'Have you lost your way?
Livin' in the shadow of the messes that you made,
And so it goes,
Everything inside your circle starts to overflow.'

At last, it was the day of the date. Leah wore a brown sleeveless shirt and pale blue jeans. Anxiously sitting through classes and the few hours before it would be time for her to pick up Alice.

Finally it was time.
Alice looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was swept to the right in the emo-style. Her skin was pale as ever. Accentuated by her short sleeved black shirt and black skinny jeans.

As Leah stared, Alice slipped up beside her, sliding her arm into Leah's and gently tugging her in the direction of the town. The taler girl followed willingly, still slightly in shock over how amazing the vampire looked.

There was little talk as they walked, Alice's hand eventually slipping into Leah's.
They decided to see Dark Shadows.

After the movie, the mood had lightened considerably. Leah walked with Alice to the ocean, staring out at it for a long time, leaving Alice to her thoughts.

She looked at Leah. The tall, tanned werewolf. She was like the ocean. Deep, cold, yet full of a type of warmth. Mysterious, dangerous, caring, open. All she had to do..., was open herself, step willingly into the unknown. Accept what she already knew. Stop pretending. Accept the truth for what it was. Allow herself to dream, to hope, to love. Could she?
She continued to look at Leah.

At last, she accepted the truth. She was falling for Leah. A werewolf. A girl. A former enemy.
There was no use in pretending anymore. The truth was there.

Leah turned to her then.
"Alice...," her voice was soft, yet slightly commanding.

She looked up to her.
Leah took two steps, closing the distance between them, gently cupping Alice's face in her hands, tilting her face upwards and kissing her with a gentleness that surprised the vampire.

When Leah broke the kiss she spoke softly, "Alice, I think that I am falling for you. I've tried to pretend that I don't feel anything towards you. But, I'm done pretending. I am falling for you, I want to be with you. I want to protect you. I want to call you my love. My mate. My only."

Alice didn't pause to think, she simply acted. Throwing her arms around the taller girl, she hugged her tightly, her face smashing into Leah's chest.

"I love you Leah. I will be yours as long as you want me. I... I want your protection. I will be yours and I want you to be mine. I won't pretend you mean nothing to me anymore. I'll be yours completely and totally."

Leah's eyes closed as she hugged the smaller girl. Finally. No pretending. No lies. Just love. Pure love. She smiled, a real smile.

'Before you break you have to shed your armour!
Take a trip and fall into the glitter!
Tell a stranger that they're beautiful!
So all you feel is love, love!
All you feel is love, love!'