A/N: All of these will include the family from the Babies on the Brain/Way-verse. You don't necessarily have to read those to understand this, but Babie(s) on the Way does establish this family.

Presents Under the Tree

Juliet shoved the last present under the tree, just barely managing to fit it under without completely blocking the pathway to walk around it.

Sighing, she plopped down on the couch next to Shawn, grabbing a cookie from the platter Zoey and Zach had put out for Santa.

"Santa's tired," Juliet commented, taking a bite of the reindeer-shaped snickerdoodle.

Shawn nodded in agreement, grabbing Juliet's hand and bringing it to his mouth so he could steal a bite of her cookie.


"This Santa is tired too. He deserves snickerdoodles just as much as you do."

"Why did we wait so long to wrap presents?" Jules groaned, glancing at the clock and noticing the bright red numbers telling her it was twelve fifteen. "We told ourselves last year that we would get this all done early and not be exhausted Christmas morning."

"We lied," Shawn offered in explanation. As he stared at his wife, he smiled. Even when she was tired, she was gorgeous; her blonde hair was falling from its position pinned on the back of her head.

Shawn diverted his eyes from Jules and turned them to look at their tree. "It's going to be worth it, seeing their faces light up."

Juliet nodded in agreement, grasping Shawn's hand in her own. "Last year was fun, but they're nearly two years old now, so they'll understand the concept of Christmas much more. A year ago, we had to help them open the presents. I think this year they'll be able to do it on their own."

Shawn thought back to their first Christmas with the twins. Zoey, who was a daddy's girl, had sat in Shawn's lap as he helped her unwrap her presents. Zach didn't like sitting on his parents' laps, but Juliet had sat directly across from him as he opened his gifts.

Juliet had always enjoyed Christmas, but nothing made her as happy as seeing her children's faces light up at the simple concept of tearing wrapping paper off.

Leaning her head against her husband's shoulder, Juliet smiled. "I love Christmas."

Shawn placed a kiss on her temple before reaching for the remote and turning on It's A Wonderful Life.

• • •

As Juliet's eyes slowly opened, she flipped over nestling herself between her husband's arm and chest which she draped her arm across. "Morning," she whispered, her voice husky from sleep.

Shawn slowly came to, glancing down at the beautiful woman in his arms. "Hey. Merry Christmas."

Juliet leaned up and softly kissed Shawn. "I'm glad the twins aren't old enough to come into our room to wake us up on Christmas morning yet. We got to sleep in," Juliet commented as she saw the clock read 9:25.

"We should go wake up the munchkins," Shawn suggested.

"Mm, not yet," Jules replied, living the warmth that was radiating from Shawn's body. "Just a few more minutes."

Shawn kissed the top of his wife's blonde hair and tightened his grip around her body. "I love you," he whispered.

Juliet smiled against Shawn's chest, knowing she didn't need to say anything back for Shawn to realize how much she loved him.

After ten minutes of silence, the two of them enjoying just being close to each other, Juliet smiled. "Okay, munchkin time."

Climbing from the warm bed, Juliet wrapped herself in a thick robe before rummaging through her drawer to find their camera.

"You wake them, I'll record them coming down the hall," Shawn suggested as they exited their bedroom, to which Jules nodded.

Peering into her toddlers' bedroom, Juliet smiled. They were sound asleep in their new jammies that they'd received the night before, each nestled in their "big boy" and "big girl" beds.

"Guess what day it is!" Juliet announced, her voice pulling her children from their sleep. They looked around sleepily and noticed their mommy standing in the door and their eyes brightened.

"Cwismuss!" Zach exclaimed, climbing down to the foot of his bed where there was no railing and scooting down to the floor.

"Cwismuss!" Zoey echoed, getting out of bed in the same way her brother had.

Juliet beamed as she watched her children, who ran over to each other and began chattering away in their broken sentences which she could only understand pieces of.

"Daddy's in the hallway with the camera. Are you ready to go see what Santa brought?"

"YEAH, SANTA!" they both screamed.

"Let's go, then!"

Juliet walked behind her kids as Shawn taped them, capturing their priceless expressions when their eyes caught the mound of presents under the tree.

Zach's face looked strikingly like Shawn's when he was excited, which Zoey's nose scrunched with her smile in the same way Juliet's did.

"Pwesents!" Zoey screeched, taking off toward the pile, trying to rip open the first package she saw.

"Hey, Zo, you have to wait for Mommy and Daddy to hand you the presents, sweetheart," Shawn told his daughter gently. "Santa put names on them. That one is for your brother."

Zoey looked thoroughly disappointed as her daddy reached down to keep her from continuing to open the gift, but Zach looked ecstatic as he realized that the present was for him.

Juliet rushed a present out from under the free for Zoey, handing it to her at the same time Shawn handed Zach's to him.

They tore apart the paper like little monsters, but their faces looked like angels as they noticed the gifts they had received. Zoey had gotten a Tickle-Me-Elmo, while Zach got an electronic drum set that had the Sesame Street characters adorning the sides.

Their excitement for those particular gifts were short-lived, however, as they quickly tossed them to the side, ready for another present.

Juliet and Shawn both laughed at their kids, before looking under the tree for another gift for each of them.

As the kids waited, they tossed the torn wrapping paper at each other, giggling as they did so.

Juliet made eye contact with her husband from the other side of the tree. They both smiled, enjoying the laughter of their beautiful children on Christmas morning.

A/N: My parents always stay up way too late wrapping presents...then they watch It's a Wonderful Life. Also, the "big girl/boy" beds I described have partial railings so they don't fall off, but can be removed later when they get older. I had one of those beds when I was little. I don't remember how old I was, but I figure I was around 2.