Ok,ok,ok I think that I'm getting crazy….

I love this movie, and I love everything of this movie including juni…

And yes I'm a little bit crazy….

The song that you need to hear for reading this is right next to you of Chris brown feat Justin bieber

Lucie pov:

(California,4:00 am)

Alice: lu ,there's something wrong?


Ok, it was long way since my father betrayed the oss.

The only one I was thinking ... is in juni.

I think I betray him like with her sister and everyone….

(Juni's voice):you don't betrayed me, lu

Me:Alice, did you hear that?

Alice:oh,man….you are having hallucinations…relax when that happen it past like I don't know….five years…

Me: but-!

Alice: RELAX! I think that he is now like fifteen years old…he forgot it!

Me: (sigh) ok,I thing you're right…..let's go

Juni pov:

Lucille, Lucille ,Lucille ,LUCILLE! I CANT STOP THINKING ON HER!

I don't forgot that day when "her dad" betray the oss…


But...when I where walking to her side she just run to the exit…

Lucie: I'm sorry…..I betray you guys!(crying)

Lucie!-I shouted….you don't betrayed me, lu….I love you….

(end of the fashback)

Carmen: juni! It's the boss!we have a mission!

Me:im coming!

I get out a photo of me and Lucille in our first mission I smile and kissed gently the side where Lucie was…..-I miss you…my angel-

-If you miss her why don't you call her?-it said mi sister with a grin on her face…

Me: (blushing)…..Carmen!

Carmen:shush….ok,I don't talk…..come on we have a mission…

In the screen of the computer…

President: Carmen….juni you need to go to los Angeles, California


President: there are three of our agents that doesn't understand that they still been agents, whe need you to make them come back.

Carmen:who are they?

President: Amanda brown and her daughters…Alice and Lucille brown