Persona: World And Judgement – Chapter One


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08/02 - Morning

The skies were smothered with the thick blackness of the morning sky, crying its puddles and rivers on the roads and pavements of Inaba. The sun struggled to find any cracks in the sky, continuing its search to find a way to end the dreary weather. The heavy downpour battered the earth with its needles of aqua, and the puddles kept widening and spreading.

Yu, along with the rest of his company, were sat on the bus on their way to the train station, listening to the uncomfortable silence and the pattering of the rain on the windows. They all minded their own business, either listening to their own music or trying to get some needed sleep because of the early times that they all had to wake up to.

Yu was sat next to the window, leaning his head against it and looking down at his hand that carried the cell phone strap with the mysterious letters 'YT' written into it. He casted his mind back to his last meeting with that strange boy, echoing his words throughout his subconscious, "Let them know."

"What does he mean by that?" Yu thought to himself, trying to gain some sense in the boy's actions, only confusing himself more with every possible explanation thought of.

"Yu?" Rise's voice interrupted his thinking, widening his eyes in realisation and turning towards her, seeing the exhausted look on her face that matched his. "Hmm?" he hummed in reply, "Rise?"

"Are you okay?" she asked him politely, "You seem kinda out of it today..." The slight worry in her voice earned her an arm around her waist from Yu, bringing her closer to him. He rubbed her side slowly. "Everything's okay...I've just been thinking a lot lately." he reassured her.

"About what?" she asks again. Yu knew that she couldn't tell his actual thoughts to her. He knew that she wouldn't believe him. "If we..." he began in hesitation, "If we all can get back to Inaba in one piece." As Rise listened, her thoughts mimicked his.

"I know that we're going to Iwatodai to find out where Minato's body went...but..." he took another pause before continuing with a tidbit of his actual thoughts, "...I don't think it'll be that easy either..." Rise's head slowly turned towards him in response to his opinion. He continued. "I just hope no one gets'll be my fault if anyone does." Yu could only lower his head at the thought of it, but Rise used a hand to lift his chin up and bring it closer to her face.

"Don't worry," Rise reassured Yu with a meaningful tone, "no one will get hurt. Me and you will never let it happen, okay?" she asks him, seeing a small smile curve the corners of his lips.

"I'd be lost without you." he said softly, making Rise's blushes return to her face, but she didn't hide them from him. Upon hearing those words and hearing them again in her head, she brings him closer into a passionate kiss, ignoring the dull scene around them.

But they were then interrupted by a shout from behind them. Before they turned around to see who it was, they already knew, along with everyone else, that it was Yosuke. "Stop that!" he yelled at Chie who was innocently sitting next to him at the back.

"Aww man! I just got to sleep! Thanks a lot Senpai!" Kanji shouted from the seat opposite Rise's. Yosuke then turned to him with a slightly disgusted face. "Why are you shouting at me? She drooled on me again!" he yelled to him, but quieter than he did with Chie.

Yukiko, who sat in the seat behind Kanji, couldn't help but laugh at Yosuke's reaction, holding her stomach in her fit. "Y-Yosuke! Tha-That was such an ov-overeation! Ha ha ha!" she chuckled and giggled. Teddie, who sat next to Yosuke, also joined in with Yukiko's laughter, uncontrollable rolling around the seat, and sometimes rolling on Yosuke.

"Kanji..." Naoto said in a slight moan as she awoke next to Kanji, "Why do you have to be so loud?" Hearing her question, Kanji scratches the back of his head. "Oh, er...whoops." he forced with a little chuckle.

Even though Yosuke started his argument with her, Chie didn't respond at all, only to move away from her seat next to him and sat on the seat next to Yukiko. Instead of giving him an evil stare, she gave him eyes of apology and then turned away from him to the rain smothered window. She didn't even look at the expression of surprise that appeared on Yosuke's face.

"Huh?" Yosuke asked with all irritation drained from his being, "You're not gonna argue with me? It's usually either one of us starts the argument, and the other has to respond..."

"I've had enough of arguing, Yosuke." she bluntly said, but with meaning in her tone. Yosuke's eyelids flickered twice at the drastic change that Chie underwent. "Well...if that's what you want..." he said to her with his own apologetic expression. After this, everyone was finally quiet. And soon enough, everyone was back to minding their own business.

"Hey, Yu." Yosuke broke the silence to call for Yu. Yu turned his head towards him. "Yeah?" he replied. "I don't know if this will worry you or not...well, it's worrying me a bit...but if you're here and your uncle's in Iwatodai, is Nanako gonna be left at home?" Yosuke asked, hoping that Yu has a good answer.

Fortunately, he did. "Ryotaro decided that he was going to come home to Nanako today so that wouldn't happen to her. So don't worry, she'll be fine." he answered in reassurance, hearing the sigh of relief from him and a few others who wanted to ask.

"Ah that's good. Oh! I just remembered another question!" Yosuke slightly shouted as another question sprung to mind, "Did you bring any money?" Yu's look showed a smile with a humming chuckle as the figure came into his head.

"One-hundred-thousand yen." Yu said as if it wasn't much, but Yosuke's expressions showed shock and became gobsmacked at the large figure. "What?" Yosuke shouted loud enough for the bus driver to hear, "You brought that much? I don't even get paid that in a month!" After Yosuke's state of shock, he laid back down in his chair, lightheaded and exhausted from his outburst and not saying another word.

A pause filled the bus with silence for a long few minutes.

"Poor Chie..." Rise said with sympathy as she looked behind her to see her moping expression. "She'll be okay," Yu reassured her, "Yosuke just doesn't know yet." he then said in a whisper, turning Rise's head back to him. "What do you mean?" she asked at the same volume.

"Remember when Chie kissed Yosuke to get him out of a trance that Mitsuru's Shadow put him in?" Yu asked, getting a confident nod as an answer, "Well, simply put...Chie's in love." Rise could only smile at Chie's hidden affection for Yosuke and put a hand over her mouth to stop the giggles from escaping. "That's so cute!" she shouted in a whisper.

A long hour passed before everyone, except for Yu, was asleep. Yu, however, still fixated his thoughts on the strange cell phone strap. That long hour was spent pondering on what that item was significant for. But after another while, Yu's deep thinking caused a headache to erupt in his mind with the pain surging with every bump made on the bus.

As he watched Rise asleep in his arms, he couldn't help but do the same, laying his head on hers and slowly dropping his eyelids into a slow journey into his subconscious, ignoring all noise around him. But then, that feeling of hovering returned to his body and later, he gradually fell and landed softly of a familiar soft texture.

08/02 - Morning - The Velvet Room

He opened his eyes and took in the masses of colours of navy, blue and purple and only fixated his eyes on the two figures sitting opposite him. Igor and Margaret looked up with interest in their eyes as they looked towards Yu.

"So glad you could visit," Igor spoke with his unchanging gentleman's accent, "we have much to discuss." Yu leaned forward in his seat with intent ears, preparing himself to take in any information that would be given.

"It seems that you have completed your first 'turning point'. A one which took you through familiar excursions and is now leading you to a different truth." Igor spoke with his crooked smile, watching Yu's expression change from serious to deep thought, lowering his head as he did this.

He recollected his ideas and then pieced them all together before shooting his head back up with a look of realisation. "You mean...the Midnight Channel. That was the thing that was familiar?" Yu asked, " lead me to Iwatodai?"

Igor and Margaret widened their eyes in awe at Yu's intellect. "Impressive," Margaret commented with a friendly smile, "but now we must tell you of a new 'turning point' that you must follow." Yu was keen to know, nodding in anxiety and impatience.

As Igor did before, with a wave of his wrist, the complete set of tarot cards appeared before him on the velvet table spread out. And with another wave, the cards rearranged themselves face down, rushing under and over each other until they eventually stopped with a steady hand from Igor in a neat order.

Igor then faced two random cards upwards and observed them carefully, quickly coming to a conclusion after taking just a small glance of the cards. He hummed in interest.

"Fascinating..." Igor spoke with his crooked smile growing wider. "What is it?" Yu spoke, somewhat desperate to know what the next turning point was. Igor looked back up at him and cleared his throat before continuing further.

"The image is vague. But the key points are clear..." he began with his wise tone, collecting his words and sentences, "Everyone you know, and every bond you have achieved with them all...only one of them is the bond beyond all others." Upon hearing this, Yu began to think which one had this bond with him.

"That bond will be your aid. With one another, you will have the strength of a sustaining miracle. A wonder if you will..." Yu came out of his deep thought, still wondering about who that person might be. "So...I know this person...then that shouldn't be a problem." he replied with confidence.

"Ah, but this is the tricky part..." Igor said to Yu as if it was from instructions from a board game, "you may know them now, but your bond with them is still yet to blossom." By this, Yu's confidence was shattered.

"This is your next goal," Margaret spoke of Yu's next objective, "find this person and strengthen this bond. You will both surely need each other when the time comes." Whist saying this, Margaret gave a confident smile to him, but Yu had the lingering thought of that battle stuck in his mind. "You mean...The Coming?" he asked, only to know the answer when Margaret's smile faded away.

"Now then, we shouldn't let you stay here long," Igor began his farewell, "please, do return of your own accord. So, until we meet...farewell."

And with that, Yu's drowsiness returned to his body and his eyelids were shut closed by the force of Igor's words. The hovering sensation picked up his body from the velvety furniture and carried him into the deep depths of his subconscious finding the way out, back into reality.

08/02 - Midday - The Real World

After a long while, his tired eyes finally opened, awakening him back into the dreary weather of the real world. He rolled his eyes to one side to see that Rise was still in a deep sleep, laying comfortably on his shoulder. He couldn't help but smile at her beautiful face as she slept.

Through the rain-stained window, Yu could just see some buildings which he were quite familiar with. These were the first buildings that Yu had come across when he first entered Inaba. And from those structures, he knew that the train station was close.

"Nearly there..." Yu said exhaustingly to himself, laying back in his seat for the rest of the way. But what he couldn't shake was the last words Margaret had said to him before coming out of his sleep. "When the time comes."

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Junpei: Oh c'mon Senpai! It's like... 10pm! I've been awake all day!

Mitsuru: Fuuka, Aigis. Is she going to come down?

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Aigis: It's been two years since he... left us.

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Yu: Thank you for having us.