga raised his head up to see his face and stabbed him again.

Horrified, he tried to push away, back away from the dead man, move away, move back but his muscles would not obey him, his thoughts and his body seemed separate. In his mind, he felt the triumph of killing the old man again.

There he was, the leader. Standing there again. Slowly, Kouga walked forward and stabbed him. There was that triumphant feeling. He was finally the leader. People would have to obey him. He could do whatever he liked.

The leader slumped in his arms. Kouga raised his face up and stabbed him again.

In his mind, Kouga was dimly aware that he was screaming but outside his mind, it was quiet. Serene. Peaceful.

The wind picked up. There were his mother and father looking at him proudly, their only son, so strong and smart.

They were smiling. They had been proud of him. Later on, when he grew up, he'd accused them of many things, of not loving him, of not allowing him to fulfil his potential, of not wanting him to be successful. Right now, he couldn't figure out for the life of him why he had accused them of those things. Right now, all those things were yet to happen, would not happen for many years. He wouldn't accuse them of that. If he did, they would die. They had already died.

They were saying something to him, praising him. His mother's voice, not soft and modulated but kind. His father's stern voice. They were praising him. Kouga felt a flutter of happiness.

Then he walked up to them and began to say all of the things he had already said. He saw the pain on their face, the tears in his mother's eyes but he couldn't stop his mouth from saying all of those things.

Their eyes were closing now, they were falling, falling, dying and he couldn't stop talking, couldn't close his mouth and stop saying all of the things he had already said, couldn't stop his parents dying again, dying of a broken heart, of disappointment and pain.

Something wet touched his feet and Kouga looked down. It was his father's hand, covered in blood, reaching shakily for his foot. Kouga saw guilt and desperation in his father's pleading eyes, as the older man slowly reached for Kouga's foot.

"I'm sorry," the old man whispered pleadingly and Kouga stepped back, out of his father's reach. The old man tried in vain to cover up the distance, begging to be forgiven, begging, begging…

"No," Kouga whispered in a trembling voice, "no, I can't, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't do this, I won't do it…"

But he did. His friend, Ayame, the tribe leader, his parents, he killed them again and again and try as he might, he couldn't get himself to stop, couldn't stop, couldn't do anything except this because this is what he had done. He had done this. He was the person who had done this. He was this person, who did things like these –

…and Sesshoumaru wrenched tensaiga out of his body. Kouga stumbled, swayed on his feet, disoriented at suddenly having solid ground under his feet. Blindly, Kouga reached out, fist closing over air. His legs trembled; he retched violently and vomited onto the ground.

Inuyasha watched, horrified eyes moving from the broken wolf to his brother.

"What did you do to him," he whispered hoarsely, unable to tear his eyes away from Kouga. His face was haggard and drawn; he seemed to have aged 50 years. Once brilliant, blue eyes were now dull and haunted. He could no longer recognize the brash, confident man in this trembling boy.

Sesshoumaru didn't answer, didn't take his eyes off of the wolf prince. Kouga wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and slowly turned around.

"I-" he closed his mouth , looking uncertainly at Sesshoumaru.

"I di-did those things," he whispered plaintively. Sesshoumaru said nothing.

"I did those things," Kouga repeated. "So now, who am I?"

Sesshoumaru's cold, impassive eyes kept him rooted to the spot. After a few moments, he answered himself. "I am worth…nothing."

"No," Inuyasha protested, taking a step towards the pitiful form of the once proud wolf. "Kouga, don't-"

Sesshoumaru caught him by the neck and threw him back. Inuyasha stumbled, shocked.

"Leave him be," Sesshoumaru ordered coldly. "He had been warned."

"You can't do that to him!" Inuyasha exclaimed, "Whatever he did, he didn't deserve that, he doesn't deserve-"

"But it is exactly what he deserves," Sesshoumaru interrupted, voice low and ruthless. "He hurt what is mine. He hurt you, Inuyasha. This is what he deserves."

Inuyasha felt the breath leave his lungs, with an alien feeling in his chest. "All this…you did this because, just because he tried to hurt me…?"

Sesshoumaru met his gaze steadily, unrepentant.

Inuyasha tore his eyes away from molten golden ones and stared helplessly at the shell of what had been Kouga. "I didn't ask for this, dammit! I didn't ask you to do this for me. I didn't want this!"

Ignoring Kouga, Sesshoumaru walked serenely towards Inuyasha and circled a possessive arm around his waist, holding him so close that the hanyou was crushed against his chest.

"Presumptuous as always, hanyou," he chided. "What makes you think I did it for you? It is not up to you how I deal with my vassals."

Inuyasha struggled, brutally pushing down the tears that came to his eyes at the injustice of what his brother had done to Kouga and his reasons for doing it. "Don't bullshit me, you bastard. You don't get to do what you did to Kouga, you hear me? You can't do this to him!"

Sesshoumaru captured his brother's wrists with his free hand and pinned them behind Inuyasha's back, making the hanyou grunt as his shoulders were wrenched back.

"I can do whatever I want," Sesshoumaru whispered silkily, looking down with amusement at the hanyou's fiery eyes. "But knew this. You know me. What is it that you balk at, hanyou?"

Inuyasha was very aware of his each breath, coming short and fast, of the blood pounding in his temples.

"Yes," he whispered, looking helplessly up at his brother, at the man who had meant more to him than a father, than anyone else in the world for as long as he remembered. "I know you. But I can't…I can't let you do this, not for me…"

Sesshoumaru laughed, low and deep, leaning down to kiss Inuyasha's lips. "Not for you, never for you," he answered, meeting his brother's tormented eyes. "You begged me not kill him, I granted your request. The wolf is alive. You have no further say in what I do to him. I cannot have him hurt my mate and escape unscathed."

"I ain't your mate yet," Inuyasha grouched, leaning his head against his annoyingly tall brother's chest.

"That will be remedied soon enough," Sesshoumaru answered contentedly.

Inuyasha felt a spreading warmth in his chest at the words and he shivered, unconsciously leaning in closer to Sesshoumaru's body.

Is this what my life is going to be from now on, Inuyasha wondered. Is it possible that this feeling will last my entire lifetime?

He couldn't believe it, couldn't allow himself to believe it and yet he knew that if there was anything constant in this world, it was Sesshoumaru. Everything and everyone else had come and gone but Sesshoumaru had remained the same, unchanging and unchangeable. For better or for worse, his brother would always be this way - an arrogant, controlling, possessive bastard with no conscience.

Then his wrists were released and Sesshoumaru's other arm came to envelope him from behind. Inuyasha blinked and the landscape was gone, passing under them in a blur as Sesshoumaru transformed into a ball of energy and speeded across the sky towards the castle of the Lord of the West.

Unnoticed, Kouga stared after them with hollow, unseeing eyes and turned his dragging steps towards his home.

Inuyasha stared at his brother anxiously as the doors of Sesshoumaru's chambers slammed shut with an ominous sound.

Sesshoumaru seemed entirely unaffected, calmly removing his swords from his obi and putting them away as though this was completely normal, as if there was nothing fundamentally wrong with having his hanyou brother on his bed.

Inuyasha followed his every movement warily with his eyes, like a prey watching its predator.

He wasn't completely ignorant. He knew what a mating was among demons and what it involved. One partner submitted to the other, letting them have their way with their body.


The phrase reverberated through his mind in the quiet of the night. It had two meanings: husband and Master. He tried to imagine himself calling Sesshoumaru that. The thought made him sick to the stomach.

He wondered how Sesshoumaru intended to get him to submit. Would he be tied up while the demon Lord took him? Would he be beaten into submission? These were the last few moments of his free life. After this night, everything would change.

More than once, he glanced at the open window. He could make a run for it. He could escape and never show his face to Sesshoumaru again. Sesshoumaru would probably be pissed enough to not go through the trouble of tracking down a hanyou.

He thought of refusing, of telling Sesshoumaru he didn't want this, and couldn't things just go back to the way they were? But he knew they couldn't. One way or another, things would never be the same again and though the idea of being a docile little bitch to Sesshoumaru was frightening, Inuyasha found that the idea of losing him was even more frightening. Too many times, Inuyasha had yearned for his brother's attention and too many times, his brother had denied him. Now, after everything that had happened, Inuyasha found he wasn't strong enough to walk away from his brother's approval.

"Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru's voice pulled him out of his musings.

"What?" he grouched, then bit his tongue, realising where he was and what he was about to become. "I-I mean yes?"

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow. "Attempting to be respectful, hanyou?"

The insufferable bastard looked amused.

Inuyasha felt his face become hot. "Shut up," he grumbled despairingly.

Sesshoumaru came and sat next to him on the edge of the bed and Inuyasha unconsciously scooted back, away from him. Strong fingers gripped his chin and dragged him closer, pulling him up for a tender kiss. When Sesshoumaru pulled back, his hand remained on Inuyasha's head to rub flickering ears soothingly. "Relax," he whispered against Inuyasha's mouth.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about-" Inuyasha began heatedly, then caught himself. "I-I mean yes. Ok, I'll – I'll try." But every muscle in his body was tensed, anticipating the moment his clothes would be torn off his body.

Sesshoumaru made no move to touch him further. One eyebrow was raised arrogantly. "Finally decided to accept your place, puppy?"

Inuyasha forgot his anxieties for the moment and frowned thunderously. "Whaddya mean, asshole?"

"You are being a very obedient dog today. What is the matter? Are you ill?"

Inuyasha blinked at him stupidly.

Then he exploded.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM? I'm tryin' my best to be nice here. I – I don't know how to be a good mate, alright? And I'll probably never be as good as you want me to be but – but I'm tryin' and if you'll just tell me what I'm supposed to do, I'll do it…at least, I'll try to and – and what do you want from me?" What had begun as a shout slowly petered out into a hoarse whisper. Inuyasha looked down and away, unwilling to meet his brother's eyes.

A clawed finger flicked his ear in response.

"Oww," Inuyasha grumbled, eyes stinging with the pain, covering his ears with his palms, glaring accusingly at his brother.

"Idiot," Sesshoumaru said unconcernedly. "You overestimate your capabilities if you think the best efforts on your part can turn a wild dog into a civilised mate. I do not expect it of you."

For some reason, this statement stung. Inuyasha lowered his bangs to cover his eyes. "You're wrong. I can be…I can change, if you give me a chance…"


Inuyasha flinched, glancing up hastily. The ache in his chest was back. All his life, in his deepest, most private dreams, he had wished for this, for being on his home with his brother and now, he suddenly found himself wishing he could be anywhere but here.

Sesshoumaru stood up and circled the bed, coming to sit on the empty side. Inuyasha followed him with his eyes, bitterly noting how effortlessly graceful he was. Thiers was a match made in hell.

Sesshoumaru sat down on the bed, still fully dressed and lay down against the pillows.

"Do you remember the time I put my hand through your stomach?"

Inuyasha froze. This was such an incongruous statement, considering the circumstances, that Inuyasha momentarily forgot what they had been talking about.

"How could I forget? It took me days to heal from your stupid poison."

Sesshoumaru smirked, staring up at the ceiling. "Be grateful I did not use the full intensity of my poison or you would not have recovered at all."

Now Inuyasha was pissed. "Do you remember the time I cut your arm off, bastard?"

Sesshoumaru raised his chin haughtily. "That was my weakness, not your victory," he answered icily.

"Hah!" Inuyasha scoffed. "You would be dead if I had wanted you dead, and you know it."

Sesshoumaru turned his head to glare at him. "You would not have had the opportunity if I was not merely testing you."

"Tessaiga would have killed you if you didn't have tenseiga."

"Without tessaiga, you would be nothing more than a mindless dog…not that your current self is much of an improvement."

Bare feet half-heartedly pushed against Sesshoumaru's legs in punishment. "I don't like you," Inuyasha announced.

A clawed hand abruptly grabbed the front of his haori and Inuyasha was pulled on top of his brother and kissed thoroughly.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Sesshoumaru whispered as Inuyasha's body relaxed against his will, surging with adrenaline and lust.

"Get undressed, Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru said, releasing Inuyasha from his arms so that the hanyou could comply.

Inuyasha felt drunk, as if everything happening around him wasn't entirely real. In a haze, he sat up on Sesshoumaru's stomach and began shrugging out of his haori and kosode. He dropped them off the side of the bed.

Climbing up on his knees, he untied his hakama and tried to take those off, still crouched over his brother. He soon realised it was impossible to do while still kneeling. Sesshoumaru watched him lazily, through half-lidded eyes, making no move to help.

Inuyasha glanced at him hesitantly, then climbed down from the bed. He pulled his hakama down below his knees and stumbled out of them, kicking them to the side.

Inuyasha was standing close to the bed, feeling awkward and uncertain and very very vulnerable. It felt like something else had been stripped off along with his clothes but he didn't know what it was. The night air felt very cool against his sweaty, suddenly sensitive skin. He stood shyly in front of his still fully clothed brother, wondering what he was supposed to do.

When Sesshoumaru didn't move from the bed or say anything, Inuyasha hesitantly stepped forward to sit down next to him.

"Stop," the demon prince ordered, and Inuyasha froze.

Slowly, unhurriedly, Sesshoumaru got to his feet and came to stand before the trembling half demon. It struck Inuyasha how slender he was compared to the demon Lord. Looking up at him like this, Inuyasha felt like some sort of virgin sacrifice before a god.

Not that he thought his brother was a god. Nope. Nada. Not a chance.

But those cold golden eyes were looking at him and Inuyasha took a shaky breath.

"Undress me," Sesshoumaru ordered.

Still dazed, Inuyasha obeyed, stepping forward and reaching for his brother's obi. For a moment, he hesitated with his fingers over the fine demon silk. He felt like he was doing something he shouldn't be, trying to touch the fine, flawless silk with his hanyou hands. In battle, he had no qualms with ruining his brother's clothing or even his person but here, like this, it wasn't the same at all.

Steeling himself, he did close his hand over the cool silk and began to untie the complex knot of his obi. The more he untied it, the more entangled it became. Finally, he ended up tugging at it impatiently when his efforts proved futile. He looked helplessly up at Sesshoumaru for help.

Realising no one was going to come to his aid, Inuyasha growled, resorting to his own methods of untangling knots.

He knelt down and hooked one fang in the yellow silk obi, making a small hole in it and then tore it off. The sound of ripping silk was very loud in the quiet room and he glanced up to see if his brother was pissed. Sesshoumaru watched him impassively.

Still unable to shake the feeling of being a virgin sacrifice before a god, he stood up and reached forward, slipping the haori off the motionless demon Lord's shoulders. Sesshoumaru hadn't yet said a word, hadn't touched him and still, Inuyasha got the distinct feeling of serving, of showing his submission to his brother.

Colour rose to Inuyasha's cheeks as he began to untie his brother's hakama. His body felt gangly and awkward. Fingers fumbling with nerves, it took him longer than it normally would have to do the simple task. Finally, the silk hakama pooled at Sesshoumaru's feet and the demon Lord gracefully stepped out of them

Inuyasha allowed his arms to drop to his side and stared down at the ground, unable to muster the courage to look up at the form of his naked brother.

Then Sesshoumaru was suddenly too close, his intoxicating scent all around him and Inuyasha found himself lying on his back on the bed, his brother hovering over him.

Moonlight coming in from the window fell on the Sesshoumaru, making his silver hair shimmer. Inuyasha could see the molten golden eyes and the glint of a fang as Sesshoumaru smiled and Inuyasha felt the breath leave his lungs.

He was so achingly beautiful in the moonlight, all hard muscles and pale skin. The purple markings on his face appeared on his hips, on his arms, on his thighs...

Inuyasha blushed and closed his eyes, wiling his wildly beating heart to calm down, to enjoy this moment that was supposed to be the happiest of his life.

"Open your eyes, hanyou."

Pissed off golden eyes snapped open and Inuyasha glared. If anyone knew how to ruin a moment, it was Sesshoumaru.

He blushed; they were still naked and Sesshoumaru was still hovering over him like some sort of demented albatross. He tried not to wiggle, tried not to move. Sesshoumaru had still not touched him.

"Can't you stop insulting me for one ni-"

Inuyasha stuttered to a stop, suddenly aware he sounded like a simpering bride. He looked away, allowing his bangs to cover his suddenly vulnerable eyes. Why had he expected him to understand? Why was he expecting sensitivity from Sesshoumaru whose way of showing he cared was to puncture him full of holes?

"One night?" Sesshoumaru asked, idly rubbing the tip of one furry ear. It flickered, shying away from the intruder. "This is who we are, Inuyasha. One night or a thousand, that does not- should not – change."

Inuyasha put his hands on his brother's arms, not sure if he wanted to push him away or pull him closer. He wanted to say something, wanted to protest but he got lost in his brother's eyes, his brother who was currently naked on top of him.

"Who am I, brother?"

The title fell easily, comfortably as if there was nothing wrong at all with calling his would-be mate that. Brothers…would they still be brothers after this happened? Would Sesshoumaru still allow him to call him that?

Sesshoumaru gripped his chin and held his face steady, forcing him to meet his eyes. "You –" he announced, "- are a brat."

Inuyasha gasped, opened his mouth to protest but Sesshoumaru didn't give him the chance. "You are the brat who survived a hand through your stomach. You are the one who passed out after cumming with your cock in my hand."

Inuyasha gasped arching unconsciously against the body on top of him, his arousal surging from the words and his brother's low, dangerous voice.

"You are the one who fought a ghost demon and lived. You are a foul mouthed hanyou who doesn't know when to back down. You are my brother."

One clawed hand came up to wrap around Inuyasha's throat, holding his eyes all the while.

"And I am the one who put a hand through your stomach." The hand around his throat tightened and along with it, so did Inuyasha's cock.

"I am the one who can hurt you."

Lethal fangs nipped Inuyasha's jugular and Inuyasha arched his neck, baring himself to his aggressor.

"I am the one who will kill you."

"Then kill me," Inuyasha rasped, arching against the hold on his neck, willing it to tighten. "Kill me now so we can be this, so I don't have to be anything else."

Sesshoumaru laughed, eyes cruel and cold. Then he leaned down and smashed his mouth over Inuyasha's smothering his words, smothering his breath. The hand around his neck tightened and Inuyasha whimpered exploded, cumming hard without a touch to his cock.

Sesshoumaru glanced down impassively at the mess between his brother's legs. Inuyasha tried instinctively to close his legs, even as his body shuddered with his release. Sesshoumaru placed his knee between Inuyasha's legs and ruthlessly pulled them apart. Sesshoumaru's powerful thigh was between his legs, his softened, wet dick brushing intimately against the steely muscles of Sesshoumaru's leg.

Inuyasha cried out, a dry sob of ecstasy and humiliation burning in his throat.

"You will never be anything else," Sesshoumaru promised, voice velvety and implacable.

Arms strong enough to throw a boulder a hundred feet now pushed ineffectually against Sesshoumaru's, struggling to push him away.

"No," Inuyasha ranted, "No, you don't - you don't wanna do this, Sesshoumaru. You don't know me as well as you think you do. I am not – I am not strong. I am not brave. I'm not good or powerful or graceful. You don't want this- this mess. You don't want me, Sesshoumaru."

A clawed thumb rubbed idly over the side of Inuyasha's mouth. Sesshoumaru moved, the thigh between Inuyasha's leg providing delicious pressure on his over-sensitive cock. Inuyasha's legs splayed awkwardly around Sesshoumaru tensed and twitched.

"I don't know you?" Sesshoumaru asked softly. With a thrill of secret pleasure, Inuyasha realised he sounded furious.

Inuyasha's wrists were captured in one big hand and slammed above his head. "You are an idiotic, presumptuous little hanyou who does not know his place."

The hand around his wrist glowed poison green and Inuyasha cried out as the skin on his wrists sizzled and burned.

"You are a masochist," Sesshoumaru whispered.

"Fuck," Inuyasha cursed. He was growing hard again. What the fuck was wrong with him…

"I know you better than anyone could possibly know you," Sesshoumaru hissed. "I know all the worst things about you."

His wrists were abruptly released. The wonderful pressure between his legs was gone. Inuyasha felt the loss of warmth before his eyes registered the fact that Sesshoumaru had moved away, that the demon Lord was not touching him anymore.

Inuyasha turned his head to see Sesshoumaru lounging back against the pillows, cock erect and proud between his legs. But the look on his face was indolent.

"You are mine," Sesshoumaru said simply, the words devoid of emotion, an inescapable fact. Inuyasha couldn't pull his eyes away from his brother's. His, yes he was Sesshoumaru's. In that moment, Inuyasha suddenly realised that he had always been, since the day he met the demon Lord as a child, he'd belonged to him, all through the hatred and the battles and everything else they had been through. He would always belong to Sesshoumaru, no matter what happened after this, no matter badly the demon Lord chose to treat him. He could leave, he could fight but it wouldn't change the fact that his soul belonged to Sesshoumaru.

"Submit to me," Sesshoumaru ordered softly and Inuyasha felt his heart leap with joy even as his mind told him he was weak, a coward, pathetic. "Submit to me now, of your own free will, Inuyasha. I will not force you. But if you don't …"

Every fibre of his being hung on the demon Lord's next few words.

What if I don't, Inuyasha wondered. What will you do to me if I don't, brother? Will you stop me if I try to leave? Will you hold me captive? Will you strike me, kill me…what will you do if I don't submit?

"If you don't," Sesshoumaru continued, "you will go back to your life. But remember that you will never belong to anyone else. I will not allow another to claim you. If you ever give yourself to anyone else, they will die by my hand and you will be alone."

"You will let me leave?" Inuyasha whispered.

Sesshoumaru looked at him and in his eyes, Inuyasha could see all his years of loneliness reflected back to him.

"I never stop anyone from leaving," Sesshoumaru answered emotionlessly.

Images of their father and a full moon and a raging sea swam before Inuyasha's eyes. Even when he went to die, Sesshoumaru had not stopped their father from leaving.

Inuyasha smiled thinly. "Yeah, you're the one who's usually doing the leaving."

"Yes," Sesshoumaru answered, and it struck Inuyasha for the first time how incongruous it was to have the demon Lord stake a claim on anyone. Sesshoumaru did not need anyone. Sesshoumaru had never needed anyone. Other people needed Sesshoumaru and he stayed until he got bored of them. Sesshoumaru never came back for the ones he left behind. Sesshoumaru never looked back.

And yet, here he was, with the little brother he had left so long ago. He had come back. Every time Sesshoumaru left him, he had come back. And here he was, promising to make his life a living hell if he left. Promising him that Sesshoumaru would never leave even if Inuyasha did.

The realisation that Sesshoumaru cared for him, cared for him in a way he had never cared for anyone else, made Inuyasha cry.

The hanyou quietly sat up and holding his brother's eyes, bowed low before him, pressing his face into the mattress, hiking his ass in the air.

"Take me, brother," he said, unashamed of the tears that overflowed from his eyes, onto the sheets. "I will submit, because you know me and you want me and because I can't do otherwise."

The heavy body covering his own almost made Inuyasha's knees buckle but he held himself up by the force of his will. Sesshoumaru's cock was large and hard against his most intimate opening.

The thought that he had bared himself to another man, had offered himself up to be devoured by this demon, mindless of the pain, brought another surge of arousal to his groin.

Sesshoumaru's eyes glowed red and feral. He pressed his little brother's neck harshly into the sheets and pushed into his brother, breaching his most guarded entrance in one, stabbing thrust.

Inuyasha screamed, unashamed of the agony, unashamed of the pleasure he took in it. He was wanted. By the one person he had worshipped since he could remember. Nothing else mattered anymore.

In just a few thrusts, Sesshoumaru found his prostate brushing against it teasingly, refusing to allow him the touch that would send him over the edge. Under him, Inuyasha thrashed and struggled, secure in the knowledge that his brother's grip on him would not allow him to hurt himself.

An arm wound around his chest and pulled him up against the demon Lord. The action caused the cock inside of him to spear him deeper and Inuyasha trembled with the pain and the feel of something pulsating so deep inside of him that he was afraid it would become a part of him.

White hair feel unceremoniously over one shoulder and Inuyasha's head lolled to the side, helplessly presenting himself to be marked. Sesshoumaru snarled at the display, his hanyou, wantonly begging to be claimed.

Fangs elongated and Sesshoumaru threw his head back and snarled, sinking his fangs ruthlessly in the exposed, vulnerable shoulder. Blood pooled in his mouth and spilled from the wound, running down his shoulder and back. Inuyasha sobbed at the intense pain; he could feel the tips of the fangs penetrating deep muscles. He was skating the edge of pleasure, his untouched cock throbbing with need but Sesshoumaru wouldn't allow him to cum. A submissive male must cum without a touch to his cock, with his seme's cock inside his ass alone.

Abruptly, Sesshoumaru pulled out of him. Inuyasha's hole twitched desperately, feeling the loss of the wonderful thing inside of it. He was spun around and slammed on his back. Sesshoumaru thrust back into the by now well used entrance, making Inuyasha's toes curl, every muscle in his body tense and straining but his alpha wouldn't allow him to cum.

Slowly, purposefully, Sesshoumaru pulled his head over one shoulder and grabbing Inuyasha by the back of his head, pushed the hanyou's mouth over the juncture of his shoulder and neck.

Inuyasha's tongue snaked out to taste the skin in front of him. The demonic half of him surged forward, taking over the half-demon body. Purple markings appeared on Inuyasha's face as he sank he bit down for all he was worth.

But the skin of a Taiyoukai could not be broken so easily and with all his efforts, demon Inuyasha only managed to penetrate the skin a little, leaving two small holes in the skin. A single drop of blood oozed from the wound and Sesshoumaru grunted with satisfaction. The deeper the mating mark, the stronger the demon's hold on his mate. It was only right that Inuyasha belonged to him now; he could control the half demon any way he wanted but he did not belong to Inuyasha. They were mates but Inuyasha was clearly the submissive.

Inuyasha felt the demon Lord's cock finally speared against his prostate and Inuyasha screamed, cumming hard over the sheets for a second time, collapsing under the climatic thrust.

On the verge of losing consciousness, he felt the warm wetness of Sesshoumaru's cum deep inside him. Inuyasha smiled hazily; he could feel the cum pooling inside him, spilling over his ass. Sesshoumaru collapsed on top of him, knocking the breath from his lungs with the weight. But he didn't pull out and Inuyasha cherished the warm weight on his back as he closed his eyes and slept more soundly than he ever had in his life.


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