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I couldn't do anything else other than rewrite the first version because there were too many errors and plot holes. Also while I like a super powered Naruto, it came to a point where he had so many ability that it was difficult to chose which one to use. Make no mistake, he will still be powerful but this time it will be in a logical way.

I have changed several things about the plot and you will notice it upon reading the story.


Konohagakure no Sato, currently one if not the strongest ninja village in the elemental countries. It is the village having produced the highest number of prodigies. Among them are the four hokage who were the most powerful ninja if not among the most in their respective time. Ninja likes the sannin were also rumored to be in a league all their own.

But even among geniuses, there are those who stand out like the yondaime hokage Minato Namikaze.

He was acknowledged as the fastest ninja to ever walk the world, gaining the reputation of 'yellow flash' solely because of his speed and the technique that allowed him to teleport to any place he had previously marked. This technique was what allowed him to decimate entire platoon of ninja in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately for Konoha as a whole, he met his demise at the hands or paws of the nine tails Kyuubi during an attack on Konoha. He died by sealing the beast into his own son Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Many will think of it as an act of kindness and selfishness to save his beloved village but they will be far from the truth.

None knew it at the time but this simple act would seal the fate of the village and maybe the shinobi world, whether for good or bad, only time will tell.


Naruto was running through the forest. He had accomplished the task given to him by Mizuki, his teacher in the ninja academy, which was to steal Konoha's Forbidden scroll of seals. He was now trying to reach the indicated meeting point as was asked of him. Many would wonder why he accepted such mission, which is why understanding the events preceding it were the key.

After the sealing of the Kyuubi, Naruto lived a life no one would ever wish to their most hated enemies. He was constantly attacked by mob of villagers trying to finish what the yondaime started, they would say. Though this stopped upon Naruto reaching the age of seven, mainly because by that age he was able to hide very well after learning the Henge no jutsu from the academy. But even then, he could only hide from villagers. When it came to ninja, he wasn't that hard to find. Fortunately for him, those weren't regular attacks and only happened when he was in secluded spots.

The ninjas had it for him but they weren't stupid enough to attack him in broad daylight. Granted no one would have reported them, they still didn't want the reputation associated with that kind of behavior.

Anyway, Naruto began the ninja academy at six with the goal of graduating like everyone at eleven. That was wishful thinking though, as no one taught him anything worthwhile, and if he was taught something, it was generally wrong. So he was forced to become self-reliant. He learned the Kawarimi and Henge no jutsu by himself after stealing scrolls from the academy instructor. Unfortunately, he could never seem to be able to grasp the concept behind the Bunshin no jutsu, which was mandatory to pass the exam. He had an inkling that it became mandatory when he entered the academy though but he could do nothing about it.

Because of his grades, everyone thought he was a stupid moron, but this was far from the truth. Compared to the children who had access to all kind of information, he could be considered a genius. But even geniuses could go only so far without any reliable material. It was because of this that he failed the exams 3 times in a row. He was so desperate that when Mizuki confronted him with this mission, he accepted it anyway, as he would be able to look into a scroll obviously containing powerful jutsus, if it was restricted.

Coming back to the matter at hands, Mizuki told him to steal the scroll in the evening as there would be less guards but Naruto being as he is, chose to steal it in the middle of the day to give himself a couple of hours to look inside it and learn something.

It was relatively easy to steal the scroll, as he was extremely proficient in stealth. Something happened though, during the theft that shocked him. While leaving the hokage tower, he met with the Sandaime. To Naruto, Sarutobi was like a grandfather, but when said hokage found out he had stolen the scroll, during a split second, his grandfatherly image dropped to let out a snarl of disgust aimed at him not unlike that of the villagers. This took Naruto completely caught off guard and stunned him for a moment, but he quickly came back to his senses and used the Oiroke no jutsu to knock Sarutobi out.

Even now, Naruto was wondering if what he saw was real or not. He may be a genius but he was still naive like every child his age.

Finally reaching a clearing, he forgot everything else and concentrated on reading the stolen scroll.

The first jutsu mentioned was the Kage Bunshin no jutsu. From the description of said jutsu, it creates a physical clone that can be dispelled by receiving a strong enough hit. But what caught his eyes was the part where it was explained that whatever the created clones learns is transferred back to the original. He did read that the technique was restricted because the user needs an enormous amount of chakra to make it works. As if it had always waited for this, his brain went in hyper processing mode, imagining all the possibilities of said jutsu.

'Whoa, I MUST learn this technique. It could greatly accelerate my training.' Naruto thought while looking at the diagrams showing the handseal needed for the technique.

An hour or so later, Naruto was panting. He just learned the Kage Bunshin and was amazed by the fact that he could create a dozen of clones, but not feel drained at all.

'To think that I would learn such technique by listening to Mizuki of all people!' He thought while scowling at the end while remembering all the time Mizuki tried to teach him wrong. 'This is really a godsend for anyone possessing as much chakra as I do and me. I shudder to think what ninja would be capable of if everyone could use as many clones as me and accelerate their training.' An image of 'shibi' ninjas running through the streets launching powerful fire jutsu at each other appeared in his mind.

He looked at his watch and saw that he still had a couple of hours before his sensei was supposed to show up. Smiling, he looked back at the scroll hoping to find another useful technique in it.

Unfortunately, the following jutsu were too complicated for him, as they all seemed to require advanced knowledge in seals, illusions or elemental techniques. He still kept looking though and that is how he reached the last jutsu of the scroll.

The Shiki Fujin.

It took him a good hour to read everything about it and when he finished, he cried. The text explained that it was a seal designed to call upon the death god to seal away something in an object or a person. But that wasn't why he cried, it was because he finally found why the villagers hated him so much. Apparently the yondaime had wanted to use this seal to defeat the Kyuubi but it wasn't finished. He was thus forced to use another seal, less powerful but that still did the job and sealed the beast in Naruto. From the notes, it was explained that he was the only baby that could survive the sealing because he possessed incredible longevity and vitality by being of Uzumaki blood. These abilities were from his mother who was Uzumaki Kushina while his father was the Yondaime hokage himself.

But what caught his eyes in the description of the seal was that he could free the Kyuubi whenever he wanted by just removing a paper seal inside his mindscape. Even before dying, he could choose to free the fox.

'So it is because of this that I am still alive?' Naruto thought while clenching his fists. 'They cannot kill me in fear that I will set the fox free. Were they all in this machination?' He specifically thought of the Sandaime as he was reminded of his short meeting with the leader after stealing the forbidden scroll. He didn't want to believe that the one he looked up to was playing an act around him in the hope that he wouldn't strike back at Konoha. If it was the case then he didn't know what he would do. Playing with his feelings was something he disliked the most.

In his mind, simply attacking him out of anger was bothersome, nothing more, having dealt with that all his life. But to use him like that, manipulate him to such an extent, it became personal.

It was then that Mizuki entered the clearing wearing a stupid grin on his face. Naruto imagined he was congratulating himself for manipulating someone as easily as it seemed and scoffed at that.

'He is proud of deceiving someone with a reputation of being stupid? Is he that much of a failure to be proud of such thing?' He wondered while letting Mizuki talk.

After Mizuki explained his plan on using Naruto to steal the scroll and kill him afterwards, the latter decided to play the fool and act like he was afraid. He knew that no one was in the surrounding area, except the strange feeling he got of being watched. It wasn't the first time he had that feeling, but everytime, the feeling would stop after a moment.

It was then that Mizuki launched the Fuuma shuriken he kept on his back.

Despite knowing that his sensei would attack, Naruto was caught off guard by the speed of the flying weapon. He knew in his mind that he couldn't dodge such attack, Mizuki was a fool but he still had the skill of a Chuunin while Naruto was barely genin material. Shocked by the turn of events, Naruto stood still as everything he experienced while alive flashed in his mind.

'So this is how I die. I didn't even get to have my revenge on Konoha. I can't die here. NO. I won't die here. NEVER.'

Shock turned to hate as he saw just how hard his live had been since birth. Before long, a strange feeling coursed through his body. If he were to describe it, he would assimilate it to a cold metallic liquid running through his veins. He didn't know where it comes from but he embraced it wholeheartedly.

Just before the flying weapon impacted on his body, Naruto vanished from everyone's sight. It was like he had never been there in the first place. Even Sarutobi who was looking at this scene through his crystal ball didn't understand what happened. What he did know though was that it was no Genjutsu as the crystal ball worked like a Byakugan and could see through any optical illusion. So it was understandable for him to be stunned by whatever Naruto did.

In the clearing, Mizuki was worried. For more than thirty seconds, his student had seemingly disappeared and unfortunately, he took the forbidden scroll with him. The scroll being the goal of his mission, he looked around desperately trying to find Naruto.

While this was going on, Naruto was looking at himself or through himself? If he wasn't as shocked as he was, he would have shouted by now, not minding if someone heard him.

Because instead of a solid body, his body was like a ghost, completely see-through.

Earlier he had been caught off guard when the weapon flew harmlessly through him. Calming himself, he looked around and saw to his growing amazement that the colors around him had changed. Instead of a blue sky, he saw a red one. The green color of the forest gave way to a brown one. Choosing to investigate it at a later time, he looked back in front of him and saw a confused Mizuki who seemed to be looking for something.

'Is he looking for me?' Naruto thought in surprise before something clicked in his mind.

'He cannot see me.'

This simple fact turned several gears in his mind as he already imagined the advantage of such ability. Pushing that to the back of his mind, he slowly tried to move and to his shock found his body as light as a feather. Knowing that he was still in danger, he quickly moved behind a tree behind Mizuki. Once there he tried to get things back to normal and silently as before, he appeared back in the real world although he noted that it took a great deal of concentration and the process was very slow.

After calming himself, he took the time to think of a solution to his current predicament.

'Mizuki maybe an idiot but he is way more powerful than I. Only in number can I beat him.' He thought before smiling at the end as he found the solution to his problem.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu"

Mizuki heard a voice yell behind him and was shocked when the clearing was filled to the brim with smoke. When he could see again, a chill went through his back as he saw hundred of Naruto surrounding him, all of them sporting a malicious grin as they looked at him. The only thing that went through his mind at that moment was that he was dead.

What happened after that was a beating that Mizuki would never forget. Each of the clones took its turn in beating the shit out of him before he finally lost consciousness.

With that done, Naruto slowly moved toward the downed Mizuki and looked at him with barely hidden contempt. When he was close to his ex-teacher, he suddenly got an urge to transform back to a ghost. Without controlling it, he appeared back in the strange world he found himself in earlier on.

Before noticing what was going, he kneeled in front of Mizuki before trying to touch the latter, but his hand just went through the unmoving body. Then he found himself draw into it. Not knowing what was going on, he let his body act on its own and dived in Mizuki's body.

He didn't know it yet but by doing this he made one of his greatest discoveries to come. Indeed, once inside Mizuki, he downloaded every bit of memories and skills from Mizuki. Then came something that made him glee, he found himself able to analyze Mizuki's DNA. He knew what it was because he learned about it when Iruka made a lecture on Konoha's clans and their bloodline.

What surprised him though was that understanding the DNA was like reading an open book now. He could see what everything was for. And strangely enough, he found that he could improve some of it by moving or adding other sequences. He did try to make some changes but it seemed that he couldn't modify Mizuki's DNA. Thinking nothing of it he decided to go back to the outside world.

Once outside Mizuki's body and after appearing back in the real world, he created another clone to carry his unconscious sensei and moved toward the hokage tower.


It has been a long night for Sarutobi as he had to listen to Naruto gives a detailed report of the forbidden scroll incident. Once the latter finished, he gently smiled at Naruto who looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"Can you stop that, it is really irritating me!" He finally said to a surprised Sandaime.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean the smile, acting like you care about me when it is clearly false." His voice was becoming louder as he spoke but he didn't care.

"You know, I thought of you as the closest person I ever had, as my grandfather. But I really must have been blind not to see just how fake it was." Sarutobi looked at him with wide eyes and was about to reply when he was cut off.

"I mean, I am a master at wearing mask to hide my feelings. How could I not notice it earlier?" He looked pointedly at Sarutobi who found nothing to say. Was he shocked from learning that he wore a mask all this time? He couldn't tell, but he was past from caring at this point.

"Let's us forget about what happened this night. The real issue is what will happen now that I am aware of everything." He looked at Sarutobi in the eyes. "And I mean everything!"

If the message wasn't clear enough, Naruto didn't know what would be clearer. In any case he had done is job, and was now in the process of turning the card around the table for the first time in his favor.

Sarutobi's worried and strained face slowly faded to give place to a hardened one, one that had seen countless battle and had gained experience far beyond normal understanding.

"What gave it away?" He asked not letting any emotions appear on his face.

"I don't know, maybe the fact that you dropped it for a short time when I stole the scroll. Or the fact that you are not denying anything at all" was Naruto's snide reply.

"I suppose the only reason I am still breathing or aren't detained is because I finally have some leverage against this wretched village." For the first time since the whole fiasco, Naruto smiled at Sarutobi. But this wasn't his usual smile; this was the smile of a predator who knew he had backed his prey in a corner.

And Sarutobi didn't like that one bit.

"And that leverage would be...?"

"The choice between freeing the Kyuubi or not."

The bomb was dropped and a chill went through Sarutobi's spine. 'He knows' was his only thought of the situation.

He narrowed his eyes at Naruto. He never liked behind blackmailed. He found it acceptable when it was him the blackmailer but not the other way around. He thought about all the trouble he went through to stop this from happening, and couldn't help but gnash his teeth in anger.

'I could lock him somewhere and throw the key away but even then he would just free the fox as he has nothing to lose right now, I made sure of that. The only option is to wait for him to come back. For the moment, I will have to play along'

"So what do you want? You wouldn't have threatened me right now if you didn't want something, so what is it?" He finally said trying to ascertain Naruto's intentions in the hope of using it against him later on.

"I will become a shinobi." This answer surprised Sarutobi even though he remained emotionless. "I suppose I will have to be in a team but know this I won't do any D-Rank missions. I don't see why I would want to do housework for this ungrateful villagers."

"I should warn you that by becoming a ninja, you won't receive any allowance anymore. These mission will become your income, so if you don't do them how will you afford anything?" Sarutobi inquired to a smiling Naruto.

"For a moment I would have thought you cared." Sarutobi scowled at the comment but said nothing. "I don't need your village's help. I will fend for myself just like I have always done."

"Very well. Is there anything else?"

"Yes, this one concerns my future sensei. I know that he won't teach me anything and if he does it will be in the hope of killing me by teaching me wrong. So we can forgo any training session, I will learn by myself."

Naruto finished to an impassive Sarutobi although the latter was smiling in his mind. 'He must really be stupid to think that he will improve all by himself. Everyone need a tutor to get far in this world, where does he think he will get the information needed? Certainly not in any library if I have anything to say about it.'

"We are in an agreement then. The team assignment will be in one week from now." He said while tossing a Konoha headband at the resident Jinchuuriki.

The latter took it and moved out of the office. He stopped at the door though and looked at Sarutobi.

"I forgot to tell you that anyone who try to attack me would be dealt with accordingly." He said leaving a shocked hokage behind.

After Naruto exited the office, an anbu with a dog mask appeared and said:

"What will you do now that he has this leverage over the village?"

"Don't worry about it, we will find a way. You will be his team teacher and you will have to keep an eye on him. By the next Chuunin exam in Konoha, someone who can deal with him permanently will be back." Sarutobi replied.

"Who is it?"

"You don't need to know at the moment." Sarutobi answered before the anbu bowed before disappearing in a swirl of leaves.


The next morning, Naruto wake up feeling truly happy for the first time for the first time in his life. Obviously learning that he was important would do that to someone like him, someone who has been belittled all his life. He was needed, that was gist of it. Konoha could pretend that it didn't care what happened to him, but the truth was out now.

He was needed.

Being able to release the demon fox at will was only part of why he was needed. He had foolishly assumed that the threat of a released Kyuubi was the sole reason why he was still alive. But when he came home last night he thought clearly on it and everything he knew about how the ninja system worked. He asked himself why was it that Konoha wasn't attacked after the death of his father. Why was Konoha left alone during the struggle with Kumo when the village was clearly weakened? He came to the only logical conclusion.

Konoha possessed a war deterrent, him.

With the power of the strongest Bijuu hanging above their heads, any village would think twice before attacking Konoha, and that was without counting the elite ninjas residing in the village. At one point in time, the secret of Konoha having a Jinchuuriki must have been found out. Then again this was most certainly the worst kept secret ever. Everyone except those too young knew who the Jinchuuriki was. At this point, it was simply impossible to keep it contained. The real question was 'had Konoha done that on purpose?' because if they really wanted to keep it a secret there so many ways to do so.

Anyway, Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling above his head. He couldn't stop the smile that appeared on his lips as he contemplated on the power he used in the forest. If he guessed right then the fact that he seemed able to understand and manipulate Mizuki's DNA means that he could alter his own, thereby copying special genetics of other people. In other words, copy bloodlines. Adding the fact that he could become invisible to anyone, maybe even from dojutsu was the icing on the cake.

'I will have to test it' He thought quietly.

What was so interesting about it though, was that it didn't seem to use chakra to stay in that ghost-like form. It means that he could become invisible and escape dangerous situation as long as he wanted.

He looked outside his apartment and saw that it was still earlier in the morning. He still had another week before he was supposed to present himself at the academy to be placed on a team and that made him smile, as it will give him time to prepare himself for his life as a ninja.

After fixing himself a small breakfast, he moved toward the only desk in the room to make a list of things to do that day.

'First, I need to change my clothes. Now that I don't need to hide anymore, I can wear anything I want. Second, find a secluded spot to train, preferably away from the village. No need to show them what I am training on. I also need to take a look at Mizuki's memories and skills and find a way to efficiently use my clones for training.' thought Naruto.

Agreeing with himself, he created a dozen clones to meditate and review these memories while he himself tried to become invisible again.

It took him an hour to be able to transform at whim. Now he could do it in a heartbeat although when it comes to go back to his normal form, he found out that no matter what it took him about three seconds or so. He immediately concluded that the form was worthless for real battle as by the time he had formed his enemies would have reacted. Despite this setback he wasn't deterred and chose to continue his testing by finding what he could do in that form he now called phantom form.

After another hour, he had a good understanding of his phantom form. He could fly in that form at about on kilometer per second, which was amazing. He could become intangible and invisible to anyone, even dojutsu users as he moved in that form in the Hyuuga compound and no one noticed him even with their Byakugan activated. He was extremely giddy at the prospect of copying a dojutsu but refrained from doing so, in order to concentrate on learning what he couldn't or was denied at the academy from Mizuki memories. Another thing was that he could turn any object he touched, in his invisible form if he wanted.

With the testing out of the way, he went to a massive shinobi shop and stole everything he needed, from clothes – all dark in color – to weapons. He even stole some chakra weights for his ankle, hands and fingers – to increase handseal speed –. He chose this shop hoping that the theft wouldn't be noticed easily as there were too many articles. His shopping over, he went back to his apartment to drop it, and then got out again, this time to find a secluded spot to train.

It took him over three hours to find the right spot. It was in the middle of the forest of death, in the SS-Rank zone. No one went there because it was too dangerous. Not even the hokage went there as the deeper inside the forest the thicker the trees became darkening the area. Fortunately for him, as he was invisible and intangible, all the dangerous plants and animals he found couldn't attack him. He found a massive cavern there. It contained everything he needed to train, a lake, a waterfall, several clods, a clearing where he could work physically. All in all, he could train there with many clones if he wanted. What was strange was that there were five other similar caverns close by this one. And each one of them could contain hundred of his copy easily.

This objective completed and having memorized the position of the cavern he went back to the village.

Once he came back to his apartment, it was already three in the afternoon.

'I need to finish my training method now' He thought before moved back to the desk in and thought about it carefully.

It was another two hours later that he had the schematics of his training method, and was really proud of himself. He knew that he would have a headache if he dispelled too many clones at the same time from what the notes on the technique said. So he come up with an alternative, he would create only one clone with the chakra reserve needed to create the number of clones he wanted which meant almost all of his chakra. Then that first clone would then create the clones he needed. In doing so, the copy of the first clone upon dispelling themselves, will send their memories back to him, giving him the time to sort through all the memories before dispelling himself, so the original wouldn't need to sort through those memories, thus avoid the headache.

Another thing he noticed during his fight against Mizuki was that when he dispelled the clones, he felt the chakra left by them, so he thought that if he could absorb the chakra left, then he could improve his training method by adding this concept.

When a clone make a meaningful progress in whatever he is learning, he dispels itself so the others can continue were he left or improve it. The clone in charge of monitoring them will then absorb the chakra left and recreate another copy from said chakra. With it, he could train faster than just using a bunch of clones for the same task.

After the clones were dispelled, he reviewed Mizuki's memories and found out from them that he wasn't taught any chakra control exercise, which was something fundamental. He learned that there were several chakra control exercises, leaf floating, tree climbing, water walking and others but restricted depending on your rank. Mizuki only being a Chuunin didn't have the information. Apparently, leaf floating was for academy student, tree climbing and water walking was for genin and Chuunin respectively. He also learned the academy style of Taijutsu from Mizuki's skills, how to properly throw kunais and shurikens, and how to use a Fuuma shuriken perfectly. For Ninjutsu he learned the Katon Gokyaku no jutsu and Katon hosenka no jutsu. For Genjutsu, he learned how to dispel them by disrupting his chakra.

Of course, to perform all these techniques, he would need to be at least at the same physical condition, and have at least the same level of chakra control needed. With his tasks completed for the day and being late in the night, he went to bed knowing that the next week will be very tough on him.

Author's notes:

I haven't changed the premises but after that, you will notice several changes. In the first version I wanted to wait for Naruto to be outside the village to recruit people but this time, I have changed my mind