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Haruhi and the Tacos

"So Haruhi's apart of a 'Host club'?" Flapjack asked Kyouya. The Shadow King pushed up his glasses and continued to write in his notebook (That's so a Death Note). Tamaki began ranting on about what the host club does every afternoon to Flapjack. While Haruhi was studying in the club room, the twins dragged someone in. He was probably a little shorter than Hikaru but taller than Haruhi. "Eres un idiota estúpido! Déjame ir! Quiero ver Haruhi!"(1) Haruhi heard her name being called; she looked from textbook to see him. Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equahia Rivera was upset. He was just trying to find his old friend; he didn't mean any trouble, until a pair of twins grabbed him.

"Manny? Is that really you? Hikaru and Koaru! Let him go!" Haruhi yelled as run to another one of her foreign friends. "Haruhi. What happened to your hair? I liked it when it was long…," muttered Manny as he gave Haruhi a quick hug. Tamaki went into his emo corner, while Flapjack introduced himself to the newcomer. "Hello, my name is Flapjack. What's yours?" Manny's mismatched eyes stared at Haruhi's so called friends. "I'm Manny Rivera.", Manny mumbled to the group of students.


"Shoot. I forgot lunch, because SOMEONE takes to long in the bathroom." Haruhi stated. Flapjack looked away like he didn't do anything wrong. Manny, Flapjack and Haruhi had stayed in the classroom for lunch instead of going to the glorious lunchroom. "You can have some of my lunch, Haruhi." Manny passed Haruhi a plastic bag with a purple bell on it. She pulled out a semi-circle with a bunch of ingredients in it. "Uh, Manny, what is this?" Haruhi asked looking at the foreign food. Manny stared at Haruhi like she's stupid. "You never had a TACO before? Seriously Haruhi you need a life. T-T." Both Flapjack and Manny said. Haruhi looked really said and turned away from the two boys. Manny started to panic. I didn't mean to make her cry Manny thought. "I'll feed it to you. That is if you want…" mumbled Manny, whose cheeks turned a faint pink. Haruhi nodded. Flapjack was watching them the whole time, and decided to text one of him other friends. "Say 'Ah', Haruhi", Manny said to Haruhi as she did what she was told. Haruhi bit down on the hard taco, savoring it taste. Flapjack had stopped texting like a teenage fan girl and started saving Manny and Haruhi's conversation as an audio. "Mmm, that tastes good Manny." Manny's blush went from pink to a deep red. Flapjack sent the audio to the host club.

5 seconds later…



Author-Tomoko: Well that was okay

Bryant: Hey I gonna be in a fan fiction!

Toma: SHUT UP!

Fail-Bunny: I'm Sexy and I know it (Music plays)

Masato: Haruhi was totally O-O-C

1. You stupid idiot! Just let me go! I want to see HARUHI!