The boys sat on the bed as they watched Chad put his clothes back on and was about ready to leave when...…

Ashley: Hold it there you!

Chad: Damnit all!

Ashley: Where the hell do you think you're going?

Chad: I'm getting the hell out of here and I'm taking Abby and Cree with me!

Ashley: What makes you think that we'll let you do that?

Chad: Boys, I know that you can go both ways but if you don't mind doing me a favor and keeping the girls here while I escape?

Boys: Sure thing sweetheart.

'Sigh, they love me so,' thought Chad as he walked past the girls. Ashley wasn't about to be punished by Father just because her brothers were in love with this guy they were ordered to torture. Ashley reached for him but then was pulled away from him by another hand, she looked back to see that it was David. She looked up at him with terror in her eyes. Ashley struggled against her brother only to be thrown on the bed next to Oogie. The boys surrounded every corner of the bed each with a little device their grubby sex driven hands smiling pervertedly at their sister's.


Numbuh 5 was delusional, she could barely speak articulately and her vision was so blurry that she could barely make out her surroundings. Her head swam with thoughts of little importance as she was watched by her older sister Cree. Cree could see that the pills were starting to take effect on Numbuh 5 faster than she had thought. Father had over dosed her with the pills and syringe herself but she as used to it and she knew how to suppress it long enough to do other things, such as in getting the hell out of there!

Cree: Abby, can you hear me?

Abby: Huh?

Cree: Focus Abby, we need to get out of here and I need your help to do it.

Voice: Why not just ask me?

Cree shot her head up to the person who spoke. Numbuh 5 did the same but did it lazily with a goofy look on her face. It was Chad. Cree saw that he somehow had found a way to escape the boys torturing and get to them in time.

Cree: Chad! How did you get away?

Chad: Never mind that I'm getting you guys out of here.

Chad didn't want to tell Cree what he had to endure to get to the first floor of the mansion; if he did she would probably wring his little neck and keep her little sister in a bubble. Chad never looked in Numbuh 5's direction fearing that his erection might react again. He UN did Cree's' shackles and helped her put her clothes on. Cree looked at him and knew that he avoiding her sister purposely.

Cree: Go help her, now.

Chad: I can't.

Cree: Why? Because you're in love with her and you want to be the first one to take her and use her as a sex toy?

Chad Looked at Cree shockingly, everything she had said was true about him, except for the toy part. To Chad, Numbuh 5 was like the Hope diamond and he was just another tourist to marvel at her beauty like everybody else in the world and there were others that wanted her just as badly as he did. Plus the fact, he had to face her sooner or later. He slowly turned around to face her and his chest was pounding heavily. She was alluring for a young teenager and being used for sex by her commanding officer, and her commanding officers' evil uncle and technically him. But unlike them he wanted to love her not just use her. He walked over to her and they both watched each other.

Cree: Take a picture after we get the hell out of here.

This snapped him back to reality. He reached for her and when she felt the smallest hair on her arm she-


She had an orgasm that splattered on the floor and his growing erection. He cautioned himself and moved away quickly before she could do that again.

Cree: Man up and get her out those chains so we can get out of here, I'll explain it to you later.

He did as she said and touched her again grabbing her arms.

Abby: !

She let out another three that hit his chest. Surprising how it elevated that high. He toughed through it and took the chains from around her wrists and got them off.

Chad: How are we getting her out of here? Can she even walk?

Cree: She's unstable right now so you're gonna have to carry her.

Chad: Why do I have to carry her? You're her older sister-

Cree: Who has also been drugged with the same stuff she was drugged with and can barely keep herself up too.

She said this angrily in a matter of fact tone, stumbling, trying to stand proving her point to him. He sighed trying to control his hormones. He turned so his back would face her and cupped his hands behind him.

Chad: Hop on.

Numbuh 5 hesitated and slowly pulled her arms up to his shoulders. Cree saw this and got very irritated, he was prolonging this escape. Here's how this would go if she didn't do anything to help them; as Chad would wait for Numbuh 5 to climb on his back Father would come in and see that somehow Cree was clothed and that Chad had found some way to get away from the boys and get Numbuh 5 to try and hop on his back. After he re-captures them all he will either use them all for sex and kill them or use them and use them as machines to make money off of them. Cree walked over to them and pulled Numbuh 5s' arms also pulling her on to Chad's back.

Abby: !

She did it again, and on to his clean blue button up shirt. He felt the warm liquid wet the back of his pants and trail down his legs and curl around his erection. This only made it grow bigger than it needed to be. Cree saw this and the redness that stretched across Chads' face only meaning that he loved this feeling of her orgasms and he was trying so hard to suppress it but he can't.

Chad: What the hell Cree! Do you know how tight a spot you put me in?

Cree: It's not as tight as your pants. But other than that we have to get going before Father comes back.

They walked down several halls and Chad thought that it was starting to be hopeless to find their way out of this maze like mansion.

Chad: Cree, I think we're lost.

Cree: Unlike you I've spent a lot of time in this place and I know where we're going.

She sounded angry and worried. This was the first time that Chad heard her like that, her seriousness blocked every other emotion in her; all she could think about was getting her sister out of there. They walked down several more halls and a couple of stair cases; they found themselves standing in front of a door that led to the basement.

Chad: This is the basement, right?

Cree: Right. This is the only place that I've only explored once trying to make my first escape from here when I realized what Father really wanted from me.


Father came walking back from his studies with his pipe in his mouth. He was feeling good about himself now that his nephew did as he was told and his children helped him with his guests. 'This may be the best time I ever had in my life. For some strange reason, Numbuh 5 is the only child that I hadn't used yet. By now she'd be looking for an exit. It's something about her that excites me and it's arousing.' The perverted old freak thought to himself as he walked while rubbing his erection that seemed to be growing each second. He reached the room where he left Numbuh 5 and her sister. But, when he got there he found no one there and his arousal limped.

Father: How the hell did this happen?

Furious as he was, he ran to his sons' room where they had taken Chad. When he got there he didn't hesitate to bust the door down and was yet again furious at the sight he saw. He saw both of his darling daughters' being plunged by their own brothers'. David was on top of Ashley ramming her into submission and Oogie was having both ends plunged by Bruce and Lenny.

Father: What do you boys think you're doing?

They all turned to their father at the door and stopped their actions. David never looked up to his father, it's not that he was ashamed to face him it's just that he was trying to figure out how to fuck his sister mindless. Father saw that David was the only one that wasn't looking at him and was angered by this so he approached him.

Father: David.

Oddly enough to everybody, except for David, he sounded calm and relaxed. But to David, being the oldest and knowing better, nothing was ever right when he would sound like this.

David: Yes, Father?

Father: What do you think you are doing to your sister?

David: What I normally do to my brothers, Father.

He answered his question. But it wasn't enough of an answer to satisfy him. Father averted his eyes to his second oldest and darling daughter, Ashley.

Father: Ashley?

Ashley: Yes Father dearest?

Father: Haven't I told you and Oogie about being with a man other than myself?

Ashley: Yes Father. And I apologize for my actions with my brother. I shall accept any punishment you give me including Oogie's, Bruce's', Lenny's and even David's'.

David: No you won't.

He was appalled, along with his brothers and sisters. Father then convinced himself that he just thought of a possible case scenario in his mind as what his son would say to him for being disobedient.

Father: I still must be aroused from prepping myself earlier to think that you said that.

David: I did you old bloke or are you deaf of hearing as well as your judgment?

He went too far. This caused Father to lash out on his oldest son throwing him to the mirror next to the bed. The glass shattered and he fell to the floor with glass penetrating his flesh and blood streaming down to the floor. Ashley couldn't believe her eyes and rushed to her brothers' side. She knelt down to him and pulled his body away from the glass. His body was still heated with passion from his prior engagement with Ashley but the pain from his father was stinging with a blazing furry.

Ashley: Brother, are you alright?

Her frantic voice disturbed him and made him feel even worse than he already had. He averted his gaze from her feeling ashamed to even make eye contact with Father. His body was already up in fire and increasing.

Father: Ashley, is your brothers' seed inside of you?

His words were venom and filled the room with its' thick fog of poison. Bruce, Lenny and Oogie looked at their siblings on the floor also wondering the same question as Father did. Was she going to be pregnant with their brothers' child? She took too long to answer him. Father reached for her long blonde hair and grabbed hold; he hoisted her to her feet and threw her to the wall.

Father: This is not going as I planned at all. Everything is falling into shambles!

He raced out the room leaving two physically scared children and the other three confused and frightened on the bed.

With Chad, Cree and Numbuh 5...

When they opened the door to the basement, Cree found that all her hard work had went down the tubes. The room had been remodeled. The floor had been taken out and if you looked down you'd see a bottomless pit of the vibrant pint liquid Father used on Cree and Numbuh 5.

Cree: No, the room didn't look like this last time.

Abby: Cree...

Cree looked back to her little sister to see that her facial expression made it seem like she was in a pleasurable pain.

Cree: What is it?

Abby: My hurts...

Cree closed the door to the basement and Chad sat Numbuh 5 on the floor propping her up against the wall.

Cree: What's wrong with her Chad?

Chad: Her boobs...

Cree: Stop staring at her chest and tell me what's wrong with her damn you!

Chad: I'm serious it's her boobs!

Cree had almost forgotten that Father injected her with same pink liquid that was in the basement. Chad moved to let Cree see the proof for herself. It was true. Her boobs had doubled in size and they were bigger than hers.

Chad: Whoa!

Cree: Chad!

Chad: Sorry. We should get going.

Cree: There's a problem. There's only a small platform in the middle of the room.

Chad: That's a problem?

Cree: Remember, there is no floor in that entire room and that pit is nearly bottomless. Plus the fact that that small platform is barely big enough for one person.

Chad knew that at first joining the adults would be a bad thing, but then he thought he would get more things like money, girls and other material things that he could care less about. But, the one thing he was truly upset about was that he wouldn't be any closer to Numbuh 5. Years ago when he turned thirteen, his parents, Mega Mom and Destructo Dad, sent those party invitations got his crush decommissioned and frozen in cryogenic ice. But, he got to hold on to her more than once during both those times.

Cree: You're gonna have to carry her over.

Chad: You're still weak?

Cree: Well duh you idiot.

Cree opened the door again and saw the long metal rod begin at the middle of the door that led to the small square platform. She knelt down and coiled her arms and legs around the cold metal. She let herself hang on it like a sloth. Chad was standing up with Numbuh 5 slumped in his arms. Her legs were dripping with her sticky juices and that was driving him nuts. He did as Cree did but with Numbuh 5 laying on his stomach. He saw that Cree was a quarter way to being halfway to the platform. He shimmied right behind her.

Cree: How you holding up Chad?

Chad: Uh...I-I'm fine!

'He's losing control of his hormones again.' Cree thought as she looked back at Chad to see her little sisters' butt wedged between the metal pole and Chads' erection! She saw her face to see that she was pleased by it and heard her moaning loudly.

Cree: Chad, what possessed you to put my sister on the head of your dick?

Chad: I didn't, she moved herself up there and besides the fact that it's making me totally freaked out it's actually keeping her in place so she won't fall!

Cree: Can't argue with that, but if you enter her it'll be you and me got that?

Chad: I got it Cree.

They shimmied down the long pole trying to get to the other side unaware that Father was racing down every hall checking in every room on that floor looking for them.

Father: !

His roar echoed through the halls and shook the whole house. Cree and Chad heard this, obviously, and they hurried their pace on trying to make it to the other side. Cree looked ahead of her to see how far she was from the small platform but saw ledges attached to the wall.

Cree: Looks like I found our lucky break!

Chad: Why, what?

Cree: I see a ledge on the other side of the room that's big enough for all of us.

'Good, like that's gonna help us in any way. I still have to carry your sister and she's making me harder than ever.' Chad thought to himself as he saw that Cree was taking a little rest on the center platform.

Chad: If you're tired I can carry you and your sister.

Cree: No, I got it. I just need to catch my breath that's all.

Chad: Cree, you're in no condition to be pushing yourself this hard.

Cree: I don't want to hear it Chad. I'm getting her out of here even if it kills me in the process.

Her determination astounded him. The basement door blew off its hinges and flew into the pink water down below. They saw Father raging with flames and anger as he stared at Chad holding Numbuh 5 in his arms.

Father: What do you think you're doing with her?

Cree: We're getting her out of this place whether you like it or not! I'm not letting you do to my sister what you did to me.

Father: We'll see about that.

Since this is his house, Father knows everything about it and installed a multitude of trap doors, secret passage ways, switches and buttons. He opened a secret panel on the inside of the wall and pressed a series of buttons activating the poles in the middle of the room to retract.

Chad: We need to think of something and fast or else were heading in the pink stuff down there!

Cree: Run for it!

'Run? Does she not see that I'm still hanging on this thing and I have her sister?' Chad thought as he shot up from the pole firmly holding Numbuh 5 in his arms, 'This is getting old!' Chad was tired of doing this, though he may be in love with the young girl he was stressed out for doing all the work that her sister should be doing even if she's drugged with an unknown substance. But, as much as he wanted to yell at Cree he couldn't because he told himself that he'd get Numbuh 5 out of here no matter what.

Father: You UN grateful little brats! How dare you defy me and I'm the one who made what you are today!

Father threw fire balls at them not even caring if he hit Numbuh 5, he just hated being defied. He missed them every time which only made him even more irritated and enraged. He roared at the top of his lungs shaking the mansion once more making every inhabitant in the mansion hold on to anything that was sturdy and securely nailed to the ground. Chad held on to Numbuh 5 for dear life while quickly running on the thin pole. Oddly enough, it work at getting him across, but a fire ball was being hurled right at him from behind! Though Numbuh 5 was delirious at the moment she still felt the heat that was coming at her and increasing. The motion of how Chad was running was driving her crazy and the heat was only adding to her insanity. Her eyes widened and she squeezed Chad tighter making him slow down causing the heat to increase faster. Numbuh 5 couldn't take it and screamed at maximum power cracking and shattering all the glass objects in the mansion. And at that moment the wall from the far left cracked and crumbled and a blue freezing ray shot in and hit the fireball knocking it down into the liquid below. Chad looked at who possibly did that and saw Numbuh 2 in the ship that could transform itself into a cloud.

Hoagie: Anybody miss me!

He shouted happily as he shot the freeze ray at Father. Father fell back into the hall and somehow another door closed slamming shut, the first door was still floating in the pink liquid. Numbuh 2 saw Numbuh 5 clinging to Chad, naked! He was angry but he just wanted to get out of there before Father woke up. He lowered the cloud like ship to Chad and Numbuh 5. Chad handed Numbuh 2 Numbuh 5 forgetting to mention-

Abby: !

Numbuh 2 felt a wave of heat run through him and straight into two parts of his body. He was stunned momentarily till Chad snapped him back to reality and getting him to focus. After getting those two in the cloud like vehicle they went down to Cree who was on the ledge. Chad pulled her in and gave her a blanket as she sat next to her little sister.

Cree: You ok Abby?

She said as she rubbed her sisters' arm tenderly. Numbuh5 nodded and buried her head in her sisters' shoulder. She sobbed immensely as Numbuh 2 flew the hell out of that place. Several hours later it had gotten dark and Numbuh 2 didn't have to hide behind things to avoid the numbing pain from the sun. They got to Moon Base where Numbuh 4 was sitting by himself waiting for the results of Numbuh 3's test.

Hoagie: NUMBUH 4!

He turned to the hall doors to see Numbuh 2 along with Chad and Cree, and Numbuh 5.

Wally: What happened to her?

Cree: Long story, we need to get her checked out now!

Wally: Ahh, please tell me that she wasn't...?

They didn't answer but just hung their head in shame.

Cree: She wasn't by him or any man at all.

He let out a sigh of relief and tensed back up in his chair. Numbuh 2 never knew the reason why Numbuh 4 was in the infirmary of the T.N.D Moon Base in the first place.

Hoagie: Why are you here anyway Numbuh 4?

He didn't want to answer him or remember the sight of what Numbuh 1 did. He cried into his hands and failed to save his darling love. Just at that moment, Numbuh 626.8 came out of the infirmary taking off his gloves. He spotted the group outside the E.R. He didn't know how to say this to them but he had to.

Kenny: Numbuh 4?

When he said his name, everybody shot their head over to Numbuh 626.8. He walked over them and rubbed the back of his neck trying to find the right words to say.

Wally: Tell me Kenny, is she alright?

Kenny:...Yeah, she'll be just fine.

Everyone, but Numbuh 5, sighed with relief and Numbuh 4 could actually relax.

Wally: Do you think we can see her?

Kenny: She's getting dressed right now but yeah, you can.

Hoagie: Numbuh 626.8, do you think you can help Numbuh 5?

He went over to Chad who was carrying her bridal style in his arms; he also put his light blue button up shirt over her body. Numbuh 626.8 peeled back the somewhat sticky fabric to see the massive breasts and dripping core. This made him a little aroused but he fought back

Kenny: Well, I see that Father is up to his tricks again.

Numbuh 2 looked at him confusingly and stepped forward.

Hoagie: Kenny what the hell are you talking about "again"?

Kenny: Look, I'll explain it but we have to get her into the E.R. for surgery.

Cree: Surgery? Why?

Kenny: Sigh, like I said I'll explain but we need to treat her now. Follow me sir.

Numbuh 626.8 said motioning to Chad. Chad followed him to the room that he just exited out of. Numbuh 3 saw Numbuh 626.8, Numbuh 5 and Chad walk in when she was about to leave the room.

Kuki: Kenny what's wrong with Numbuh 5?

She was becoming impatient.

Kenny: Not right now Numbuh 3 I have to get her to surgery now, Chad sit her down on the bed right there.

Kenny was firm but still nice about what he commanded them to do. Numbuh 3 ran out the room. She played with her fingers tying to recall her past emotions on Numbuh 4 and what he had said to her and if it was true about what he felt.

Wally: Numbuh 3!

She looked down the hall to he left seeing Numbuh 4 running towards her with tears and open arms. He towered over her as he hugged her with his strength. She could hear him crying in her ear as his arms coiled tightly around her.

Kuki: Numbuh waited for me?

He pulled away with a sad smile on his face; he put his hand to her cheek and wiped his thumb under her left eye.

Wally: Of course I waited for you, Kuki; I love you with all my heart.

She felt that feeling again, the same feeling that she felt when he first said that. She looked down at her feet shutting her eyes. Numbuh 4 lifted her head up so she could look at him. She opened her eyes slightly and with her tears blurring her vision.

Kuki: So you do love me? Im happy that you do because I love you too!

She didn't hesitate to throw her arms around his neck and attack his lips with her own. Hoagie was watching the whole thing at the end of the hall with Cree. Those two had something that was real, something that he wished he had with Numbuh 5.

Cree: They look happy together.

Hoagie: They sure do.

Chad came out of the ER room to stand in front of Numbuh 3 and 4 kissing the night away. He had a wired look on his face and scooted away from them over to Cree and Numbuh 2. Chad looked at Numbuh 2 with a soft look on his face.

Chad: Can I have my shirt back? Walking around here shirtless might give some female operatives the wrong idea.

Hoagie: I gave it to Numbuh 433 who took it to the laundry room on level S. It should be done by now, follow me.

He was talking in a flat tone and sounded like he wanted to be alone. Cree stayed where she was just in case something happened with her sister. They walked from level I to level S, which was a mistake. Everybody followed them. Girls from different sectors fawned over him while they walked and the males either wanted kill him for no reason or fawned over him like the girls did too. When they got to the laundry room they saw Numbuh 433 with his shirt that he just pulled out of the dryer.

Hoagie: Yo Charlie!

He looked over at them seeing that Numbuh 2 and Chad had walked in.

Chad: Charlie? Hey I haven't seen you since I was in the T.N.D. How have you been?

Chad knew Charlie when he used to be supreme commander of the K.N.D and T.N.D. But the one thing he hadn't known was that Charlie had a huge crush on him since he first met him. Charlie walked over to them and greeted them like he does everybody else on moon base.

Charlie: Hey you guys, how's it going?

Chad: Charlie, why are you here in the laundry room? You use to be head of the Security force in Sector S, F and W, why are you here in Sector L?

Numbuh 433 looked down at the shirt and thought of why he got moved to this sector instead of staying in the one he loved the most. Numbuh 433 was strong but also fragile when he was in Sector S, that would be a problem but the real problem was that he had the body features of a girl. This made him a target for a lot of molesting that happened in Sector S.

Chad: Charlie, do you think that you can do me a favor?

Numbuh 433 looked at him with a small smile and nodded silently. Chad told Numbuh 2 that he'd be right back but Numbuh 2 had already left to go check on Numbuh 5. Chad and Charlie were together alone with nothing but the sound of the whirring washing and the rumbling of the drying machines.

Chad: I need you to walk back down to Sector S with me.

His head shot up at him with fear. He was trembling. The shirt in his hands almost ripped.

Charlie: I-I can't go back down there Chad; there's a reason why I'm here in Sector L now. And, it's because of what happened to me when I was in Sector S.

It was 2009 when Chad had been announced Supreme Commander and assigned some of his best friends to their most desired positions. Numbuh 433 was his best friend since birth. Numbuh 433 was a thin lanky kid with pale skin and freckles on his nose. His short shaggy blonde hair and green eyes gave him the feel of a small surfer boy from California. But that was the least of his worries. Almost every feature on his body made him look like a girl. About five years later when they were eighteen, Chad committed crimes against the T.N.D; they were plans almost similar to the K.N.D moon base on the other side of the moons polar caps. After escaping another decommissioning he was never to be seen again unless you fought against him. Charlie was upset but he learned to cope with it. But that's when the terrible things started to happen to him. Guys younger and older than him or even about his age would come to him thinking that he was another girl in the security force (girls were required to wear skirts, dresses, short or skorts). His black shorts were tight fitting and his navy blue shirt was extremely loose due to his thin frame. His shaggy blonde hair and his newly required earrings-that he got pierced when he was thirteen leaving the K.N.D-made him look almost more feminine-like than he already did. But that didn't matter to them. They knew that he could never say no to anybody and that they could get him fired for associating with the adults that he was friends with-that were kid and teen friendly also. So they would sexually assault and harass him into keeping his little secret.

Chad looked at him with his face red a little and anger and sorrow growing in him.

Chad: I never knew that was happening to you, why did you let it go on for so long and you only have another year to be here and it's doing something...

Now that he thought about, Numbuh 433 was also good at doing laundry...and cooking, cleaning, handy work an- okay he had the abilities of a typical fifties house wife.

Chad:...Anyhow, you should have gotten somebody to stop them from doing that, WHY DIDN'T YOU!

Chad yelled at him making him step back in fear of that he might lash out on him in a sexual way, even though he would like it.

Charlie: You wouldn't understand Chad.

Chad: Understand what, Charlie? In case you haven't notice but I'm wanted by the K.N.D and the T.N.D for crimes against them.

'Even though they don't know that I was really helping them along the way right from the time I left' he thought as he ran his fingers through his lightly gelled blonde hair. Without thinking he opened his arms wide and held his head down towards the floor. When Numbuh 433 realized that he wasn't saying anything he looked up to see that his arms were open and that he was waiting for him to do something.

Charlie: Chad? What're you doing?

He looked up at him with even more anger and put his arms down.

Chad: You were supposed to walk into my arms so I could give you a hug. Duh!

Charlie: I don't think I can.

Chad stared at him for five minutes and tackled him to the ground. Charlie yelped at his sudden action and fought back against Chad. He punched him in the neck and kneed him in the stomach. This didn't stop Chad from tying to hold him down to get his point across. But it still hurt like hell. Numbuh 433 was finally pinned down after he head butted Chad. He looked up at him with tears in his eyes.

Charlie: Stop it Chad! Why are you doing this?

Chad: I'm trying to make you feel better you idiot!

Charlie: You don't understand! I just can't be around you anymore!

Chad: Tell me why I can't be around you!

Charlie: Because I'm in love with you Chad!

This stopped him dead in his tracks. Numbuh 433 pushed him off and sat up crying into Chads' shirt, maybe this was a bad thing to do.

Chad: I...never knew.

Charlie: Of course you'd never know about my feelings, you were always so busy with things here and sectors back on earth. Especially Sector V.

The only reason he was absorbed into that sector was for the fact that Numbuh 5 was there and he was having a developing crush on her. Chad felt the pain of his friend. They both knew that they would never get the one they loved and that their lives were only meant for living to watch, not to take part in.

Charlie: Ever since we were little I knew that I had feelings for you. Though I could've confused my feelings with admiration, I didn't care.

Chad: But, why didn't you tell me when you had the time?

Charlie: Remember how I said how the guys would use me to be "relieved"? They asked Numbuh 7231 in Sector R for my schedule; all of my missions, overtimes, training sessions, anything that they could find out to get me alone with them.

Chad could see that being down here in the laundry room was the best thing for him. That would mean that he would never have time off and would have to work constantly.

Chad: Look, I'm sorry Charlie but, I just wanted to make things better. Now I don't know if I can.

Charlie: I don't think there is either.

Chad: But, can I at least get a hug?

Charlie looked up at him to see him sitting with his arms open and his smiling face that he loved so much. He already had tear stained cheeks from crying but that didn't stop him from letting another bucket of tears pour down from his eyes. He couldn't move.

Chad: Sigh, nothing's changed. Even when we were kids and you cried you couldn't move.

He stood and walked over to Numbuh 433 and knelt down in front of him wrapping his arms around him. Numbuh 433 felt his heart beginning to pound so much that he thinks Chad felt it too.

Chad: I can feel your heart Charlie...

He jumped back from his grasp only to be pulled back into him.

Chad: I love the feeling of your heart against my chest, I always have.

Numbuh 433 nuzzled his head into his bare chest, maybe he changed a little since the last he saw him in the K.N.D and the T.N.D. He was more thoughtful, caring and just so close to him that he can't take this any longer! Once Chad pulled away to stare down at Numbuh 433 he smiled. But then he felt a thin pair of lips touch his. He opened his eyes to see Numbuh 433's eyes closed, and up close too. Numbuh 433 pulled away and looked up at Chad.

Charlie: I'm sorry for doing that, you probably don't like me kissing you huh?

Chad: Not really, but you're an exception.

He pecked him on the cheek and they stood together still in each other's arms.

Charlie: You can let go now Chad.

Chad released him and stepped back rubbing his head nervously. Numbuh 433 felt happy for once in his life. Having Chad back and encouraging him to try and go back to the place where people took advantage of him just to help an old friend out is something that he knew that he couldn't do without him.

Charlie: Putting your shirt on might be the best thing if we're going to Sector S, right?

Chad looked at him with shock.

Chad: You'd really go back there for me after what they did to you? Are you sure about this?

Charlie: It wouldn't bother me, as long as you go with me.

Chad: You'd really think that I'd let those horny monkeys around you now that I'm here? Fuck no, let's get going.

Chad took his shirt and put it on leaving it UN buttoned showing his whole chest. He and Numbuh 433 walked out of the laundry room. Two of the guards that stood in front of the laundry room door saw Chad and Numbuh 433 walking out.

Numbuh 88: Hey? What the hell do you two think you're doing?

Numbuh 84: Charlie, you know that you're supposed to be in there for a reason!

Charlie: I know but Chad here is going to go with me.

They looked to his left to see Chad standing there. They went crazy thinking that he was here to destroy the moon base. They took out their modified ray guns and pointed their lasers towards him. Snakingly.

Numbuh 88: W-what the hell are you doing here?

Chad: Relax; I'm not here to do anything to destroy the organization ok?

Numbuh 84: Then why are you here anyway?

Chad: A friend of mine is in trouble right now and I came here to help her.

They lowered their weapons and felt at ease.

Numbuh 84: Charlie, will you be okay going back to that sector? I mean, besides having Chad with you, do you want us to come with you just in case something goes wrong?

Numbuh 433 looked down and huffed out a blow of air from his chest. He looked back up at the two with a devious and menacing look on his face. Chad knew that something in him had been found after being dormant for so long. He smirked.

Charlie: I'm fine; I think that I have some unfinished business with some people up on that level anyways.

They started walking away from the two guards while leaving smiles on their faces.


Cree was pacing back and forth in front the E.R. room where her little sister was being operated on. Numbuh 2 was there with her but he was calm and sitting on a small blue bench with a red cup in his hand that was half filled with vodka. Numbuh 3 and 4 were somewhere still on that level but doing something that Numbuh 1 had did to her hours ago. Numbuh 2 finally fed up with Cree's excessive pacing jumped up and grabbed her arm throwing her into his seat. Cree hit her head and rudded it in pain, she looked at Numbuh 2 angry as fuck. He was leaning against on the wall opposite to where she was sitting and had his arms crossed still holding the red cup but facing the door that led to the waiting room.

Cree: What the hell is wrong with you! You could've really hurt me!

Hoagie: Not as hurt as Numbuh 5.

Cree: What're you talking about?

Hoagie: She has-correction-had a life. She was happy when he didn't know that she had feelings for her…that I had feelings for her…

Numbuh 2 felt as though that this was his fault somewhat, even though it was technically Father's.

Cree: I already know what you did to her.

Hoagie: Then tell me Cree, what did I do to her?

She wasn't surprised that he was calm enough to say that. She knew that he knew what he did, but she didn't know that he regretted it.

Cree: That stupid party is what started this whole mess! You just had to invite her and she got drunk in you care!

Hoagie: I didn't know that she was drunk, it never occurred to me that she was to being with.

Cree: Don't any of you teenagers know that alcohol can make you do stupid things?

Hoagie: Of course we know that. Did you know that when you were our age?

He got her there. Cree had to admit that she did almost the same thing they did but worse. When she got drunk she somehow always found herself in some basement, in some guys' house tied to a water bed on the cold concrete floor. She knew the dangers of the forbidden drink and controlled herself from then on out.

Cree: I learned from my mistakes and followed with the actions that led to near consequences in my future. I'm neither ashamed nor proud of what I did. I constantly fight with Abby to secretly show my love for her and to let her know that there are some things that she can and can't do in this world, especially with these people.

Hoagie: Agreed. But, one things or sure, we both have the same intensions.

She looked up at him seeing his hazel eyes from under those yellow goggles. She saw the fiery passion that was burning in his eyes. A true warrior resided in him to save his one and only princess.

Hoagie: If you really cared about your sister then most of this could've been avoided. None of us would be spank-happy vampires, none of us would be fighting Father like this, and Numbuh 5 wouldn't be dealing with any of these kinds of emotions. And speaking as an older sibling looking out for their younger sibling; there are some battles that they have to fight their own way. Others? They will always come to us for help.

True words spoken from her own kind, her own younger kind. Kenny came out the E.R. room also taking his mask off. Before he even had a chance to breathe the fresh air in the hall he was hit with a plethora of questions.

Both: How is she?

Kenny: Calm down. She's going to be fine.

They both let out a sigh and eased their tension.

Kenny: But….

That's what knocked them back into their tense states.

Kenny:…She's going to have to go at least twenty-four hours without any sexual intercourse of any kind.

Cree and Numbuh 2 gave a false sigh. This meant that they would have to watch out for people like Father, Chad, Numbuh 1- Numbuh 2 if he gives Cree a reason to- from trying to do anything freaky with her.

Kenny: She needs a lot of rest and she can't hold back any more of her orgasms or else it can completely rupture her internal organs.

Cree: Anything else?

Kenny: There's one more thing. When you guys asked about how I said this was happening again and that she needed surgery for this was because this has been an ongoing thing for Father.

This shocked Numbuh 2. He looked at Cree to see her reaction only to be met with the same; shock. Cree didn't even know that this was going on. She thought that it was just a one-time thing for just her because Father had gotten a little horny at the time.

Cree: How frequently has this happened?

Kenny: We've been getting at least five to ten patients a day with the same things; arousal from the slightest touch, growing breasts, high body temps-

Hoagie: Wait a second, have all your patients been female up to this point?

Numbuh 626.8 nodded his head towards them and checked his watch.

Kenny: You guys can go see her if you want, she's up and normal like she always is.

Hoagie: How so Kenny?

Kenny lifted his right arm up in the air showing the bite mark that she given him. It was red and bleeding a little.

Kenny: Excuse me while I go get some ice, antibacterial and a gin on the rocks.

He walked down the hall with his head hanging down towards the floor while holding his right arm also making a right and heading out the swinging doors.

Hoagie: Go and talk to you sister Cree, I'll wait here for you to finish up and let the others know that she's okay.

He went back to the seat that he was previously sitting in and dank the whole content of the vodka filled cup in one gulp. Cree saw that he was on edge about things. But she knew how that felt too. She ran into the room to see her sister putting on a hospital gown on covering her back side.

Cree: How you feeling?

Numbuh 5 turned to see her sister standing behind her. She was happy to see her but felt anger at her for no reason.

Abby: I fine Cree; I just need to rest for a while, as soon as I get this stupid thing on right!

Numbuh 626.8 was right; he was back to her old self. Frustration had kicked in and she was about to tear things apart if it didn't go the way she wanted.

Abby: Where's Numbuh 2?

Cree: He's waiting outside drinking.

Abby: If I told him once, I told him a thousand times; never drink anywhere near a hospital or an infirmary!

Numbuh 5 was about to storm out when Cree stopped her.

Abby: Alright, something's wrong, what is it?

Cree was looking down at the floor while thinking about what Numbuh 2 had said to her.

Cree: If there's something that you ever need my help with than you know you can come to me, right?

Numbuh 5 looked at her sister as she felt her hand being released from her arm. Cree knew that he was right even though he was constantly trying to get into her pants like Numbuh 1, Father and Chad. But, all he wanted from her was to see some sort of happiness or a smile from her. Dismay and sorrow is the last thing that he would want from her.

Abby: I been knew that Cree.

Her head shot up at her little sister who was figiting with her gown.

Abby: I knew that I could go to you for anything but so far I haven't needed your help….

She felt like a wet towel that should be thrown away. Her head started to bob down.

Abby: Even though I didn't need your help, doesn't mean that I don't need it now. And now I'm asking for your help, because I love my big sister.

She shot her head back up once more and looked at her little sister with teary eyes and a runny nose. She tackled her sister with a hug and was crying hysterically into her shoulder. Numbuh 5 thought that she was suppose to be the adult in the situation, but she had no room to talk she still acted like a kid a times. She patted her sisters shoulder and shook he head.

Abby: I haven't seen you cry like this since Maurice dumped you.

Cree: I told you to never bring that up again! You know that he started the fight first! He's th-

Cree opened her eyes at her sister to see her grining foolishly.

Cree: Why did you bite Kenny?

Abby: He was maturbating at the end of my bed. Do you know how wrong that is?

'Im don't care just as long as he didn't touch you Im fine with it!' Cree thought as she stared at her with disbelife.

Abby: Can you do me a favor Cree?

Cree: Sure what is it?

Abby: Can you tell Numbuh 2 to come in here please? I eally need to talk to him.

Cree was a littl uneasy about letting him be in the same room with her, alone.

Abby: Let him in here, if he has himself in his right mind then he won't do anything stupid. Trust me.

Cree didn't want to tust him in the least bit and she couldn't and wouldn't trust him as far as she could throw him, which wasn't that far due to his muscle weight. She let her sister go and walked towards the door. She looked back at her little diste once more, she saw that little girl with the over-sized red cap on her head giving her a thumbs up.

Cree: Ok, I trust you, but I still don't trust him even if you do.

She said that while leaving the room. Numbuh 5 sighed happily and then went back to her long lasting fight with the hospital gown.

Hoagie: And this round goes to the hospital gown for the third consecutive time in a row.

Abby: Ha ha, very funny you idiot, now help me out with this thing would ya?

Shrugging his shoulders he walks up to her as she turns her back to him. He ties the strings together trying not to be hypnotized by her alluring smooth chocolate skin. It was glossy and mesmerizing as he started tying the strings slowly now.

Abby: Sure, keep staring at my ass why don't ya?

Hoagie: Im sorry.

Abby: And how many times do I have to tell you not to drink near medical facilities?

She turned to face him forgetting about the fight with the strings and remembering his alchol consumption a couple of minutes ago.

Hoagie: I needed something to calm me down and I didn't have anything to work on so I drank, big whoop.

Abby: Numbuh 2, I know how you get when your drunk-

Hoagie: And I know how you get when your drunk Abby. Do you wanna keep going with this?

Not wanting to she kept silent folding her arms and huffing.

Abby: Do you think that this, between us, is ever gong to go back to the way it was before?

A question he's been thinking about since this whole thing started.

Hoagie: Honestly? Hell no. We can try, but I doubt that it'll ever be the same again.

Abby: I thought so.

Hoagie: Meaning that there's gonna be some touchy subjects and I don't think you can walk around the treehouse in a towel anymore.

They chuckled and then let the room grow into an awkward silence.

Hoagie: Why'd you bite Kenny on the arm?

Abby: You'd bite the guy to if you woke to find your doctor masturbating at the end of your hospital bed too.

Hoagie: I would if my doctor was male. Why don't you lay back down, Kenny said that your gonna need a lot of rest.

Abby: I don't want to! I need to get the hell out of here and kick some ass!

Not wanting to be rough with her-which didn't work-Numbuh 2 grabbed her arms and lifted her off her feet scaring her into glared at her with caring rage in his eyes that were still behind those thick yellow goggles.

Hoagie: Please Numbuh 5, Im not in my right mind and it's hard to stand here and not tell you that I love you and that I want to have sex with you. So just please do as I now...

She alreaady knew how he felt it's just that she never really felt the same way about him. He loosened his grip on her arms and guided her towards the bed. He sat her down and sat next to her, he took his goggles off and sat them on her lap. She looked at his goggles seeing the thick yellow shining lenses. Through these battered things Numbuh 2 saw everything that she hadn't and then some. She looked over at him seeing his profile. A moppy brown mess of hair fallng over his hazel eyes, he had the features of a guy that she wouldn't mind falling in love with...but besides his geeky mechanical quirks that annoyed the hell out her there was something small in him that she couldn't get over.

Hoagie: Please, Abby just for once just listen to what I have to tell you, ok?

He never looked at he when he asked this she didn't look at him.

Hoagie: That night at the party, when you got drunk, I really didn't know that you were drunk. I just thought that you were actually having fun and that you were crazy enough to take advice from Numbuh 4 on parties.

Abby: As if.

Hoagie: And I sincerely apologize for what Numbuh 1 told you. I wanted to be the one to tell you that when I was ready and not in this kind of situation.

Abby: But reguardless of that Numbuh 2, you should've told me anyway. Sure, I would've kiscked your ass for trying to have sex with me while Im half out of my mind and drunk but I would understand that you did that because I know that you love me.

Hoagie: Think that was a bad way of showing my affections?

Abby: Hell yeah it was. You might've gotten further with me if I was sober.

Hoagie: Thank you for telling me that.

They laughed and heard the door ceak open. They looked up to see Numbuh 3 and 4 stading there at the door.

Kuki: Are you alright Numbuh 5?

Wally: Yeah, we were worried about you.

Abby: Yeah, c'mon in. And there was no need to be worried I was in Kenny's good hands thoughout my surgery.

Hoagie: That is till you bit the poor guy in the arm.

Kuki: Numbuh 5! Why'd you do that to him? He helped you out!

Wally: I wouldn't be suprised if she knocked him out. Mate tends to get a little horny around his patients.

Abby: You were close Numbuh 4, I didn't punch him, I bit the hell out of his arm.

Hoagie: Which I think was totally wrong.

Wally: But neccessay, uh do you think that you could give us a good reason as to why you bit his arm?

Hoagie: As she told me before, he was masturbating at the end of her bed.

Wally: Did he bleed when you bit him?

Abby: A little.

Kukui: Now I take back what I said before, you should've kicked his ass.

They all stared at her fo her swearing. She was confused about this.

Kuki: What?

Abby: I've never head you curse before like that Kuki, it suits you.

Wally: Suits her? Eh, your right anyway, whether you curse or not you still say the cutest things. I love you.

Kuki: AWWWWW! Wally, I love you too!

She kissed him passionately and then pulled away remembering that Numbuh 2 and 5 were sitting right in front of them watching.

Kuki: Im sorry you guys I didn't want to do that in front of you two!

Numbuh 5 waved her hand in front of her face dismissing the subject.

Abby: Don't worry about it, we dicussed things way before this whole mess.

Hoagie: Yeah so, I still feel like an ass for it.

Abby: Yeah, but your an ass that cares.

Wally: Question?

They all looked at Numbuh 4 and stared questionably.

Wally: If Numbuh 1's gone completely evil, whoes gonna be the commander of our sector then?

'Even though it never occured to me but he's right...' Numbuh 5 thought to herself as she became a little more serious.

Abby: I don't know, but, I'll have to step in for now.

After saying that Numbuh 626.8 stepped in with his arm fied up in bandages and his gin on the rocks in his other hand.

Kenny: Feeling any better Numbuh 5?

Numbuh 5, before answering, glared at Numbuh 626.8 because of earlier occurrences'.

Abby: Fine now, how's your arm?

She said this mockingly towards him and sneered. He glared at her and held his arm up for all to see.

Kenny: As you can see I needed twenty stitches and more than a cup of antibacterial just to keep it from getting infected.

Abby: I won't apologize unless you apologize first.

Kenny: What're you talking about? I said sorry while you were gnawing at my arm for five minutes!

Hoagie: Just say you're sorry again then Kenny.

Numbuh 626.8 didn't like complying to girls needs whether he was right or wrong, but seeing that Numbuh 2 was in some sort of mood being around Numbuh 5 made him take his advice.

Kenny: Fine damnit, I'm sorry for masturbating in front of you Numbuh 5.

Abby: I don't believe you Kenny.

Hoagie: Ok, now you're just taunting him purposely!

Abby: I'm only joking, I accept your apology Kenny, just don't do it in front of me again or you won't have kids in the near future.

That made Numbuh 626.8 run out the room and into Chad.

Chad: What's the hurry General Hostile?

Without explanation, Numbuh 626.8 got up and ran down the hall leaving Chad sitting on the floor confused. At that moment he Numbuh 4 and 3 walked out the room where Numbuh 5 was staying and saw him on the floor with his legs spread wide open.

Wally: I don't know what you think your getn' from her because you'll have to go through me first buddy!

Chad: Calm down half pint, I came down here to ask Cree if her sister was doing alright but ahe left some place and just had a collision course with General practitioner Kenny.

Kuki: Numbuh 5 is up and doing ok now so you can go see her.

Chad: Wait, where's the taller one?

Wally: Numbuh 2 is in there helping Numbuh 5 put her clothes on.

Chad felt something in him rise with furry as he stood up walking and walked past Numbuh 3 and 4 into the room. He witnessed Numbuh 5 naked on top of Numbuh 2. But what really upset him was that she had an orgasim and her bodily fluid was dripping from her and on to Numbuh 2s' erection. He heard her moaning loudly and saw Numbuh 2's hands reaching for her ass.

Chad: Keep your hands at your sides pervert!

Numbuh 2 and 5 being starled by Chad's voice, Numbuh 2 lifted Numbuh 5 up having her facing him and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Abby: What the hell was that for Chad?

Chad: I thought that you were suppose to be changing into new clothes?

Hoagie: She was and she had an orgasim, and appearently with this orgasim Kenny forgot to mention that it comes with brutish strength and anger.

Abby: I said I was sorry damn you.

Hoagie: That doesn't make up for your long ass nails pirecing through my shoulders now does it?

Abby: Im not kissing it better you technical maniac.

They were back to normal, sot of.

Abby: Did you find out where Numbuh 1 was hiding Chad?

Chad: How'd you know that I was researching that?

Abby: After I bit Kenny I asked him where everybody was, He said that Numbuh 2 and Cree were waiting outside, Numbuh 3 and 4 were "killing time" and that you were in Sector L with Numbuh 433. I knew him for about two years when I got into the T.N.D and he told me about himself and you.

'So she must know that he's gay and has a thing for me then.' Chad thought as he blushed a little.

Abby: I know he's gay and has a thing for you and no, Im not jealous.

Chad: I wasn't thinking that.

Abby: I know you Chad, yes you were.

Chad: Whatever.

Hoagie: Alright enough talking, some poeple in this room need to get dressed.

Without even having an argument over it, Chad walked out the room leaving them alone.

Abby: Im sorry Numbuh 2.

He looked at her confusingly for a moment wondering why she said this.

Hoagie: What the hell are you talking about Numbuh 5?

Abby: Im talking about this.

Not even giving a long enough pause after her statement she kissed him. Numbuh 2 didn't know what to think about this other than that this was the best thing to ever happen to him in his life. This lasted fo about a minute or two till Numbuh 5 pulled away and stared at him with a smile on her face.

Hoagie: Sorry doesn't even begin to describe how you'd feel. Why'd you do it?

Abby: I wanted to see what you have, just seeing how you reacted about everything up to this point shows me that your more caring than Numbuh 1.

This was a little too far fetched for Numbuh 2 and she just had an orgasim and was completely angry with him and now she kisses him and is starting to like him a little?

Hoagie: You don't mean that Numbuh-!

Before he could finish she kissed him again. Her kiss was filled with lust and hunger with hadly any passion in sight of the kiss. When she pulled away once more she tried to kiss him again but he stopped her by putting his figer on her lips.

Hoagie: Numbuh 5, you don't mean that.

Abby: Yes I-

Hoagie: Listen! You love Numbuh 1, or at least what he used to be before this shit happened.

Abby: But why would I want a spank-happy criminal like him when I can have a sweet and caring-what the hell am I saying?

She snapped back out of her trace from her orgasm, appearently whenever she has an orgasm she eperiences mood swings, abnormal strength and a passionate desire to fuck the first guy she comes in contact with.

Hoagie: You have to get a grip on reality Numbuh 5, your living in your own night mare.

He stoked her cheek gently and stood still holding her.

Abby: Don't tell me what I just did untill after this whole thing is over.

Hoagie: Is that an order from my commading officer?

Abby: Ya damn straight that's an order. Now, help me get my underpants on.

Hoagie: As you command.

He stood still holding her in his arms. This shocked her a little. He turned her around having her back face the bed and dropped her. He still had her legs in his arms.

Abby: This is so vulgar Numbuh 2.

Hoagie: I was planning on it. Hand me your panties.

She looked above her to see her underpants were sitting there right next to her head, she grabbed them and threw them at Numbuh 2. He caught them and slipped them on to her body. He let her legs drop and she sat up, he got behind her and started to put her shirt on.

Hoagie: Ok, lift your arms.

Abby: No.

What? Why did she just say no to him. He thought the mood swings were happening again but it really wasn't.

Hoagie: And why the hell not, might I ask?

Abby: I don't like my boobs to sag.

Hoagie: Nobodies gonna pay any attention to your sagging boobs Numbuh 5.

Abby: Numbuh 2, can you just put my bra on me please?

Hoagie: I have a better idea, this is the best bra you could have.

He's a dumbass but he knows how to make her laugh. Numbuh 2 groped Numbuh 5's boobs, holding them up proving that he was the better bra. Numbuh 5 laughed and played along with him.

Hoagie: See? This holds up better and their always warm!

Abby: Hahahaha, you have a point! But, this bra is dry, rough and ashy as hell! Do you ever use lotion?

Voice: Dose he know when to stop chasing the same girl?