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It had taken every ounce of persuasive skill that Ichigo had to convince Grimmjow to leave Zommari's house without killing him once he'd seen the marks he'd left on Ichigo's body. These were only the ones on his face and neck, Ichigo dreaded what he'd do once he saw the other more intimate marks the bastard had left...

Ichigo hadn't wanted anything more than to call the police and have the whole ordeal over with so he could finally focus on just being with Grimmjow. Zommari was a sick fuck and that was that, Ichigo didn't need to think any deeper about it than that. The phone call to the police was over faster than he thought and they arrived at Zommari's house within ten minutes to find Ichigo still standing on the lawn.

Ichigo frowned at the young and rather handsome Officer Shuuhei as he insisted that his colleague give him a ride to the hospital. It was much more fuss than he wanted but with a reassuring squeeze of the hand from Grimmjow he agreed to go after giving his statement. The journey to the hospital was spent in silence with Ichigo staring out the window but never letting go of Grimmjow's hand, he could feel the bluenette's thumb stroking over his hand ever so gently and couldn't help the tiny smile that pulled at the corner of his lips.

Ichigo walked quietly through the halls of the sterile smelling hospital as a dark haired doctor lead him to a private room, she told Grimmjow and the officer to wait outside.

"Um I'd like Grimmjow to stay... If that's ok Dr..." Ichigo glanced at her name badge "Unohana"

The Doctor smiled at him kindly. "That's fine Mr Kurosaki, now if you would please step into the middle of the room and take off your clothes I need to photograph your injuries" Dr Unohana replied as she closed the blinds to the hallway windows. Assault injuries of any kind needed to be taken in natural lighting as to avoid making them look better or worse than they actually were but that didn't mean they couldn't have some privacy.

Ichigo hesitated for a moment this would be the first time that Grimmjow saw him fully naked... And it had to be like this...

Grimmjow saw Ichigo stiffen at the thought of removing his clothes, and his heart ached more than it already did if that was even possible. Grimmjow moved to stand in front of his lover and slowly began to unbutton his school shirt.

"It's okay Ichi, I'm here and I'm never going anywhere I will always be by your side." Grimmjow slid Ichigo's shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Next his hands moved to the schoolboy's belt. "I love you Ichigo I hope you know that I will protect you, no one will ever be able to hurt you again. I won't allow it." Grimmjow let Ichigo's pants fall to the floor.

Ichigo hadn't realised he was crying until the bluenette wiped his tears away.

"It's ok you don't have to be afraid anymore"

Doctor Unohana hated to break up their moment of bonding but she had to do the examination, though she was relieved that this young boy had someone who was there for him and would support him.

"Ahem. Are you ready to start the examination Mr Kurosaki?"

The two men looked like they had been pulled out of a trance.

"O-oh.. Yes, sorry" Ichigo pushed Grimmjow away gently. "Where do you need me to stand?"

"Just over there please." The doctor pointed to a clear space in the middle of the room and Ichigo quickly moved into position. The faster this was over the faster he could go home.

The examination wasn't the most pleasant thing he'd ever done, after the photographs and been taken and Ichigo was once again dressed he found himself crying when he had to explain what had happened and watch the dark haired doctor marking off his different bruises and abrasions on a body map. The schoolboy felt his lover stiffen next to him as he heard the details of the assault for the first time but was relieved when Grimmjow didn't say anything or ask any questions and just held his hand. Three hours later Ichigo and Grimmjow arrived back at their flat.

It had taken a few weeks for Ichigo to stop flinching every time the door opened or closed and each time the lock slid closed. And even longer for Grimmjow to be allowed to touch him intimately, kisses were ok as long as there was no tongue and were quick. Hand holding was fine in fact that was all Ichigo would allow. It was a source of comfort for him, touching but not too much, just enough for the schoolboy to know that the bluenette was still there.

Grimmjow loved Ichigo just as much as he always did but if he was perfectly honest he was beginning to get frustrated. The lack of contact was driving his body crazy, he wanted to support Ichigo and be there for him but he had his own needs too. Occasionally they made him be short with the younger male, which he instantly regretted, but trying to keep a focussed mind with a raging hard on was becoming more and more difficult.

Ichigo wasn't an idiot, he could see the struggle Grimmjow was having with himself and although it hurt when Grimmjow snapped at him Ichigo didn't blame him. Something had to give or Ichigo would lose Grimmjow he could feel it, and it's not like he didn't want to sleep with the older man but every time he got in the mood he pictured Zommari and that was it... Mood gone. But today things were going to change. Ichigo had decided that he would make a move on Grimmjow.

Something was wrong with Ichigo today Grimmjow could see it, Ichigo spent the whole day tense and just weird he wanted to broach the subject but he honestly didn't know how. The reality was he didn't know how to make Ichigo feel better and he was terrified of pushing him the wrong way and losing him forever, and that he couldn't do. So here they sat in different rooms, ignoring each other.

Grimmjow was so deep in thought that he almost didn't notice the gentle arms wrap around his neck from behind or the soft lips press against his cheek.

"Ichi... What are you doing...?"

"Just shut up and go with it..." Ichigo began to kiss down his lover's neck and Grimmjow began praying that he hadn't fallen asleep.

Ichigo paused his ministrations to walk round the sofa and climb into Grimmjow's lap and join their lips in a loving kiss.

Grimmjow wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist pulling him close, their bodies flush against one another. The bluenette's hands slipped under the younger male's shirt and gently caressed his back. As much as he knew this was really happening a small voice in the back of his head kept telling Grimmjow he was dreaming.

Reluctantly Ichigo broke the kiss, softly pulling away from his lover, just far enough that their lips weren't touching but he still felt the brush of his lips against Grimmjow's as he spoke one word.


Grimmjow got the hint instantly and rose to his feet taking Ichigo with him. Without much difficulty at all he walked to the others room kicking the open door shut behind him and dropped Ichigo unceremoniously down onto the bed.

Ichigo blushed as he watched Grimmjow begin to hastily undress throwing his clothes in any direction not caring where they fell until only his boxers were left. Even from where Ichigo lay in the middle of the bed he could see Grimmjow's hard on. It was impressive to say the least.

Grimmjow reached for his boxers, about to pull them down when a hand on his stopped him.


"Now's not the time to tell me you changed your mind Ichi..."

"Shut up. It's just... I want to..." Ichigo hooked his fingers in the waistband of Grimmjow's black boxers and began to pull.

"Oh... Ohhhh"

As soon as it was free Ichigo slipped Grimmjow's length into his mouth, slowly sucking whilst gripping the base with his left hand.

Grimmjow fought against the urge to thrust into the others wet heat that was effectively driving him wild. But now was not the time or the orifice to cum in, and Grimmjow knew it. So as gently as he could he pulled out of Ichigo's mouth, who in turn looked incredibly disappointed. That look only lasted a second though as Grimmjow pushed him down, and with the efficiency of a soldier, removed all of the younger's clothes.

Grimmjow traced a finger over his young lover's body he wanted to touch every square inch of Ichigo, wanted to kiss every square inch. God only knew he loved every square inch of the boy sprawled out in front of him. Grimmjow traced his fingers over the boy's petal soft lips, dipping them inside Ichigo's mouth when he opened up. The digits were instantly greeted by Ichigo's tongue as it coated them in saliva. The slippery muscle twirled and danced around Grimmjow's fingers until the other could take no more and withdrew from the boy's warm cavern.

Grimmjow waited until Ichigo's hands had settled on the pillow above his head before gently pressing his index finger into the boy. Smiling as his lovers back arched off the bed and a moan escaped his lips. After a minute or two the bluenette added another finger then another delighting in the way Ichigo's body was responding. Grimmjow really couldn't help the feral grin that spread across his lips.

Ichigo was drowning in bliss, moans were involuntarily being pulled from him as his back arched the younger male thread his fingers through his own hair to keep him from touching himself.

"Grimm... More... Fuck me..."

Without a second thought Grimmjow withdrew his fingers and reached for the drawer in the bedside table he knew there was a little bottle of lube in there and it only took a second for him to find it.

Ichigo was unsure as to whether he could feel any happier at this moment in time, and honestly he couldn't remember why he put this off for so long, all the reasons he thought were perfectly rational before now just seemed stupid to his lust filled mind.

Grimmjow could barely contain himself as he coated his aching erection in lube and lined it up with his lovers twitching entrance. Inch by inch he pressed into Ichigo unable to take his eyes away from his shaft which was rapidly being swallowed by the young man's hole.

Ichigo felt so full. Full of Grimmjow and he could barely take it. All he wanted was for Grimmjow to move! His own erection was red and weeping pre cum.

"M-move damnit!"

Grimmjow was taken a little by surprise but began to move at a slow pace, faltering a little as Ichigo was glaring at him.

"I'm not made of glass Grimmjow!"

Grimmjow picked up the pace thrusting faster and harder into his young lover holding Ichigo's legs by his knees and pushing them wide open. The bluenette was mesmerized by Ichigo's hard on, bobbing with the momentum of Grimmjow's rough thrusting.

The room was filled with lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin, Ichigo's lusty moans and Grimmjow's quiet panting. Ichigo could smell sex in the air and in all honesty the combination turned him all the more, but as much as he was enjoying it Ichigo could feel his orgasm building in the pit of his stomach a steady heat was building there getting ready to erupt down every nerve in his body.

The orangette reached between his spread legs and began to pump his dripping erection faster and faster as he felt Grimmjow's pace change again and he knew Grimmjow was close. Grimmjow was going to fill him with his hot seed and coat his insides!

Ichigo's back arched and he orgasmed moaning his lovers name as hot cum splashed up his abs. White pin pricks dotted across his vision as he fell over the edge lost in the bliss of his own orgasm.

Ichigo looked so sexy covered in his own cum, Grimmjow couldn't hold his load any longer, his thrusts became erratic and three hard and deep thrusts later Grimmjow's orgasm was erupting like a volcano inside him. Grimmjow's whole body tingled as he emptied his load inside the orangette.

Gently Grimmjow pulled out of Ichigo and laid down next to him on the bed. Ichigo snuggled up to the larger man and sighed happily.


"Yeah Grimm?"

"I choose you."

"Huh?" confusion swam in Ichigo's expressive honey eyes.

"I choose you, and this form... I want to stay with you until my last breath"

Realisation spread across Ichigo's features as the weight of the statement settled on the orangettes mind. Ichigo looked up into Grimmjow's sky blue orbs.

"You'll age... You'll never be able to transform again!"

"If I have you, none of that matters Ichi, you're mine and I never want to leave your side. I love you Ichigo!"

Ichigo blushed an impressive shade of red. "I-I love you too..." Ichigo buried his face in Grimmjow's abs. "Now shush and sleep"

Ichigo and Grimmjow lived happily together for another 70yrs as in love on their last day as they were on their first. Ichigo graduated and followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a successful doctor. Grimmjow worked in Las Noches during the day whilst he studied at night. Grimmjow eventually passed his business studies and opened his own business- a store specializing in cat accessories and cat foods, for who knew cats better than Grimmjow?

When the boys turned thirty they adopted a rebellious red haired child named Jinta and a black haired girl called Ururu. Jinta took after Grimmjow and took over the family business whilst Ururu became a doctor like Ichigo.

And the strange little family lived happily ever after.

The end.

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