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Bobby's got rules and if they aren't obeyed? Well, the naughty chair's in the panic room.

Bobby's instructions were very clear. Arrive one second after midnight and they'd be finding themselves locked out and sleeping in the Impala. Bobby reminded them as well that, "Usual house rules still apply."
The familiar and long standing rules were pretty much like Bobby, straight forward.

1. I'm not your goddamn servant, go get it yourself.

2. If I feel grouchy, so what?

3. If I say you're an idjit, you're an idjit!

4. All my jokes are gut wrenchin' hilarious.

5. Pies are meant for sharin'. This includes you Dean Winchester.

6. Don't even think to try cheatin' agin' me at cards, an' definitely don't get caught out doin' it.

7. Keep in mind, whenever you're here…...you're home.

Locking the car and hefting their kit bags over one shoulder, Dean looked at Sam who clutched a box full of gifts in his arms. The brother's grinned widely at each other. Dean checked his watch as they stood at the front door…..11.58 pm.
"Ready?"Sam nodded, taking a deep breath. As one they burst into a seriously loud and painfully off-key rendition of "We Three Kings." Christmas for the Winchester brothers was going to be a great one this year.


Celebrate in brilliant fashion,
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