A/N: I hate Twilight so much. But... Alice is sexy. Leah is a badass. What more could a yuri writer want? Hope you guys enjoy it.

"I don't see how I ever put up with such a child!" Jasper yelled, towering over the short, pale girl.

She didn't back down though, standing her ground. "I don't know Jasper! How did I ever stand such a giant prick?"

He glared at her before saying, "Get out. Don't talk to me. Don't even so much as THINK of me!"

She glared back. "I'm leaving anyway! I won't! I don't need you Jasper Hale!"

She stomped to her room, grabbing a bag and stuffing a few changes of clothes into the bag along with a few basic things of the modern world before she stomped out of the small house, slamming the door behind her.

That had been a few hours ago. It was raining, it had started not long after she had begun walking.
She went to the woods, finally finding a tree and sitting on a semi-high branch. Unnoticed tears streaming down her pale face.

She had loved him. She had waited for him. How could she have been so blind?
He was a complete prick. He didn't care about her. Not like she had him. When had their feelings changed?

It was probably when he started manipulating her feelings.

How many years ago was that?
Five years. Five years he had been manipulating her feelings about him and others.

Maybe at one time she had loved him, but no more.
He had been her light. Her light when she had nothing else to live for. She only had the Cullens. He would probably manipulate them like he had her, to believe him. Maybe all except Carlisle.

She didn't notice the fact that she was soaked to the bone, her tears had stopped, leaving a stale trail. Her plain black longsleeved shirt clung to her even more, her black jeans did too, her hair was plastered to her skull, her eyes red rimmed from the tears. She still didn't notice any of those things. Her mind going over and over what had happened with Jasper. Torturing her mind once more.

She sighed.

She could convince Edward of what had really happened tomorrow since they had school. He and Jasper weren't that close anyway, they only hung out during lunch, and she had her first three classes with Edward.

She might not have noticed the change of her appearance, but someone else had. She had been sitting in a tree when the rain started, wearing a camo-colored tank top and blue jeans, her short hair hanging in her eyes. She saw and smelled the vampire, despite the downpour of rain.
It was the one named Alice.

As much as Leah despised vampires, there had always been something about Alice that intrigued her. Maybe it was that she was so small, undeterred, and an amazing fighter despite her being female and so small.

Whatever the reason, she didn't ponder it long. Watching as the vampire sat, staring at nothing.

About three hours passed before the vampire jumped from the tree, carrying a backpack.
Carefully, Leah followed her.

Alice returned to the Cullen's compound at which point Leah went back to where the pack was staying, deep in thought.

- Alice, next day, first period -

Since they had moved, Alice and Jasper now drove themselves to school, but Alice rode with Rosalie, Edward, and Emmett that day.

She and Edward sat beside eachother in their first class.

She tapped him on the shoulder and he turned his dark gaze to her.

"Jasper and I are over."

Her voice was as empty and devoid of emotion as she felt.

His brow furrowed, "Why? You guys are soulmates."

"He's been manipulating my feelings for the last five years."

His anger surged, he was halfway to standing before he forcibly relaxed, sitting back down. "Why?"

"I don't know. I didn't ask."

"Are you okay?" he asked, a light hand on her forearm.

She didn't feel his touch, hear the concern in his voice, she didn't even see him.

"Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?"

He looked at her, knowing she was lying, but knowing he couldn't do anything, especially not at school.

He turned his attention to the front of the room, class was about to start.

- Leah -

She had gone for a run in wolf form around dawn. She was resting on the beach, still in wolf form, her breath coming in pants.
Laying close to the water so that when the tides came in water lapped at her fur, she thought more.


She was intriguing.

She was female.

She was an amazing fighter.

She was confident.

She was loyal.

She was hyper.

She was... beautiful.

Leah shook herself at that last thought. Alice was also a vampire! Vampires and wolves don't mix. Aside from Jacob and Edward of course, but they were an exception, the only exception.

If that was so then why did her heart beat faster when she thought of the small dark haired vampire? Why did her stomach flutter? Why did it feel as if her heart was going to burst from her chest when Alice looked at her?

It was impossible.
Wasn't it?