Disclaimer: I own the poem, but certainly not the characters. Those belong to someone else.

Author's Note: This is a poem from Anna's perspective, directed at Castiel. Could be viewed as slightly AU.

Loving you was the hardest thing

I ever tried to do.

The other's tried to tell me that it was just an obsessive fling,

Though they never knew what I knew.

I loved you before you were "Cas",

Before the boys needed you

When I was just a wee lass.

Did you ever know what you put me through?

Ignoring me was a part of the plan, or so I thought.

I kept waiting for you to save me,

Yet my hopes were for naught.

Because I would never be your dream lady.

When we met again, you said you liked my hair.

"So shiny and red,

And your skin, so fair."

I have to wonder, why that you said.

Things fell apart, and now here we are.

You're gone and I'm,

I'm watching from afar.

So I guess love was my crime,

And this my punishment, because

It feels like torture to not be with you.

But no matter what anyone does,

No matter what we go through.

I'll always be your girl

And I will always love you.