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Chapter 9

"Here kitty kitty. Get the fishie! You know you want the fishie!"

In any other circumstance, had anyone woken Qin from his rather pleasant nap atop his favorite fountain and proceeded to wave a salmon in is face like Toshiro Tohomiko was doing at the moment the person would have been dead about five minutes ago. Unfortunately, Qin had the feeling that his master would not take kindly to having his best friend mauled for no apparent reason other than a slight insult. And so the fifteen hundred year old Chinese general, master of Chase Young's cat warriors, resigned himself to having a middle-aged Japanese man crouch in front of him and wave a dead fish in his face. Toshiro didn't seem to notice Qin's disinterest, he never did whenever he visited. The tiger might have been touched at the "gift" if he weren't sure he had seen it in his master's fridge the day before.

"Fishies are delicious! Kitties love fishies!" Toshiro's voice was peppered with sweetness as he cooed at a three hundred pound tiger, who could only lay on the floor, his head resting on his paws and an impassive glaze covering his gaze. The salmon stared at him with its dead marble eyes, the permanent smile on its face almost as wide as the one worn by the cheerful CEO on his knees before him.

This is how the mighty fall.

A crackle of magic caught the attention of both Qin and his tormenter. He recognized his master's magic instantly and therefore did not leap in front of Toshiro. Qin merely stood up calmly as his master flashed into view, mentally raising an eyebrow at the female body he held in his arms. Lady Kimiko was completely out cold as she slumped lifelessly in his master's arms, her head leaning into the crook of the warlord's neck.

"What happened!?" Toshiro shouted in alarm, noting the traces of blood on his daughter and the gallons of it on Chase. The warlord groaned inwardly. A worried Toshiro could be aggravating to deal with. Not to mention he had practically ravished his daughter mere moments ago. That part would have to be glossed over.

"There was a monster." He merely said. Toshiro ran up to him, putting his hand on Kimiko's face and turning it gently in search of injuries. "She's fine." Chase added.

"Then why is she unconscious?" Toshiro snapped, glaring at him in suspicion.

"There was… a complication." Chase replied, averting his eyes. Realization donned on the Japanese man's face.

"You knocked her out didn't you!" He accused incredulously. Had Chase not been holding Kimiko he would have scratched the back of his head.

"She wasn't cooperating." He replied lamely.

"Wasn't cooperating!? All you had to do was tell her it was urgent!"

Chase fumbled for something to say.

"I… didn't go about it the right way." Toshiro narrowed his eyes.

"What did you do?" He asked darkly, using that voice of his Chase knew was used when the man was in his ruthless CEO mode. It was always unsettling to see, as the man rarely got riled up enough to warrant it.

"Nothing!" Chase snapped back.

"Its obviously not nothing if she was resisting enough to require knocking out." He growled, threading his hand through his daughter's ebony hair. He peered down at her in concern. Her hair shifted from his ministrations, revealing her pale neck. The man's hand froze in mid stroke. Chase followed his gaze and swore inwardly.

"What the fuck is this?" Toshiro asked shrilly.

"A blemish." Chase replied uneasily.

"It's a fucking bite mark!" He shouted back.

"Now Toshiro lets just calm dow-"

"Oh my god it's your fucking bite mark!" The man pointed a finger at Chase in accusation. Many thought Kimiko got her infamous temper from her mother but Chase always knew better. It had been ages since he himself was subjected to his best friends rage an as much as Chase knew he deserved it, the timing was not ideal. He would rather Toshiro chew him out when he wasn't holding the subject of this conversation in his arms

"Put her down! Put her down right now." He commanded petulantly.

"Let me just put her in her room." Chase replied.

"Oh no! Your not spending one minute alone with her! Qin!" Toshiro called, pointing at the Tiger who had been slowly edging out of the room. "You take her!" The tiger looked at his master and Toshiro and back again. Chase opened his mouth.

"I can walk just fine you know."

Both men looked down to see Kimiko wide awake, staring up at the duo blandly with her baby blue eyes.

"Kimiko darling! How long have you been awake?" Toshiro asked, running his fingers more urgently through her hair. Kimiko swatted him away before pressing a hand on Chase's chest. For the most nonsensical of moments Chase wished he weren't wearing armor so he could feel the warmth of her palm against his skin. The memory of their kiss was still raw in his mind. It had been the wrong thing to do but he almost didn't regret what had happened. Chase didn't know what had come over him, but the sight of her blue eyes staring at him with fire and the smell of both fear and longing that had radiated from the woman in waves had caused something in him to just snap from all of the pent up frustrations he felt recently after Kimiko blossomed into womanhood, all of the pent up lust.

I know you've fallen in love with her Chase

No, Toshiro was wrong. Chase loved Kimiko, but not in the way a man loved a woman. He had agreed with Toshiro at that moment because no matter how close they were he couldn't tell the man, the father that it was merely lust he felt, exacerbated by the fact that he hadn't taken a lover for a couple of decades. It had nothing to do with Kimiko, she just happened to be the only attractive woman in his proximity. Had she been anyone else, even a dragon of fire, he would have had no problem having her in his bed. But it was Kimiko. He wouldn't ruin what little bond they had left from the past, even if her proximity set of a fire in his blood he hadn't felt for many years. Even now it burned as he held her in his arms. He stared at the hand splayed across his chest, ignoring how his mind imagined the two of them naked on his bed, her blue eyes peering at him in lust as her hand nudged him backward.


"Are you going to let me down?" Kimiko asked irritably. She began to squirm against him and Chase was suddenly quite thankful he had changed into his armor. She began pushing her palm against his chest and the warlord's thoughts began to come back with a sizzling force. He tilted down and set her feet on the floor, the feel of his hand brushing her silky thigh sending shivers up his spine. The moment she was free of him Chase took two quick steps back.

"What happened dear?" Toshiro asked, his face scrunched into worry and his hands looking as if they were moments away from locking her in an embrace.

"It's a long story dad but I'm fine." She replied, running a hand though her mussed hair. Her eyes shifted to Chase for a brief moment and he could detect the barest hint of a blush on her cheeks.

"Chase handled it." She finished quietly, shifting her bare feet against the marble floor.

"Not very well apparently." Toshiro scoffed, sending a scathing glare in his direction.

"I don't want to talk about it." Kimiko replied with a sigh. She turned to the tiger sitting at Toshiro's feet. "Help me find some clothes Qin."

"Certainly my lady." The general answered, turning to walk down the hallway as Kimiko began to move. Her steps were silent as she walked past a sputtering Toshiro. She didn't even glance his way and Chase wasn't sure whether he was relieved or disturbed that she wouldn't look at him. He was almost afraid of seeing the hurt he knew was there.

"We need to talk Kimiko." He called after her, stalking up to Toshiro and grasping his arm before the man could run after her.

"I know." She replied gravely, her voice roughened with stone. Qin looked over his shoulder as the two walked, meeting Chase's eyes with worry. He watched Kimiko's hair flutter as she disappeared behind a corner like a ghost.

"What did you do Chase?" Toshiro asked, his face pale. Chase raked a hand through his hair, glaring into the floor.

"I made a mistake."

"What happened here!?"

Raimundo's exclamation reverberated through the empty ballroom as he and the rest of the monks stared in shock at the scene before them. When Dojo had finally touched down in front of the hotel where the Wu had been apparently activated they had to fight the throngs of screaming people running through the glass doors of the lobby. The five had rushed in, knowing it was only a matter of time before the authorities came and took over the scene. Dojo was happy they had gotten there before then, as arguing with the police had always been a headache. Since the time of the emperor, officials had always been wary of the Xiaolin and their quest for the Shen Gong Wu. In the age of the modern nation state things had only gotten worse. Today it stemmed from modern society's general fear of magic, but back in the day it was because of other reasons entirely, reasons whose charred and bloody remains lay scattered all over the marble floors. The sight of so many bodies in one place was something Dojo hadn't seen in a long time. It reminded him of the men he had seen in battle, who had been burnt to screeching crisps from a breath of his flames and been crunched to a bloody pulp under his razor sharp teeth. They were images he would rather forget.

The monks looked absolutely horrified, as such innocents should be. Clay was white as a sheet and refused to move even as the rest began pursuing the room. Omi held a hand over his mouth as he examined the bodies, his eyes wide. Raimundo was surprisingly calm and after his exclamation he had turned immediately back to Dojo, purposefully not looking at the floor. His hands weren't shaking like the others but he still wore a rather disturbed grimace.

"Where's the wu?" He asked.

"How can you even ask that with all these people on the floor!" Omi replied hysterically.

"Their dead Omi, it's a lost cause. We need to find the Wu before whoever did this does." They wouldn't find it, not in its familiar form at least. Dojo scanned the room, searching for the monster. They were early as the creatures weren't due to begin appearing for another year or so. Something was speeding their transformation up and Dojo had no idea what. The fact that this was happening so quickly meant that the elders would be acting soon. They were running out of time to save Kimiko. As the dragon scanned the room more urgently something immediately caught his attention, or the lack of something at least.

"I don't think whatever did this is here." Raimundo said after giving the room his own scan. Dojo narrowed his eyes. The thing obviously wasn't rampaging around the city so someone must have dealt with it.

"Wait guys." Clays stricken voice echoed through the silence. "Isn't this the banquet Kimiko was attending?" The other two froze. Omi let out a strangled cry before frantically pacing around the mounds of flesh. Raimundo swore, finally breaking his composure and dashing towards the exit.

"I'll search for her in the crowd." He shouted slamming open the ballroom door.

"She's fine guys." Dojo yelled back. Raimundo stared at him incredulously, the door swinging on his arm.

"How can we know that!?" Omi snapped.

"If this was her father's banquet than Chase was probably here." He replied. Raimundo's face contorted into rage and he let the door slam shut.

"He did this then!?" Dojo had forgotten the monks knew nothing about the immortal's relationship with the Tohomiko family. The dragon felt another headache coming on.

"No." He replied emphatically. A glimmer of something in the middle of the room caught his attention. The dragon slithered closer and found a shining Katana imbedded in the floor, the blade caked in a shimmering blood and the white pearl adorning it's black hilt stained red.

"This is one of Chase's blades. Looks like he took care of it."

"He must have come looking for the Wu as well." Omi added.

"I don't care why Chase was here or what he did! I just want to know if Kimiko is alright." Raimundo growled.

"Chase would never let anything happen to her." Dojo said. He felt a prickle of Heylin energy that felt like Chase's teleportation spell. He must have taken Kimiko with him.

"Why the hell would Chase even care?" Raimundo snapped.

"There's a lot you don't know about those two."

Dojo continued eyeing the area around the sword, ignoring the rather loud inquiries from the monks. There would be a time and a place for them to discover Chase and Kimiko's relationship and that time was not now and he was not the one they would hear it from. Dojo narrowed his eyes as he stared at the lake of blood pooled around the blade. The creature had obviously been slain here but where had it's remains gone? The monks continued their questions and Dojo ignored them as he yanked the sword from the floor, nearly wincing as the blade screeched against the marble.

"Let's get back to the temple. The Wu is long gone."

Master Monk Guan sat on a balcony in his temple, over looking the vast mountain ranges around the structure. He remained still and silent, his legs crossed. Not even his eyes fluttered under closed eyelids, despite the strong fall breeze flying through the mountains, heralding the coming winter. He would not be fazed by even the iciest of winds for the monk was a master of meditation, his skill gained from years of experience. Guan was a careful person, refusing to make any decision without reflecting on the consequences, as he was doing now. It had been a habit for the monk ever since Chase Young's betrayal and the events leading up to it. Guan sorely wished he had been the man he was now fifteen hundred years ago. Perhaps then he wouldn't have fallen so easily for the guiles of the Shen Gong Wu. Perhaps he might have taken his comrade's words to heart rather than brushing them off. Perhaps Chase would have fared differently had they both teamed up to discover the truth. Perhaps young Ming could have been saved. But these things were all in the past now and nothing could be done for them. As Guan had sworn on that dark day fifteen hundred years ago and as he was reaffirming now, the monk would look toward the future and one day discover the truth of the Shen Gong Wu, what happened to Ming, and why Chase had been silenced after her marriage.

"Master." A quiet voice in the doorway called his attention. His musings would have to be put on hold. Guan slowly opened his eyes, turning his head towards the meek monk. The boy was a new arrival, sent from another temple. Guan had quite a reputation so the younger monk had been a nervous wreck even speaking to the great master. Guan shot the boy a reassuring smile, although his hazel eyes continued to twinkle with nerves.

"I am sorry to disturb your meditation but there is a man here to see you." The boy said quietly, wringing his pale hands together. "He said it was a matter of urgency."

Guan stood, the kind smile not leaving his face.

"Very well." He replied amiably, walking though the door and past the other monk

"I showed him to the sitting room."

"Thank you. You may return to your duties."

The boy practically glided away from sight down an adjacent hallway as Guan walked through the arch leading to the sitting room. The space was large, with wide open-air windows showing a generous view of misty mountains. A long wooden table surrounded by cushions sat in the middle; a steaming pot of tea had been placed in the center. A tall man stood in front of one of the windows, his back to Guan. He wore a crisp black suit, with one hand in his pants pocket and another holding a steaming up of tea. A breeze ruffled his short blood hair and the man turned towards Guan before the monk could announce himself. The cheerful smile on the stranger's face was betrayed by the calculating gleam in his cerulean eyes.

"You must be master monk Guan." The man said, with an American accent different from Clay's.

"Indeed I am. And you would be?"

"Of course! Where are my manners." The man reached the table in three long strides, silently placing the teacup on the table as he passed and held his hand out to Guan. The monk took it and was startled at the iron strength in the American's long aristocratic fingers. The man's smile widened to a grin that revealed pristine straight teeth.

"Agent Johnson CIA, at your service."



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