Chapter 1 - Thirst

I'm thirsty.

The simple words rolled around in her mind as softly as a drop of water within the bottom of a bottle when twirled. How long? How long had it been since her last sip? How long since the last satisfyingly quenching drink? Three years, seven months, five days, 23 minutes and 6…7…8…9...10...seconds; but who was counting she thought as she rolled to her side with a soft pleasurable moan, memories of that day called to mind.

She had returned to her room after the morning classes had finished only to find a folded piece of paper on her pillow. Crossing from the door to her bed she had retrieved the paper from its comfortable resting place and with curious fingers had unfolded it. Upon reading the words penned there in the most graceful of script, writing she knew all too well from the weekly letters she received, was an invitation. It was not just any invitation, but a secret one, one to join her in the Secret Gardens. Her hands began to tremble as excitement coursed through her.

How can she be here? When did she return? Would they let her onto the grounds? These thoughts flashed through her mind in the first moments after reading the words for yet a third time. She graduated two years ago. Still, just the thought of seeing the other girl was enough to invoke a strong reaction as her heart began to race and she could feel herself growing warmer. All at once the room which contained her seemed stuffy and oppressive. Her pristine St. Miator's uniformed felt constricting and uncomfortable!

Folding the piece of paper multiple times she slipped it inside her uniform, beneath her brassiere so that it rested directly over her heart. With a soft gentle smile at the thought of having the author of the secret note that tightly against her heart and her skin, she couldn't help but blush and sigh tenderly as she rested one hand against her uniform where it hid the treasured parchment. Turning she stepped from the room, closing the door behind her and started off down the hall.

Passing a clock in the hallway her eyes suddenly grew large! "EEK!" she exclaimed as she broke into a run. The note had said to meet at the Secret Garden at one o'clock and it was already twelve forty-five! The sixth year student ran for all she was worth from the Strawberry Dorms and did not pause or slacken her pace till breathlessly she pushed open the library door and slipped inside to the cool dimness of the room within.

She stood there for long moments leaning against the closed door as her chest heaved, straining the fabric of her uniform. Lungs strove mightily to draw in enough air to appease the demands of her body. It was a cool early spring day outside and the chill of winter still hung in the air. Perhaps it was due to this that her cheeks were a warm rosy red in color, though it very well could have been due to the anticipation of seeing the other girl; even she didn't know for sure.

Pushing off the door she strode down the corridor between the bookcases, her heels tapping out a steady, if overly loud cadence as she made her way to the area known as The Secret Gardens. She recalled that the Secret Gardens were not really gardens but were rather rows of high shelves with narrow walkways between them. Wheeled carts spanning two meters in height and laded with books were rolled to obscure the ends of the isles presenting those within the illusion of secrecy from the rest of the world around them. Couples often used these secluded areas for planned rendezvous for both innocent as well as amorous meetings. Blushing she recalled her first visit here with the girl she was to meet today and that they had peeked in upon a pair of Spica students who were definitely of the later sort of rendezvous.

As she walked past the many carts covering the end of aisle ways, her thoughts wandering about other visits here with the girl she was to meet, she thought for a moment, even though it was certainly unlikely, that the world shifted. The cart of books on her right was suddenly closer than it should have been as if the cart had shifted in her general direction of its own accord. Even as this fact registered within her mind as she continued to walk past the area an arm, clad in the same uniform as hers, suddenly reached out, wrapped around her waist and digested her back within the darkened space behind the book cart. The cart moved again with a soft auditable tab as it came into contact with the edge of the bookcase sealing her within.

Soft moist lips brushed her ear, more a caress than a kiss. Warm strawberry scented breath exhaled, slowly blew across the moistened skin sending shiver of pleasure down her spine. Petrified, her body refused to respond, to call out, and to do anything that a normal person would if suddenly captured and dragged into a dark secluded confined area. The scent of roses finally registered, within her mind feverish with fear something clicked and she found that she could function once more. "I've missed you my little Daisy," breathed a satiny sensual voice into her ear causing that longed for shiver to traverse her spine once more.

Turning in her lovers arms she used her body to drive the other girl back till they thudded into the bookcase there abruptly, drawing a soft moan of pleasure from the girl who had captured her just a moment before. "Not nearly as much as I've missed you," she replied before her lips found the other girls and drank deeply of the sweetness she had longed to taste for the past two years. Hands, inept from lack of use as well as experience, traveled across the girl's body, over her stomach, around her waist and up her back for long moments before their lips parted with a gasp for air and she took to nibbling on her lover's soft neck instead.

The capturer, turn captive, couldn't stifle the moans of pleasure the other girls touch was bringing her. "You have missed me," she retorted with as she leaned down and nibbled on the other girls ear grinning at the purr of pleasure she received in response for her actions. "How much?" she asked as her hands dropped from the captive turned capture's shoulders and slid down the girl chest and across the heaving mound of gentle softness. She couldn't help but chuckle as the previous purr turned into a growl of pleasure.

Lying on her bed within the hotel room she moaned loudly recalling the taste of those lips, the feel of their fullness pressed against hers, the delicious dance their tongues had performed together. Heat spread through her radiating from between her breasts and building as it worked its way lower to the junction of her legs. The girls back arched abruptly as her head fell backwards and her eyes glazed over. A tremor ran through her body as she reached the pinnacle of her self induced pleasure. With a ragged sigh she collapsed back onto the bed and rolled onto her side, her moist love scented hand slipping free from her panties.

A soft indulgent smiled played across the girls lips as her eyes remained closed. She recalled the pleasure her lover had given her that day. How she had played with her, building her need, her desire till she thought she would explode with the hunger for release. Only then, after she could no longer hold a coherent thought had her partner allowed her release and appeased her hunger. The remembrance of the musty scent of old books was still within her nostrils as she drifted off to sleep. Her last thoughts…

I'm hungry.

Author's Note:

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