A/N. Ok! So this is one of my more recent Fem!Luffy One Piece fanfic ideas. And you guessed it, she had a different Devil Fruit then canon.

So the DF was inspired by two things, Luffy's childish personality in canon, and my love and obsession with yo-yo's. Introducing the Paramecian Devil Fruit; The Toy Toy Fruit or Omocha Omocha no Mi! Now before you guys start wondering if I've lost my mind, which is impossible because I don't think I ever had it to begin with, especially after what I'm about to tell you guys popped into my head.

The power of the Toy Toy Fruit gifts the eater with the ability to turn a harmless childrens' toy, excluding those creepy baby dolls and such, into a deadly weapon. And example: a yo-yo becomes a deadly long-distance to mid-range weapon that can seriously hurt you. And a stuffed animal comes alive temperarily.

The reason I exclude things that look like people, is because I find it creepy as all get out to be able to use those things to kill. So stuffed animals and other toys that do NOT look like people.

So yeah, sorry about what could be a good sign that I've lost my mind, or never had it to begin with. And spazing out on you guys. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this, and are not scarred for life after reading this.

Summary: 14 year old Monkey D. Luffy, a.k.a. Miss Merry Christmas and partner to Mr. 2 Bon Clay, has spent a good majority of her life in the throngs of Baroque Works. But after a particular mission in the Kingdom of Alabasta draws the attention of Whitebeard and his pirate crew, plus Jimbei, thanks to the pleas of a desert princess in need of help, she grabs the attention of a certain Phoenix we all know and love. Can Luffy resist the temptation of a better life with people who actually care about her, or will she stay forever trapped in Crocodile's clutches? Warning: Fem!Luffy Fanfic, Marco's relationship with Luffy will be purely familial. Either big brother or little sister, no Marco boyfriend and Luffy girlfriend thing sorry.

Note: I gave her the codename Miss Merry Christmas because I thought it fit better with someone who's Devil Fruit powers controlled toys, rather then an old lady into a mole. Miss Groundhog Day fits that woman far better then Miss Merry Christmas. Besides I associate family and toys and food with Christmas. Anyways, onto the disclaimer and story. I talk too much.

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Prologue: Something Personal this way comes!

Somewhere in the Desert-

Miss Merry Christmas and her partner-in-crime, Mr. 2 Bon Clay, were walking at a rather daunting pace in an unbearably hot desert. She watched in amusement as Mr. 2 continued to force his men to practice walking on their tip toes. Ballet practice, which was the man's obsession. It amused her to watch him do it, but she did feel rather bad for the subordinates. They were the ones who had to do the dancing practive, whether they wanted to or not.

Luckily, he was merciful, and gave them a break, especially after he made them practice while walking through a desert. Miss Merry Christmas considered herself priveledged, and more then slightly spoiled, admittedly. Mr. 2 had especially requested that she get a Desert Turtle to ride on so that she wouldn't have to walk through the sandy deserts. It was rather nice of him really, though she wondered if Mr. 0, their boss, had agreed to it just because, or if Mr. 2 had annoyed the poor man into near oblivion until he finally agreed. Either way, she didn't have to walk through the desert and it made things slightly more enjoyable.

She still felt bad for Mr. 2's subordinates though, they had to walk in the unbearable heat of a desert as unnaturally hot as the ones in Alabasta. It was still slightly amusing though. Of course, at the rate they were going, they would be late to the meeting place. That would not be good, and would most likely make Mr. 0 angry at them.

"Mr. 2. If we don't hurry we'll be late." She stated simply as she looked at the man. Mr. 2 nodded as he ordered his men to speed up their steps. She herself warned them to be careful and not trip.

The Spider Cafe-

Miss Double Fingers, Mr. 1, Mr. 4, and Miss Groudhog Day were all waiting more or less patiently for Mr. 2 and his poor 14 year old partner, Miss Merry Christmas, to show up. Really you had to feel bad for the girl, she had the most ridiculous man for a partner in Baroque Works, and true he was nice, friendly, and strong enough that you didn't need to worry about him dragging you down, the man was just intolerable sometimes. Mr. 1 could vouche for that on repeated occasions.

Really the man would openly pity the girl, that is if there wasn't the risk of her trying to kill you for it. She really didn't like it when you pitied her, nobody did. But sometimes you just couldn't help it, these were one of those times.

"Any sign of them yet?" Miss Double Fingers asked. Mr. 4 waited an hour before replying, staring vacantly at the window as his brain slowly, very slowly actually, processed the information he was seeing. Finally Miss Groundhog Day got fed up and shoved the man out of the way taking a look out of the window herself.

"1, 2, 3, 4! I don't see them at the door! 5, 6, 7, 8, Mr. 2 is really late!" Miss Groundhog Day cheered, army general style. Miss Double Fingers sighed as she shook her head. Miss Merry Christmas had the patience of a saint, she would probably put even Buddha to shame with that patience of hers, having not snapped at the man once since she officially joined, or anybody really.

Suddenly Miss Groundhog Day began waving her arms about before stating, "7, 8, 9, 10, Oh wait I can see them!" Miss Double Fingers nodded as the door to the Spider Cafe opened, revealing the Mr. 2 pair.

"Welcome you two. Just in time might I add. So how was your walk here?" Miss Merry Christmas noded as she watched Mr. 2 pick a fight with Mr. 1 in obvious amusement.

"Just fine, though we should probably stop them before they ruin this nice establishment, ne?" Miss Merry Christmas suggested. Miss Double Fingers nodded as she sauntered over to the two combating men, and pulled them apart.

"That's enough you two. Let's not bring this building down on our heads. Okay?" The two men glared at each other some more before finally turnign away from each other. Mr. 2 dismissed his men, allowing them to leave, and going on a tangent about how practice makes perfect.

"Anyways, so what is it that Mr. 0 needs us to do now? I'm guessing that it's time for the final steps of the operation." Miss Double Fingers nodded her answer,

"Yes, Miss All-Sunday explained it to me before you all showed up."

"So what is it...Uhh...Un...Um...Wait what?" Mr. 4 tried and failed to ask. Miss Merry Christmas giggled slightly as she watched Miss Groundhog Day slap Mr. 4 upside the head.

"I think what he meant, was whatis it we're supposed to do?" Miss Merry Christmas asked in the poor man's stead. Miss Double Fingers switched into her Baroque Works uniform suddenly before answering,

"We're headed to Alubarna in 3 minutes. I hope you have everything you need, because we're going to finally bring Alabasta and it's king to their knees! Our job is to apprehend the princess and keep her from meeting with the rebel leader. Understand?" they all nodded. "Good, now it looks like our ride is here." Miss Double Fingers pointed outside the open door. A large F-Wani was parked outside the cafe, waiting for the six members to hop in, and take them to the country's capital city.

Somewhere near Alubarna-

On the main river of Alabasta, was a giant ship with the figure head of a white whale. On board were a large number of well-known pirates, both male and female. Near the back of the deck sat the famous Whitebeard, next to him, sat the unfortunate and unlucky princess of Alabasta, Nerferti Vivi. She had been lucky to gain their aid, but the country was falling apart quickly, and the poor woman was in a rush trying to get to the capital in time to stop a full-blown war. Several members assured her that they wouldn't let total war break out if they could help it, saying that they wouldn't let their newest sister's precious home be destroyed by a selfish Shichibukai.

Besides, one particular member of the crew, the Second Division Commander, had a personal vendetta against the man. Appearently some time ago when he was younger, the man had kidnapped his little sister. He hadn't seen her since, and for all he knew, she was dead now. And even if she wasn't, there was a high chance she didn't even remember him, probably having had someone pass him off as an imaginary friend or something of the sort. But yeah, this was more then just helping because they felt like it. This had become very personal now. And Crocodile was going to pay. Dearly.

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