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Zero Kiryuu had buried his childhood memories long ago, choosing to forget them. But what happens when an old childhood friend returns to his side and shows him the Innocence that still dwells inside him? Zero will slowly start to get the closure he so desperately needs. He'll look back to his childhood, the innocence he has forgotten and the life he could have lived...

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Vampire Knight


Night 1

Memories in Mist

The night was coming; fragments of a dark midnight blue was mixing in with the bright orange, blue and pink of the late afternoon sky. There was no sound to be heard, just the wind dancing through some crisp autumn leaves, breaking them off their branches and falling gracefully to the ground. Suddenly there was a sound, footsteps. A man wearing a black coat was walking along the empty pavement, his features lighting up every now and then as he passed by closing stores. His boots crunched on the crisp leaves as he crossed the street towards the park where the closer he got, he could hear the sounds of a swing squeaking and the sound of laughter from children. He stood behind a tree, fascinated by the view of two young boys playing in the park. Twins. Both had silver hair almost as shiny as the silver moon, beautiful violet eyes as they smiled at each other. One was on a swing, wearing a pale green coat. He was smiling at his twin who was playing on the jungle gym, dangling from the monkey-bars as he moved form one to the other. The more adventurous boy wore a pale yellow coat. The twin on the swing was laughing at his brother as he swung back and fourth, not too fast, not too slow. The man behind the tree licked his lips as he watched the children. Two boys unattended at a park so late in the day..perfect...

Suddenly the man froze as he felt a strong presence behind him. He turned around slowly to face a male with pale skin and silver hair, the ends of his fringe grown a little past his eyebrows, the back touching the collar of his dark grey coat. His cold brown eyes narrowed down at the man. The man turned around quickly to face the mysterious male, but the male stood still, his hands buried deep inside the pockets of his coat. The silver-haired male shot glares of hatred towards the man.

"Admiring my sons, vampire?" the male said in a deep voice. "They're a treasure, aren't they?"

The vampire hissed and bared his fangs, his wild eyes never left the silver-haired male's face. The vampire hissed and ran for the male. But the male seemed to pull out a slender sword form nowhere and cut the vampire in half. The male watched as the vampire exploded into dust, leaving nothing but his black coat, and jeans behind.

"Damn Level E," the male said as he sheathed his sword and put in back on his back. The male turned around to look at the brick wall that surrounded the park. He walked towards the wall and picked up the two cups of hot chocolate he left there. He entered the park and walked towards the children. When the twin on the swing saw him, he smiled and leapt off the swing.

"Dad!" he called as he ran towards him and threw his arms around his waist.

The man chuckle, "Whoa...easy Ichiru. I don't want to spill your hot chocolate," the man smiled down at his son and handed him one cup of the steaming liquid.

"I can't believe you got some!" Ichiru said as he took the cup in both his hands, "Thanks Dad."

"We're lucky the vendor was still open," the male chuckled and ruffled Ichiru's hair.

The man started walking towards the monkey-bars where his eldest hung upside down on the monkey bars. The man walked to stand in front of his son's gaze, "Hey Zero..," when he heard no reply, he knew his son was stuck. He turned his head a little to meet his son's violet gaze, "Hows it hangin'?"

Zero glared at his father, his cheeks starting to get a dark shade of red. He pouted, "I'm stuck."

Ichiru chuckled as their father rolled his eyes, "Every time you try hanging upside down, you get stuck," their father said as he lifted up Zero's back, closer to the bars as Zero tried to manoeuvre his feet out of the bars.

"Its not my fault. There's a trick to it," Zero said as he held onto one of the bars and managed to get one of his feet unhooked.

"The trick is to use the back of your knees as an anchor, not your feet," the male chuckled as Zero got both of his feet free and now dangled in front of his father. Zero let go of the bars and dropped to the ground.

Zero dusted his hands off on his jeans and smiled happily when his father handed him a cup of hot chocolate, "Thanks," he smiled at his twin.

Their father ruffled Zero's hair, "No problem. Okay, monkeys, time to go home..."

The twins whined in unison, "Really?" Ichiru whined, his voice a little higher then his twin's.

"It couldn't have been two minutes already," Zero whined as Ichiru took his father's hand.

"You're right. It was two hours," their father replied as Zero took his other hand, and sipped on his hot chocolate. "Your mother isn't going to be impressed with us."

"Master Yagari says Mom isn't impressed with anything," Ichiru said as the three boys started walking to the exit of the park.

"That's half-true," their father chuckled. "But don't let her hear you say that."

The twins chuckled, then Zero turned serious and looked up at his father, "Dad... that man behind the tree was a vampire, wasn't he?"

Their father looked down at Zero, "You sensed it, huh?" when Zero nodded, he smiled, "Yeah. It was a Level E."

"It had to be killed, right?" Ichiru asked as he licked the chocolate off his lips.

"Yup. It was a bad vampire," their father replied as he looked on both sides of the road before he and his sons crossed the street, "Level Es are bad vampires that have to be killed or else they'll hurt people."

"Did he wanna hurt us?" Ichiru asked.

"Yup. But he's gone now, so you don't have to worry about it," their father smiled. The boys walked up the street.


The boys stopped and turned around to the person who called them. It was man standing outside the small town's butchery shop He was a little over weight and wore a white cap. The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up his forearms, and he wore a red-and-white stripped apron around his waist. He smiled and waved at the boys as the came closer.

"Mr. Katchi," Mr. Kiryuu smiled as he shook the butcher's hand, "How are you?"

"I am fine. Thank you, and yourself?" the butcher smiled warmly at Mr. Kiryuu as he shook his hand, "Coming back from a nice day at the park, I see," he smiled down at the twins, "How was it boys? Did you have fun?"

"Yeah," the twins said in unison as they smiled warmly at the butcher.

"Dad played with us all day today!" Ichiru sang.

"He even went down on the slide!" Zero said happily.

The butcher clapped his hands and chuckled, "Thats great!" he ruffled the twins' hair and looked at their father, "Its nice to see you get some days off from work."

Mr. Kiryuu blushed slightly, "Yeah well, my boys need some attention."

The twins chuckled and wrapped an arm around their father, when suddenly a woman stuck her head out the door, her dark brown hair tied in a messy bun, her blue shirt covered by a red-and-white stripped apron; her green eyes landed on the twins.

"Oh! There they are!" the woman smiled as she stepped outside, crouched down and kissed the twins' cheeks, "How are my little boys?"

"Fine," the twins chorused as they tried to hide their blush.

"Thats good," the woman smiled as she stood up straight and smiled at Mr. Kiryuu and grabbed his cheek, "And you Mr. Daddy?"

Mr. Kiryuu chuckled, "I'm well, thank you. And yourself, Mrs, Katchi."

"Now, now, Senji-kun," the woman scolded. "How many times have I told you to call me Auntie?" she let go of Senji Kiryuu's cheek.

"Sorry Mrs––," Senji cleared his throat when he earned a cold glare form the woman, "Auntie."

The twins chuckled as the woman smiled, "Good. Now tell me, are you still going away to visit your Grandfather?"

Senji Kiryuu nodded, "Yeah. The Old Man doesn't do this reunion thing often, and its a chance for me to catch up with my best friend and al the other morons I grew up with," Senji shrugged. "So, we're heading out."

"Have you decided if you're going to move there?" the butcher asked, a small hint of sadness in his voice.

"Yeah. All of us are moving closer to the Old Man by his request. We've got the house bought up and ready, but the Old Man insists that we stay inside his place for a while before we get settled," Senji pulled his kinds closer to him as the couple smiled sadly at him.

"Oh, such a shame you have to move so soon," the woman said. "We're going to miss you all so much."

"Sorry Auntie," all three Kiryuu boys said in unison making the woman blink fast to stop the tears from falling.

Senji saw this and wrapped an arm around the woman, hugging her as she cried into her shoulder. The twins stared up at their father, but their attention was drawn to the butcher as he crouched down onto his haunches and smiled at the boys.

"Now, you two are going to come and visit your old Uncle, aren't you?" the butcher asked as he ruffled Ichiru's hair.

"Yeah. Because you make the best burger in the whole entire world!" Ichiru said as he threw his arms around to emphasis his words.

The butcher chuckled, "You two, promise to take care of one another, alright? Mom and Dad too, for us, okay?"

"Yes Uncle," the boys said in unison.

"Because you two are like family," the butcher smiled as the twins blushed. He tapped his chin for a long time before he vanished into his shop and came back with two little boxes. He handed the little boxes to the boys and watched as they happily opened up the boxes.

"Whoa, a Game Boy!" the twins chorused. "Thank you, Uncle!"

Zero held a metallic blue Game Boy in his hand as Ichiru held a metallic red one. They smiled happily and held onto the games tightly. They smiled up at the Butcher as he ruffled their hair.

"Something to remember us by," the Butcher said as he stood up to smile at Senji Kiryuu.

"That wasn't necessary," Senji said as he rubbed the woman's shoulder.

"Nonsense Kiryuu-kun," the butcher said. "The twins were like grandsons to us. Its only fair that we give them a going away present."

"Now wait here, Senji-kun, we have something for you too," the woman said as she vanished inside the shop and came back shortly afterwards with a bunch of flowers in her arm and a photo frame in her other hand. "Here," the woman explained as she handed the flowers and frame over, "For that lovely wife of yours."

"And the picture is of all of us last Christmas," the butcher explained. "When you came over for supper."

Senji looked at the picture, there was a giant christmas tree in the far corner as Zero and Ichiru sat on Auntie and Uncle's lap, Uncle's arm was stretched over the couch and around his wife's shoulder, Senji and his wife standing behind the couch, arm around her waist. Smiles everywhere as the twins held teddy bears on their laps and hugged Uncle and Auntie.

"Thank you. Its wonderful," Senji said, finding it hard to talk around the lump in his throat.

"Just something small to remember us by," the woman explained as she stood beside her husband, "We still expect you to visit us."

"Oh, we will," Senji said. He felt something vibrate in his pocket. He dug in his coat pocket and pulled out his cellphone. One missed call from his wife, "We gotta go. The Wife is starting to worry."

"I see," the woman smiled down as the twins ran up to hug her. She crouched down, "Goodbye boys...we'll miss you around here."

"We'll miss you too," the twins sad sadly as the hugged her.

The woman smiled, "Take care you three," she reached out and kissed Senji's cheek, "Take care of your family."

Senji smiled, "I will. Thank you," he shook the butcher's hand. "For everything."

The butcher smiled, "Thank you for everything you've done for us son, you're a good man."

Senji smiled. He looked down at his sons, "Say bye, boys."

"Bye bye, Uncle, Auntie," the twins sang as the three of them started walking again, waving goodbye to the couple that stood outside the Butchery.

§Vampire Knight§


"We're home."

The three silver haired boys walked into the foyer of the double-storey house and shrugged out of their coats. The crème coloured walls glowed white as the chandelier's light danced off the walls and lit up the room. Senji Kiryuu hung his coat up on the rack, the twins following his example as a woman came around the corner.

Her violet eyes were narrowed down on Senji, her slender arms crossed over her chest. Her light brown hair tied into a sideways ponytail that came over her shoulder. Her lightly tanned skin complimented by the long-sleeved white blouse she wore and black jeans.

"Hey honey," Senji said with an innocent smile.

"Don't you honey me," she snapped as she walked towards the twins and crouched down, "You boys were supposed to be home hours ago. What kept you, do you have any idea how worried I was?"

"Sorry Mom," Zero said as his eyes dropped down to the floor.

"Uncle and Auntie wee just saying goodbye to us," Ichiru said as he showed his mother his new toy, "Look at what they gave us!"

Their mother cocked her head to the side and took the toy gently from Ichiru's hand and examined the toy, "The couple form the butchery?"

"They gave you these," Senji said gently as he handed his wife the bouquet of flowers. The woman handed the toy back to her son and took the flowers, admiring the orchids, pale orange roses and daises. She inhaled their scent and sighed.

"They didn't have to do that," she said softly.

"They also gave us this picture frame," Senji said as he put his arm around her waist and showed her the picture.

"Last Year's christmas?" she looked at her husband who nodded, "Oh...how sweet of them. We'll have to visit them often."

"They asked us too," Zero said. "They said we're like family."

The woman touched her cheek, "How kind of them," she stared at the picture for a long while, shaking her head quickly, "Okay, boys, go get dressed for dinner. Senji, help me set the table. Zero, make sure Ichiru takes his medicine. Ichiru," their mother kissed his cheek. "Take all your medicine, okay?"

Ichiru nodded and followed his brother up the stairs to their bedroom as Senji followed his wife to the kitchen, where he watched her take a vase from one of the many boxes in the kitchen and fill it with water and put the flowers inside. Senji watched as his wife moved back to to stir whatever was cooking on the stove. He sighed and stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned against his chest.

"We don't have to move," Senji whispered to her. "We can stay here, Azumi."

"You and I both know that we can't do that," Azumi whispered. "All Level Es in this area have been exterminated. And besides, we have to follow our orders. All Hunter Families have been ordered to go to where Kazumi Minako lives due to the major increase of vampire attacks."

"There's no evidence of that. For all we know, that crazy Old Man is doing this just to piss us off," Senji said into his wife's hair.

"Even so...you'd go just to see your best friend, right?" Azumi shrugged out her husband's arms and turned around to face him, "It'll be a chance for the twins to see some of their old friends again."

"So in the end there are a lot of benefits," Senji shrugged a shoulder, "Yagari will be closer, there's a lot of good schools in the area, a lot of kids their age with parents that have the same occupation as them. In the end, this'll be good for them."

Azumi turned to the flowers, "And we can come back to visit Mr. and Mrs. Katchi. Invite them to our new house for christmas..."

"If we stay there long enough," Senji crossed his arms over his chest. "We really do move around a lot."

Azumi nodded, "But this time its on orders. So, we can't say no, even if we wanted too."

"I know," Senji said. He turned around when he heard his boys laughing as they came down the stairs, Game Boys in their hands.

Senji smiled and clapped his hands, "Okay kiddies. Toys away, time to eat! Mom made some good food."

The boys chorused an 'okay' and helped their father set the table. Four plates, four glasses, four knives and forks. The twins sat beside each other at the square table, Ichiru across from their father and Zero across from their mother. Azumi Kiryuu set the food down on the table and watched as her boys dished the food up into their plates. She dished up for herself and they began eating. Roasted Lemon and Herb Chicken, rice, pumpkin and Azumi Kiryuu's Special Gravy. The boys ate it with smiled as they told their mother about their time in the park, and how their Dad attempted to go down the slide. The Kiryuu Family was happy. Then Ichiru took a look around the kitchen and saw all the boxes piled up in the kitchen.

"Why are we moving again?" Ichiru asked.

Azumi swallowed her food, "Well, because the Association ordered all Hunter Families to live closer to Kazumi Minako."

"Kazumi Minako? Isn't he that crazy old Hunter that lives in the big mansion?" Zero asked, "He took me and Ichiru and whole bunch of other kids to the water park when we were six."

Senji nodded, "He might take you tot he amusement park this time. Maybe I can go with an sneak you onto the big roller coaster?" he winked at his sons and earned a punch from his wife.

"Over my dead body," Azumi snapped.


"Bu that does mean its going to be like last time too?" Zero asked, "Are we gonna live with Kazumi Minako again before we move into our new house?"

"Yup," Senji said. "He's probably gonna do the whole 'Hunter Banquet' thing again, then we're gonna move into our new house a month later."

"A month?" Azumi and the twins said in unison.

"I'm just following orders of a crazy old man who is probably lonely," Senji said, raising his hands in defence, "But on the upside. Yagari, Kaien Cross and a whole bunch of Hunters are going to be living under one roof."

"Master Yagari is coming?" Zero asked happily.

"Yup," Senji smiled.

"And he's bringing Kaito Takamiya with him," Azumi said before she put a fork full of food into her mouth.

"Really?" Ichiru asked, looking a little worried.

"Don't worry, Ichiru, Zero will protect you," Senji smiled. "Right Zero?"

Ichiru glanced at his twin, Zero nodded as he nibbled on a piece of chicken. Zero looked at his brother and smiled, Ichiru smiled back.

"That aside," Senji said as he stretched, staring at his empty plate, "Its gonna be a lot of fun. You'll get to play with other Hunter kids and learn a lot about the business."

"So it'll be good for all of us," Azumi said as she stood up ad collected the plates. "But its a long car ride. So, bed time."

The twins whined but did as they were told. They slid off their chairs and kissed their mother and hugged their father and went upstairs, as their parents cleaned the dishes and packed them away.

As Zero got dressed into his pyjamas, he heard Ichiru climb into his bed. Strangely quiet, especially after such an exciting day. Ichiru would usually tell Zero how much fun he had today, and he would like to do it again... but not tonight...

"Ichiru?" Zero saw his brother pull the covers over his head and stay still. Zero climbed onto the bed and sat beside Ichiru and he pulled the covers back, "Ichiru? What's wrong?"

"Everyone is going to make fun of me," Ichiru said sadly. He pulled the covers up to hide his face, only the top of his head sticking out, "They're all gonna be mean because I'm not as strong as them."

"That doesn't matter, Ichiru," Zero said smiling at his twin. Ichiru pulled the covers down a little bit so he could see his brother, "All that matters is that we have fun. We are only eight after all. Mom said its best to remember how to be kids... so thats what we'll do..."

Zero smiled and pulled the covers back and climbed in beside Ichiru. Ichiru turned onto his side to look at his twin, Zero did the same, a kind smile on his face, "Zero thinks i'll be fine?"

Zero nodded, "Definitely. Remember the last time we visited Old Man Hunter? He said that sometimes the weak ones now will be the strong ones in the future," Zero touched his twin's cheek, "And I know Ichiru will become really strong. Stronger then me. Stronger then Mom and Dad."

"Zero really thinks so?" Ichiru asked, covering Zero's hand with his own.

"I know so," Zero smiled. He turned around and faced his bedside table and turned off the lamp. The room plummeted into darkness and Zero turned back to face his twin, "Goodnight Ichiru."


The sun shone brightly down on the car as it drove along an empty road that was framed by trees that stretched up into the sky. Senji Kiryuu kept glancing in his rear view mirror, watching the twins sleep. Zero's head leaning against the seat and Ichiru's head resting in Zero's shoulder, both Game Boys still clutched in their hands. Beside him, hie beautiful wife was fast asleep, her elbow resting on the arm rest and the palm of hr hand nestled against her cheek, supporting her head as she slept. They had been driving for almost four hours. The new town that they lived in seemed to be a lot like their old one. Clean sidewalks and different stores lined up and people walking up and down, looking forward to getting to their destinations. There were little vendors near the parks that were filled with children playing on the swings and park rides. Senji followed the road that took him up the mountain. The road seemed to be framed by the forest and the stone road was smooth. The endless rows of scattered trees started to form shapes, neat little rows until the meadow started. It was autumn, so it was surprising to see too green grass stretch on for miles and miles until they reached the large iron gates with the letters KM on them. There was a guard standing inside his booth beside the gates. He stared at Senji for a long time before he flipped open a book and studied it for a long while, then he looked back up at Senji. Senji frowned and felt his wife stir and open her beautiful violet eyes. She looked at Senji.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"This guard is just examining me," Senji replied. "Wonder why?"

Azumi unbuckled her seat belt and leaned across her husband's lap to look out the window at the guard who was staring at the book. The guard's eyes lit up when he saw Azumi, turned a few pages in the book and stared at the book, then back at Azumi. The guard smiled at her and then waved at them. His hand vanished and then suddenly the large iron gates in front of them started opening slowly.

"Huh...," Azumi cocked her head to the side. "Guess I was the magic word."

"Honey," Senji called. Azumi turned to look at her husband, "As much as I love you in my lap...I need to drive."

Azumi smiled, "Sorry hun," she kissed her husband quickly before she scrambled off his lap.

Senji put the car in gear and drove up the brick layered road and followed it until he saw a few other cars parked in front of the entrance to the front door of the mansion. Senji frowned then his gaze went up to the mansion. Pearl white with floor-to-ceiling widows. The mansion was a three-storey building. The entrance looked like a little house all on its own, glass walls and white marble columns holding up the roof. A large chandelier hangin in the middle as large black doors gave anything but a warm welcome. The entrance was attacked to the mansion via a long glass-walled passage way. Every room had a large window in front of it, framed by red curtains.

Senji let out a low whistle, "Now I know why I never visit this guy."

Azumi rolled her eyes and turned in her seat, she gently shook Ichiru awake, "Zero, Ichiru, wake up...we're here..."

Ichiru stirred and opened his violet eyes. Azumi smiled at him. She loved her sons deeply, she was so incredibly happy when they started looking more like their father, the only thing that they had gotten from her was her violet eyes...and probably her temper...

Ichiru blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes. When his gaze found the mansion, he snapped forward, "Whoa! That the biggest house I've ever seen!" Ichiru turned to his brother and shook him, "Zero! Zero, look!"

Zero stirred and mumbled something and turned away from Ichiru in an attempt to get more sleep. Senji rolled his eyes and turned the engine off, "C'mon Zero, wake up," he took the keys out the ignition and opened the car door and stepped out, bumping into a sullen man in a tuxedo. Senji jumped back, his back knocking against the car.

The sullen man stared at Senji with beady black eyes and his black hair parted down the middle and wrinkles all over his frowned face, "Kiryuu-sama, I presume," he said in a monotone voice.

"Yeah," Senji nodded and held out his hand, "Kiryuu Senji."

The man in the tux stared at his hand and lifted his nose to it and walked around the car and opened the car door for Azumi. Azumi stepped out and stared at the man with a confused gaze as he held out his hand.

"Lady Kiryuu?" the man asked as Azumi gave him her hand, he kissed her knuckles, "My Master will be very pleased due to your arrival."

Senji growled slightly and moved to open Zero's door. He didn't notice Zero still leaning against the window asleep as he opened the door. Zero fell out the door quickly and yelped when he saw the ground getting closer. But Zero felt an arm wrap around his chest. He looked up and saw his father crouched down, holding him. His father smiled apologetically.

"Sorry Zero," his father called.

"Dad!" Ichiru called. "That was fast," he said as he watched his father pull Zero out the car and followed close behind. Ichiru stood beside his twin as Zero dusted himself off, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Zero said to his twin.

"And awake. I should wake you up like that more often," Senji said as he leaned inside the car and grabbed the boys' backpacks and their Game Boys. He handed the stuff to the boys and helped them shrug into their backpacks as Azumi came around.

"Are you alright, Zero?" Azumi asked as she crouched down in front of Zero and examined him for any wounds.

"I'm fine Mom," Zero said. He looked up at the man in the tux, "Who are you?"

Ichiru stood behind his brother as they both stared up questionably at the man. The man didn't even look down at them, and Senji got irritated with that, "Yeah. Who are you? You work here?"

The man bowed slightly, "I am Kazu. I am Kazumi-sama's faithful assistant. I am here to guide you to your assigned chambers and to greet Kazumi-sama."

"Great," Azumi smiled. "Let's just grab our stuff and we can go."

"That is not needed, Lady Kiryuu," Kazu smiled. "I shall send for someone to collect your things. Please," he gestured towards the entrance. "If you will be as kind as to follow me."

Senji and Azumi exchanged a quick glance and shrugged. Senji draped his arm around his wife's shoulders as Zero and Ichiru walked beside him. They weaved through all the parked cars and climbed the stairs to the entrance. Kazu pushed open the giant black double doors and waited for the Kiryuu Family to pass him. The family entered the glass hallway and waited for Kazu to guide them. Kazu stood in front of them and guided them down the hallway to another pair of doors. Kazu opened the doors and then light spilled into the room. The foyer where the stood was large and grand with gold coloured tiles and smooth white walls. A large staircase in the middle of the room that lead up into the second floor and a large mural painted on the wall behind the staircase of a naked man with red drapes around his hips being praised by women that bowed at his feet. Zero frowned and looked at Ichiru who seemed to be disturbed by the painting on the wall.

"Kiryuu-kun! Azumi-chan!"

The twins looked at the top of the staircase and noticed a man with dark grey hair that just came to his shoulders and stern brown eyes. He was wearing a puffy white shirt that wasn't buttoned up all the way, so the twins could see some of his hairy chest. His shirt was tucked into his black trousers and he carried a sword in his right hand, a glass of red liquid in the other. He strode down the stairs gracefully and Senji remembered why he didn't like the guy.

"Azumi-chan, you look beautiful as always!" he cheered.

Senji rolled his eyes and smirked, "Yo...Old Man Hunter Junior," he said cockily as he draped his arm around Azumi's shoulders, "That's a nice way to ignore me."

The man's eyebrow twitched when he heard the word 'old', he tried to smile, but it came out very wrong, "Kiryuu-kun...I could never ignore you."

"Yeah. Neither could I."

Senji felt his excitement rise. He was here. His best friend. The man he had know since he was three-years-old. The man who was his friend during Elementary School, Middle School, High School and College. The man who had helped him recognize his love for Azumi, the best man at his wedding. Sudikako Wana. Senji turned around and stared at the man with short pitch black hair and hazel eyes. He was a little taller then Senji and his smile was always kind. There was stubble on his chin and he was a little bit more muscular then Senji.

"Wana!" Senji sang as he smiled at his best friend, "I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Same to you," Wana smiled, "Are you shrinking?"

Senji chuckled as he stepped forward and shook his best friend's hand with a firm grip, "Not at all. You're just a skyscraper."

Azumi smiled when she saw how happy her husband was to see his best friend. She knew this man too. Since High School when she started dating Senji. But she only new him through one person, her best friend, Wana's wife. Just as that thought hit Azumi, a woman stepped out from behind Wana. Long blonde hair that came up to her hips, big blue eyes and a slender frame. She smiled. This was Azumi's friend, Sudikako Jenichi.

Azumi smiled and rushed from her husbands side as Jenichi did the same. They met in the middle and hugged each other tightly, "I've missed you so much, Jenichi."

When they pulled away the blonde woman smiled at her friend, "I have too. I cant believe its been so long. Two years..."

"Two years too long," Azumi said. "You came to visit the twins on their birthday."

Jenichi smiled, "Thats right," she looked around Azumi at the twins who were staring at the couples, "They've gotten so big!"

"Not really," Ichiru said with a smile. "We're only eight."

Jenichi chuckled, "They're so cute," she crouched down to get a better look at them. "You both look so much like your father," she ruffled Zero's hair. "Tell me, you two don't remember me, do you?"

Zero tapped his chin, "I don't know."

Azumi and Jenichi chuckled as Jenichi stood up straight. She smiled at Kazumi Katsuro, "Hello, Kazumi-sama."

The Old Man smiled and reached out to hug Jenichi but she turned around quickly, back to her husband, the twins and Azumi following. Wana's eyes landed on the twins, "Wow...you two are getting taller, huh?"

The adults smiled at each other as the twins nodded. Wana ruffled Zero and Ichiru's hair and smiled at his best friend and put an arm around his shoulders, "This is the perfect time to catch up. Wanna beer? I know I brought some!"

Azumi rolled her eyes, "Here we go already."

"It would be rude if you did not greet me."

Zero and Ichiru looked up at the staircase and smiled widely as an old man came down the staircase. His dark grey hair longer then his nephew and bear at his waist. This man was said to be the greatest Vampire Hunter in History, Kazumi Minako, Old Man Hunter. He rejected the position of being the Hunter Association's President even though he would be the best person suited for the job.

"Old Man Hunter!" Zero heard a high pitched voice shout.

He watched as Ichiru ran past him towards up to Old Man Hunter. She jumped up and the old man caught her easily and hugged her tightly, "Ichiru-kun. It's nice to see you all again."

Zero watched Old Man Hunter ruffle Ichiru's hair. Zero walked up to Old Man Hunter and hugged him. This man was the closest thing he had to a grandfather.

"Zero-kun, Ichiru-kun," the Old Man smiled. "It is hard to believe all of you have grown so much since I saw you last," Old Man Hunter looked up at the adults and was embraced by Azumi, then Jenichi, "As all of you. I cannot believe you are all adults."

"Old Man Hunter," Senji greeted, "Its good to see you. You're looking well."

And that did it. The Old Man started breaking out into a dance, causing the little kids to giggle. The Old Man smiled, "I can still move," he smiled. "Now come. All the other Hunters have gathered in the main lounge. Katsuro was supposed to tell you."

"They were reuniting. How could I interrupt that?" Katsuro asked sarcastically.

The Old Man rolled his eyes, "Katsuro will take you to the lounge. I will take the children to where the other children are. Kaito-kun is already here."

"Really? Yagari is here already?" Senji asked.

"Yes," the Old Man sang, "Kaien Cross is here as well. They came together. Katsuro, take them through," the Old Man smiled, "Come children."

"Boys," Azumi said, giving them an 'I'm counting on you' look.

"We'll be good," the twins said in unison.

"Stop worrying. I have Care Takers to watch over them," the Old Man smiled. "Come children."

§Vampire Knight§


The room that Old Man Hunter left them in was big and seemed to stretch on forever. The room had double doors that opened up into the back yard where there was a ring of Bouncy Houses and Inflatable Slides and inside was a eight-seater sofa in front of a large TV screen that was just like a theater screen, and a few boys playing a Racing Video Game. Bean bag chairs were scattered around the room where girl played with their toys and enjoyed tea parties or just talking amongst themselves. There were some boys outside kicking a ball around, playing soccer, trying to make goals. There were many kinds in the room playing with each other and whatever toys they could find. There were children that were younger then Zero and Ichiru, some were older, but they all knew each other form the Association.

All of their parents were Vampire Hunters, just like Zero and Ichiru's parents.

"This looks like fun, ne, Ichiru?" Zero looked around, distracted by all the toys in the corner, the racing game on TV and the bouncy houses outside. When Zero heard no response form his twin, he turned to glance at him, "Ichiru?"

Ichiru's sad gaze was focused on the floor, "We're the only twins."

Zero looked around the room, scanning the somewhat familiar faces, some you could see were siblings, but no one looked exactly alike, not like Zero and Ichiru. Zero turned back to his brother, "It doesn't matter Ichiru. They all have their brothers and sisters," Zero wrapped an arm around Ichiru's shoulders, "And I have mine."

Ichiru smiled at his twin. As he opened his mouth to say thanks to his twin, one of the Care Takers crouched down in front of them. She was pretty, long brown hair and green eyes. She smiled at them, "May I take your coats?"

Zero and Ichiru nodded in unison and in perfect unison shrugged out of their coats and handed them to the Care Taker who smiled and took them gently in her arms, "Why don't you two go play? I'm sure there is a lot you can do."

Zero took his brother's hand as Ichiru nodded at the Care Taker. Zero led his brother through the crowd of kids and toys. Zero turned to ask his bother what he wanted to do when a bright red ball hit him on his forehead and knocked him down to the ground.

"Zero!" Ichiru called, falling to his knees beside his brother and looking at him worriedly, "Is Zero okay?"

"Yeah," Zero said as he glared at the red ball in his lap and rubbed his forehead. He looked up at the person who threw the ball at him and came face-to-face with a blue-eyes girl who looked around the same age as them. She seemed so familiar.

She had long blonde hair that came down to her waist and big blue eyes. She had pale skin and wore a blood red sweater and a black overall dress with red stockings and black boots. Her hair was loose and fluttered around over her shoulders. She cocked her head to the side and smiled at the twins and held out her hands.

"Sorry Zero-kun. Can I have my ball back?" the girl asked in a low voice, but her smile was kind.

"Why did you hit Zero with the ball?" Ichiru demanded as he shot to his feet, "He could've gotten hurt!"

"Ichiru," Zero said as he took the ball and stood up slowly, "Its okay. It was an accident."

"Actually it wasn't," the girl said. Zero and Ichiru deadpanned and glared at the girl as she shrugged a shoulder, "Just wanted to say hi."

"What's wrong with walking up to us and saying hello?" Zero demanded angrily.

"There's no fun in that," the girl said as she stepped forward, "My ball, please?"

As the girl reached out for the ball, Zero snatched it away from her grasp, holding it away from her, he was pouting as he said, "No!"

"What?" the girl reached around Zero to grab the ball, but Zero dodged it again, "Gimme back my ball!"

"No," Zero snapped now holding it above his head, "Its mine now."

The girl rolled her eyes and hit the ball out of Zero's hands and caught it in her own palms, she stuck her tongue out at Zero and lifted her hand to her forehead, "I'm taller then you."

"Gimme the ball!" Zero demanded grabbing the ball, but the girl wouldn't let let go, "Give it to me!"

"No! Its mine!" the girl said, pulling the ball back.

Soon it turned into a tug-of-war, Ichiru standing in the middle, watching the ball going one way, then to the other. He glanced at his brother, who he knew was pulling with all his might. Ichiru glanced at the girl, her cheeks were a bright red as she tugged on the ball.

"You're stupid!" Zero snapped.

"I know you are but what am I?" the girl hissed back at Zero.

Ichiru shook his head, "Zero..."

Suddenly, Zero and the girl were standing forehead to forehead, glaring daggers at each other, arms locked on the bright red ball, Zero growling slightly as he tugged on it, "Let go."

"No! You let go," the girl replied sternly.

Then it was one more tug as the ball slipped from their hands and rolled off. Zero and the girl's eyes locked on the ball as they dove for it. They knocked the ball further and Zero got up to get the ball, but the girl's hand locked on his ankle, making him trip to the ground. The girl got up but Zero jumped up and locked his arms around her knees, making her tumble to the ground. Ichiru gasped when he saw that they were starting to fight, Zero pulling on the girl's hair and the girl pulling on Zero's as the rolled all over the floor, taking turns at who got to be pinned to the floor. Ichiru tried to get them to stop, but instead as his brother and the girl wrestled and fought, the ball was knocked into his arms. He watched as the called each other 'stupid' and 'dumb' as they rolled around the floor, the whole room now focused on the fight, some cheering for Zero, some cheering for the girl.


Ichiru watched one of the two of the Care Takers rushed towards Zero and the girl. The one that helped Zero and Ichiru earlier, grabbed the little girl around her waist and pried her off of Zero as the other Care Taker grabbed Zero and then separated the two kids.

"She bit me," zero said angrily, reaching out for the girl.

"You bit me first!" the girl snapped.

The Care Taker stared hard at the girl, "Kira-chan shouldn't bite people! Its very mean!"

Zero and Ichiru froze for a long time, completely focused on the girl, "Kira-chan?" they questioned in unison.

The girl – Kira – looked at Zero and Ichiru, "Yes, Kira! Me!"

Zero and Ichiru felt their mouths drop. Ever since they could remember, there was always a little girl beside them, one with short blonde hair and brown eyes, they were in kindergarden together and when Uncle Sudikako still lived in the area, she always slept over. They hadn't seen her in two years...it couldn't be the same Kira, could it?

"Kira-chan? Sudikako Kira-chan?" Ichiru questioned.

Kira nodded, "Yes...My Daddy is Sudikako Wana," she crossed her arms over her chest as the Care Taker still clung to her, "You forgot who I was, didn't you?"

"No," Ichiru sang, trying hard to hide his blush. But it did explain a lot on why Zero and Kira-chan fought. They had a strange relationship.

"Yes!" Zero snapped, "I can't believe you bit me!"

Kira rolled her eyes, "You bit me first!"

"Enough you two," one of the Care Takers snapped, "Haven't you both caused enough trouble? Now apologize to one another."

"Don't bother. They won't say anything to one another."

Ichiru turned to the voice that came from behind him. He looked up and met the cold light brown eyes of Takamiya Kaito. Ichiru swallowed hard, but all Kaito did was smile. His hand rested on top of Ichiru's head and ruffled his hair.

"Causing trouble again, Zero? Kira?" Kaito said in his calm voice.

"Kaito!" Kira exclaimed as she leapt from the Care Takers arms and into Kaito's. Kaito smiled as he hugged her. She smiled up at him.

Kaito hugged Kira close to him, "Thank you...I'll look after them from now on."

The Care Takers exchanged a long glance before they nodded and the one holding Zero set him down on the ground. Zero dusted off his jeans and stood beside his twin, who was still holding the bright red ball.

"What were you two fighting over now?" Kaito asked and he smiled down at the twins and Kira clasped onto his arm.

"Kira-chan hit me with a ball, then she took the ball and bit me," Zero mumbled, annoyed at Kaito's slight chuckle.

Kaito glanced down at Kira, "Really?"

Kira pointed accusingly at Zero, "He forgot who I was! That's mean!"

Kaito shook his head, "You two are always fighting," he ruffled Kera's hair. "Then at the end of the day you're like the best of friends," Kaito gently took the ball from Ichiru, "Why don't all of you play with this ball together?"

Kira smiled up at Kaito and he crouched down to pick her up, "How is my little Kira-chan?"

"I'm good and Kaito?" Kira smiled as Kaito ruffled her hair.

Kaito looked around, "Where is Kira's little brother?"

Kira looked down at the floor sadly, "Onii-chan is by Onee-san ."

Kaito nodded, "I see. That's fine. Kira-chan gets me all to herself then!"

Kira smiled widely and clapped her hands, shouting a loud 'Yay' for everyone to hear as she took Kaito's hand and hugged it.

"Let's go play outside, okay?" Kaito asked, he looked at the twins, "That okay with you two?"

The twins nodded as they followed Kaito and Kira outside. They walked quite a far way so that they were alone. Kira was walking beside Kaito, Zero beside her and Ichiru next to him. Zero glanced at Kira.

"Kira-chan is like a demon. She pretends to be cute and sweet when some adults are around but turns evil when she's alone with us," Zero whispered to his twin.

Ichiru looked around Zero at the blonde girl, "Her eyes are blue now. How is that possible, Zero? Her eyes were brown when we were little..."

Zero glared at Kera, "That's why I'm saying she's evil!"

Kaito stopped on a nice patch of green grass and sat down. He balanced the ball on his forefinger and smiled, "Okay kiddies. Your parents have asked me to watch over you three and keep you out of trouble," he started spinning the ball. "I am now your baby-sitter."

"How can Kaito be a baby-sitter when he is only twelve?" Kira asked as she cocked her head to the side.

"I'm older then you and that's all that matters," Kaito smiled as he played with the ball. "And this is mine!"

The three eight-year-olds gasped and glared at Kaito. Zero glanced at Kira and held out his hand, "Truce? Until we get our ball back?"

Kira looked at Zero's hand and saw a smiling Ichiru behind him. She smiled and took Zero's hand in hers and shook his hand, "Truce!"

"Attack!" Ichiru announced as they all pounced on Kaito in an attempt to get the ball back from him. The four of them laughing loudly as they wrestled each other on the green grass. The more Zero and Ichiru thought about it, the more fun this move would be.

§Vampire Knight§


Old Man Hunter stood on a little stage in the Ball Room, he stood tall in front of the crowd of Vampire Hunters, all with serious expressions as they stared at the oldest Vampire Hunter standing before them. To his right, stood one of the best Vampire Hunters in the whole Association, Sudikako Wana and his wife Jenichi, to his left, Kiryuu Senji stood beside the rest of Sudikako's team: Kiryuu Azumi, Yagari Touga and Cross Kaien. The Old Man stared at the crowd of Hunters, his face grave.

"I have three very important announcements," the Old Man smiled at Kaien Cross. "Kaien Cross-kun's retirement in the Hunter Association has finally been aproved and Kaien Cross-kun is now an extra Hunter for when things get dangerous. He is our Primary Source of Reinforcements."

The room irrupted into applause as Kaien Cross blushed a brilliant red as Senji elbowed him in the ribs and Yagari ruffled his hair. Wana gave him a thumbs up as the room began dying down and the Old Man's features turned serious. The Old Man's hands went behind his back and he began to pace the stage.

"My district is being invaded my a mass wave of Level E Vampires and some vampires that need to be exterminated," the Old Man began. "The Association has ordered me to do something about this serious situation or else they will lock this district off and let the vampires kill as many humans as they want," the Old Man stopped. "That is my second announcement... my third is addressed to those who are willing," the Old Man opened his eyes, scanned the crowd as he spoke slowly, "I need Hunters to move to this area. I have already gotten offers from the Kiryuu Clan and Yagari Touga, as well as the Sudikako Clan and the Takamiya Family. Any more offers, please go to my nephew in the lounge," the Old Man gestured towards the end end of the hall. "But for the time being, please enjoy your one month stay in my home..."

The Vampire Hunters nodded and clapped their hands as the Old Man left the stage, being followed by everyone that stood beside him. Senji watched at Wana vanished from his wife's side behind the curtain. Senji shook his head and walked past the curtain his friend hid behind. The suddenly Senji's arm was in a vice and he was pulled behind the curtain beside his best friend.

"Wana! What are you doing?" Senji demanded.

Senji watched as Wana peeked around the curtain and grabbed another person and pulled him behind the curtain. Senji felt Yagari hit his chest and his breath left him as Wana pulled Kaien behind the curtain with them.

"What the hell is going on?" Yagari demanded as he pulled his hat back to glare at Wana with his pale blue eyes.

"Wana-chan has lost mind," Kaien mumbled. The he smiled widely, "Welcome to my side of the world, Wana-chan!"

Wana stared at Kaien, "What? No," he shook his head and smiled at his friends, "Senji, you're moving closer? Into this town as well?"

Senji nodded, "Yeah! You're moving here too? Where?"

"A block down from the main park. On Kukuro street. Number thirteen."

Senji hit his friend, "Shut up! We're on Kukuro street too! Number twelve!"

Wana smiled as he put an arm around Senji and they jumped up and down, "We're gonna be neighbors again! Oh man, this great!" Wana smiled at Kaien and Yagari, "What about you two?"

"I'm two blocks down from you idiots," Yagari hissed just as Senji hit him and made him drop his cigarette.

"And Kaien?" Senji asked, brown eyes sparkling.

Kaien pouted, "I would love to move closer. But I don't think my Yuuki is ready for it. And besides, Yuuki is still young...I think it would be a shock for her to move so suddenly."

Wana snapped his fingers, "I forgot you adopted a daughter from them," he smiled at Kaien, "We'll come visit! How does that sound?"

Kaien smiled and laced his fingers together, "It sounds perfect! Your daughters and my daughter can have a play date!"

"Um," Wana smiled as he scratched the back of his head.

"How are your other kids going to deal with the move? I'm sure that teenage daughter of yours isn't impressed," Yagari said as he crouched down and picked up the cigarette and put it between his lips.

"Kanah didn't appreciate the thought. And after weeks and weeks of arguing, she has gone to a boarding school and visits Jenichi's folks for weekends...that's where my son lives," Wana smiled.

"You must be heartbroken having to be separated form your kids," Senji said sadly, "I know how because it feels like my heart has been ripped out from my chest with a rusty knife when I'm away from my kids."

"My son calls me every twenty-minutes and I'm glad that they don't have to get to involved in the Vampire Hunting world and they get to be human," Wana shrugged.

"And Kira-chan?" Kaien asked.

Wana's head lolled on his shoulders, "I have given up with her. All she ever talks about are vampires and the supernatural. Although its sorta my fault for allowing her to watch those TV shows."

Senji sighed, "Man...so what, you're gonna fly back and fourth to see the kids?"

"Six months with them, six months with Kira," Wana said with a shrug. "Birthdays, Christmas and Easter are exceptions...we're all either flying there or their coming here," Wana smiled. "We've got it all sorted."

"Boys...anytime you would like to come out from under the curtain."

The curtain was suddenly was pulled back by Old Man Hunter as the rest of the room was focused on the four Hunters behind the curtain. The four men blinked, and blinked again. Their eyes landed on the two wives standing behind Old Man Hunter, Jenichi had her forehead in her palm, her head shaking back and forth, Azumi had her arms crossed over her chest, her foot tapping on the marble floors. Old Man Hunter gave them a quizzical look, one eyebrow raised.

"We were just admiring the curtain," Wana said as he stroked the curtain.

The room seemed to burst into laughter as Jenichi stepped forward and grabbed Wana's ear and stormed off, while saying horrible words to him. Senji smiled innocently at his wife as she rolled her eyes and stormed off alone, Senji following behind her.

Old Man Hunter stared at the other two, Kaien smiled a goofy smile but then was pushed by Yagari. And Yagari kept pushing him until the both of them had vanished as well. Old Man Hunter shook his head, and tucked his hands away inside the sleeves of his kimono. Knowing when those four got together, things happened. Old Man Hunter smiled after Wana and Senji, they had been partners for a long time, to reunite them lifted his spirits. But whenever those two were together, trouble followed.

§Vampire Knight§


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