Author's Note:

Hey everybody! I have been very bad at updating this, geezies. Honestly, I only have the plot planned out far enough for only a few more devastatingly short chapters. IF YOU LIKE THIS, PLEASE HELP ME OUT. I NEED MORE IDEAS! I've become attached to this story, very much so, mostly writing in Lend's POV because I think he would have a lot more insight, and I do not want to stop writing it. Everyone, if you can hear me please help me out. Me need ideas, and just PM me if you would be kind enough to support me with some stuff. : )

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One last thing! I am actually not a Reth hater, and the complexity of his character is genuine, I just wanted to write more about Evie's equally complex response to his strange obsessive-compulsive ways because he belongs to a different species, and is kind of a badboy.

~Evie's POV~

The trip through the portal was amazingly fast when a faerie was freaking dragging you away, while you clutched at the love of yours who was no longer there. As I said before, it was fast. So quick, that after a few more seconds, he hefted me out of the portal and pulled me into his agonizingly hot arms, in a dense forest-like area. I knew it couldn't be close, because instead of thick darkness, bright light surrounded Reth and his captor. Moi, as usual. Dang it.

He leaned down after spinning me around, breathing cool air onto my scrunched up face. This was not like Lend; far from romantic and loving in any way. This was a nightmare.

"Evie, don't move." he soothed cruelly as I tried desperately to struggle from his grasp. It was virtually meaningless. All I could hope for would be for Lend to turn into a magical super bloodhound, that could sniff me out and take me home quicker than Reth could bat an eyelash.

I glared up at him, widening my eyes and clenching my jaw. I was no longer attracted to this faerie, no matter what he would try to tell me.

All of a sudden, I felt a pressure on my lips that disturbed me, and I let out a kind of choked off scream. I did not want him to kiss me, never again, but as I regained my breath, he leaned closer.

"I do love you, Evie, but it's truly a shame that your pretty face will be soon surrounded by a war." Reth stated, looking over all of me sadly. I puzzled over those words, but he wanted more from me, apparently.

My head spun as he kissed me again, lips forceful, tongue demanding, hands hard against my back. I felt like he wanted to overpower me; to smother me and attack me with these violent kisses that obstructed my view of the rest of the world, and try to overpower my mind and make me forget of Lend's tender ones. Why would someone who claimed he really did love me want to own me? Oh, I know why. He's a goddamned Faerie. Bah Humbug, I noted, finally grasping the Christmas cheer; the holiday was coming soon.

I waited impatiently for him to release me; I silently rebelled against him, pink lips not giving in to his sneering ones. My lips still held no release to his.

Finally, he pulled back and gave me the smile that made me, no tugged at me and forced me and my heart, to start being with him, besides the fact that, in my first impression of him, thought he was an angel.

"Reth." I growled hatefully, shoving him away from me even more. "Get me the hell out of here. I need to get out of here, right now."

I set my jaw, and he laughed at me jovially as if I was only a two year old.

"Why?" he asked me, gorgeous eyes glinting. "Back there, it's only 'five o'clock in the morning',"

He laughed again, like his quote from a human song was actually funny and entertaining. Yes, Reth, you've finally acquired a sense of humor, I thought bitterly. What a butt hole.

Seductively, or at least trying to be, from where he was positioned (to kiss me, sadly) he brushed his nose across my cheek gently, tilting forward a bit so his lips still brushed me. Though it certainly wasn't a turn-on, I could still feel my breath catch at the new way he was using his body, versus just trying to lure me into some crap.

Crouching, he leaned upwards to take up my lips in some more kissing, leaning deeper into me and pressing up on me, causing me to topple, or more like ram, into a tree, the sudden impact of us clashing making him groan and exert his tongue on me even more. In my head, I was wailing for him to stop, but it would've been no use at all. I would play back on him, if that would help me escape at all. Instead of limply trying to wait for him to stop, I let out a fake playful giggle of my own, and finally, to his great pleasure, my mouth danced against his.

~Lend's POV~

If panic was a medicine, I was pushing the word overdose to its far limit. As my Evie zipped away beyond some damned faerie portal, to wherever that bitch Reth wanted, I sprinted into the forest looking for her. I could almost feel Evie's discomfort with Reth from here, and it made me really really nervous. After overturning literally every pebble in the forest looking for her, I raced all the way back to where Dad was once again waiting for me with a stern mask covering his heavy face.

His dad senses were tingling; he knew what happened with my love, who at the moment I missed more than anything at all, ever.

"Here," he voiced, handing me a pair of iron knuckles silently, waiting for another overdramatic reaction. I will admit, I was deflated now. I peered up at him, a frown and a cocked eyebrow making my features look sadder than ever.

"What do you want me to do with these?" I croaked, holding my hand out so he could take the useless things back again. What could I do to someone who was not here?

He sighed, closing my hand over the knuckles again, looking into my distressed eyes.

"I can tell that Evie has a mischievously devious plan to get back home, and I have a strong feeling that is telling me that she will not fail." dad murmured, pushing hand down from where I was still holding it up. "And we will be waiting!"

A small smile spread across my face as easily as it used to, as I strapped the iron on my ready fist and headed upstairs towards my girl's room. I honestly would kill to see the looks on both of their faces when the plan unfolds.