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Episode Summary: Vivi accompanied by Marco, several commanders, Thatch, and a vengeful Ace, are headed for Alubarna in an attempt to stop the rebellion before it begins. But things don't go completely as planned when Baroque Works sets up a trap! Now the pirates and Vivi are stuck in a battle between the Mr. 1 and 4 pairs. But wait! Where's Vivi, Ace, and Marco, and where the heck are Mr. 2 and Miss Merry Christmas?

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Episode 1: Happy Reunions!

Just outside of Alubarna-

Marco, Thatch, Ace, and several other commanders were headed for the capital city of Alabasta, Alubarna. Vivi was desperate to make it on time so as to stop the rebellion. She had managed to obtain help from the infamous Whitebeard Pirates, who weren't as scary and fearsome as the Marines made them out to be. In fact, they were very kind and friendly, as long as you didn't try to harm any of their own. Right now, they were in a way, helping one of their own, along with herself.

Appearently when Ace, the second division commander, was younger, some Baroque Works members kidnapped his little sister. He hadn't been able to stop them then, and now he had no idea of whether she was even alive or not. So in a way, this was more then just assisting a damsel in distress now. After that little, or rather major, tidbit was revealed, it had become very personal. To the point where it seemed that the majority of the pirates assisting the desert princess were now more or less, out for blood.

She sometimes wondered if it had been a good idea. But at least she ahd the help she needed to save her country.

Suddenly Marco spoke up, breaking her from her thoughts,

"Hey! Wait a minute, guys!" Ace and Thatch responded,

"What's wrong Marco?" He seemed to be glaring at something up ahead, and upon closer inspection, there was indeed something up ahead. Four people were standing in their way.

"Let's split up, yoi!" Marco picked up Vivi by her waist and took off into the air with Ace following not that far behind. Thatch and the others nodded as they increased speed on the giant ducks they were riding.

They would hold off the enemy while Marco and Ace got the princess where she needed to go.

In little to no time they were now face to face with the enemy. Two big people, and two skinny people, what a contradiction in physique.

"Well what do we have here? A couple of Whitebeard Pirates. Mr. 0 was right, we should have expected your intervention. But I had a right to believe that You had the 2nd and 1st divisioin commanders with you. Where'd they go?" The skinny woman asked. Thatch growled a little as he responded,

"Not here obviously!" he snapped at the woman. Really he had no patience for people allied with the same group that had caused his adoptive brother Ace so much pain. He wasn't about to let a single one of them get away with hurting anymore people. Ace and all the others who had lost family members thanks to them, was the very limit.

"Hmm...Probably where ever little miss princess is. Ah, butwe shouldn't have to worry too much. I'm sure Mr. 2 and Miss Merry Christmas can fight those two and capture the princess with ease." the woman continued as she sauntered foreward a bit. When she noticed their surprised looks, she couldn't help but laugh, "Heehee! You actually thought that we were the only ones? Oh no darlings. There's two more, the Mr. 2 pair. Wish your friends luck, cause they'll be needing it." The woman stated smugly. Thatch growled in a warning tone, but couldn't help but feel worried about his friends.

He knew they were strong, heck Ace fought the Shichibukai Jimbei to a stand still, for over five days straight, then continued onto last a whole six hours fighting Pops! If that wasn't strong, then Thatch didn't know what was. But still. He didn't know how strong those two members that the woman just mentioned were. 'You guys better not die on me!'

With Ace, Marco and Vivi-

Marco was flying into the city with Ace and Vivi on his back. He'd have to make sure that both ate a lot of food when this was all over, because they had not been eating well obviously, especially Ace, who's appetite had appearently declined quite a bit, from gorging himself on ungodly amounts of food to eating maybe one or two bites and then excusing himself from the table. Ever since Baroque Works had been brought up. The emotional and mental scar must have been deep, from what Marco could understand, Ace had, according to what said commander told them, just stood there, gripped in fear, while the men of Baroque Works took his little sister away from him. She had begged, pleaded, and cried out for Ace to save her from what the man could remember, and he had just stood there and watched.

His sister's kidnapping had become a large part in a long list of reasons why Ace wanted to become a pirate, and also why he had been so defiant at first when it came to joining the Whitebeard Pirates. Ace had planned to get his revenge on the Shichibukai behind his sister's disappearance, after making sure he was strong enough. In short, and in no small words, Ace wanted revenge. And to hopefully find his little sister. Ace's grandfather had given up hope of ever finding the girl alive after he had heard the news, but Ace himself, still hoped and prayed that he'd see her alive and for the most part well.

Marco himself would like to meet Ace's little sister, who had become a sort of legend amongst the crew in the short time they had found out about her from Ace, and an even bigger reason to help Vivi. Though he wondered if it was a good idea to bring Ace along with them. Oh well, the fiery commander was already this far, might as well get it over with and hope for the best. Marco's thoughts were overcome with a sharp and very bad pain that caused him to faulter in flight, even more so when he felt something wrap tightly around him. He could feel that whatever it was had gotten itself around his passengers as well, and with a sharp scream from a startled Vivi, they found themselves plummeting to the ground below. At least they had made it into the capital, and not that far away from the palace.

"Uggh...What the hell, yoi?" Marco shouted in a pissed off voice. Really, that had been uncalled for. That could have killed all three of them after all. But then again he doubted their opponents cared. And it seemed that they had found a couple of strays from the initial group they had encountered. 'Ok, and I thought Ace had a bad sense of fashion...But my GOD! That's a horrible outfit!' Marco thought as he eyed his two opponents. One of them was a tall man wearing a god-awful outfit that made the Phoenix's eye twitch slightly, really he had no idea how to describe it. The other one was more on the normal side in comparison.

The second one was a little girl, probably no older then 14, with near boyishily short black hair and a straw hat on her head. She was wearing a red hooded vest with a white, loose-fitting, tank top underneath. A blue skirt with white capris made the bottom half of her outfit, and on her feet were a pair of yellow flats. Yep, definitely normal, though he had to wonder about her color sense. Though it wasn't as bad as Ace's. Speaking of Ace, the usually chatty man had been awfully quiet, Marco wondered if he had fallen into another one of his narcolyptic fits when they landed, and looked behind him. Nope he was still concious, but he looked as if he'd seen a ghost. Appearently he had, as he spoke up, stuttering severly, and having an obviously hard time breathing.

"L-L-Luffy? I-is that you?" Ace stood up, albeit wobbly, while the girl eyed him somewhat. Then her expression began to mirror Ace's.

"Ace? Nii-kun?" She looked very close to collapsing in shock, when her little friend spoke up.

"Wait a minute...Nii-kun? Miss Merry Christmas, who is that man?" The eccentrically dressed-man asked in slight shock. He had obviously not known what was going on, and a now standing Vivi and Marco were both just as confused, if not more.

"Wait a minute Ace-san. You mean to tell me that Mr. 2's partner is your little sister?" Vivi asked finally. Ace only nodded, conflicted with between anger and relief. He wasn't sure whether he should be crying right now or smiling. Maybe both, oh no time to think though, as difficult as it was not to, as the newly dubbed Mr. 2 grew impatient and attacked.

The man didn't get far though as a yo-yo, of all things, a yo-yo, collided with the man, firmly wrapping itself around their attackers' waist and yanking him back so hard he flew past the recently dubbed Miss Merry Christmas and into a wall behind her.

The yo-yo returned to Miss Merry Christmas' hands and she turned to face Ace again. In no time at all she was right in front of Ace, crying and hugging him so tightly, like she thought if she loosened her grip even a bit, then Ace would slip away and she'd be alone again, without her big brother there to help.

"ACE-NII-KUN!" She bawled out as Ace returned the hug, a big ball of mush now as well. Vivi was slightly confused still, but understood the situation enough to know that they at least had done something right finally. They had found Ace's missing little sister. And both were happy now.

They just had one more thing to do; defeat Crocodile.

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