E/O Drabble Challenge, word: clear. A meet and greet between the most famous Scottish tourist attraction and the almost clueless Winchesters. For Tribble Master!

A/N: Yeah, I was a naughty girl. Again. But every chapter counts 100 words on the dot. And contains "clear". That should help with mitigating circumstances ;-) Happy Birthday Tribble Master, hope you have a great day and a sugarcoated maze cake.

"And that's your plan?"

"Well …"

"Clear Loch Ness, find the monster, gank it?"

"Would you rather line up with all those wackos and play Free Willy?"

"Do you have any idea how huge this lake is?"

"Nope. You're the wiseass of the family."

"Okay then. Jump in and draw the plug."

"Funny. And what's your plan, McBitchy?"

"Talk to the locals, find …"

"Talk? To the locals? They don't even speak English!"

"Dean …"

"And the whisky tastes like seaweed."

"Dean …"

"And grown men are wearing skirts!"


"What? S'true."

"Look, over there. Is that …"

"Holy crap!"