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Chapter 4: Up we go

Sakura was waiting in the hospital hall. She seemed out of place with people moving around with a sense of purpose. Her head lowered, she gazed intently at a wide door where she could see patients going through. Everytime it was opened, she would look up in anticipation, only to be disappointed to see none she knew of.

Finally, the door opened and out came Kakashi. He looked for a while until he spotted Sakura, then he made his way toward her.

"How is he?" She quickly asked.

"Calm down Sakura. More fear than harm was done. Sasuke will be up in two days time from what the doctor said."

"Two days?"

"Yeah! That is the time it'll take for his burns to heal. Other than that, everything will be fine. Now I have to go, we'll meet in two days time."

He smiled at his student before whirling around and moving out of the hall, leaving behind a somewhat reassured Sakura.

Once outside the building he wasted no time and disappeared in a swirl of leaves, his destination clear in his mind.

In the Hokage's office, Sarutobi was dealing once again with his paperwork. He was smoking quietly in his room, while working at the same time. He had no scheduled meeting for the whole day, so it was understandable for him to be surprised when his secretary announced Kakashi's arrival.

With a crisp voice he asked the secretary to send the famous ninja in. Already he was dreading the news, as Kakashi wasn't expected until late at night.

Without knocking, the door to his office was opened and Kakashi stepped in. Not forgetting his manners, he saluted Sarutobi hastily before going down to business.

"Sarutobi – sama, I bear some bad news."

'Why am I not surprised?' Sarutobi wondered before motioning for Kakashi to elaborate.

"As per my orders, I conducted a test to determine Naruto's threat level. In order to do so, I had him spar with Sasuke."

At Sarutobi raised eyebrow, he explained itself. "I chose Sasuke as a measuring stick so to say, to better evaluate his progress."

"Go on!" Sarutobi gestured, idly smoking.

"As you can imagine by my flustered state, it didn't go as planned. Taking into account Naruto's improvement during the week leading to the team assignment, I expected the two boys to be at roughly the same level. But that wasn't the case."

Now Sarutobi was interested. He hadn't seen or heard anything from the Jinchuuriki for a long time now, and he was wondering what the boy was up to. No pranks or anything of the sort, not even an attack on the villagers – something he had feared would happen –. Clearly he had misread Naruto greatly.

"Naruto easily dispatched Sasuke. No easily isn't the right word. More like crushed him. During the fight he displayed technique and experience one would expect from a Chuunin." Kakashi said gravely to a stunned Sarutobi.

He had expected progress but nothing of this kind.

"You aren't making any mistakes, are you? The boy was barely a genin three months ago. You can't go from genin to Chuunin in such a short time."

"That is what I thought too, but there is no denying it. Somehow, he was able to improve that much."

"How could that be?" He looked furiously at his subordinate. "He has no tutor, no one we know of anyway. He was deficient in almost every aspect of the ninja lifestyle. How can someone goes from weakest of his classmates to such prodigy?"

Of course, if he knew how much Naruto abused the Kage Bunshin training method, he would easily believe it to be possible. Unfortunately, he had no clues and wouldn't for a long time.

"That is not all, Hokage – sama."

"There is more?" By now, Sarutobi was close to blowing a gasket.

"Somehow, he is able to use the white chakra, the Hatake's bloodline."

"I am sorry, what did you say?"

Sarutobi feigned not hearing Kakashi words. The information was simply too shocking to be true. But the latter didn't have time for this.

"You correctly heard me. Naruto Uzumaki is able to use the fucking white chakra. With all do respect Hokage – sama, what the fuck is going on here?"

The way Kakashi's voice rose, Sarutobi knew the boy was close to exploding. It was only is great self-control that allowed him to stay calm. 'No wonder he is that angry, especially knowing that he himself cannot use the bloodline, despite having it in his body.' He looked at Kakashi who seemed to scream himself horse.

"Last I remember, the boy has no familial connection with the Hatake clan. I am the only one left, and if that is not enough, he has our bloodline. Have the village been experimenting on my bloodline?"

At this point he was too angry to worry about respecting his elders. This was a blow to his pride. Seeing a brat he considered beneath him, able to use something he had longed for years. 'Curse you father! Curse you to hell.' He thought about his father.

He was the one that put him in this situation, the one that took away his pride as a Hatake. And all this for favoring the village over his father, but this was another story.

"Kakashi, I can assure you, I am as shocked as you are to hear this. Rest assured, I'll get to the bottom of this." Sarutobi quickly replied, not wanting to deal with a pissed off Jounin.

"What about the investigation on the one who attacked me last month. Were they able to dig up whom that man was working for? Or why he was after me?"

"I am afraid not. We have no lead to him. The real question is why you were left alive. I have a full team in charge of the investigation. If they find anything, you'll be the first to be informed."

Kakashi too angry to speak anymore just scoffed at his leader's words. He knew what they really were, empty words. He whirled around and left Sarutobi's office.

Sarutobi could only look at one of his top jounin in disappointment. "Even after all this years you are still angry about what your father did to you. Although you are not as blameless as you might think."

He said to no one in his office, before closing his eyes tiredly. He knew Naruto would be causing him problem but not in this way. He expected the boy to kill a few civilians, reveling in his new sense of power. This in turn would have made him careless, thinking nothing could happen to him.

But if the boy was training, that meant he was well aware that his blackmail wouldn't eternally hold. Thus he was slowly preparing himself for the inevitable confrontation with the village.

Still, he was still confident enough that the boy wouldn't be much more of a threat in three month's time. Exactly the time needed for his right hand to finish the seal. Now he only had to wait until then before making his move and dealing with the nuisance.


While Kakashi was debriefing with his leader, Naruto was going to a meeting of a whole different kind. As he flew above Konoha, he saw in the distance, an isolated manor. He adjusted his flight path in that direction.

A moment later, he reached his destination. Two guards were standing at the entrance. Ignoring them, he flew through the wall passing through several pieces until he stopped just in front of a door.

With but a thought, he materialized back in the real world then pushed open the door. He stepped in, not bothering to announce his presence, knowing he was expected.

"You are late."

"Not by much. Then again, I had an unexpected mission to fulfill." He replied to the sitting girl inside the room. The girl was none other than Yakumo, the Kurama clan heir.

"I'm not interrupting something, am I?" He wondered curiously as he saw Yakumo diligently painting. The question made her stop and she looked at Naruto, a glare on her otherwise unexpressive face.

"Are you mocking me?"

"How so?" He asked innocently.

"You know very well I can't do much in my sequestered state. Obviously you wouldn't be interrupting me."

"I'd be underestimating your imagination if I thought you couldn't find something useful to do in your situation."

Yakumo looked at him with a smile. It seemed forced but he thought it was better than a scowl.

"I see you mastered the art of insulting people while stroking their ego at the same time."

"Why, thank you!"

"It wasn't a compliment!" She yelled at him but he simply smirked, glad he was able to grate her nerves.

"Why don't you get to the point? For the past month you have been visiting me quite frequently. Is this another one of your visit or is there something more?"

Naruto lost his smirk as he was remembered the reasons of his presence here. Like she said, he had been meeting her frequently for the past month. His reasons being that he needed to learn more about Yakumo and her bloodline, make more tests to devise a way around her problem.

And today he was here with the response she had been waiting for.

"There is more to this meeting, indeed."

She looked expectantly at him, prompting him to talk.

"I have a good and a bad news for you. Which one should I tell you first?"

"Just get on with it."

He knew he was sometimes annoying but he couldn't help it. Having no social interaction could do that.

"The good news then. I have designed a way for you to deal with your Ido problem."

"You did?" She asked more surprised than anything. She had hoped he would find a cure of a kind to her, but not so fast. Still she waited for him to elaborate.

"I did. After you explained when the monster first appeared I had my suspicions. The tests I did next were enough to confirm it. The monster in your mind is nothing more than a creation of your power, a way for your body to cope with it."

"How so?"

"Simple put, your power was too great for your mind to handle. To protect itself, it created a personality of a sort – and yes the Ido isn't really a monster but a split personality – that could handle the power you had."

"That seems too easy to be true. What proofs do you have?"

"Remember the seals I used on you?"

"Yes, how could I forget that? You made me strip to do it."

Naruto loudly laughed at that. He was quite aware he was completely out of character but sometimes it felt good to just let himself enjoy his life.

"What's so funny?" She glared at him, her hands on her hips.

"The fact that it wasn't really necessary for you to be naked. I was joking when I said that."


He laughed even more seeing her incredulous look. After a while, he calmed himself though.

"Anyway, the seals were used to run several diagnostics on you, mostly to examine your whole body. It is a nifty seal I came up with."

"Yeah, yeah! I don't care about that." She smirked at him upon seeing him glare at her for interrupting his moment.

"What would you know anyway?" He muttered to himself before continuing his explanations.

"Knowing what was the root of your problem, it was easy to design a measure against." He rummaged through his pocket and retrieved a white scroll.

"This scroll contains a seal that is to be applied on you. The seal has two purposes. First it blocks your special power, thus removing the Ido monster or split personality you have in your mind. The second purpose is to filter your power. It will act as a regulator to your power, giving you access to more and more of your power, based on your progress with it."

"By the way the first purpose is the bad news."

He finished to a stunned Yakumo. Already she could imagine herself being freed from the monster she held at bay in her mind. Needless to say that her choice was quickly made and she had Naruto apply the seal on her.

Two hours later, Naruto left the manor leaving an unconscious Yakumo behind, quite happy of a work well done. 'Only thing left is to find a cure for that toxin in her body. She'll need it if I don't want her to be a crippled.'

He arrived at his hideout fifteen minutes later. With but a thought, he bypassed the countless detection measures he had set up around the area. Most of them were to keep dangerous animals away. Humans didn't come in this section of the forest, so he had little to fear of someone stumbling on his hideout.

But to be on the safe side, he added some lethal security seals around the cave. They weren't perfect yet, as he had just reached mastery level in the sealing art, but he constantly updated them.

Once inside the cave, he moved to the large training ground he set up. He could see several groups of clones working hard, but he paid them no mind.

Finding a free area was hard, what with the number of clones littering the room. 'I'll need to find another training ground. There are too many clones now.' He was reminded that he could now extend his number of clones to a shocking five hundred.

This seemed to be the highest number of clones he could create and sustain mentally. He had tried to create more, but it seemed the clones became too unpredictable at that stage. So he stopped trying. Still the number was enough for his training purpose so he wasn't complaining.

Coming back to the matter at hands, he sat, cross-legged, on the hard floor and removed his shirt, leaving him bare-chested. His upper body was carved like rock. His muscles were salient and well defined. A contrast of what it had been three months ago.

Channeling chakra to his chest, two seals appeared. They were written in a circular pattern and seemed to form a whirlpool. The number zero was carved in the middle of both seals.

"The gravity and density seal, my most recent creation. It is time for a test run." He said out loud as he slowly channeled chakra to the gravity seal first.

As expected, he felt his body weight increase as the number went from zero to two. This means that his body was now experiencing double time the normal gravity. As he weighted no less than 120 pounds, that meant he was now carrying 120 extra pounds.

This was the same amount he carried when he used the training weights, so he wasn't feeling that much difference. At least he thought so until he tried to stand.

Needless to say he fell hard on his butt, out of breath.

"What the fuck is going on?" He wondered, not understanding why he couldn't handle that much gravity.

He reduced the level of the seal to number one and was able to stand up this time.

"This is strange, despite having no extra pounds, I feel like I am being crushed by my weight."

"That must be because the seal apply the same amount of weight on every parts of your body. Usually, the human body shift his balance to carry our weight, thus some parts of our body do not experience the same weight."

Naruto whirled around to see a clone of his talking to him.

"So what you are saying is that the weights I used before, only trained parts of my body, and not all of it?"

"Exactly. I expect that this feature will tremendously increase our body's sturdiness. After all this gravity seal was made to increase our body denseness, making our bones harder and overall, giving us more strength." The clone explained to a nodding Naruto.

"I know that. The gravity seal was made for strength, while the density seal is solely for speed. Now go back to your training, slacker!"

"Aye, aye!"

After ushering the clone away, he focused back on his task. Slowly he moved around the area, testing his steps like a newly walking baby. After a while, he even started running but quickly stopped, completely exhausted.

"This will take a while. Fortunately, I'll be focusing on physical training, leaving the rest to my clones."

An hour or so later, he sat on the ground, leaning against a boulder. He had finished testing both seal and was happy they seemed to be working fine. The density seal increased the wind pressure around him and constricted his movements. The simple task of lifting his hand demanded tremendous effort on his part. But that was a good thing to him, as he would be continuously training his body.

Taking a well-deserved rest, he chose to observe his clones training. The first group he looked at was the one working on the white chakra. So far, he was happy with his progress on that part.

Normally it would've taken him much longer to progress that far, as he had no information on he techniques related to the bloodline. But when he copied the bloodline, he also understood perfectly what the strand of DNA was supposed to accomplish. With that in mind, it was easy to come up with the best training methods to master the bloodline.

The white chakra was a body bloodline, yet it didn't pertain to nature transformation. It gave its user the ability to transform his chakra in a denser form of it, taking a white color as a result. This new energy held two purposes: sharpness and explosiveness.

Simply put, the user could blow away or easily pierce through whatever he touched with the chakra. The force of the explosion depended on the amount of chakra used, same with the sharpness.

When used with weapons like Kunai or shurikens, it could turn them into flying bombs or laser like weapons capable of piercing through anything.

That is what he used against Sasuke.

Right now, he could see the group of clones, working on the speed at which he coated the weapons and threw them. He knew that they would find some interesting uses of this power in time, but for now they opted to combine it with weapons.

He looked at another group. This one worked in pair and seemed to be having a lot of fun. This group worked on Genjutsu, specifically on the Kurama secret technique.

He had long since learned how to manipulate all the humans sense, of course only one at a time. Now he was working on the reason behind the Kurama's impossibly strong illusion: layering the illusions with several others.

The illusions cast by the Kurama members weren't much stronger than the ones normally cast by others. The difference was the several layers of the same illusion they cast at the same time. Because of this, whenever someone tried to dispel the illusion, they only found themselves in the same environment, making them think they weren't in an illusion in the first place.

Even if they discovered the deception, by the time they had dispelled all the layers, the caster would have destroyed them. The average Kurama elite was able to add 2 layers on his illusions while the most advanced could reach a staggering number of 10 layers.

Even the Sharingan had a hard time coping with all that influx of information. During all their confrontation, a Kurama member never once left alive anyone that discovered their secret, as, if it was widespread, then their advantage would be lost.

Right now, the clones were working on adding one layer to their illusion, but it was a difficult task. Still he knew that in time, he'd do this as easily as he breathed.

His observations done, he went about establishing another program for the next month. He had about 200 more clones available so it was large enough for his endeavors.

"First I have to start working on my elemental manipulation. Wind is first as it is my affinity." He had done the test earlier that day to find which element he was compatible with. Wind had been the one, so he decided to start with it.

Not that he would learn the other elements. It was true that a ninja only possessed one affinity, but by training, one could acquire another one, like the jounin ninjas did.

"Also I'll be focusing on the seal on my stomach next time. I can't have an unknown seal on me like that."

He nodded to himself as he decided to have 100 clones for the elemental training and the 100 left for studying the seal keeping Kyuubi at bay.


The Uchiha's compound, or what was left of it after the clan massacre, held a very special room. So special that even among them it was a secret. Only the clan elites could access it. Although the clan head family members were exempt of this rule.

The content of the room was the reason behind the secrecy. Indeed, most if not all secrets pertaining to the clan were stored there. The Uchiha library being one such thing was also stored in that room. It maybe was the most filled library currently existing in the village.

Considering every Uchiha was required to record every technique they ever copied be it from enemy's ninja or even Konoha's own, it wasn't farfetched to assume the library to be the most complete one in fire country.

Thanks to this rule, more than two thousand jutsus were recorded here. It was one of their most guarded secret and for a good reason. If the village had known of its existence, they would stop at nothing to gain access to it. Adding their low standing in the village, it was easy to guess that their refusal would have led them being labeled as traitors.

Traitor, a concept with so many different meanings. It was based on the perception of a lone person or even a government. The Uchiha were labeled traitors even before Konoha was built. But that was outsiders' opinion. For an Uchiha, the same concept held an entirely different meaning.

They grew in a clan that stopped at nothing to achieve greatness. For them, stabbing their friends in the back was fair game, as long as they gained something of equal value in return.

Knowing that every Uchiha grew with this concept in mind, it was obvious the alliance between the Senju and them was doomed to fail. There simply existed a too big moral difference between them for it to work. Of course, at the time of the alliance, both clans preferred to hide from the truth, instead of dealing with it.

The only ones who tried to deal with it were the Shodaime Hokage Hashirama Senju and his eternal rival Uchiha Madara.

The two ninjas had their own way of dealing with it of course. Hashirama simply did everything he could to make his clan Konoha's top dog, knowing the first one to strike, in this case by becoming Hokage, would hold an enormous advantage over the other.

In Madara's case, it was the same idea but they went about it in a completely different way. While Hashirama used political resources, Madara forced his way through brute strength. When it didn't work, he challenged Hashirama for the hokage title. As the history shows, it didn't end very well for him, as the Shodaime, despite facing the legendary nine tails at the same time, bested him.

This defeat marked the end of the Uchiha clan. Of course at the time, they didn't even suspect a thing. And by the time they noticed and tried to counter it, it was too late. They had already lost too much standing compared to the other clans in the village.

But this story is for another time. Right now, sitting inside that special room, was a lone ninja with raven black hairs that many had compared to a duck ass, to the displeasure of the owner. The room was covered in darkness. Not even an ounce of light was visible.

The ninja was none other than the last Uchiha in Konoha, Sasuke Uchiha. He was contemplating what happened since he became a genin, and he didn't like what he saw. He always was a very proud individual. Even before the massacre. He didn't know why, but for him, being mocked or ridiculed was an affront he couldn't let slide. That is the real reason he wanted to surpass Itachi when they were little. He couldn't accept the fact that his own brother was so much more powerful than him. And as if to rub salt into the wound, his father always reminded him of that.

That pushed him to train hard since a very young age, train to be the best. Knowing that he couldn't surpass his brother, not yet anyway, he did his best to be the greater one among his peers. Always pushing beyond whatever limits he stumbled upon.

But when the massacre happened, he did something that he'd never forget: he ran away; he fled from his brother like a coward.

This was something he simply couldn't ignore. It was the proof that he had been a coward that day. Knowing that the only way to redeem himself and regain his honor was to face his brother, he vowed to kill him the first chance he got.

That, in fact, was the true reason behind his need for revenge.

He wasn't doing this for his family that was murdered that night.

He wasn't doing this for his clan's honor, if they even had any.

And he certainly wasn't doing this for Konoha.

No! The only reason he was doing this was to regain his honor, nothing more and nothing less.

As he recalled everything that happened since that day, the day he lost everything, he couldn't help but frown in distaste. He saw in his mind, how he trained everyday to reach unprecedented level, for a child his age anyway. He saw the way he became rookie of the year but kept pushing himself to new heights.

But what made him frown was when he saw himself beginning to take his title in class for granted. Flaunting his skills for anyone to see, like an idiot. How he seemingly stopped training as much as before, when no one could challenge him anymore.

Then he relived the teams' placement ceremony. He saw again first hand, just how much Naruto improved, speed wise, in only one week. Something that should have raised alarms to him, but as always since he became arrogant, he shrugged it off, thinking himself untouchable.

During the first few months of his genin days, he saw himself lazing around instead of training. How he learned a few jutsus from his sensei Kakashi, and didn't even bother trying to increase his strength and speed. Then came the wake up call: his humiliating defeat at Naruto's hands.

To be fair, he didn't resent Naruto. Not much. Ok, who was he kidding, he resented him, even hated him, for taking his place as the most powerful genin of their graduating class. But something happened during that battle that made him forget all of his anger towards Naruto, and also awakened his real self again. He couldn't help but remember how it happened.


Sasuke was quickly falling on the ground thanks to the explosion of his fireball. He felt pain in his arm, probably from the burns he sustained while protecting himself from the explosion. It wasn't long before he was slammed on ground, his back first.

He couldn't help but silently scream because of the pain he was in.

'A good thing I reinforced my back with so much chakra' he thought fighting the exhaustion.

But as always, his pride wouldn't allow him to back down, so with great difficulty, he rose from the ground until he stood still. He was shaking, or rather his legs were shaking as he was too tired to hold himself, but he didn't care. He wouldn't give Naruto the satisfaction of seeing him give up. After all, he vowed to never run or give up again, after the massacre.

Anyway, he looked at Naruto in the eyes, glaring at him. It was then that he saw the smirk on his opponent's lips, and like before, he didn't saw Naruto's hand movements, only that his arm was extended as if he just launched a kunai at him. Alarmed by it, he diverted his sight to the fast approaching flying weapon of death, and couldn't stop the gasp that came from his mouth when he saw it.

The kunai was flying fast, too fast to be normal, and just like that, everything around him slowed down. 'Is it the battle awareness I heard so much about? Everything is so clear now? What is happening?' he thought shocked.

Suddenly he noticed something, it seemed that the kunai was coated with white chakra. 'What is this color? Is this what is making the kunai so much faster than the normal thrown kunai?' Then as if a fog was lifted from his mind, he finally remembered that something like this was supposed to happen when an Uchiha awakened their legendary dojutsu the Sharingan.

After that, it didn't take him long to understand that he just awakened his dojutsu. And just after that he was knocked to ground, enabling him to dodge the kunai.

End Flashback

After that event and his stay at the hospital, he quickly went home, and tried to activate his dojutsu by sending chakra to his eyes. At first he didn't succeed, as he needed to find the right amount of chakra. But a few tries later, he had them activated, and couldn't be any happier. His pupils had changed from their onyx black to a red color with a black tomoe in each one.

After that event, he rigorously trained for the next month. But unlike what many would have expected of him by now. He didn't flaunt it to anyone in the village. No! Instead he decided to use it as a trump card. And thus hid it even from his sensei.

During that time He trained in every ninjas art except his dojutsu, as he finally came to the conclusion that he had neglected his training too much. He wanted to attain the level he was supposed to be at, if he had kept training.

And he was satisfied with the result. In just a month, he significantly increased his speed and strength, while at the same time, using the secret library of the Uchiha, to learn more useful jutsu like Shunshin no jutsu. He even began his elemental training in the lightning element, which was his affinity.

But coming back to the matter at hands, he was sitting in the secret room that housed all of the Uchiha secrets. He had been sitting there for a good thirty minutes trying to decide on what to do.

When he came inside the room like always, trying to find something new he could learn, he activated his dojutsu just for the kick of it. After all, he hadn't activated it since a long time.

Upon activation, everything seemed fine, but a minute or so later, a shelf appeared in front of him. That shocked the heck of him. But he regained his senses, and looked inside it only to find a lone scroll that seemed ragged by the time. Since then he had sat there, trying to decide what to do, when finally he reached for the scroll, and carefully opened it. After reading the first few lines, he was simply amazed by it.

To whoever finds this scroll,

The first thing I can say is congratulations in finding my masterpiece. This is the work of my life. It took me the better part it to make this scroll for whoever in the future that was worthy of it.

You must be wondering who I am. That is an easy answer. I am called Hideki Uchiha, and I am for most of the clan, an average ninja. But that is alright, I never sought any forms of recognition anyway, especially not in this era where every well known ninja is a target for the other clans, especially for those bastards the Senju. They always try to make themselves seem as innocents, even though every ninja is everything but innocent. After all, they kill for a living, so what make them innocents.

But I digress; I am not here to bore you with troublesome stories of this era. What is inside this scroll is simply put my greatest discovery. You see, I've always asked myself why is that most of our ninja activate their Sharingan with more than one tomoes in at least one pupil. Of course there are ninja who activate their dojutsu with only one tomoe in each eye. So I did this research, mostly by using myself as a test subject, and a few other willing Uchiha.

What I discovered was beyond my wildest dream. Unlike what most of the Uchiha think, the fact that you activated your Sharingan with more than one tomoe in a pupil, doesn't mean that you have a greater potential than those who only had one in each pupil. Quite the opposite in fact. If you have activated your eyes with only one tomoe in each eye, then that means you have the opportunity to reach a mastery of the Sharingan that can rival or even surpass the legendary Mangekyou Sharingan of that wretched Madara and his brother.

Now, if you are reading this, then that means you satisfy the conditions mentioned above. So be ready to learn the truth about the Sharingan, or rather how to train it properly unlike what the Uchiha do this day …

After reading this, he became so engrossed in it, that he didn't even notice the time passing quickly outside. He didn't know it at the time, but this scroll would change him into a very dangerous ninja in the near future, and would help him accomplishing his dream.


While Sasuke was discovering the work of one of his ancestors, Naruto was soaring above the village in his phantom form. Two months after stealing a bloodline, he was hungry for more. That is why he was looking for his next target.

As he flew toward his destination, he recalled the harsh training regiment he went through the past month. His Genjutsu training had gone pretty well, as he was now able to add two layers on all his illusions. An accomplishment he was proud of.

This had the benefit of strengthening his already superb Genjutsu abilities. Still, for the moment he had decided to stop at two layers for now and instead focus on learning how to cast illusion that simultaneously manipulated two senses.

This would be another big step in his improvement and he was happy for it. His main objective was to attain the impossible: cast a Genjutsu that controlled all five senses. From the record he had access to, no one had ever done it. But he didn't have the word impossible in his vocabulary; at least that is what he told himself.

His elemental training also went well, extremely well even. By using 100 clones for thirty days, he had done 3000 days worth of training, which equaled more than 8 years worth of wind manipulation training. Needless to say his understanding of his wind affinity reached a whole new level.

Unfortunately he didn't have jutsus of the wind types, as Kakashi or Mizuki weren't wind natured. And despite Kakashi's enormous knowledge, he didn't have much in the wind department.

Because of this, he focused on wind manipulation and thinking on several way to make use of it. In a way this was a blessing, as most of his techniques didn't require long hand seals. But it took time for him to shape them, something he would need to remedy soon.

His studies of the seal keeping the fox at bay had been heart wrenching to say the least. Only after a week of having an hundred clones trying to decipher it, he had discovered several hidden functions of the seal. Most of them were geared toward controlling the bearer, in other words, him.

His findings had been so alarming that he reassigned the 100 clones devoted on creating new seals, to help the already one hundred clones in the task of deciphering and disabling all the nasty parts of his seal.

Needless to say that two hundreds clones, working on it all day long, made short work of the seal. At least something good came out of this endeavor. By studying that seal, he was able to copy several well thought designs in it, especially a particular seal that worked by compressing the kanji in an unreadable shape.

By trying to come up with solutions against the different parts of the seal, he improved so much that it was scary. While the hidden functions of the seal raised alarms in his mind, he put it at the back of his mind for now.

For a while, he had wondered why his father implemented those functions in the seal, for what purpose. But he didn't have enough information to answer that question, so he simply took it upon himself to fix the "mistakes" that were made.

He was forced back to reality when he reached his target's position. He was in a far away training ground. The area was still inside Konoha, thus well protected from foreigners, but at the same time it was far away from town, allowing his user to go about his training undisturbed.

This was extremely necessary for the user, as he was working on something that was expressly forbidden by his pairs, the main branch of the Hyuuga clan.

This ninja was none other than Neji Hyuuga and Naruto's next target.

For the last week, he had trailed the genin, until he had noted all his habits. He knew everything the boy did every day. Why was he so meticulous for this? Simple, unlike with Kakashi, he couldn't afford to let the village know that another ninja was attacked, especially not one with a bloodline.

If he stole the Byakugan and then the village noticed it, it wouldn't take long for them to put the two attacks together and conclude that he was somehow able to stole bloodlines.

He couldn't have that, so he prepared himself for this mission. He had no room for errors this time.

Below him, he could see Neji working on a Kata he saw one of the main branch member use. Suffice to say that the boy deserved his genius title. To be able to recreate advanced katas like that, after seeing them once, was nothing short of prodigious. He knew he couldn't do the same, not without his army of clones working with him, and that increased his respect for the boy.

Yet it wasn't time for praise, he reminded himself as he materialized in the real world.

The second he did so, Neji noticed him and quickly whirled around looking at him.

"Who are you?" He growled at the masked Naruto who simply smirked at him.

"You have your dojutsu activated, can't you tell who I am with it?" It seemed like a challenge to Neji.

The latter not liking his tone, did just that and focused his Byakugan on Naruto, enhancing the bloodline until he pierced through Naruto's clothes, seeing his chakra system and much more.

But when he tried to see through the mask, he was met with resistance. This shocked him to his core. Never before had the Byakugan failed to see through something, at least he wasn't aware of any failures.

"Seeing your expression, I assume you cannot do so. Very interesting, it seems like the seal work perfectly."

Once again, Naruto mocked Neji with the tone of his voice. Still he wasn't here for pleasantry. Without warnings, he blurred towards Neji and would have round kicked him if the latter hadn't ducked low.

Not understanding what was going on, yet knowing his life was in danger, Neji quickly entered battle mode, focusing entirely on the fight at hands.

People knew that the Byakugan gave the Hyuuga a tremendous advantage in any fight, especially with their Jyuken. But they always overlooked the extreme awareness it granted them. With his bloodline activated, he could see everything around him as if he was up close. Moreover, he was free to design complex battle plans.

While Naruto was still airborne, he reached for the extended leg and poked it with his finger, expulsing chakra through them. He repeated the process on several parts before the body exploded in smoke.

Not bothered by it, he charged out of the smoke toward an empty spot and seemed to fight with an invisible attacker. As the assault increased, Naruto's shape slowly appeared as he dodged the furious blows of his opponent.

Not liking how close he was to Neji, his chakra spiked and the latter jumped backward just in time to dodge a violent wind sphere that surrounded Naruto.

As he landed on the ground Neji narrowed his eyes at his attacker. 'Such incredible shape manipulation, only master of the wind can do such thing, I have heard.'

He was forced to dodge again though, when the previous wind sphere was transformed in a spear that flew at him at incredible speed.

Upon regaining his focus, he whirled around and palmed the air in front of him. "Hakke Kusho" A vacuum shell was launched from his arm toward a disbelieving Naruto who just appeared in the spot, using Shunshin.

With no time to dodge, he took the hit head on and was propelled backward until he slammed on a tree.

Wanting to take advantage of the situation, Neji ran at him, chakra gathering in his palm for a finishing blow. But before he could reach him, another Naruto intercepted him and engaged in Taijutsu battle.

Despite Naruto's huge improvement in the Taijutsu area and his speed, he still wasn't a match for the phenomenal speed Neji hands seemed to move at. When he caught Neji's hands and swept his legs off the ground, the latter while in midair, released chakra from his arm, freeing them from Naruto's hold. He then used the surprise to catch Naruto off guard by poking his knees and legs as he fell on the ground.

Rotating in midair, he landed in a crouched position, on his feet, while Naruto seemed to be falling face forward, having lost control of his legs. But Neji didn't stop there as he rose with an uppercut palm on Naruto's chin.

The power behind the attack was so strong that Naruto flew off the ground before dispelling.

Neji looked at the tree Naruto was before, only to see no one there. 'How does he create those clones so fast? He was able to create that one when he received my attack earlier.' Neji wondered while surveying his surroundings for his attacker.

Not finding him anywhere, he increased the range of his Byakugan until he reached 200 meters away. But what he saw scared him.

Because at the edge of his vision, he could see a dome of chakra take shape. On it, he could see strange scripts he recognized as seals, but he wasn't proficient enough in them to understand their purpose.

He whirled around as he saw Naruto chakra trail fly until it was behind him, where the latter appeared in a swirl of leaves, signaling his use of Shunshin.

"What is the purpose of that barrier you put up?" He immediately asked to a surprised Naruto.

"You can see it? Interesting." He added no more as several clones materialized beside him. With but a gesture, the clones rushed at Neji who was forced to deal with them.

He was forced to focus on the clones else he made a mistake they would capitalize on. This situation didn't please him, as he didn't want to leave someone like his opponent out of sight even for an instant.

After a while, he dispatched the last one of the clones and looked at Naruto only to see something quite frightening. In front of him floated a humongous dragon made of wind. The eyes of the creature seemed to pierce through his soul.

"You are indeed worthy of your tittle of genius, to be able to dispatch my clones like that. But play time is over."

He heard Naruto said before the dragon lurched backward then dived at him, clearly intent on devouring him whole. A strident sound resonated around the area as the dragon moved, certainly because of the friction with the ambient air. Neji thought before rotating on himself, exuding chakra from all his Tenketsus.

"Kaiten" a sphere of chakra surrounded Neji protectively.

The two attacks collided and for a second Neji seemed to hold against the onslaught but it was only for a second.

'Shit, I have not trained with this technique yet.' That was his last thought before the creature went through the chakra sphere like a knife through butter and crushed him to the ground.

Yet, as quickly as the attack landed, Naruto stopped it with a hand gesture.

"No need to damage him much more after all. And he is unconscious anyway."

As he said that, he approached his victim with a smile on his face. Everything had gone as planned. At first he had wanted to go after Hiashi the clan head, but it was too risky. While it would have been interesting with the information he surely would have gained from such important figure's mind, it wasn't worth the risks.

Finally he opted to attack someone that wasn't as protected as the main branch members. And his gambling paid off.

Without preamble, he transformed in his phantom form and dived inside Neji's body. A few moments later, he had every bit of memories and skills Neji possessed, including his prized bloodline the Byakugan.

Still his task wasn't done; first he removed Neji's forehead protector, exposing the Caged Bird Seal. His interest on it had been picked when he witnessed the memory of its application on Neji. Being someone always intrigued by seals, he quickly took his brush and a blank scroll then he wrote with dexterity people would kill for.

A minute or so later, the seal he had in mind was complete. After checking to be sure nothing was amiss, he laid it on the ground and put Neji's forehead at the middle of it.

Channeling chakra on the scroll, he smiled when the scripts he wrote was replaced by the seal on Neji's forehead, a copy of it anyway. What he just used was a seal of his own design that could decompress a seal and put it on a scroll. He had used it to decipher the seal on his stomach.

The task done, he rolled the scroll before taking another sealing tag from his pocket and slammed it on Neji's forehead. This one was a memory seal he had found in Kakashi's memory, a design from his father.

The seal replaced short-term memory with something completely random, and then dissolved, leaving no trace of its existence.

His task done, he disabled the seal and fled the area.

A few hours later when Neji would wake up, he would have no memories of having been attacked. His state would worry him, but the false memories supplied would make him think he had a rather rough training session.

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