Please See Me

Author's Note & Warnings (Please Read): This is a Canadaxmultiple pairing eventual PrussiaxCanada. There will be non-con. You have been fairly warned and cannot say it wasn't there because if you say that, then you obviously aren't reading this right now. Snapped!Canada. Attempted suicide. Human and country names used.

Chapter One: Why?

Canada limped back home slowly. He had once again been beaten up for something America had done. He was almost positive that his ankle was sprained and he had several new forming bruises. He quickly unlocked his front door and managed to make it to the kitchen to get an ice pack for his swollen ankle. He hobbled back into the living room and collapsed onto the couch. He propped his injured leg up on a few pillows and laid the ice pack over his ankle. He hissed at the initial contact of the cold ice pack meeting his warm skin. He quickly pulled his shoe and sock off to assess the damage. He sighed and allowed his head to fall back onto the armrest as he realized how badly it was sprained.

Mathew's head shot back up as he heard a knock on his front door, "Come in, it's unlocked," he called out.

The door opened revealing Russia, who walked in to sit in the chair beside Mathew.

"I'm sorry I can't play hockey today, I sprained my ankle," Mathew explained, woefully. It was one of the few things he enjoyed in life, one of the few times anyone ever noticed him and now America had taken that away from him too.

"How?" was the only reply Russia gave.

"England confused me for my brother again and tripped me down a flight of stairs…." Mathew trailed off.

Russia nodded, "Do you need me to get you anything then?"

Mathew shook his head.

"Alright," Ivan said, standing up to leave, "You should not let them push you around like that." With that, he walked out.

"Yeah I know…." Mathew whispered as the Russian left. He rolled over onto his side, feeling tears well up in his eyes. He pulled at his shirt sleeve, revealing countless scars on his wrist. He stared at them mournfully, maybe he should do it for real, but he knew he wouldn't. Mathew knew very well that he wouldn't be able to really try to kill himself. He only liked the pain he was able to cause himself; it reminded him that he really did exist.

Kumajiro walked over to the couch, sitting on the floor in front of Mathew and leaning up to lick his face comfortingly.

"Hi Kuma, at least you care about me," he whispered, petting the small bear gently.

Kumajiro climbed up onto the couch to curl up against Mathew's side. Mathew happily wrapped an arm around the bear, burying his face in his pet's soft fur. Another knock at his door sounded, disturbing Mathew from the momentary peace he had managed to find.

"Come in," he called out.

The door opened to reveal a very drunk England. "Well Alfred, I didn't think you'd actually be taking care of yourself after falling down those stairs today."

"I'm not Alfred. I'm Mathew. And you tripped me down those stairs today," Mathew spat back.

"Alfred, don't argue with me. You know I'll win. And the fact that you're actually taking care of yourself make this even easier for me," Arthur growled, approaching the Canadian.

Before Mathew had any chance to try to flee, Arthur had him pinned to the couch, forcing a kiss on him, forcing Kumajiro away.

The bear growled at England, reaching up to snap at him but he was quickly kicked away.

"Kuma!" Mathew yelled, trying to fight England off. It was no use though, England was stronger. Mattie felt his lips forced apart and Arthur's tongue in his mouth. So he did the first thing that came to mind; he bit down.

Arthur drew back, "You little bitch!" he shouted, slapping Mathew.

Canada lay shocked, completely freezing up after England slapped him.

"That's a good boy, Alfred…" England purred, pulling Canada's shirt over his head.

Mathew whimpered and closed his eyes as England began to kiss and bite at his chest. His eyes shot open and he cried out as his pants were torn from his waist. He could no longer deny what England was planning.

"Mmmmmm…Alfred, you're going to be mine now," England whispered darkly against the Canadian's ear.

"Please, Arthur, it's me, Mathew, not Alfred!" he cried. He tried to push his attacker away, only to have his wrists pinned above his head.

"Now, now Alfred, I'll have none of this," Arthur growled. With his free hand he undid his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down in one quick motion. He disposed of Canada's boxers next. Without warning, he thrust into the younger boy, making him cry out in pain. Arthur withdrew slowly, quickly thrusting back into him. He groaned as he felt thrust in and out of Mathew's tight heat.

By that time, Mathew was sobbing uncontrollably. It hurt so badly, like his body was being torn apart. "Please….please stop…." He whispered. His pleas were ignored.

England moaned as he buried himself in the younger boy, coming roughly before pulling out and redressing.

Mathew could only watch as England stood up and dressed himself before leaving as though nothing had happened. He slowly crawled off the couch, collecting his clothing and redressing. "Kuma!" he called out, looking around for his bear. He suddenly heard his phone going off across the room, signaling a text message. He crawled over to the end table and picked his phone up, not even reading the text, just hitting the call button. He sighed in relief when his friend answered, "Gilbert how quickly can you be here?" Mathew cried. He sighed again upon hearing that his best friend was in America and relatively close to his border. Mattie crawled back to the couch and pulled himself up onto it, smiling when Kumajiro brought him a blanket. He curled up underneath the thick blanket, trying not to move and cause himself more pain.

About an hour later Mathew heard a knock on his door.

"Birdy? It's me Gilbert," he heard from the other side of the door.

"It's open Gil," Mattie called out, wiping his tears away, "I'm in the living room Gilbert."

The albino ran in to where Mathew was; concern plain on his face, "Birdy! Why are you crying?" Gilbert exclaimed, sitting on the couch beside the blonde.

Mathew's sobbing began again, "Oh Gilbert!" he cried, "It was horrible!"

Prussia pulled his friend into a hug, "Whatever happened, you can tell me Birdy. And I'll personally make sure that the bastard that made you cry regrets it."

Canada shook fiercely, "H-he ra-raped me Gilbert…." He whispered.

"What? Who?" Gilbert yelled, pulling Mathew closer.

"England, he w-was drunk and he th-thought I was America and h-he raped m-me…." Mattie sobbed. "But before that, he confused me for Alfred and tripped me down a flight of stairs. That's the only reason he raped me Gil, I couldn't fight back. I was so powerless…."

"Mathew, you are not powerless. You could destroy them all if you wanted to. They just don't realize it. I will make that bastard pay for hurting you."

It was at that moment that something changed in Mathew's mind. He saw the truth in what Prussia was telling him.

"No, I want to make him pay Gilbert," Mattie whispered darkly.

"Then you will, but not until you're feeling better, alright?" Prussia said, not knowing what his words had started.