They say that assassins have no hearts, hence why they kill ruthlessly. What if an assassin grew to love, would they still kill in their ruthless manner?

Heartless Chapter 1: In for the kill

Laura Kinney is a second year assassin at 19 years old, in an academy called F.E.A.R; she is aspiring to become the best assassin, a title worn by her master/teacher, Logan; to Logan Laura is only second best but eventually she'll surpass him, not only as an assassin but something more.

Dante Sparda is the son of the devil king, Sparda, having no surname he took his fathers name and made it his surname. He is a supposed genius and is only 19 but a senior in an academy called Devil May Cry and is the best in his class in terms of gun fights and sword wielders, someday he plans do something great with his life.

"Ok girls and boys, today I'll be informing you on something extremely important so I'll need your undivided attention!" The headmaster of F.E.A.R, Charles Xavier spoke up.

"I have spoken to the headmaster of Devil May Cry about joining us in our first term of training; I know that it's not clear to you why we are joining hunters and assassins but if you look at it, they are quite similar, they both have their 'prey', so they would be joining us after the first week, it would be on an age basis, so a class of 18 year olds would be joined by another class of 18 year olds, now does everyone understand?"

The whole entire assembly either muttered or screamed a 'yes'.

"Now, are there any questions, you'd want to ask me before assembly concludes?"

A few hands were raised and so Charles picked them out by the order of left to right.

"Yes, Mr. Holmes?" he mouthed.

"Yes sir, will EVERY one of our periods be joined?" a first year called Duncan Holmes asked.

"Aah, good question Mr. Holmes, Most of the periods would be joined except for physical exercise period, in which girls with girls and boys with boys' scenario will take place." He said in his ever stoic manner. "Yes, Miss. Garner."

"Would they be housed in our dorms, sir?" Angelina Garner, second year asked.

"No, they would be housed in their own accommodation, Miss. Garner, yes, Mr. Greenwall?"

"Would we be eating lunch together, sir?" a senior named Marcus Greenwall asked.

"That depends, Mr. Greenwall, if you will them to or not, now I'm sorry no further questions will be taken, ask them of your teacher rather, now assembly is dismissed!" He said and walked away in a monotonous way with the vice headmaster, Miss Orroro.

Back in class now, students were listening to the class student body president's sermon on the newcomers.

"Geez, I hope those hunter brats know what they're up against, we're the best assassin school in the whole damn country!" said Vance Lochwood, the second year's student body president and voted second year's hottie of the year by the female population.

Most of the girls agreed with him while the guys gave fist pumps and "Hell yeah's!" my group on the other hand just stared at the blonde haired idiot.

My group consisted of Aiden Perish, Rena Wilson, Oscar Pearce and Nikki Felicia Masters or 'Nikki F.M' as we'd call her; who am I? I'm Laura Kinney, and right now I REALLY hate Vance Lochwood, at first he was just annoying but now, he's a pure asshole.

I tried to ignore him and studied my friends; I tried to make out what had changed since last year. Aiden had the same Pool blue eyes and spiky brown hair, he had light stubble on his chin, GOOD since last year he was like a hairless cat, he had some muscle (I could see as his white shirt had fitted him more snugly than usual and his arms stuck out from his short sleeve). Rena had grown taller, MUCH, MUCH taller, she was now slightly above average but last year you'd think she was only 14, her 'assets' grew too ( I noticed by how much Oliver snuck looks at 'em) from small to now full, I looked at Oliver, he had the same dark brown mop of dead straight hair and light brown eyes, the only difference was that he was taller and had a small tuft on his chin, Nikki however was still so…Nikki, she had piercing blue eyes (Brighter than Aiden's) and her jet black hair grew longer, nothing much else.

I looked at myself, same old me (Although I wish my 'assets' would grow a bit) I was tired of being a B. With everyone clad in a normal high school uniform I never really noticed their assets.

I looked back at Vance who was still on about how stupid the Devil May Cry academy was, I rolled my eyes and he smirked, I hated the stupid Blondie, he had spiked up hair (like Hayner's from KH2) with a few strands hanging, his hair was a slight dirty blond color, his eyes were green and he had a pretty face, someday I'd put a scratch on that pretty face of his.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the teacher as he walked in on Vance's sermon.

"Sit down and keep quiet, Vance, I'm about to start your English lesson." A deep voice called as he made his way to his desk.

Why did we have to start our normal periods in the morning and our 'exciting' periods afterwards, it was a total day of 4 periods in the morning, and 5 in the afternoon, we are dismissed at 3 as each period is an hour, including lunch.

"Ok, Nathaniel Hawthorne's, A Scarlet Letter, let's take it out!"

English period was quick, so was Physics and Math's all that was left was economics which I so happen to always ace so I paid attention, did a few exercises and then the period was over, now it was lunch! I met up with Rena and Nikki while Aiden and Oliver went to train a little bit.

"Ok, so what if there's a REALLY cute guy from DMC and he just happens to like you, what are you gonna do?" Rena exclaimed as we sat down with our lunch.

"What the hell are you talking about Rena?" I asked without interest.

"Aww come on, what if a REALLY hot guy from DMC likes you, what you gonna do Laura?" she asked looking intently at me with a wide smile.

"I-I would ignore him just like any other nuisance." I replied angrily.

"Just like you do with Vance; your not-boyfriend!" Nikki smirked from her juice box.

I growled in defiance.

"What makes you spew such crap, Nikki?" I asked frowning at her smirking face.

"Well, the way he's always looking at you and he always makes attempts to ask you out and he always teases you, so I'd say he's your not- boyfriend." She said grinning and winked at me.

"WH-What…" I asked with an anime- style sweat drop. "That makes no sense but ok, I'm just gonna eat in peace now."

"Don't try and deny it Laura, I mean you are the most desired girl in our year, even if you're not a popular princess." She sighed.

"Look here, I don't have the time or the will to even look at a boy, so shut up about it ok?" I growled and continued eating.

'Geez, this is going to be one LONG term.' I sighed and looked at my tray distastefully.

Meanwhile on the grounds of DMC, a young man was on the prowl.

"Geez, Dante, can't we just stop hunting for like a day?" a guy with long brown hair with one side covering half his face, moaned.

"Oi, relax Modeus, I'm in the zone!" said Dante, a guy with white hair and two guns held in hand.

"Will both of you shut up, we won't catch the damn devil if you two bone-heads keep your pie hole open!" yelled a girl with short hair spiked on each side and a peculiar eye color, one red one and one blue one.

"Lady, you're yelling now…" Modeus and I said.

With much of the walk silent but was cut short when rustling was heard from a bush near them.

"Come on, let's get it!" Dante smirked and took out his guns.

The others followed suit, the rustling grew louder with each step, Lady and Dante were the first to head into the bush to grab it while Modeus hesitated before following.

"Hey, this isn't a devil; it's just Baal and Trish!" Dante yelled and he got off Baal.

"Hey! Take it easy, we just heard rustling and followed the sound!" Baal exclaimed as he tried getting up.

"Dammit! You guys too, heh, they just keep making us look dumber and dumber." Dante smirked.

Everyone except Trish looked at him with a dumbfounded expression.

"Don't tell me you guys can't feel it, they're above us, they waited until we were all together so they could fry us, big mistake though." Dante said in a rather confident manner.

"How many?" asked Trish preparing her guns.

Dante smirked and the others followed suit, all looking up at the trees.

"5" He smirked and jumped up.

"Great, there's enough for all of us." Lady replied sarcastically.

Dante shot holes into the first one, Lady fired through the second one and Trish held up with her own one, Baal slashed at the demon with his sword, piercing it while Modeus threw his sword through the 'heart' of the oncoming devil.

"Stylish." Dante muttered and smirked.

"Let's head back, headmaster Morrison has an announcement to make." Trish said as she started walking back.

"Students!" a booming voice was heard and most of the students stood up straight (all except Dante). "I have great news so listen up, we are going to be staying at a foreign school for the whole of the first term, so I expect all of you to look excited, now any questions?"

Modeus, Lady and Trish were the only ones who put up their hands.

"Yes, Modeus?" the headmaster boomed.

"What school will we be staying at, Sir?" Modeus asked ever shy.

"We will be staying at F.E.A.R, the school for young assassins." The headmaster smiled. "Yes Lady?"

"How will our classes be affected?"

"It would be on an age to age basis, so if you're 19 you will be in a class with other 19 year olds, and our hunting periods will be shortened to 4 periods." He smiled. "Yes Trish?"

"Will ALL our periods be joined?"

"Good question, Trish, no, 3 of our hunting periods will be on our own and some physical exercise period will be boys only and girls only, if that is all the questions then-." Morrison began.

"Hey, Morrison, why the hell are we joining up schools, is it coz of the budget?" Dante chuckled although he expected a serious answer.

"It can only be Dante…we think that you guys need to experience fighting with other types of styles, not just devils and NO we're not that cheap that our budget is failing." Morrison grinned evilly at Dante.

"Will there be dorms?" Dante asked wanting to get this over with.

"Yeah, we'll be providing our own dorms so there's no need to worry about guys sleeping next to guys-."

"Like hell there better not be!" Dante exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, ok students, dismissed!" he yelled and walked off.

"Hey Dante, I hope there'll be some really smokin' hot chicks at that academy!" a guy called Ryu exclaimed.

"Yeah, Ryu, he's the pretty boy around here so you know what that means; the girls over here will be ours for the taking!" a guy with blond hair called Ken yelled back.

They joined me side by side and looked at me intent on knowing what I'm thinking.

"Nah, guys, I've grown up this year, no more girl grabbing for me, they're all yours guys." I smiled and walked.

"Dante, don't tell me you're serious?" Ken's jaw dropped.

"Yeah, after I'm done with school, I wanna do something great, maybe I'll have time to pick up chicks after that but now I gotta get outta school so bye-bye girls for the whole year besides I doubt those girls are even hot, it IS a school for assassins after all." Dante smirked at his little speech.

Ken and Ryu just stared at him. Was Dante, god of the girls in DMC actually NOT gonna date girls this year? WTF!

"Whoa, whoa Dante, it's your senior year, you don't date chicks like in high school, you do em', we all know that you're NOT a virgin so you definitely can't resist boning a girl." Ken Masters reasoned.

"Tch. I never meet any nice girls so why the hell would I wanna do that in the first place!" Dante said getting a little frustrated.

"Well, Trish and Lady are nice girls…" Ryu smirked while folding his arms.

"Yeah, they're ok but not more than friends, it can get rowdy if we had to break up afterwards." He sighed.

"Yeah I guess you're right but promise us that you'd at least date one girl in the first term, promise?" Ken pepped up and put his hand on his chest and curled it into a fist.

"Yeah, yeah, I promise but I pick the girl!" he growled.

"That's ok with us man, well we're gonna be late for class see ya! Ken said and dragged Ryu back to class.

His expression turned serious. 'I wonder if there are nice girls at that school.'

"Nah, never mind." He smiled.

For both schools the week ended quickly and everyone got into the groove of things, the whole of DMC was packing and the whole of F.E.A.R braced themselves for the long term ahead of them, the weekend was nearly over, it was a Sunday night and everyone was relaxing in their respective dormitories.

Rena and Laura shared a room with two bedrooms, a small lounge, a mini kitchen and a bathroom. Rena was sitting on the one couch reading a magazine while Laura grabbed a can of Mountain Dew out of the fridge and sat down opposite Rena.

"Hey, Laura…?" She began; her eyes did not look up from the magazine.

"Yeah, Rena…?" Laura mouthed between slurps.

"It's just a rumor but I heard that DMC has this really cute guy that's our age." She said happily looking up from her magazine.


"What do you mean so?" "He's the hottest guy on their campus, ALL the girls want him and all the guys respect him…well most of the guys…" she furrowed her brows.


"Soooo, what if he's in our class and one of us happens to sit next to him?" Rena continued.

"It would most likely be you."

"Hey! It's not fair to accuse me!"

"Well you have a reason to be accused." Laura smirked.

"Ok, ok but what if YOU sat next to him?" she emphasized the 'you' part.

"Then we'd be seatmates nothing more." Laura scowled.

"And what if you became friends?"

"Then we'd just be friends now stop bugging me, I'm just gonna drink." Laura announced continued to drink.

"What if you were dating and he was a great kisser?" Rena said and winked at Laura.

The next moment the whole floor was wet with Mountain Dew.

"…" Laura frowned.

"Daaaannntteeee!" Ken exclaimed as he entered Dante and Modeus' room.

"What!" Dante growled from the couch.

"I told you they weren't all as ugly as you made them out to be!" he squealed.

"What the hell are you talking about man?" Dante rolled his eyes.

"The girls in F.E.A.R, what else?" he grinned.

"Just tell me and get it over with, I kinda couldn't care less." Dante replied coldly.

"Got the cold eh, anyway It's a rumor but it been spread quite far for it to be real, it's about this HOT girl in her second year, yep she's 19 and if she's as smokin' hot as they say, then she'll be in your class probably, lucky bastard you…" Ken grinned.

"Wow you are a genius thanks for the useless information…" Dante grinned from the couch.

"What if you sit next to her and sparks fly but rumors also say she's never been seen dating a guy so you'd have to turn on the charm!" Ken exclaimed.

Modeus got off his bed and escorted Ken out for being such a great friend.

"Thanks." Dante muttered.

"No problem." Modeus replied and went off to his bed again.

Dante was too lazy to sleep on his bed so he just slept across the couch with his feet up.

'Man…I hope this new school is what it says it is, if that's true, I'll be enjoying my stay.' With those words Dante fell asleep and awaited the next day.