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Ichigo took the same route home from school every day without much in the spectacular events happened but that was before one hot and sunny day on July 18th that was the day that will always be remembered as the day that changed his life... Ichigo was walking back on said day when he saw the strangest kitten he'd ever seen. For one it was blue and white, yes even though Ichigo had rubbed his eyes several times there on the floor in front of his feet was a tiny kitten no bigger than his hand with a white body (well grey body the poor thing was filthy) and blue ears with a little blue tuft of hair on its head and a pair of teal ears. The kitten looked up at Ichigo and his heart just melted ok he had a soft spot for cats they were cute and elegant and just so loveable. Before he could see the logic in the craziness that was forming in his head he gently picked the kitten up and finished his walk home.

It took a further 10 minutes before Ichigo and Kitten (he'd decide on a name later) were standing outside his apartment door as he fumbled with his keys. Ichigo slipped off his shoes, without setting Kitten down, and made a beeline for the kitchen before pulling out a can of tuna, tipping it onto a plate and setting it down on the floor with Kitten and wandering off to run himself a bath.
"Haha you must have been hungry little one" Ichigo laughed as he returned to sit next to Kitten a few minutes later to find an empty plate. Kitten brushed his head up against the boy's leg purring all the while. "You're so cute!"

Kitten sat on the bathroom floor and watched wide eyed as the tall orange haired boy in front of him began to strip naked discarding each item on the floor, forgotten a soon as it left his hand. Kitten's heart began to race as the boy's hands moved to his boxers slowly pulling them down to reveal what was hidden underneath.

Was it just him or was Kitten ...staring...? Ichigo pushed the thought to the back of his mind and climbed into the bath, sighing as the hot water washed over his skin he laid back into the water so that only his head was above water and closed his eyes.

"Mind if I join ya?" a gruff voice whispered in the strawberry's ear causing his eyes to fly open and almost drown in shock.

"W-who are you ?"

"Names Grimmjow" Ichigo looked into beautiful blue eyes and pushed the face away before starting to climb out of the tub.

"I don't know how you got in here but..." Ichigo looked down to the man who was crouching on the floor in his bathroom. He was totally naked. Chocolate coloured orbs gazed over his tanned skin, his firm sculpted body, over his perfect abs and lower to his... oh my ... Ichigo blushed and mentally shook himself from his increasingly dirty thoughts.

"You brought me in here..." The Blunette looked puzzled at the younger male's obvious disapproval.

"I did no such thing! I would have noticed bringing you in here now get out!"

Grimmjow's expression fell and he looked to the floor. Suddenly there was a soft pop and sitting where Grimmjow was only seconds before was Kitten. Ichigo's knees went weak as he flopped back into the bath successfully splashing water over the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a sopping wet blue fluff ball stalk across the room to sit next to the door. At least he was clean now.
Grimmjow sat in the corner thoroughly soaked and shivering. Was his owner not happy with him that way? He told him to get out ... but he didn't want to leave... He knows he'd be happy here ...He'd just have to get his firey master to change his mind!

Realising he was slowly turning into a raisin Ichigo eventually got out of the bath thoughts plagued by what had happened... Kitten ...was called Grimmjow... and he's a ...Man?
Without realising how he got there Ichigo flopped down on to his bed, still only wrapped in his towel and closed his eyes slowly drifting off to sleep.

Still in Kitten form Grimmjow padded into Ichigo's room to find him fast asleep. This was his chance! If he could make Master happy then Master would let him stay! Carefully he hopped on to the bed, a distinctive pop filled the air and a very human looking Grimmjow was sat next to Ichigo. The Blunette's eyes gazed at the Orange head's sleeping face, how innocent and calm it looked now that that scary scowl was gone.

Grimmjow slowly crawled over his master and tenderly licked his cheek whilst his hand slowly moved to his hand to the towel that adorned the orange heads narrow hips, and delicately lifting the folds of material revealing his flaccid cock.

Grimmjow let the towel drop gently taking Ichigo's member in his hand before tentatively licking around the head causing a muffled sound to come from Ichigo's lips.
Taking that as a sign to continue Grimmjow took the other mans cock into his mouth and slowly began to suck. This is how the humans do it right?

Ichigo was having a wonderful dream, so good it almost felt real. It really did feel like his rapidly hardening member was sliding in and out of a delicious heat while large hands firmly gripped his thighs, and if it's a dream it would be okay for Ichigo to rock his hips up thrusting his hard on into that sinful mouth. It would be okay to reach out and entwine his fingers is Grimmjow's sky blue locks.
Grimmjow smirked as he felt Ichigo buck his hips, he pulled back until only the head was in his mouth and began to lick and suck on it like a lollipop enjoying the sleepy moans that came from Ichigo's lips. Before sliding Ichigo's cock back into his mouth and began to deep throat him.

Ichigo's grip on Grimmjow's hair tightened as he awoke in the throws of his orgasm filling Grimmjow's mouth with his hot seed. Ichigo relaxed, panting in his bed he lay there staring at the ceiling before the slow realisation that he was awake dawned on him... with a jolt he looked down to see Grimmjow's head resting against his thigh, a satisfied smile on his lips.

"Didja like it Master?"

Ichigo fell out of bed, landing face first on the floor.

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